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File 138707155374.jpg - (189.59KB , 679x891 , 2b61f2a7c9e488d831af7ebef37dc0ad.jpg )
23382 No. 23382 [Edit]
How do you guys feel about setting up some sort of secret santa thing around here? As far as I know we've never tried it before.
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>> No. 23383 [Edit]
It's been talked about before. I think it's a nice idea, but it seems difficult to implement. I know it's not something I would participate in, but it would be nice to see other people do it.
>> No. 23385 [Edit]
Sounds cool but i dont think id be able to buy anything decent for someone else.
>> No. 23386 [Edit]
I don't mind giving a gift away, but it all seems sort of impossible. Also, I'd feel bad if they didn't like it or if I couldn't find something good enough.
>> No. 23387 [Edit]
you could always make something if you can't afford it
>> No. 23388 [Edit]
I'm sure it can be done, but it's a little late to start if you were aiming for this Christmas. Of course, giving/getting gifts is nice any time of the year!
>> No. 23389 [Edit]

Buying expensive gifts sucks either way, the proper way is to make something yourself. Or at least attach a homemade card to a present you bought.

I wouldn't partiticapte in something like this either way, I value my anonymity, I'd never give away my real name to some strangers on the net, even if it's /tc/.
>> No. 23390 [Edit]
I've been participating in the 4chan /a/ one. I didn't get anything last year but I received a gift this year. It'd be nice to make one here too as I feel like you guys are more trustworthy.
>> No. 23406 [Edit]
File 138770841089.jpg - (230.72KB , 752x473 , 1387620198076.jpg )
This christmas card just reminds me how ridiculous Gantz is
>> No. 23415 [Edit]
so much for that idea...
>> No. 23417 [Edit]

It was way to late. You ought to start preparing for something like this a month beforehand at least. By the time OP made the thread people should've had bought and sent the gifts already.

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