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No. 18219 [Edit]
zOMFG http://www.sankakucomplex.com/2013/12/19/the-disappearance-of-nagato-yuki-chan-anime-unveiled/
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>> No. 18220 [Edit]
''parody spin-off manga''

But it's not a parody.
>> No. 18225 [Edit]
It began as a parody but it became its own little fucking insanely adorable sidestory. I absolutely love it.
>> No. 18226 [Edit]
Does best girl finally win
>> No. 18230 [Edit]
>best girl

why don't you go back to 4chan and ask there?
>> No. 18246 [Edit]
At ease, son
>> No. 22668 [Edit]
File [anon]_Nagato_Yuki-chan_no_Shoushitsu_-_01_[720p]_.torrent - (26.49KB , [anon] Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu - 01 [720p]_.torrent )

>> No. 22710 [Edit]
File 142847006977.jpg - (18.33KB , 280x258 , 20061215202636.jpg )
i noticed that taniguchi got no screen time at all even though i know for a fact that in the current reference frame taniguchi is a north high student.
any other disappointed taniguchi fans out there?
>> No. 22728 [Edit]
File 142861993580.jpg - (92.14KB , 1366x768 , [caffeine]_Nagato_Yuki-chan_no_Shoushitsu_-_01_[72.jpg )
this is the anime's main thread right?

The first episode felt a little weird since they barely explained anything. Like how they become part of the club. It seemed like it just assumed you knew everything about the universe. Not sure if thats a good or bad things. Like everything else about it i'm curious to see how everything unfolds.

also these two are so cute together
>> No. 22729 [Edit]
What do you guys think of the new character designs?
>> No. 22731 [Edit]
They do a good job of being their own thing, I personally like that it kind of separates it as a spin off while the character are still identifiable.
>> No. 22732 [Edit]
minorin sounds like an old woman who is trying to still sound young and cute, but can't do it right anymore.
>> No. 22734 [Edit]
All of them were nice so far except kyon. They didn't even make him look the same. I liked that they changed it but i wish it would have looked more like the original style.
>> No. 22738 [Edit]
I won't watch it either, the character designs are too off-putting.
All anime designs are the same these days. I wish they would stay true to the source...

By the way,
Why didn't they do the next volume of the original light novel series instead of this?
>> No. 22743 [Edit]
after the first season was such a success, kyoani bought the rights to the rest of the series, but they had to pay so much for it (nagaru tanigawa is a lawyer and a jew) that they needed to skimp on the production budget for the 2nd season to avoid bankruptcy. as a result they made endless 8 an the 2nd season was a flop and lost money so now kyoani owns all the hauhi rights, but won't make any new haruhi animes because they have to pay the author more than they think its worth to do so.
no such problems with fanfic
>> No. 22753 [Edit]
File 142872870070.jpg - (78.76KB , 1280x720 , [caffeine] Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu - 01 [72.jpg )
Nice first ep. Took a minute to get used to all the characters looking and sounding and acting differently but once I got past that and settled in I found it pretty enjoyable. I think the whole romcom thing they're going for is kinda cute.

>It really makes the show seem like something completely unrelated
I think that's the best way to approach this anime. If you take this as it's own separate thing it's not half bad, but if you go in expecting it to be like the kyoani version it's gonna be a huge disappointment.

Yeah It's like they were trying to make kyon look like a generic harem mc. Least he kinda sounds the same.
>> No. 22754 [Edit]
Huh? Why is that blue-haired girl alive? She died early on in the original series.
>> No. 22755 [Edit]
This takes place in an alternate universe or something I think.
>> No. 22766 [Edit]
Read this:


Goddamn, this is fucking infuriating.

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