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Post Cute Anime Girls Every Time you Think About Killing Yourself

Last one (>>26312) hit the bump limit. >>28597 Me too man. Me too....

No Subject

Why are you unhappy, /tc/?

If you've been here for 10+ years, tell your story.

How have you changed since then? Did your future align with what you expected? I have visited this board every now and then sin...

No Subject

Hello Tohno-chan. I love you.

Imageboard loneliness

I'm sad about certain things and I think it merits its own thread. -I was looking for an imageboard to vent and remembered...

The desire of wanting social interaction and more

I feel like I put way to much effort into friendships compared to other people. I am always there wanting to speak to these peo...

Suicide attempts

Have you ever tried to kill yourself? What method(s) did you use? If you made multiple attempts, how many? What pushed or keeps...


I can't be with people if I don't know that I'm wanted unconditionally. Being around them is like being stuck in...

Birthday Wishes

I turn 26 today, just a few small steps until I hit the fabled 30. Can I get some birthday wishes and anime pics in this hiz ho...

No Subject

What do you do for escapism? I'll start, I binge read BL, and I don't know why.

No Subject

Did any of you 'get better' and still come here on rare occasion? Or are you still as bad as before?


Do you have a sex doll, or have you thought about getting one? Or maybe a non-sexual, but still life~sized doll? Does cuddling ...

old weebs

Is this the only anime/weeb community left that hasn't been over run by children? Every time I find a new one to join it&#...

look like I'm the only one in this website

why this website is so slow, can't you post more? I feel so ronery

Random Memories

Post random things you remember. Little things that left an impression on you. I was driving with my mom somewhere around the t...

Birds of a feather?

For those that aren't so socially gifted, Do you think you could get along with other members of TC if you met them offlin...

Why is anonymity personally comforting to you guys?

I was an avid user of one of 4chan's boards until I befriended someone off the board. They turned out to be a pretty bad p...

No Subject

the world passed by us heisei otaku and now we are left to rot and wither

No Subject

I wonder how much of what we are/do/represent/believe etc are truly us instead of us being possessed by a persona Who am I?...


Do you have any traumatic moments in your life you might want to share and talk about? It could be something deep in the past o...

Not Treated Like a Human

Nobody respects me on a basic human level. Like, I am consistently treated worse than everyone else around me, by everyone else...

Last piece of the puzzle.

Do you ever feel like there's something missing from your life? Something important and key to making it whole? That witho...

No Subject

what is this place

NEET thread

Since how many times have you been a NEET? What are you doing right now? What are you planning to do? It's hot roght now I...

My problem with imageboards

I have this problem with imageboards, I always get banned because of misbehaviour that lead to it. I was permabanned from 4chan...

No Subject

Forgive me if there's a better thread for this, but I'm drunk and I wanted to vent and I was wondering if anyone coul...


People are hard. When I'm around them, I want to try and give people what they want, to make them happy and be viewed favo...

No Subject

Is there anything in particular you have difficulty in life with? These days, I find that I have no ability to get help. To put...

medical issues

Post and discuss medical issues here. It helps to talk about them. My lower left lung has been hurting, it feels like it's...

No Subject

It's so weird to think there are people who have circles of friends who they have known for long periods of time, or even ...

No Subject

what keeps you alive? im starting to run out of reasons so i thought you might have some good ones to share

Your seishun complex

Are there any themes or subjects in media that you just can't handle?

I feel empty inside

I feel empty inside. Like this world has taken everything I have to offer and left me with nothing. I can't enjoy anything...

pressure from parents

do your parents force you to do anything? i'm 26 and still live with my parents, while i know they don't hate me, the...

I seek knowledge.

Hello. I am 15 years old, and I saw no specific rules about not being able to post if you are under 18? Hopefully I am allowed ...

Post Cute Anime Girls Every Time you Think About Killing Yourself

Last one (>>23024) hit the bump limit. It was nice having a thread to casually express those somber thoughts....

why is sadness comfortable?

I don't quite know how to explain it, but at this point, I don't hate being sad. I'm afraid to get better becaus...

No Subject

did you grow up poor did you have an abusive childhood which led to you being fucked up

No Subject

>>27853 Same happened to me because my parents refused to buy me HDDs for backup when I was younger. I'm trying to r...

No Subject

Why are people so fragile and aggressive at the internet the last 10+ years?

No Subject

Do you have a tulpa? If so, what is she like?

Share tips

-When I was younger, I used to worry incessantly about doing something with "passion" and being poor OR having money ...

sewer slide fuel

how much money do you make ive spent so many years in university failing courses and when i finally get out, i cant handle work...


Which would you say it worse? To grow up having every friend you've ever made quickly taken from you over and over until y...

Deleting stuff

Recently, I've been trying to make some changes in my life. Including things like improving my health / mental health, mak...

No Subject

How important is being beautiful to you /tc/? Some days ago I listened to this song that said "But if I gave up on being p...

No Subject

What happened to all the people who used to inhabit imageboards ~10 years ago? Given how poor the quality of most are now, I fi...

Finish the sentences

Complete the sentences. (Or tell why they just cant apply to you.) If you don't feel like sharing it, then just complete t...

Wasted time.

Has anyone else here done absolutely nothing with their life and regret it?

Comforting fantasies

Is there any comforting fantasies or thoughts you have or entertain regularly? I'm sure a life with your waifu is one of t...

Social Media

How have your experiences with social media been like? I wish I never used discord. I feel like I've wasted a lot of time ...

Trauma stories

i sometimes think about this feeling sometimes my parents always spent time with my little brother and i was always left out i ...

No Subject

fucking tired

No Subject

Do you ever feel like hurting other people, physically or emotionally? Would that give you any sense of catharsis? I feel incre...

No Subject

Does anybody else gets sad when playing competitive games? Not necessarily modern video-games but things like go and mahjong as...

No Subject

How do different times of day, seasons and weather affect your mood? When spring comes around, and it gets warmer outside, I fe...

No Subject

Anybody ever read nay philosophy? Just so you know, Plato is the truth

Dreams as escapism

Do you people get enough sleep and do you actually dream? If so, can you remember your dreams? I personally rarely dream. I tri...

Neetdom's Existencial Crisis

Dear neets, right now I am facing a strange situation. All my life I always thought things would naturally progress, and I woul...

False Friends

I've been sitting through these days in front of a screen for years and years and years.. I'm not even interested in ...


Do you think you might be cursed in some form or another? If so, in what way?

The Suicide machine.

So I've been thinking a lot about the problem with suicide. The biggest issue with doing it is the actual act of doing it ...


Do pets help you cope with loneliness? I'm thinking of getting a gecko because I always thought they're super cute, a...

No Subject

What did you fear as a kid?

Happy new year

happy new year! this is our year i can feel it

No Subject

How would you like the world to be? If the world could be changed completely, what would one in which you were happy look like?...

No Subject

I killed a roach and left it's body with its spilled viscera to rot because I am too disgusted to clean it up. I know that...

Restoring faith in humanity.

Lets post here every time you or someone you see performs a random act of kindness or good deed. Please don't feel like po...

No Subject

What are your most painful experiences with illness and general bad health? I'll get this started with some of mine. They&...

Selling your soul to the Devil

I am very depressed today. As is common for me, I started to think how my whole life has been a joke from the very start and ho...


Do you feel empty? Not really happy, not really sad, but alien and different from your surroundings. Only spiced up by the occa...

No Subject

How do you deal with anxiety when its related symptoms can exacerbate anxiety in a vicious cycle? I'm rather weary about m...

No Subject

Why do we have so few ways of saying "sad", and why do they all mean basically the same thing? We have unhappy, melan...

No Subject

this entire world was formed to cause me as much pain as it possibly could

No Subject

i do not want to work to afford to live any longer

No Subject

I really like this board. In fact this may be the best board out of all the imageboards I've seen. You guys are alright. W...

No Subject

I hate having to go outside. I don't want to be around people and exposed to the elements. I hate it out there. I regret e...

Why not?

What keeps you from committing suicide?


What are little things the average person takes for granted that you wish you could have or experience yourself, but that you k...

No Subject

What do you do when you're sad? Usually I play a game of league and then get even angrier and sadder.

No Subject

What are the little things you enjoy? In day to day life, do you have any hedonistic pleasures which you cherish? A cup of tea ...

No Subject

For those of you who have obtained a suitable line of work, how did you do it? Is dealing with people a problem?

No Subject

Do you feel any attachment to your past and how does it affect you? I'm genuinely obsessed with my childhood constantly re...

No Subject

Does anybody ever think about what will happen to them in the future? It occurs to me that I've spent all this time on not...

No Subject

I've been thinking about what separates serial killers, like Jeffrey Dahmer in particular, from neets, otaku, waifuists an...

Treated Differently

My parents are doing so many things for my younger sibling that they never did when I was growing up. Now it's too late to...

Our junk

Have you given any thought to what would become of your stuff when you die? Do you have any plans set for parting it out among ...

No Subject

How is your mental condition? From a functional point of view. I'm really worried about this. Any issue I could have is ge...

No Subject

How do you feel when people laugh at you? There's still pride inside you? You can still feel the pain of getting humiliate...


Tomorrow I will be going to a neurologist. I have been keeping up the masquerade and going through the motions for many years a...

No Subject

At what point in your life did you realize you don't belong? Did some event make this clear to you or did you simply think...

Life hacks

Have you found recently or in the past any small matrix-hacks that make your life better in any way? Something that makes it le...

No Subject

Do you guys get angry or depressed when thinking about sex? I normally do, especially when continuously exposed to pornographic...

No Subject

What do you think would happen if you had a kid? The scenario doesn't matter, imagine you miraculously had a kid, what now...

Things you can’t do alone

You know what sucks about being a loner? Not having people to go to restaurants with. There is so much good food I would eat if...


How would you describe your time spent in school? Did you enjoy it? I skipped class a lot, and even when I was there I wasn...

No Subject

Do you have any addictions? What are they? How did you get them? Have you gotten past them?

Post Cute Anime Girls Every Time you Think About Killing Yourself

Last one is on bump limit. Post Cute Anime Girls Every Time you Think About Killing Yourself v2

Unban me from irc tohno

I'm going through a thing right now and literally have nobody else in my life and want to just legit chat with people who ...

I wish I was a dog.

In a good home of course, have fun every day, everyone loves you and you genuinely bring joy to those around you just by being ...

No Subject

Human beings are a disease, cancer of this planet.

Individualistic Self Improvement

How would you like to improve yourself? In what ways and by what methods? I don't mean self-improvement in the generic, co...


What do you think will happen after we die?(either by suicide or naturally). Do you believe you will be reunited with your waif...


what is your disability?

No Subject

Hey /so/. It's been almost 4 years since I've been out of high school and I've been apart of the "undergrou...

No Subject

Have you ever felt like your brain has been so overwhelmed by an emotion, that eventually it ran out of steam and you were left...

Severe insomnia causing hallucinations

I've been having severe sleeping issues, recently, totaling over a hundred hours without any real sleep. It got severe aft...

No Subject

Where have you tried looking for answers before regarding the desires which make you miserable? No matter how hard you look onl...


Enough pessimism! Share some stuff you're happy or thankful for in your life! Or just talk about something good that happe...

No Subject

Did anyone else have a sort of normal life and then spiral into NEETdom and so on? I was living fairly well, had lots of friend...

No Subject

I remember posting here when i was a 20 year old NEET. Feels like a lifetime ago. Remember Railgun? That was back in 2009 wow. ...

Friendly Reminder

You're all cute. You're all adorable. It's not your appearance that makes you adorable, it's your being. Wh...

No Subject

I fucking hate christmas. I always did and unless some kind of stupid miracle happens I always will. I always got forced to cel...

No Subject

Is there anything that most people would call simple that you struggle with? I have too many things and I need to get rid of so...

No Subject

I think contact with reality is slowly killing me. It's contaminating my mind. I could spend one month without going outsi...

Beloved community had turned to shit

A community I used to be rather fond of to discuss a certain game series has officially gone to shit. To sum it up, it used to ...

Isolating and real loneliness

Do you know what I find annoying? People who complain about being lonely without knowing what it's really like to be alone...

No Subject

Are anime people really as happy as they look?

No Subject

The term psychonautics derives from psychonaut, a term usually attributed to German author Ernst Jünger. Jünger used the term i...

No Subject

Together or not together These are the last traces of those dreamlike days.

Chronic emotional pain

Does anyone ever go through chronic periods of emotional pain, like heartache? I've been experiencing some intense heartac...

Bedtime Anxiety...

Anyone feel severe anxiety before bed everyday? For me, the later I go to bed, the more afraid I get. I feel like if I don'...

Full hikkidom

I know it's a touchy subject, as the debate of what a hikki actually is is somewhat controversial, but have any Brohnos ev...

Thoughts on increasing "loneliness" epidemics as portrayed in th

I'm seeing an increasing amount of articles online about a "loneliness epidemic," primarily affecting men. Most ...

No Subject

Do you see any appeal in traveling? When I was younger, my family took me on a vaction every other summer to some far off count...

No Subject

I was a NEET for most of my life, tried to get out of it several times with work, antidepressants or drugs. Right now Im again ...

No Place in this World

They say people find their niche...they say keep trying and eventually things will work out... But I am convinced there is trul...

No Subject

Would you consider yourself ugly? I was thinking before about the general consensus that the "pretty" people get ahea...

I feel lack of meaning in my life.

What is the meaning of life if you are not exceptional in any way, if you do not look exceptional, if you do not have exception...

No Subject

girls r dumb im posting juan punchman instead


I think there was a thread for this way back when, but whatever. Quotes that you like or keep you going in life. “Only optimist...


Are you happy with your life?

No Subject

Dr Stephanie Cacioppo, director of the Brain Dynamics Lab at the University of Chicago Prizker School of Medicine, puts lonelin...

I really wish i'd start going here more instead of 8chan

The people there are so mean, but I just can't get over the habit. It feels like the user base here is a lot nicer and I r...

loneliness kills

Im completely alone all the time and its killing me. No one to talk to not even online. I live with my parents but i have to mo...

No Subject

The more that I think, the more I realize that I'm a damaged person. I am so broken. I wonder how difficult it would be to...


do self-help books actually... help? I'm about to read some and am wondering about your experience with them.

No Subject

Who am i? i have no idea. The constant cold pain in my chest turns into a feeling of hopelessness and defeat. It manifests itse...

Expressing Negative Emotions

How often do you cry? Do you think it's good to let your emotions out, or should you try to maintain your composure? I hav...

No Subject

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewPost edited on 10th Jan 2019, 5:15pm...

No Subject

I have a lack of a social life in general, so I'm going to do my best to make my friends even if the process of it will be...

Crying Therapist

I told my therapist about my life situation and then he started to cry. I remained calm, but it was really awkward and embarras...

No Subject

which goat are you?

No Subject

I took one of the most stupid decisions in my life. I decided to go on an Erasmus+ in Georgia and, 7 days in, I want to home. B...

People who are always moaning and complaining

Watch out for this type of person. The whiner, malcontent, sickly type, etc. Almost all of them are textbook narcissists, const...

"You're so quiet!"

When hanging out with people, I try to talk, but most people just give rapid-fire responses to one another. Whenever I try to s...

Why can't people like nice things?

Everything always has to be dark and gritty and violent. It's fucking depressing. This world is such a horrible fucked up ...

No Subject

How can you be a hikikomori without income? I hear that most don't have jobs so it confuses me. Do you guys just live with...

Why are people such massive fags?

What I mean by this is, say you go to a few irc channels/chat rooms or even places like discard or what have you. You get there...

The world doesn't owe you anything

I just want to talk a bit about this phrase which I am sure some of you have seen tossed around lately. This I think is the mos...

Your problems and their solutions.

Here's a crappy attempt at some self help Name at least one thing you feel is wrong with your life. Describe how you can f...


Do you think drinking helps with anxiety and depression, or does it make it worse? I think it serves a few useful purposes for ...

No Subject

This guy is being publicly humiliated for being mentally ill. The media is all like: let's ignore societal problems. Let&#...

No Subject

if sleeping is the only thing you enjoy in life, would you be just as happy dead?

No Subject

How do you ease the pain, Tohno-chan?


Do any of you have siblings? What's it's like? For those that don't, did you ever wish you had one?


I don't have a waifu at the moment, but I do have a daughter. I'm waiting to have enough money so I can make a doll o...

No Subject

Would you date/love a 3D girl if she met your standards? (other than not being 3D) If so, what would she be like? What would it...

Hikikomori Thread

Why are you a hikikomori /tc/?.

No Subject

My english will be always shitty.

No Subject

What was the happiest moment of your life, TC?

RIP Billy Herrington 3/3/2018

Poor Aniki, a car crash is a terrible way to go.


So TC I've been trying my best to deal with my mental issues and keep going. Around 10 months ago I joined a small online ...

ideal resting place

The place I want to die is something that looks like the inside of the moon from majoras mask.

No Subject

no one told me when to run i missed the starting gun

No Subject

how come japanese are better than me at everything? have you looked at videos of arcades there? have you seen their innate musi...

No Subject

>Find post you made >Oh I remember this, How long ago was it? Like a few months ago, maybe a year or two? >Posted 2010...

Repeat something in your life

If you could repeat any time or event in your life which one would it be? Why would you like to repeat it? What would you do di...

Anhedonia, Apathy, &c

Does anyone else here seemingly lack the capacity to care about things beyond some vague sense of liking/disliking? I can'...


Do you think romance is a waste of time?

looking for a place to vent and maybe some advice

Depressed. doing college part time so I'm taking the degree at a different pace than my classmates. Thinking about a conve...

painless suicide machine

The Prominent Australian Death Support Philip Nitschke has unveiled his new development - the Sarco suicide capsule from the 3D...

millennials being poor.

Anyone else find it annoying to keep hearing about how millennials are so poor and struggling and can't afford anything? Y...

No Subject

Posting in a dead board


If you died today, how would you be remembered?

tv warping our minds

Has anime (or other media) screwed with your mind and changed how you think or interact with this world? I only recently came t...

Where do the users of tohnochan live?

I live in Liverpool, England. Just out of curiosity, everyone seems to be american.


I was home schooled throughout my high school life so my education and social life isn't the best. Despite this my parents...


how old do you have to be before u can die and ppl won't say "oh its sad he died so young"?

No Subject

Anyone else her crafting a suicide note Errmm just for creative outlet? "All these tragedies and failures paint me, define...

No Subject

I'm just worried how I'm going to survive the next few years. It's become obvious there is no way I can live a n...

No Subject

Is there a way to start over in the year 2017? I was daydreaming about moving to scandinavia and pretending to be a refugee. Bu...

No Subject

How have you changed in the last three years? I've grown less bitter and angry. Those feelings have been swallowed up by a...

No Subject

Post cute anime girls in this thread every time you think about killing yourself

No Subject

Have you ever experienced a kind of wave of negative emotions where you realize that you are eternally, utterly alone in the un...

No Subject

I thought I was doing well for myself for a few months, but I once again hit a low. It's like a seesaw of going from norma...

I hate being this way.

I just want to lay around doing nothing, maybe sleep all day or something like that. I can't though. I have a little voice...

No Subject

Does anyone else just feel sad for no apparent reason? I just don't know what's wrong and it's making me feel wo...

Find what you're good at!

Remember anon, just because you're not good at something doesn't mean there aren't other things you might be goo...


What's it like to have friends? Do you guys have any? If not do you even want any?

No Subject

I'm so emotionally dead that I crave being angry at the world. Could you recommend something that would help me get into a...

The other friends.

Do you ever talk to people offline about your online friends, or mention them at all to anyone? Do you think family would consi...

No Subject

Let's start a book club, Tohno-chan! Meeting place and time are currently undecided, though I'm thinking that a Skype...

How do you deal with your ronery nights?

Just like the title asks, how do you deal with those lonely nights? Do you hug your dakimakura? For those of you without one, w...

Dying alone.

Does the prospect of being alone for the rest of your life bother you? Please be honest.

Abolishing expectations for a better life.

I've been thinking. This might be obvious to some but it seems to me the more complicated and advanced live becomes, the m...

No Subject

I feel like shit. Like I'm really not worth it. I'm so selfish, no one will ever like me. God, I just don't know...

Have you ever lost someone to suicide?

How did your life change after that, if it did change? How did you change, if you changed afterwards? How did others change, is...

No Subject

What will you do with your computer and belongings when you decide to kill yourself?

No Subject

Back in high-school I used to live off 4 to 6 hours sleep, felt like shit but I could do it (probably bad since I replayed a ga...

Personal thoughts on suicide?

What do you think about it? Suicide has had different purposes before such as being an action to incite social change or being ...

No Subject

So, how do you escape the feeling of worthlessness? I mean, the best I can do is tell my mind to shut up, but that doesn't...

No Subject

I genuinely need help. Spare you my life story, the end result is that I'm a reclusive alcoholic on the brink of suicide. ...

/so/ Mental Health General

For all of us dealing with problems in this regard. Do you have any sort of condition/disorders? Are you depressed? Did you eve...

No Subject

NEETs on welfare or disability, how did you do it? Please help. My best friend wants to kill himself. The working life is getti...

No Subject

Have you?


I don't fucking get people. I don't get how people can have friends, how people make them, or hold onto them. All aro...


Why is it that neets/hikis who've sought help from the mental health industry have rarely expressed positive experiences f...

No Subject

Is suicide the only way out?

What do you do for Birthdays?

It's my birthday today and I don't have much to do.

Would you?

I sure as hell would.

Getting stuff to exchange for drugs, food, rent & dakis

What are the best ways to earn money without directly interfacing with humans?

TL;DR how does a loser make friends and get out of a bad phase in life?

I have issues with social anxiety, panic, agoraphobia, and depression. I told my parents about my problems. They told me to tal...

No Subject

I stumbled across a useful place to help with the loneliness. Might also be a good place if you feel like listening and helping...

No Subject

If you had a second chance at life, what would you have done differently?

No Subject

Did anyone have one decisive moment which set you on the path to becoming /ronery/?

No Subject

Is there anyone else that is scared and gets anxiety thinking about death? Sometimes I get anxiety attacks from asking myself &...

No Subject

I'm just living my life in the stand-by/automated mode. I sleep a few hours and spend the rest of the day browsing imagebo...

we're all shit

what would yall say are your biggest flaws, or things you're most ashamed of?Post edited on 28th May 2016, 2:01am...

how many of you have freinds?

it seems a lot of people here have posted about friends, old friends or even relationships, a very different demogrpahic than m...

No Subject

love yourself experience is transient please love yourself no matter what praise your lifestyle no matter what. praise what mad...

No Subject

I don't have any friends, I'm unsociable, I have never worked, I hate reading, I'm horrible with math, I'm ...

reasons why you don't off yourself

Do you have any goals in life? What keeps you going?

Electric Boogaloo 2

““This is probably silly, but I'd just like to make a simple little thread for the people who don't really have anyon...


Describe both the worst birthday you ever had and the best one.

can we fix it?

What is your main complaint about your life, and what are you doing to fix it. If the answer is "nothing" then why?...

No Subject

Do you ever feel that you deserve to be unhappy because you're a uniquely terrible person?

Hearing Voices

I'm not sure if this topic is entirely relevant to this board but I don't know where else to talk about this. So does...

who else am I gonna talk to?

Do you ever talk to inanimate objects? Do they talk back?

No Subject

I have been living by myself for about 6 months and I am so lonely I am literally crying. I drove to about 5 different stores t...

/so/ - Accompanied

How about some positivity for a change? Post in this thread along with a short description of yourself and I will say something...

No Subject

Has anyone else more or less stopped posting about their problems online? Whether it be for empathy, advice or whatever else? I...

Punished for being happy.

Dose anyone else ever feel like the universe wants them to be miserable? The only reason I'm not an atheist is because I f...

Expensive Chocolate day

If you had to guess, how many people around the world would you say killed themself's today?

No Subject

Do you guys ever become extremely depressed several times a day when your memory makes you remember all the retarded, stupid an...

Being taken advantage of for being anxious/timid

my mechanic knows I'm a socially awkward beta who likes to avoid conflict so I think he intentionally rips me off extra be...

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