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File 156279870356.jpg - (208.00KB , 698x960 , o0698096014097957243.jpg )
24439 No. 24439 [Edit]
Would you consider yourself ugly?

I was thinking before about the general consensus that the "pretty" people get ahead in life almost effortlessly, while the "ugly" people struggle. I've always considered myself resoundingly ugly in terms of appearance. I don't like anything about how I look and I've mostly just learned to not care too much about it, because I cant do much else. When I used to attend classes, people sometimes noted my androgynous features (thin nose, smaller jawline etc). Never in a way that suggested that it was good or bad, just that in the mandatory small-talk it was mentioned a couple of times. I observed that androgynous features like this are considered attractive in Japanese culture - when people said that about me, did they mean it in a good way or not? Maybe it was derisive, because whenever I encounter someone with alpha male status they have the exact opposite features.

I've never been granted any sort of special treatment, and in fact most people treat me like shit, so I have to assume that my culture doesn't regard these features highly enough to give me the pass that someone conventionally "handsome" would get. That, or the way I speak/act is so unusual that it offsets it. Would a total sperg with a runway model's face get ahead in life simply because of it? Similarly, can a 1/10 guy trick his way to the top with his other qualities? It also seems like the rule that pretty people succeed applies more to women than men, which is weird.

It's horribly unfair, being the only thing that the average person cant change about themselves (not counting people born into money who can have cosmetic surgery and cheat the system)
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>> No. 24440 [Edit]
I'm ugly. I have an unremarkable if unattractive face but combine that with my posture, how awkwardly I move and speak and people stop seeing with their eyes, they develop a mental image of a horrid creature and they like it that way. I've been treated like the ugliest, creepiest monster and I feel like one.

>Would a total sperg with a runway model's face get ahead in life simply because of it?
Not guaranteed but it's possible. If people found him attractive enough to go easy on him, keep him around and help him keep his shit together every day it could work.

>can a 1/10 guy trick his way to the top with his other qualities?
No unless he finds a niche where he could exploit his unfortunate features, use his disfigurement as a gimmick. A lot of people like to display their acceptance of a freak just to feel good about themselves and show to others just how good and open minded they are. Even then it's shallow and they're not treating them as equals, more like pets.
>> No. 24441 [Edit]
No I'm pretty hot.
>> No. 24442 [Edit]
I'm probably not the best judge, but i'd say I have a slightly better than average face. If had better skin and a few other changes i'd be happy with my looks. I have a "slender" physique, but i'm on the shorter side. If I could i'd want to look like a kid forever.
Wrong answer, anon.
>> No. 24443 [Edit]
Biggest issue with my face is acne scars. I've been treating it with retinoid gels and my skin is slowly healing. The hyperpigmentation is slowly disappearing. The pitted acne scars will take much longer to heal.
>> No. 24444 [Edit]
I have bigger problems.
>> No. 24445 [Edit]
I'm quite attractive. It doesn't actually matter if you are an unemployed shut-in living with his mum though.

In the real world a confident and attractive person would probably be more successful than a confident and unattractive person. Although some people really don't like attractive people and everything you do is under much more scrutiny because of it, if you so anything that a jealous person can gossip about then they will do just that.
>> No. 24448 [Edit]
I have those too. I'm probably not vain enough to do this, but the best way to get rid of the deep ones is dermabrasion where they remove a decent layer of skin from the area.
Talking of cosmetic "problems", I also have a missing tooth that doesn't look great. Again I don't want to do anything about it, but in a late capitalist service economy I can't help but be paranoid that one day it will be the difference between getting a job and sleeping on the street.
>> No. 24450 [Edit]
Do you have good dental health?
>> No. 24458 [Edit]
File 156365880462.jpg - (63.02KB , 625x531 , 1563556940321.jpg )
I have no fucking idea to be honest. My mom says I'm good looking and I don't see any particularly glaring flaws in my face, but no girl ever showed interest in me (thank god for that) and lots of people commented on how weird I look. Maybe it's just a posture thing, or maybe my mom is just too nice. All I know is, I've never been accepted into any group ever, friends or otherwise, and I'm an unemployed friendless highschool dropout virgin. I wouldn't change my looks for the world because that's just me, it's who I am. If nothing else, I do love myself and my own identity over the world.
>> No. 24505 [Edit]
File 156444111432.jpg - (32.05KB , 434x599 , average loli.jpg )
Honestly I don't know, I think I'm probably just average. Never got insulted for being ugly or bad looking, but neither I have been praised for being handsome.
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