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File 157317168963.jpg - (20.19KB , 693x390 , https___animesolution_com_wp-content_uploads_2018_.jpg )
24840 No. 24840 [Edit]
Does anyone ever go through chronic periods of emotional pain, like heartache? I've been experiencing some intense heartache for years now, I never had any relationships, so I don't know where this pain comes from. Or why. I've done endless self-reflection and introspection to find out where this comes from, and so far I've come to the conclusion it's a product of my loss of faith in humanity and the human race. I don't know what to do about it, it's really painful. If anyone got any advice, it would help I suppose.
>> No. 24845 [Edit]
It sounds like you're lonely. The fix would obviously be getting relationships to fix that. You should learn how to talk with people normally, there should be plenty of guides online.
>my loss of faith in humanity and the human race
I don't know why you feel this way either maybe you watch the news a lot or people have treated you poorly but whatever it is, it's something you should cut out of your life to find something/someone better.
>> No. 24847 [Edit]
>You should learn how to talk with people normally, there should be plenty of guides online.
Ironically if this could be done then he likely wouldn't be on this board in the first place.

I agree that the emotional pain is related to loneliness, but I think that the primary cause is dwelling on it too much. Assuming you have neet-esque tendencies and are generally unsociable, you might be better off dwelling on it less, and instead finding means to get comfortable with (social) isolation. Note that this should not involve suppressing desires since that is inherently unstable but rather just getting to a state where you no longer feel that socializing is necessary. I'm not sure how to best do this but for me getting distracted by a hobby (learning Japanese is always a good one to start on) combined with meditation on emptiness works decently enough. And imageboards help fill in the gaps.

Post edited on 7th Nov 2019, 8:43pm
>> No. 24848 [Edit]
I read a book about subconsciousness recently. The idea is that the conscious and unconscious thought are rarely directly in contact and people can't uncover their deepest desire through deep introspection like in some Freudian therapy session. It is better to see the mind as a black box and determine its contents by your behavior and reactions rather than your thoughts. Of course it is wrong to deny your conscious thoughts wholly, but it may give you insights into things you can't get through rumination. Think about the history of how you react to different stimuli. Put aside your prejudice and try to judge yourself objectively, maybe by thinking that you're making an analysis of someone else. Imagine how you would feel in different situation. For example, someone may consciously think that he hates people and prefer to be alone but being alienated gives him emotional pain, so he can infers that he actually do feel some amount of desire for companionship without completely denying his desire to be alone. Maybe it's loneliness like the post above me says but I think you should still figure it out for yourself and jumping into improvebrah social-anxiety-fixing is not a good idea. You have to tailor-fit these advice to suit your individual conditioning.
>> No. 24852 [Edit]
This has been far by the most helpful advice I have comes across, I have yet to try your suggestions. Thanks anon-san!
>> No. 24853 [Edit]
I believe I'm going to take this advice to heart as >>24852 mentioned this seems like helpful advice and an interesting take nonetheless.
>> No. 24856 [Edit]
>I'm not sure how to best do this

I noticed something, the moments I feel more lonely are when there's people around (family or work usually, classmates time ago), when there's no people at all on sight I usually feel fine or even good. Maybe that could help.
So if you're truly abnormal (not saying you are, I don't know) and you try to force yourself into things you're not meant to like someone said you could end making your bad feelings even worse.
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