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File 152455686532.jpg - (95.51KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Net-juu no Susume - 02 [720p]_mkv_s.jpg )
23521 No. 23521 [Edit]
Here's a crappy attempt at some self help

Name at least one thing you feel is wrong with your life.

Describe how you can fix that thing.

Then explain why you haven't done that thing yet.

And please don't say something like "Being alive, killing myself, I'm a coward". We're looking for real answers here.
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>> No. 23522 [Edit]
Damn, I was going to type that exact example as well before I read it. Well, it would've been worded differently, but still.

I can't think of any actual thing I could fix on my own in my life since most of it is mostly out of my hands. I suppose that it mainly has to do with me wanting this to be a perfect run or as close to that as possible, but at the first sign of failure I wanted to hit the reset button and just couldn't, then like a tower defense game I was overwhelmed while not having the resources to fend off any of the enemies/problems that propped up.

Instead of dying, I just became a mess and nothing helped me.
>> No. 23523 [Edit]
I think not viewing life like a video game might do you a lot of good, but since you are let me put it this way.
You're not gonna get a do over, there's no checkpoints, no save states, no anything. Life is like an mmo with perma death. You start with the same shit most other people do. There's no point comparing yourself to people cheating/hacking the game or doing the pay to win system with their parent's credit cards. That's them, you're you. Just play the game and try to get the most out of it while you can. You're not going to beat the game, don't even try. It's so massive you wont even see half the content. You'll see and do even less if you act like a deer caught in the headlights refusing to make a decision. Just make a choice, any choice. Even if you find it disappointing latter into the game, It's better than never moving from the first village where all the new players spawn.
>> No. 23527 [Edit]
Loss of reality. Everytime I open my eyes something just feels unreal for some reason, like cloudy. I thought it was my eyes but I get this sensation even with glasses on. I move my arms and legs to see if I'm real and I hate it. I'm going to fix this problem by seeing a doctor like a therapist, but I can't because I'm scared of the sun and I can't stand looking at real 3D humans. Reality isn't literally cloudy, but it's a dizzying sensation and a feeling of deterioration like I'm oxidizing everyday. It's annoying.
>> No. 23528 [Edit]
>Just make a choice, any choice. Even if you find it disappointing latter into the game, It's better than never moving from the first village where all the new players spawn.

This isn't good advice. Sometimes not trying is a lot better than trying and falling, specially when it comes to socializing. Failing at relationships won't just be "disappointing", you can end up with emotional and mental damage that will take years to heal.
>> No. 23530 [Edit]
This seems fun, I'll give it a shot.
>Name at least one thing you feel is wrong with your life.
I have become morbidly obese in the last 2 years.
>Describe how you can fix that thing.
Eating less and/or performing more activities.
>Then explain why you haven't done that thing yet.
I'm a lazy bastard and I do enjoy eating delicious things. Plus, I don't care about my appearance nor health beyond the not getting sick to the point it denies me access to entertainment.
>> No. 23536 [Edit]
>You start with the same shit most other people do.
This is a very ignorant and baseless assumption, especially when you're trying to compare me to normal people.

>Just play the game and try to get the most out of it while you can.
Why? What is the point of doing anything if everything to gain isn't even worth the effort? I don't want a normal life, I don't want to work endlessly so I can die miserable in a retirement home where people will try their damnedest to take everything that I had spent years of my life earning. I don't need a 3D bitch because 3D women are nothing but cancerous trash that only want money and be stuffed with as many dicks as they can fit in themselves.

In this life, there is NOTHING that I've seen that has been worth living for. I go every day hoping that i don't make it to the next because there is nothing worth holding onto or going after. There is no fun, no adventure, no hopes or dreams, but an endless wave of shitty people trying to destroy you in any way that they can.

>You're not going to beat the game, don't even try.
Way ahead of you.

>It's so massive you wont even see half the content.
Don't need to, nor do I want to.

>Just make a choice, any choice. Even if you find it disappointing latter into the game, It's better than never moving from the first village where all the new players spawn.

I have, and it's to do nothing, but pray to my anime loli goddess that I die soon.

Anyway, that attempt to "help" was pretty laughable.
>> No. 23538 [Edit]
>Name at least one thing you feel is wrong with your life.
No job or income other than food stamps.

>Describe how you can fix that thing.
Needing to get my license and be able to drive the 30+ miles away to find a place that'll actually hire me if I even would have luck with that.

>Then explain why you haven't done that thing yet.
No money for the car, insurance, gas, and whatever else I may need for the vehicle. Plus I have extreme paranoia behind the wheel of a car and can't drive worth shit even during the times I had my learners. The only jobs in my hometown are fast food which I've already applied at a few times with no call backs. It's really bad when an almost 30 year old man can't get hired at McDonald's. There isn't public transportation here, also I don't have a reliable source of transportation to get me to and from work especially if I could find a job in the city that's 30+ miles away.
>> No. 23539 [Edit]
A bagger at a grocery store is a good place to start. It’s better than fast food, and some grocery stores are part of unions still, so if you’re lucky, you can get good benefits and stuff.

They’ll also hire anyone that has open availability. Your age doesn’t matter.
>> No. 23540 [Edit]
There's no grocery stores in my town anymore. The last one went out of business 10 years ago. There's literally only fast food chains, a small city hall building, and a gas station.
>> No. 23541 [Edit]
I've tried nothing and I'm out of ideas!
>> No. 23569 [Edit]
I've got a genetic defect, good luck fixing that.
>> No. 23640 [Edit]
File 153065002441.jpg - (119.11KB , 1456x1025 , MR-4120-70169-4.jpg )
Still living with my parents. My mother is good to me but my father absolutely hates me. My father and I have a mutual hatred for one another. If he was the one paying the bills for the house I would have been kicked out a long time ago but since my mother is the one who pays the bills I am able to stay.

Anyways I am currently making games for mobile phones which I think is an easy way to make money from simple games. I am using SDL2 and writing in C, the only language that I know. So, I have that going for me. My DREAM is, of course, to make loads of money hehehe then I can move out and take my mother with me to a new house.

If it all fails then very likely my father will continue to ridicule me, threaten to kick me out and some other stuff. I haven't gotten an official diagnosis but I think I have asperger, I get angry easily when people make fun of me. I have gotten into physical fights with my father in the past. It's hard to control my anger once I am angry. So, I am afraid that I might do something very terrible in the future if I continue to live with him.

My life is shit so far hopefully I can get out of this dark tunnel.
>> No. 23641 [Edit]
File 15306651468.png - (675.71KB , 752x858 , IMG_0732.png )
I've been a NEET since graduating high school and depended on someones love and comfort for a year before they got sick of me.
What I should do is go to college and get my shit together, but I've got a lot of mental illness issues (ptsd, dysthymia, add, recently got diagnosed with bpd and probably some kind of autism) and a learning disability that would make taking math classes + tests hard as shit. As if getting my diploma in high school wasn't already a struggle, colleges don't do IEPs.
It just really feels like my mental issues are holding me back from being a normal successful human like majority of society. I just want that person back and for us to live in a comfy tiny house.
I hope you anons find success, you all probably have higher chances of getting somewhere in life!
>> No. 23645 [Edit]
>mental illness issues
I have mental issues too, but I'm doing okay in college now. My university offers counseling, a group therapy thing (not publicly advertised but I talked about interest in something like that and I got invited to it), and they have a disability services office that helps make special accommodations for people.

>colleges don't do IEPs
There are still academic advisors, counselors, therapists, and other resources on campus to help you. It's in the best interests of colleges to have people succeed. If you reach out to the resources they offer, they will try hard to help you. But you have to advocate for yourself. But you have to reach out when you need help. Nobody else will do that for you. But sometimes, reaching out for help can be as simple as sending an email to someone.

>taking math classes + tests hard as shit
I used to say that I wasn't a "math person" but I've survived physics, calculus, statistics, and discrete mathematics so far. But if you're not majoring in STEM, you don't even need to take really hard math classes. Maybe just algebra and precalculus. Maybe not even that much. But a lot of it is your attitude. If you say you're not a math person, you're setting yourself up for failure. Have a positive attitude, have proper time management to give yourself enough time to do the homework and studying, go to your classes, make flash cards for formulas, make study groups or go to office hours or tutoring if need be, and so on. There are plenty of resources out there to help people in college. It's not as if every person who enters college is an expert in math.

>my mental issues are holding me back from being a normal successful human like majority of society
I used to be an agoraphobic NEET and now I'm a software developer and a college student.

I know other people at college who have issues with mental health, physical health, learning, and all sorts of other problems. If you think other people's lives are perfect, you're dead wrong. People just hide it.

I'm sure you can succeed in college. But you have to actually try. Your self-defeating language won't do you any good. Believing in yourself is really important. I know you can do it and I wish you the best of luck. Stop putting yourself down!
>> No. 23646 [Edit]
You don't have to be smart in order to succeed in college. You don't need natural talents or gifts or whatever you want to call them.

But what you do need is determination. You need to keep trying even if you don't think you're good at something. You need to know how to reach out for help when you need it. You can't give up.
>> No. 23647 [Edit]
You also don't need college to succeed.
>> No. 23648 [Edit]
It certainly helps though. Easier to network, meet people, get jobs, and so on.
>> No. 23649 [Edit]
Also easier to gain large debt and unrealistic expectations of highly sought after careers in fields over saturated with applicants in the same or better position than yourself with the risk of wasting years you could have spent already working. This for the sake of what's essentially an ever increasingly expensive scam we as a people are being conditioned to believe is an absolute necessity in order to have a half way decent life by not only the price gouging wealthy elite but also peers who consciously or unconsciously feel the need to drag everyone else down with them.
>> No. 23650 [Edit]
Going to college certainly isn't for everyone, and some majors are pretty useless. But many majors lead to pretty straightforward career paths. It's really not as bad as you make it sound, unless someone studies gender studies or art or something. Besides, not all college is university. There's always trade schools, where you can learn welding, HVAC, or something like that.
>> No. 23651 [Edit]
>But what you do need is determination.
What this means, in the case of college, is the ability to deal with four years of BS, that you not only do not get paid for but have to pay for yourself out the ass.

This is true. I hear all the time about people who go to college, complete their degree, and do the exact same jobs they would be doing had they not gone to college in the first place. The only reason anyone should go to college is if they know for sure that whatever they study will let them go into a job that they know exists (and have the money to pay for it/can get financial aid from govt). Really, that's all it is good for. If all you want is to actually learn things, you can very well teach yourself. Going to school, spending the day in classes, then going back home to do work for those classes while having to be around a bunch of retards all day sounds like garbage to me. The only form of post-secondary education that I've seen that seems somewhat worth it are some trade programs at community colleges.

The other question you have to ask yourself is, even if you did go to college and get a degree that is worth something, would you even want to work at that higher paying job that you'd be able to get? I sure as hell wouldn't want to be a computer programmer or some sort of highly skilled position, that sounds like a pain in the ass. I'd rather deal with less work and get paid less accordingly. Not like many of us have families to pay for or whatever. It's much easier to live on low wages when you've only got yourself to pay for.

Post edited on 4th Jul 2018, 2:50pm
>> No. 23652 [Edit]
>I sure as hell wouldn't want to be a computer programmer or some sort of highly skilled position, that sounds like a pain in the ass
Programming is pretty much the only thing I enjoy anymore.
>> No. 23655 [Edit]
Funny thing about doing what you love for a living, it turns what you love into a tedious chore.
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