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File 151173091134.jpg - (36.67KB , 1280x720 , [Wasurenai] Kamisama Minarai Himitsu no Cocotama -.jpg )
23153 No. 23153 [Edit]
Anyone else find it annoying to keep hearing about how millennials are so poor and struggling and can't afford anything? Yet those same millennials would gladly spend $600 every other year for the newest phone, macbook, or trendy gadget? Those same millennials winningly go into massive debt with college fees when they could just not go to college. They blow money on recriatinal drugs, expensive body mods, parties, trips around the world, and overpriced "organic" health food. waste a small fortune on rent when they could live with their parents for less or even free. I propose that Millennials are poor due to stupid life choices and trying to adhere to trendy cultural norms, not due to the poor economy. The problems with the economy are part of the problem, but it is far from the real issue in my opinion.
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>> No. 23154 [Edit]
>it is far from the real issue in my opinion.
I was under the impression that this was the general consensus outside of moronic millennial normals in the USA. I can't say I've seen too similar views expressed by people that also mention being from other countries, but to be fair it's not like I talk to many people where I live. I always thought policies like "No Child Left Behind" and "Zero Tolerance", combined with social media, made that whole generation an emotional mess, unable to go beyond what their online hug boxes indoctrinates them with, as your examples indicate.

And it's not only consumerism that they seem to fail to notice, but even basic budgeting, like seeking markets located slightly further that sell cheaper products, brands that have cheaper options, second-hand stuff (things that can be cleaned, of course, like a desk), discounts, promotions, etc. From the top of my head, I recall stumbling on an imgur upload by accident titled something like "Out of money for the rest of the month, I'll just have to survive delivery pizza", and I thought the post was a joke, but then when I saw the comments I realized the idiocy was real. Even if the pizza was dirt cheap (say, $0.50 a slice, $4 a whole pizza), that's still more than enough money that when budgeted properly can feed you 3 meals a days, even with some daily variety.

Every now and then I'll see someone from the USA complain their salary it's not a liveable wage, and 10 out of 10 times it's someone who never got interested in being rational with their expenses. This doesn't count for people with medical issues, of course.
>> No. 23155 [Edit]
Not really, I just find them funny. I don't care about their problems caused by their own stupidity or them pitying themselves.
I'm content with the fact that I know how to save money on my expenses to have enough to import stuff I like despite having an income that most people would regard as not much.
>> No. 23156 [Edit]
>I'll just have to survive delivery pizza",
Yeah, delivery pizza costs around $15-$25 on average. Sure you can store and reheat it for latter days, but that's still pretty stupid. Maybe they should just suck it up and cancel their Netflix account for a month or two, or skip that starbux coffee once in a while.
>> No. 23157 [Edit]
>I know how to save money on my expenses to have enough to import stuff I like despite having an income that most people would regard as not much.
Same. I'm a highschool drop out who works nothing but dead end jobs off and on which pay little more than minimum wage. You'd think I'd be dirt poor trailer trash from the sounds of it, Yet I've got a paid off 2012 car, hundreds of figs, a fairly decent pc, more games than I could ever hope to play, and the only debt I have is the halfway paid off mortgage on our house. I've even got more than 15k between stocks and savings. This with a mother who came to this country having nothing but the cloths on her back and a father who's been out of the picture since I was a little kid. It's not witch craft, I just don't waste money on stupid shit. It's amazing to see people from middle class families working well paid office jobs act as if we're in a second depression, all because they're wreck less with their money.
>> No. 23158 [Edit]
File 151174842713.png - (34.92KB , 414x248 , 083.png )
I'm poor, a millenial, and I don't do any of those things with the exception of going to college.
Plus nobody will let me not go to college and a minimum wage job will make it hard for me to not be poor later on.
While I can't speak for everyone, there is a sense of shame in living with your parents that some might not want to deal with.
Get off your soapbox.
>> No. 23159 [Edit]
> there is a sense of shame in living with your parents that some might not want to deal with.
That would be those cultural norms talking. All the same it's your decision which you find more shameful, being poor or living with your parents.
>> No. 23163 [Edit]
poor millennial reporting in, do not own expensive mac products or smartphone, do not buy organic avocados from whole foods or whatever, etc. You seem to be conflating middle class with millennial. Of course the richer kids are gonna waste money on shit that's how it's always been. I think you must not talk to the real working class youth because your view is completely wrong. I live in a first world country and I work with people who are in near poverty every day. You are out of touch with reality.
>> No. 23164 [Edit]
>Get off your soapbox.
Did you read the OP fully? It was clearly referring to people who work and earn a liveable wage (e.g. 40 job hours per week with minimum wage or the average for the location). Obviously a poor person who doesn't work (regardless of the reason) isn't going to afford anything because they have no income. That has nothing to do with a generational demeanour.
>there is a sense of shame in living with your parents that some might not want to deal with.
If you have supporting parents (you get along with) who do not mind you living with them to save up on costs so you can't save more money to spend it on things you want, and you do not take this option, then it can't be claimed that shame is to be blamed. It would be the same logic people who spend hundreds or thousands on clothes a year would use to justify their expenditure ("There is a sense of shame to not dress up according to current fashion").
>You seem to be conflating middle class with millennial.
>Of course the richer kids are gonna waste money on shit.
People earning minimum wage are middle class now?
>I think you must not talk to the real working class youth because your view is completely wrong.
There are no first world countries (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Scandinavia, Benelux, etc.) in which you cannot not survive with a minimum wage. Unless...
>I live in a first world country and I work with people who are in near poverty every day.
Do they have children? Are they legal citizens? Do they have physical or mental disabilities? Do they smoke or drink? By "work with" do you mean alongside them, or as in a social worker? If the latter, have they shared their budgeting?
>You are out of touch with reality.
By all means elaborate. With minimum wage where I live in (also a first world country) I would have more than enough for all my basic necessities, including premium food (as in, getting something from a Burger King or ordering a Pizza) at least weekly, and then I'd still have €300-400 to spare.
>> No. 23165 [Edit]
What a stupid thread, it sounds like something that was copied directly from contemporary 4chan
>> No. 23166 [Edit]
One could say the same about your post.
>> No. 23167 [Edit]
i just realized this is the modern version of the "macs are for fags" thread,
glad i got that cleared up
ok, yall can carry on backslapping with each other about how superior you are to 4chan users even though this site has absolutely no content which could be used as evidence to show of it's superiority even after years of trying, but just keep on believing its true
you just know it!
you gotta be right
it was never in doubt
regardless the mountain of contrary evidence, tc posters are super important internet geniuses
>> No. 23168 [Edit]
You post "am I kawaii" memes and make threads about anime girls being hungry for dicks like some /b/tard, then complain about the quality of posts?
>> No. 23170 [Edit]
File 151202702246.jpg - (387.79KB , 650x926 , 1508058159540.jpg )
I think one of the reasons people say millennials are poor is they can't afford a house, but have you looked at real estate prices? Let's say you're a millennial and you get a six figure income as soon as you're out of college (at age of 22, (18 years+4 of college)). And let's say you can save 50% of your yearly income. If you take taxes into account, that would mean some 30 to 40 thousand dollars a year and so it would take you some 10 years, that is, until you're 32 if you are to buy your own place priced at 300k to 400k, and that's if you have somehow settled for an average suburban house in a medium city where you probably won't be able to keep your current job. And all of this is assuming you are a millennial who has always had a six figure income and has always managed to save 50% of his post tax income every year, when many millennials can't even get a job right after college, much less one with a six figure salary. Spending, say, $1000 a year on the newest iPhone and an extra $100 a month on organic foods make little difference on how soon you will be able to afford your house.

With that said, I don't think millennials are necessarily poorer. They're just the most unequal generation yet and the reason why you see so many contradictions within this generation is you don't take into account said inequality. Many are successful entrepreneurs who run their own start-up companies which they have started with daddy's mommy. Millennials have the highest rate of self-employment among all generations. Many millennials are also sought by tech giants and millennials who make six figures straight out of college like the hypothetical guy of the previous paragraph are not unheard of. We can assume that's the type of millennial to throw money at organic food, trips, parties, drugs. Then we have the unfortunate and stupid type. Sometimes they have been working as waiters or dishwashers in their parents' small restaurants since the age of 14 and that's why they haven't gone to college, sometimes they have gone to college but got a Liberal Arts degree instead of the successful type who went for CS. Those are the poor ones. And, like you have admitted yourself, it doesn't help that the economy is poor in some aspects (although it's doing fairly well overall). The economy basically enlarges the rift between good and bad of this general.

In any case, I agree with your fundamental point. I think poor people are poor because they are, well, poor. That's so obvious. It's in their genes. If it wasn't, there wouldn't be families who have been dirt poor for generations and families that have only gotten wealthier after each generation. People are poor because they are stupid, pathetic, useless fucks and frankly society would be much better without them.
>> No. 23171 [Edit]
*daddy's money
But I guess you still can start a company with your grandmother. Technically.
>> No. 23172 [Edit]
I don't know about millennials, but news stories and headlines about millennials are some of the lowest-quality journalism out there. Any article with "millennial" in the title can be thrown in the trash without looking at it.
>> No. 23174 [Edit]
It's not hard to live on minimum wage or close to it. If you are okay with living humbly, you can even manage to save money. I've done it for a couple years, so it is certainly possible. College can go fug itself. Sure those people like in OP exist, but they are most likely enabled by their parents which causes such behavior. The above poster does have a point, however, purchasing a home is nearly impossible, unless I saved for a many more years or moved to a rural area. Rural sounds real nice to me, but there's a reason living is cheap: no jobs. One can only dream...
>> No. 23175 [Edit]
Wealth is relative.

I never thought I was poor until I started working in a nice area, then I felt like that moment in Great Expectations when the blacksmith boy goes to entertain the rich girl, and he suddenly becomes embarrassed about his family and appearance, never having known any different.
>> No. 23176 [Edit]
>suddenly becomes embarrassed about his family and appearance
That's what he gets for being a normal. Being ashamed of not having more unrelated to your own capacity is ridiculous.
>> No. 23177 [Edit]
I have a hard time believing people that live lavish lifestyles like this actually manage to save a proper amount of money. Seems like it all goes into houses, cars, raising kids, and other spending.
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