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File 147445394719.jpg - (21.52KB , 480x360 , hqdefault.jpg )
22193 No. 22193 [Edit]
what is your disability?
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>> No. 22194 [Edit]
I have nothing diagnosed, but it's actually pretty likely I'll wind up with feet disability at some point in my life. I was born with fucked up feet and I feel like they've started to really detoeriate in the last 2 years.
>> No. 22199 [Edit]
Mainly strong scoliosis and related problems.
>> No. 22203 [Edit]
That's so vague. What about your feet is fucked up, and how are they deteriorating?
>> No. 23893 [Edit]
>> No. 23902 [Edit]
File 154316066879.jpg - (32.31KB , 192x220 , 5345c070a493c.jpg )
>> No. 23909 [Edit]
im a total fucking loser
>> No. 23910 [Edit]
that makes us two
>> No. 23911 [Edit]
I was diagnosed with Autism but I don't think Autism is real.
>> No. 23912 [Edit]
I am pretty sure I was diagnosed with the ass burgers as a child, around the 3rd grade or so. The reason I say "probably", is because I actually do not remember anything past going to a doctor, most likely a psychologist or whatever, and hearing something about burgers. Yep. At that time I didn't know what I was there for but for years I remembered the thing about the burgers. Once I learned ass burgers was a real thing I probably made the connection somewhere down the line. I have the feeling this was brought up in a more definite way at some point but don't remember, not that it mattered much. Only other thing I remember about any of the people I saw related to this is that one of them was incredibly overweight, the type to pull their pants over their stomach or whatever people do, I thought it looked weird.

Post edited on 26th Nov 2018, 8:32pm
>> No. 23913 [Edit]
Back in my day we just called people with Assburgers "lazy" and people with autism "dumb".

Yeah I said it, fight me!

>> No. 23915 [Edit]
That's kind of douchey. People who have a legitimate disorder are not lazy. People who refuse to work because they don't want to work are lazy. Every job I've had I've been the hardest working person there. I just happen to have Asperger's. Don't assume shit about people you don't know.

>fight me
No thanks. I don't like beating the shit out of assholes.
>> No. 23916 [Edit]
I'm glad you got banned for that.
>> No. 23917 [Edit]
I don't think this was meant to be taken personally.
>> No. 23918 [Edit]
Mental health issues. Most people don't seem to think they're real though.

When I had a broken leg, I was in a wheelchair. Then I was in crutches after that. Everybody was nice to me because they could see what was wrong with me. But people don't seem to understand that mental issues can be even worse than physical ones. I have issues with panic and anxiety, but even my best friend says shit like "just relax" as if it's that fucking easy.
>> No. 23921 [Edit]
In my early twenties I got diagnosed with an adjustment disorder. I just can't grow up.
>> No. 23923 [Edit]
File 154405884670.jpg - (975.03KB , 1672x1053 , 1509725782182.jpg )
Not sure if it counts, but I literally have no imagination, I cannot imagine. It really sucks, I can't have a waifu or daydream or fantasize. I can't dream up any art or anything of any worth. I'm always stuck in reality. If I didn't have stuff like anime, manga, and even pictures like this to escape into I don't know how I could live in this awful, brutal, ugly reality.

I have a lot of other stuff wrong with me besides that, but as far as I know that's the only actual ability that most people have that I lack.
>> No. 23925 [Edit]
I have anger management issues and psychotic outbreaks
>> No. 23926 [Edit]
wheelchair bound and schizophrenia. but likely misdiagmosed
>> No. 23935 [Edit]
I had disability NEETbux for having cancer, but that ran out.
Now I'm just trans.
>> No. 23951 [Edit]
Now you're just disabled.
>> No. 23960 [Edit]
Certain aspects of aspergers (just the poor social skills) and borderline, but not enough for a full diagnosis. Depression. Sleep apnea.
>> No. 23962 [Edit]
Schizophrenia and panic disorder.

People say bullshit like "just be calm" and "do breathing exercises" or "just see a counselor". Making it sound like it's a simple problem with a simple solution shows a lack of empathy. Also, sometimes people pretend that it's a choice, or that it's made up. If this was a choice, I wouldn't be like this. I'd choose to be mentally well. People treat you like shit when they realize you're not well.

I've tried everything you can possibly think of, it simply doesn't help. The drugs they put you on are terrible. People don't want me to get help, they just want me to do what's accepted by society: get on strong medications that make you feel zombified. People hate mentally ill people to the point that they want us to be so fucked up on meds that we're just catatonic, because normal people see that as being preferable to our regular behavior. Meds for people like me don't fix the problems, they just sedate you and make you feel sluggish and dumb. A lot of pills for severely mentally ill people are only for the benefit of the family and caretakers of them, not for the person who has the issues.
>> No. 23964 [Edit]
ADHD, AvPD, GAD, and probably a ton of undiagnosed shit too.
I know that feel too. I've tried all that shit and it does nothing at best. Breathing exercises just stress me out more. All therapists do is throw your thoughts back at you and hope you have the solutions already. Medication is just a placebo. It's all a massive joke.
>> No. 23976 [Edit]
>All therapists do is throw your thoughts back at you
I know, right? I actually looked into this more, not only by talking to a therapist about what it is that they do, but also researching stuff online. I found that they basically have a formula that they go by. You might think it's juts a random conversation, but they have a set of rules to structure what they will and will not say. There are many different "schools of thought" or strategies, so they vary in their exact details, but they are all about listening and rephrasing what the person said.

I want to have actual conversations with people, but therapy is so one-sided because the therapist will never talk about themselves or give opinions or advice. It's all just them rehashing what you said because they think you want someone to only listen or vent to.

I think I'd rather have a mentor then, instead of a "how does that make you feel" or "so what you're saying is..." kind of therapist. I just wish I knew how to find a mentor.
>> No. 23980 [Edit]
File 154615446635.jpg - (0.97MB , 1920x2130 , aha.jpg )
Never been formally diagnosed but probably some combination of high functioning autism and some sort of speech/language disorder.
>> No. 23982 [Edit]
They are called a counselor. You will find them at drug clinics that specialize in both mental health and drug addiction. They usually have a number of mentors and then psychiatrists as their staff. the psychiatrists there usually deal with just drug addicts that need to be ween off drugs, but they also tackle drug addicts with mental illness. The mentors are not like a therapist and actually discuss their real lives. Mine talked about how she met her husband online and talked about her kid and stuff.
>> No. 23989 [Edit]
Sleep apnea.

I have several mental illnesses, but I believe I would have developed the ability to cope with them had I not been hit by sleep apnea.
>> No. 23992 [Edit]
File 154665743521.jpg - (52.26KB , 548x469 , tru.jpg )
impulsive, low iq, weak,

i am not sure how it became like that. but that's how it is. pic related sums up my life
>> No. 24333 [Edit]
High functioning autism. Got diagnosed not once, but twice. Once when I was about 3 or 4, and again when I was 18 or so. Same place too. Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale Florida.
>> No. 24339 [Edit]
my knee is at risk of being dislocated constantly.
i have delayed sleep phase disorder and my sleep schedule is constantly fucked, it's probably the most distressing thing i have and probably the biggest reason I am a hikki, i feel like society is closed off to me
i also have a handful of mental issues but i am sure the users of this site are tired of hearing about that.
>> No. 24416 [Edit]
I'm not sure what you would call it, but I have a hard time sleeping during nighttime hours. Only when the sun starts to peak through my blinds around 5:30 am or so, then I am out like a light. Is there a medical term for this or am I just a sperg?
>> No. 24417 [Edit]
The anon above you has a type of that. There are a handful of circadian rhythm disorders and I suggest you look into them if it’s a concern to you.
>> No. 24419 [Edit]
Is it possible that its learned behaviour? Some people are just wired to be night owls but its also possible that its a habit. I used to be like that but only allowing myself to be in bed between the hours of 1am to 7am for a couple of weeks fixed me I usually fall asleep around 1am now. I didn't really answer your question, basically it might be something you could fix if you wanted but it might not be either.
>> No. 24424 [Edit]
I think it's a combination of both. I recall there were likely some genetic markers that predispose you to being a night owl, but it's also the case that a lot of people's circadian rythms are offset more than they should be due to things such as blue light exposure after sunset
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