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File 150746010925.jpg - (226.90KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Sansha Sanyou - 12 [720p]_mkv_snaps.jpg )
22998 No. 22998 [Edit]
Has anime (or other media) screwed with your mind and changed how you think or interact with this world?

I only recently came to a realization that tv/movies/anime has shaped how conversations between people should work in my mind, as I've never really had anyone to talk to offline and that's all I've had to go off of. I find it obnoxious when I do talk to real people, usually because they talk endlessly about pointless crap that doesn't matter, or repeat themselves in different ways a lot. In any sort of media almost everything you see and hear is there for a reason and generally has a point to it. Thanks to this I find myself expecting there to be a point when someone does talk to me offline, only to find there often isn't one. People also take a long time to get their message across, when in tv/film people are generally straight to the point. Needless to say, reality is frustrating.
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>> No. 22999 [Edit]
>In any sort of media almost everything you see and hear is there for a reason and generally has a point to it.
People are uncomfortable with silence and for this reason never have time to collect their thoughts. Its like a tv show pumping out a new episode every week for years.The writers run out of cool ideas and it ends up as all filler
>I only recently came to a realization that tv/movies/anime has shaped how conversations between people should work in my mind
Its much deeper than that. Tv has redefined your idea of life in general. Consider the shitty sitcom Friends, it played a large part in defining most people currently in their twenties ideas about what constitutes a good friendship and what you should want out of life. Conversely if you think the way characters in that show live a shit way of life it still effects you because you are going against the current mainstream. Everything on Tv reinforces everything else on Tv. The news being shown through the same medium as shitty sitcoms makes shitty sitcoms realer and makes adverts for shitty products seem as important as national events.

"Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life"
I'm pretty much obsessed with this idea and am always looking for new perspectives on it. McLuhan, Baudrillard and Wilde have all written some pretty interesting ideas on the topic. This video may be of interest to you.
>> No. 23001 [Edit]
File 15078366216.jpg - (138.53KB , 982x1282 , qaP47tA.jpg )
It's not just anime, or TV. It's everything around us. It's all fake, an illusion built sort of like the environments we evolved in, but broken just enough to cause discomfort without quite being able to put your finger on it.

The industrial revolution was a mistake but there's no way to undo it. The hell of modernity was built brick by brick by "making life a little bit better". It lead us to a cliff and pretty soon we'll walk right off, only noticing midway through the fall that we're going to be impaled by a rock, and that it was all our own doing.

It feels horrible to go down this rabbit hole, to realize how people act like such animals. Like how words don't have any actual meaning. Works like racist, faggot, they have meanings but in common parlance they can just be taken as a showing of the teeth. And not just that but symbols... When you go out today it feels like they've all lost their meanings. People walking around with skull and crossbone in attempts to be "cute" or "cool". Even in shirts that simply exclaim "fuck you" which mean exactly what they say, until it's inconvenient at which point "have some humor man it's a joke!". All hollow and meaningless while any actual meaning is laughed at. Symbols with meaning are reserved only for the other or the hated. The only meaning today is short term pleasure to distract from the pain of living. Sort of like in No Longer Human where the protaganist joins up with a group of commies even though he doesn't really find their ideology valid. It's just so he has something to belong to, something to fight for that isn't utter nonsense. All of society seems to be headed in this direction, some of us are already there. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out. It'd be nice if we could just put the genie back in the bottle, but it can't be done. So now nature has to thrash about until she reaches some semblance, some illusion of stability again.

You touched on a point I've thought about before, what I'd call anti-identity. Where you have no identity, no drive of your own, but it's simply based on not being like some other group. And how unstable that is. For example as I've gotten older I've grown more and more right wing. And what nags at me about it, have I switched over simply because I define myself as NOT being like normal people?

An interesting idea in that documentary I hadn't seen before is people condemning abstact art and detective stories because their ability to figure it out had atrophied. I've considered the other corrosive effects of modernity on the mind, but in this manner I hadn't. Thanks.
>> No. 23004 [Edit]
File 150792035945.png - (1.07MB , 1280x738 , Bored.png )
>Lots of people use TV, anime, games, any entertainment, as an escape from reality, so they are gonna interpret such things as being more real than they are. It's only a distraction, not worth any time at all.
What is reality? What isn't a distraction? What is worth any time at all?
>> No. 23074 [Edit]
>>22998 Only open your mouth to debate.
>> No. 23106 [Edit]
Ironically, I've encountered people who barely watch any TV/Anime etc who complained that Americans have a tendency to talk very unnaturally. As in, they talk like they are a character of a TV show or something which just reeks of ingenuity to him.
>> No. 23107 [Edit]
Did you mean ungenuine?
>> No. 23108 [Edit]
I would have to agree with this. I feel like people's perception is warped by media, this isn't a new thing to say though

I also feel like a lot of people want to make it big in the media to spread some kind of world view or perception, for good or bad. Some of them might be trying to fight the status quo or raise awareness towards things. While other people maybe it's possible they just want to influence people in a way that benefits them or even manipulates society as a whole into thinking a certain way. It's speculation but you can see a lot of signs of stuff like this which is why I'm not the first to make comments like this about the media.

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