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File 160502569275.png - (1.96MB , 1920x1200 , 41474014_p0.png )
26067 No. 26067 [Edit]
Have you found recently or in the past any small matrix-hacks that make your life better in any way? Something that makes it less tiresome, cheaper, helps to sleep, helps to deal with people or whatever.
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>> No. 26068 [Edit]
File 160502866490.jpg - (176.71KB , 850x1200 , sample_0fdc1cdef70c9b8bf981a59608697cce.jpg )
A desktop email and calendar program is useful. Desktop programs are usually better. Reading before bed is helpful. A consistent sleep schedule is important.

There are no life hacks. Some basic advice you've heard a million times but never get around to doing are the best things you can do for yourself and pursuing secret knowledge is a waste of time.
>> No. 26072 [Edit]
When you're stuck on some decision flip a coin. You aren't relying on the coin to make the decision for you. You're seeing how your brain reacts to the outcome. If you start clamoring for best 2/3 you know what outcome you really want. Some things still leave you indecisive but it generally works.

A good technique for grounding yourself is to pretend you're a character in a movie. It works well for getting you out of your head; it shifts your perspective. I'm not quite sure how to describe how to do this but the crux is to dissociate and view the world almost dreamlike. It's also very good for when you need to do something you wouldn't normally do. Movie characters talk and act in ways that are quite unnatural. By becoming a movie character you're then able to act in ways that aren't natural to you. It's tiring to be that fake but for situations where you need to be "on" for an hour or so it can work wonders.

Quiet people are perceived by normies as being smug, selfish, and self-absorbed. If you accept that you are all these things life becomes much easier. Quit giving your empathy away for free. People should have to earn it. Even if you're a good person this is a better attitude to have. Being a bad person really opens your options up.
>> No. 26073 [Edit]
I gave it some thought and I don't think the coin method could work for me at all. Thinking about some of the important decisions I've taken in last years, I never really wanted to take them because I'm insecure and felt fear, so by all means I would have preffered the coin to give me the most passive outcome. But all those decisions were absolutely correct and have improved, or even saved, my life.
It's like needing surgery and you have to decide to take it or not, if you're a coward fuck you will want to avoid the situation at all costs, even if it ends killing you, you will lie to yourself if necessary. So what do you "want" is not necessarily what do you "need".
>> No. 26076 [Edit]
That's part of the coin method I didn't mention. You'll start whining about best 2/3, and then just stop because you know the easy route is a terrible decision. So you chin up and do what you actually need. Usually. It's a way I've found to cut down on my indecisiveness.
>> No. 26083 [Edit]
Same here. I usually already know what I want to do and it is often not what I should do. It's hedonism vs "go and get shit done".

As for being a character and accepting that I'm bad: It's not like I have a problem with talking or that situations intimidate me. Simply, the more I interact with the normie world the more emotionally drained and disturbed I become.
Might be my fault.
>> No. 26204 [Edit]
In windows, you can use the task scheduler to make your computer do certain things at a specific time. I made a bunch of tasks that put my computer to sleep in ten minute intervals. While I could just get it out of sleep mode every single time, it's gotten me to go to sleep earlier. You could also schedule your computer to shut down like that.
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