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File 147131019114.jpg - (203.27KB , 472x778 , IMG_20160815_201259.jpg )
22046 No. 22046 [Edit]
Why is it that neets/hikis who've sought help from the mental health industry have rarely expressed positive experiences from it? Seems like the only good reason a floor shitter would seek help is to build a case for bux.
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>> No. 22047 [Edit]
Because normie platitudes don't work for people that don't come with the normie chip pre-installed. Telling a NEET things like "There's nothing to be afraid of", "Just be yourself", "No pain no gain" and so on doesn't actually do anything and just puts them in an awful position if they follow such advice.

Even for professionals... and extrovert will never be able to wrap their head around how an introvert feels, reacts and thinks. It's the sad truth (so far I've noticed).
>> No. 22048 [Edit]
File 147132813197.png - (704.52KB , 1291x879 , 909b2e06d89abcff5f52973d3e782fb9.png )
The mental health industry isn't around to promote or engender mental health. It exists to sell products. The legal system is controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, whose grip only tightens with every mental illness it invents and sells drugs to treat.

The unmitigated uselessness and vagueness of most prescription medication is a testament to this. Nobody has any idea what they're doing, because the science behind the industry is randomly iterating on animals and probabalistic effects, with unknown or undocumented side effects.

It's easier to administer chemical lobotimies to unproductive or worthless members of society than it is to individually treat them. Nobody gives a fuck and they want yours and state money.
>> No. 22049 [Edit]
It just wouldn't be a mental health thread without tinfoil-hat-kun. He seems to be confusing counseling with psychiatry, but whatever.

Incidentally, did you know AIDS was created by the US government (or should I say ZOG), and that they've had vaccines and cures for decades? They haven't released them because there's no money to be made in curing people, but rather in infecting people and giving them placebos to "slow the growth of the virus".
>> No. 22050 [Edit]
Were the toilets like that in the film?
Were you actually supposed to take a shit with everyone in full view?
>> No. 22051 [Edit]
File 147134825126.jpg - (44.42KB , 1000x750 , trees4.jpg )
Yes, they were like that in the film. And yes, you had zero privacy. I assume it's meant to reinforce the notion that you should mind your surroundings, even in the most private of times (that's just how I see it though, haven't search for the reason or anything).
>> No. 22074 [Edit]
>extrovert will never be able to wrap their head around how an introvert feels, reacts and thinks.

This. It's annoying how many extroverts falsely describe themselves as introverts. Many even bash true introverts, or try to redefine introversion to exclude shy or antisocial people.
>> No. 22079 [Edit]
This is quite true, I remember seeing a study not too long ago that proved that the majority of anti-depressants are non-effective on teens, other than prozac. I believe it's probably nearly the same for adults, and prozac is like 30% fluoride in weight iirc, and that shit is fucking poison.

I personally have never gone to a psychologist even though my parents wanted me to a few times, but I think they are all bullshit.
>> No. 22080 [Edit]
>I think they are all bullshit.

they are, but their field isn't. the problem is with the doctors and the fact that the type of person who can bend over backwards for jump though hoops to perfection for over a decade to get an M.D. is an unltraconformist. like a roids version of an NT - they make regular NTs look a little weird. these kind of people can do auto repair kind of work and follow instructions very well, but they can't really think for themselves creatively enough in abstract though space and psychiatry is an almost all mental game. the other doctors do their job because they have lab results and xrays to tell them what to do. take that away and they helpless & thats what most medically trained psychiatrists are.
fortunately you can read about the science of psychiatry on the internet and apply what you learned to yourself without involving NTs in the mix.
>> No. 22084 [Edit]
>It's annoying how many extroverts falsely describe themselves as introverts.

100% agreed. I can't help but cringe at the stupidity and ignorance of extroverts boldly and unprovokedly declaring "I'm an introvert" as part of their special snowflake persona. There seems to be some trend among certain normies (particularly females, whom are much less likely to be introverted by nature as-is) where they believe acting introverted makes them look 'mysterious' or 'smart', and it's painful to watch.
>> No. 22099 [Edit]
It's a label they've milked for a while. They basically use it to say "I'm too cool to talk to others" and "I don't try at all and look how popular I am".

As a real introvert, I don't make friends in new social environments because I don't talk to other people. It's nearly antithetical to the personality type.
>> No. 22171 [Edit]
>Because normie platitudes don't work for people that don't come with the normie chip pre-installed

As he says, people that had happy normal childhoods and normal relationships with people and learned how to deal with them are incompatible with people that had neither of those things. They can't understand how these "patients" deal with stuff and why they take life like they do.

>> No. 22172 [Edit]
When you're forced to abandon NEETdom, why don't you guys become therapists so you can help people like yourselves?
>> No. 22173 [Edit]
How am I supposed to help anyone when I can't help myself?
>> No. 22174 [Edit]
Since you quoted me... What I meant was slightly different. There is a variation between people that goes beyond experiences and learning, something we are born with or without, which is what I refered to as "chip". That's why there are introverts and extroverts, people who are naturally reclusive and people who need others' attention all they long. I had a relatively normal childhood and I've been able to survive in a few relationships, yet my "wiring" never changed... Always remained a hermit of sorts, getting anxious over social situations, getting stressed when approached by people I don't trust and so on.

My reply was more meant to emphasize that psychologists and therapists tend to make the mistake of giving advice from the viewpoint of a normally wired person, without taking into account the variations in character and personalities that their patients have... resulting in the patients trying methods that will ultimately hurt then, both short-term and in the long run.

Please remember never to underestimate how circumstance affects people. Someone whose childhood and life others might envy, could secretly be ridden with an amount of misery (that when unveiled) others will definitely not want to go through in exchange for that very same stranger's life they wish for.

Being able to relate does not equate to being able to professionally help someone with psychological issues. There is a lot of training and knowledge behind therapy. Plus >>22173 is right too.
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