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File 140804922438.gif - (3.16MB , 640x360 , 1399058403592.gif )
18437 No. 18437 [Edit]
If you had a second chance at life, what would you have done differently?
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>> No. 18438 [Edit]
Ich würde von Anfang an meine Brillen bei Fielmann kaufen.
>> No. 18439 [Edit]
File 140805247815.png - (757.87KB , 764x878 , 1354701380423.png )
I'd be more outgoing and try not to hide my personality so much.
Act more impulsively, maybe.

It's actually a bit depressing to think back at how I could have changed so much by doing so little
>> No. 18440 [Edit]
Avoid reading Nietzsche.
>> No. 18441 [Edit]
Nietzsche actually might've been a factor in dulling some of my depression the couple times I've read him since I can really relate to his idgaf attitudes at times. Actually agree with his eternal recurrence policy to an extent, I dunno what would've happened had I acted differently and every experience might be valuable in its own way.
>> No. 18442 [Edit]
File 140805477667.jpg - (1.03MB , 1976x2324 , 1395804152412.jpg )
I'd spend a few hours a week writing down stock and lottery information

and when I'm 60 I'd use that chance to go back to 20, drop out of college, and my $2k life savings at the time to invest in the stock market and make myself a comfortably living multi-millionaire, retired by 25 and living in a $1m estate in the middle of nowhere, West Virginia and live a quiet life in solitude and fast internet, occasionally winning the lottery or investing (low) in a small company that just happens to get bought out by google and has their value go up 10,000% over night and then selling.

Otherwise, if I didn't have 20/20 hind sight of what my life was, I'd end up doing exactly the same thing in the exact same situation.
>> No. 18443 [Edit]
At this point... nothing, cause all that shit leaded me to mai waifu and the entire world shift that entailed, and I wouldn't trade that for anything (not even success).
>> No. 18444 [Edit]
I'd tell my parents to fuck off more and insist they get me medication to help my autism. Bad/overprotective parenting + untreated autism made for a shitty childhood.
>> No. 18445 [Edit]
invested everything I had into Microsoft and Google, or fuck just create google myself.
>> No. 18446 [Edit]
Studied more, studied harder, insisted on starting playing guitar from an earlier age and tried not to be such a massive asshole to some people.
>> No. 18453 [Edit]
Always wanted to try out being stillborn.
>> No. 18454 [Edit]
I would kill myself while I still had the courage to do so
>> No. 18455 [Edit]
Drop out of school sooner.
Encourage my mom to leave my dad sooner.
Buy a digital tablet and start drawing sooner.
Study Japanese.
Meet my waifu and husbando sooner.
Stop myself from ever taking psych medicine.
Work out more.
Never waste my time hanging out with people, especially ones on the internet since "friendships" led nowhere.
>> No. 18456 [Edit]
Probably not much. It's not like this would fix my crippling lack of willpower, hobbies and interests, skills, and disgust with the idea of slaving away 10 hours a day by working.

Other than being at a dead end now, my life was quite nice.
>> No. 18458 [Edit]
Probably get help sooner, I got help for my depression but it was way too late. If I got it before I started uni, my life could be so much more.
>> No. 18459 [Edit]
Get medication and therapy for my disorders as soon as possible, when I was 10 or 11yo and not like it ended up happening, I only got into therapy when I was close to suicide at 22, and my mental problems ruined arguably 80% of my life. That I gave up all hope for a healthy lifestyle nor a future goes without saying.

Eat well during childhoo-puberty to keep a healthy eating habit and develop like a normal human being, not ending up as a midget who had to become anorexic to lose weight, but my body was so fucked up it turned out like shit nonetheless.

Don't waste my time with MMORPG games nor get into ''relationships'' online that made me waste even more time.

Prevent my parents at all cost from enlisting me in the schools they did, school life was suffering and nothing else, l could have done better at other places but not those in particular.

Try to met at least some few worth people to practise a sport or just work out if my body was ok, not getting stagnant and looking like a mess.

Get into 4chan the day it started and browse /a/ since that time, also getting to know this board sooner.

Picking up anime for good and in a serious way sooner in life, I was misguided as a teenager, after having watched dubbed stuff like DBZ, CCS and Pokemon in my chilhood I believed for a long time that anime was just for kids when in reality I didn't understand a thing.

Never Listened to some music that was edgy stupid shit, nor trying to be half a normie so much during my teenage years.

That's what it comes to mind now... I was born and raised in a third world country, and I'm still living here in this terrible place, so if I could I wish was born somewhere in the anglosphere, Canada or England preferably.
>> No. 18463 [Edit]
File 140824893333.jpg - (159.27KB , 800x800 , ec01263913f3e5edd9481a6b3ff6c3b2.jpg )
Completely ignore any student in high school that wanted to be friends, etc. From there, do well and finish school so that I could get a job I liked. Money is all I really need. Nothing else.
>> No. 18466 [Edit]
>Probably not much. It's not like this would fix my crippling lack of willpower, hobbies and interests, skills, and disgust with the idea of slaving away 10 hours a day by working.

This. Though, as a kid, I would have opted to be less of a pussy early on and actually attack the people that beat me up and threw rocks at me on a regular basis for many years (even if they were never alone). For all I know it could have made things worse, but I think it would have made me feel better about myself in the long run, as petty as it may seem.
>> No. 18481 [Edit]
Save every scrap of money I ever earn since being a kid. Then invest in bitcoin.

10 cents a pop in 2009, sell for $1300 in 2014. I'd have more enough money to move to the UK and get married to the person I love.
>> No. 18484 [Edit]
btw: where can I effectively learn how bitcoin works?
>> No. 18486 [Edit]
Study piano and japanese. I still can do so about now but, well, you know what I mean.
>> No. 18487 [Edit]
is there a way nowadays to make a few bucks learning everything about bitcoins? (just for anime/videogames) not talking about sustainig oneself.
>> No. 18488 [Edit]
As much as I understand about bitcoins (very little), it's not possible to make a profit from it anymore. You will spend more in electricity and hardware than you make from mining.
>> No. 18489 [Edit]
File 140836877140.jpg - (62.71KB , 1280x720 , [Frenchies-Mux]_True_Mazinger_Impact!_Chapter_Z_01.jpg )
>> No. 18490 [Edit]
what about lite coin?
>> No. 18493 [Edit]
I obviously don't pay for electricity because obvious reasons, the problem is that l only have a laptop with an onboard GPU, is joining a populated pool worth the time? to make at least u$s 20 a month is all l'd ask for but l don't know how it works, PC online 24/7 is not a problem btw, but l need information.

either that or other alternatives along the same settings, other virtual money and stuff.
>> No. 18494 [Edit]
>You will spend more in electricity
What if you get yourself a solar power system?
>> No. 18495 [Edit]
If you have the money for a solar power grid you don't need to be mining.
A laptop is not worth using. You are better off asking your parents for $20 a month because you will be costing them more in electricity.
>> No. 18498 [Edit]
I would have stopped early to care what other people think of me.

Die Werbung hätte ich beinahe vergessen.
>> No. 18499 [Edit]
Really? I think Nietzsche helped me. He told me that it is okay to not be within the Norm, as long as i believe that what i was doing was the right thing. Since then I lived by my own freewil.
>> No. 18500 [Edit]
Did he also teach you how to become an ubermensch?
>> No. 18501 [Edit]
File 140848640594.png - (1.56MB , 1024x1024 , Hokuto-No-Ken-Wallpaper-9.png )
Nothing, I'm perfect.
>> No. 18505 [Edit]
Sadly no...
>> No. 18572 [Edit]
Like >>18445 said, I would've invested in things I knew would become extremely successful.
Tons of money without having to actually work or worry about anything.
>> No. 18651 [Edit]
Invest in Bitcoins HEAVILY from the beginning
When TOTSE dies, dont follow to Zoklet. Fuck that shit.
Try to go directly to IMSA, for all thats unlikely to happen
Don't get behind in math skills when younger.
(maybe) go directly to a 4-year uni.
>> No. 18652 [Edit]
Oh, I forgot. just raid the forums with everything in like 2008 when obama was elected. TRASH their forums with spam and shit. Just raid the fuck out of them. I hate them.

Find a way to remove facial hair without causing skin damage. If need be, shaving - _-

Just find a way to grow out hair longer.

Pull my fucking teeth out quicker or try to get it done quickly.

Dont get circumcised

Become a chanfag earlier maybe?

Go to cons earlier than 2008.

(Yes i am serious) become a weeb/whatever in style earlier.
>> No. 18669 [Edit]
I would basically live my youth more and stop being afraid of everything. Both kids and adults picked on me for it, and I missed out on a lot of fun things in childhood because I was so fearful.

If I get to keep all my knowledge and skills when starting over, then I'd definitely work to be the "smart kid" that all the adults thought I was back in elementary. Maybe I'd end up with a scholarship or two so I can go to a decent university and get a good job afterward. Then I can feel what it's like to actually have money for things I want.
>> No. 18675 [Edit]
My life isn't over yet...
...yet. ;_;
>> No. 18676 [Edit]
Oh yeah. Apply to those small liberal colleges like haverford and macalester
>> No. 18679 [Edit]
>Probably not much. It's not like this would fix my crippling lack of willpower, hobbies and interests, skills, and disgust with the idea of slaving away 10 hours a day by working.

This. I would know I don't want to live to adulthood ahead of time, so I would fuck around a lot. I would do a lot of drugs. I would stand up for myself when made fun of, probably using violence. If it just made it worse, I would scoot shoot up my school. Maybe rape a bitch also.
>> No. 18805 [Edit]
1. Loan as much money as I can
2. Buy a warehouse or something and fill it with PCs
3. Mine the fuck out of Bitcoin and persuade all the small businesses around me to use it
4. Repeat with other cryptocurrencies
5. Use my massive wealth to be the comfiest NEET who ever lived
>> No. 18824 [Edit]
Not come on 4chan or Tohno-chan. Not stay up late on the computer from 15 years old.
>> No. 18834 [Edit]
If I never stopped studying Japanese when I started in 2007, I would probably be fluent right now, so that.
>> No. 18837 [Edit]
I would have gone to the lecture today, so I wouldn't have to begin my downwards spiral of self loathing.
>> No. 18838 [Edit]
It took me half a year to learn hiragana and katakana
>> No. 18847 [Edit]
Try getting a job after finishing high school.

Practice playing guitar more and maybe form a band or at least write and record my own music.

Not fail college.
>> No. 18853 [Edit]
you remind me of myself
>> No. 18871 [Edit]
Killed myself when I was a lot younger to avoid having even more terrible things happen to me. I would have rather died at least maybe somewhat happy.
>> No. 18872 [Edit]
What age in particular did you live a somewhat happy life up to?

I honestly can't ever see the value of a life in happiness - sadness mathematical terms like that, they coexist and exist independently of each other in my eyes. If there's no happiness ahead of you that's a more valid reason to kill yourself than if you think the happiest times of your life are gone from this logic.
>> No. 18874 [Edit]
Probably until about 8, around 8 is when bad things started happening to me, but also probably when I actually started to notice and understand them, too. At the age of 8 was the first time I tried to kill myself, but of course I was only a child so I didn't succeed. But when you've managed to go on for this long without killing yourself with so many things that have happened, you've just kind of grown accustom to it now so there's not much point in trying anymore. I still wish I had succeeded before it got too terrible, though.
>> No. 18891 [Edit]
Maybe this. I had a thought while I was trying to get to sleep last night:
Think about every year of your life up until now. Was there any year in which you were sufficiently happy that you would be willing to repeat a similar year for the rest of your life? The answer for me is no. Now think of how many years you considered. If you didn't experience a single acceptable year in your first ~25, why should you expect that most years in your future will be acceptable? Is it even worth enduring a number of unacceptable years to experience an acceptable one? It's not like if you kill yourself you will feel like you are missing out.
This thinking can be repeated for shorter time periods like months or days, but I find I can't remember to that detail.
>> No. 18931 [Edit]
File 141429993450.jpg - (400.38KB , 900x636 , NEET.jpg )
I would have done what I needed to do in life and then killed myself at a younger age.
>> No. 18932 [Edit]
succeed in killing myself when I was 3
>> No. 18933 [Edit]
I don't think I even have a memory that far back.
>> No. 18948 [Edit]
I have too good a memory
>> No. 18949 [Edit]
The only way one forgets a suicide attempt is if one succeeds. Or almost succeeds but not really.
>> No. 19034 [Edit]
Nothing. I would have failed in the same way I've failed with my current life.
>> No. 19108 [Edit]
>> No. 19161 [Edit]
The lottery idea wouldn't work. Even if you start from the same random-seed, the first time you do something even slightly different that invokes the rng an extra time, the whole sequence will be thrown off and all the lotteries will come out different.
>> No. 19213 [Edit]
Somehow convince my mother to not hook up with my dad again after the first breakup. That way staying in the same city. Do my best to become popular in school, without losing touch with my sense of empathy. That way being shielded from bad experiences relating to school. Realizing sooner what I wanted to do with my life, and not be a pessimist about it. That way having more motivation to study harder. Not getting involved with social websites. It never did me any good.
>> No. 19217 [Edit]
Sounds like me at the start. Except if moving didn't happen I would've always been a country boy; that allowed me to experience both small town and big city environments in equal measure. I guess things went downhill after moving, but I wouldn't change that fact.
>> No. 19219 [Edit]
The two (smallish) cities are similar in many ways. That's not the point, though. In the first city I had connections and was well liked. The new city was inhabited by sadistic retards. What a shock that was for a young mind. I wonder if I'll ever make friends again.

Post edited on 16th Dec 2014, 9:24pm
>> No. 19329 [Edit]
A second chance at life... can I pick to start over at any point I want? Because I don't think I could handle going through my childhood again. Especially not knowing of all the family shit that I had been blissfully unaware of back then.

Either way, though; regardless of from what age I'd start over, I'd be more careful about making notes & more meticulous about hiding things.

If I'd start over from about 11 or so, I'd actually make the move to go out and buy my own computer stuff. Instead of just accepting the leftovers of my cousin and few friends. I never begged for that, and they gave me that stuff on their own accord - but it still feels bad in retrospect. And I'd make sure that I'd have a second HDD and any other stuff useful for making backups, so that I won't end up losing all my stuff when the inevitable harddrive breakdown comes. I'd also make a serious attempt at writing actual stories instead of just loose notes and the occasional outline. And I'd avoid several retarded decisions when it comes to handling my computer, like deleting my video drivers or sticking with Windows Millennium until my harddrive seppuku'd.

From 11 onward, I'd also do much better in school. Presuming that I don't lose my current knowledge and self-discipline, of course. It'd still be a struggle (what with my overbearing psycho ex-alcoholic mother breathing down my neck), but at least I now know what I can expect. 90% of the shit I had to go through in my teenage years was because I didn't have a fucking clue about people or society, and much of the remaining 10% came from having no direction in life other than seeking the next bout of escapism. That's a lot of problems I would now be able to prevent.

If I'd start over from age 20, then there's a good few things that I could change for the better. That was when I finally got an internet connection on my own desktop. Let's just say that I wouldn't be the kind of horrible n00b that I was back then...

I'd also start trying everything in my power to get a social worker or any other kind of professional help at home. This did in fact happen a few years later, when I was 23, and it made a world of difference. But it easily could have happened two or three years earlier, and now I know who I should've talked to and what I should've said in order to make that happen. Oh, and aim for getting into university via entrance exam. I managed that, too - but not until age 24. Had I been able to enter at 21 (and especially after a 'restart' like this) I would've had so much more opportunities to do the things I want - instead of spending the bulk of my twenties recuperating from the failures and abuse suffered during my teens.

TL;DR - yes, I'd take a chance to redo my life. If nothing else, I just wanna relive what should've been my best years without being psychologically and emotionally crippled.
>> No. 19330 [Edit]
>what should've been my best years
Not even sure if I can say normies enjoy their life that much. Most people just seem to be putting on an act, and even the most popular people that really eat up what's cool are probably also dissatisfied in some sense of the term. Sure that many people end up enjoying middle/old age more than youth too.
>> No. 19331 [Edit]
>Most people just seem to be putting on an act, and even the most popular people that really eat up what's cool are probably also dissatisfied in some sense of the term.

Oh, no argument there. Hell, I know for a fact that some of the extraverts in my immediate environment are really just running away from horrible family situations. But I'd want to relive my twenties because I *know* that I could finally get to enjoy myself without giving a fuck. Especially because I'd now know what (not) to do. I mean, shit, I spent two decades being the victim of my own issues + catching the fallout of other people's issues, and then I get to waste another decade just to recuperate from all that.

Call me selfish if you will (hell, I wouldn't even blame you), but I want a bit of easy living for once. Easier, at least. And if I'd get the chance to go back one or two decades and go through life all over again? Sure, I'd take it! It wouldn't be perfect, but hey - even in the worst-case scenario, I basically get to be young and sort-of healthy for at least another decade!

I know that this is just my personal issues shining through, but - my twenties could have been much better. Even without little wish fulfillment scenarios like this, my twenties could have been objectively better had I made some better decisions, and had there been less knock-on effects from all the shit I went through during my teens.

>Sure that many people end up enjoying middle/old age more than youth too.

Again, no argument from me here. But thing is; I have poor health. I've seen up close how my maternal grandfather spent the last 20 years of his life, and let's just say he wasn't exactly enjoying himself. I've got the exact same health problems (thank you, shitty genes), so I don't really have a reason to count on life being enjoyable once I'm past 50.

So, no, I'm not going to count on my retirement years being the time of life. I've already got way too much reason to expect that things won't work out quite so well for me.
>> No. 19560 [Edit]
I should not have tried so hard. I should have enjoyed life more.

I studied my ass off in all of school and university, because I had a dream. My dream was to move to Japan. I didn't want to become a low-paid English teacher though... I wanted to become a scientist or Engineer living in Japan.

I put off getting a 3DPD or many friends, and really studied hard almost everyday for several hours. Ended up with a 3.8 GPA, BSc in Mechanical Engineering, double-majored in Japanese, and had multiple internships.

Got a job with a major company in Japan. 2 weeks before I was to move to Japan to start my life, I was hit by a drunk-driving Chad. I'm now paralyzed from the waist-down, and have a bad speech impediment from the brain damage.

The company in Japan cancelled my contract. No one will hire me now, after countless applications and interviews. I still live in my parents basement now, 2 years after that day of hell.

誰か俺を殺してくれ ( ;∀;) (._.)
>> No. 19562 [Edit]
Try to be more okay with who I am.
>> No. 19567 [Edit]
You. I like you.
>> No. 19568 [Edit]
Don't suppose you've tried suing the guy?
>> No. 19569 [Edit]
Ung. Don't give the guy ideas. We don't want to live in that kind of culture.
>> No. 19570 [Edit]
We're not talking about an old bitch who spilled some coffee on her lap. the asshole here ruined this person's life.
>> No. 19573 [Edit]
He was driving an old car, an '89 Toyota Tercel, and died in the collision. His father is in jail, and his mother is a meth-head that is deep into debt already.... there isn't much I could have done, or can do.... except just get on with my life :/
>> No. 19574 [Edit]
Forgot to mention that he was driving without insurance, too.
Luckily, my insurance paid for my medical bills, but wont pay anything beyond just that...
>> No. 19576 [Edit]
Daamn. All I can say is, welcome to /so/?
>> No. 19577 [Edit]
File 142362760119.jpg - (72.62KB , 800x520 , initial-drift.jpg )
'89 Toyota Tercel,
>> No. 19579 [Edit]

confused it with trueno. my bad. not like toyota to give their models a baffling array of similar sounding names that change depending on country.
>> No. 19611 [Edit]
The ae86s only ran from 1982-1984, if my memory serves me right today.
ae92s were 86-88.
There was a trueno, corolla, and levin variant of the ae86s, I don't know as much about the ae92s other than they were front wheel drive.
Sorry for off topic.
>> No. 21724 [Edit]
got good at ping pong when i was young
>> No. 21935 [Edit]
>If you had a second chance at life, what would you have done differently?

Thow my computer out the window in middle school. I somehow became hooked on gaming, then I stopped. Turns out people change in just 3 years. I have hard time making friends because of it.

People usally call me '30s kid.
On the bright side, I usally get along with chinks, for some reason.
>> No. 21938 [Edit]
I drove a tercel of that era (bit later) and that isn't it. i think its a mid-80s celica or maybe a mazda 323 or an accord hatchback.
>> No. 21940 [Edit]
I've come to the realisation that I would probably be depressed no matter how my life turned out.
>> No. 21979 [Edit]
It's not really a surprise since chinks love their games.
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