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File 143373712816.jpg - (105.38KB , 1366x768 , 4632showing.jpg )
20209 No. 20209 [Edit]
My parents are doing so many things for my younger sibling that they never did when I was growing up. Now it's too late to fix a lot of my problems.

They're helping her apply to college. They're going to pay for her college. They've given her tips on applications and resumes. They make sure she's involved in their local circles and help her do networking. They make sure she gets help for her shortcomings. They make sure she has emotional support. They spend time with her. They don't yell at her. I wish they did these things with me. But they didn't.

It just makes me so angry and jealous and I don't know what to do or feel. I feel like their actions indicate that I'm not even a person.

Post edited on 7th Jun 2015, 9:20pm
>> No. 20211 [Edit]
I'm in a similar boat here and it's best not to jump to conclusions. They might just be learning from experience, parents rarely do it right on the first go. Still doesn't make it right that you had to go through that.
>> No. 20213 [Edit]

This may actually be true. Don't automatically think that they prefer her over you (although this is still possible).

Some people think that women should be favored and should be sent to college over men. I don't agree with that; while women do indeed do better in some professions, men do a bit better in others, such as professions in engineering and medical stuff. My father was a general surgeon and he said that the worst performing people in his medical school were women.

I don't understand why people think that women are either equal to men or better than men. I think that it is a shared delusion among society that we will eventually grow out of. The pendulum has to swing back the other way eventually.
>> No. 20215 [Edit]
>Some people think that women should be favored and should be sent to college over men

who thinks this?
>> No. 20216 [Edit]
Who knows
At most guys are favored to go study while women learn more how to do stuff at home, but even that has become rare in most countries

Post edited on 9th Jun 2015, 6:31pm
>> No. 20217 [Edit]
Ha, last year my World Politics professor made the claim that men getting in college less wasn't a big deal since more blue-collar jobs were available to them. The annual theme was justice and they pushed typical SJW stuff in almost all humanities courses I'm sure. The professor also called soldiers first-class citizens even though she showed the class the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan where men were blown to bits as they stormed the beach.
>> No. 20218 [Edit]

I know that the Baha'i faith believes this, because they think that women will be greater than men in the future. But they are backwards.

Besides, it won't ever happen. Women seem to be given more opportunity and freedom than men these days, and as far as I have seen, they have just squandered it. You don't see a massive increase in female philosophers or scientists (although there are more than there used to be), and the ones that have achieved it can't escape the female-centric mentality, especially concerning about how they are "victims" all the time. Most women just milk the whole SJW zeitgeist for all that it is worth so that they can get away with stuff that men couldn't even dream of. We live in a time where it is perfectly okay to be a slut, but being a fuckboi is something totally horrible. And if you are a fedorafag, that is even worse. Either way, men lose.
>> No. 20227 [Edit]
Most women? I don't think so... I think it can seem that way if you spend all your time on the internet, like us, though...
>> No. 20228 [Edit]
He's right they do, many simply do it without even realizing it.
>> No. 21377 [Edit]
Tell those to two exactly what they are putting you trough
Get your parents in a room sit em down no sister aloud, tell them not to give any input until you have gotten everything out, just spill it on them. then hear what they have to tell you.
>> No. 21381 [Edit]
>while women do indeed do better in some professions
>why people think that women are either equal to men or better
>think that it is a shared delusion among society
Uh, what the fuck? This is the most inexplicable shit I've read in a while. Surely the feminist propaganda where you're from can't be this blatant and insane.
>> No. 26283 [Edit]
My parents split up 4 rooms between 6 kids by putting each girl in a room and the 3 boys in one room. I was the oldest child yet i never got a private space even one, they even resented it when I turned part of the basement into a little office for myself. My sisters were given expensive dancing lessons and private tutors while my brothers and I were sent to public school and sent out to work at 18. You be the judge.
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