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File 168313108823.jpg - (36.57KB , 500x375 , 106303.jpg )
28183 No. 28183 [Edit]
why this website is so slow, can't you post more? I feel so ronery
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>> No. 28184 [Edit]
There's a reason no one posts more, it's because we try to avoid low quality posts with nothing of substance said.
>> No. 28185 [Edit]
lmao at you thinking there's high quality post RIGHT NOW

You're certainly not helping.
>> No. 28186 [Edit]
File 168314628441.png - (40.83KB , 685x98 , quality.png )
The cool kids post to /lol/.
>> No. 28187 [Edit]
There's plenty of people here, you just won't find many that will make short quick posts (outside of /lol/ ).
>> No. 28214 [Edit]
Slow-moving icebergs of threads discourage active posting.
>> No. 28250 [Edit]
Well, I typed out 3 rather long replies today.
I did not post any of them because in the process of writing I realized they were just whiny blog posts and in reality I had nothing of value to say.
I wonder how many posts meet the same fate every day.
>> No. 28251 [Edit]
There's still 'value' in those. People can see the stories of other people and relate, compare, and contrast to their own lives. Maybe even learn a thing or two.
Besides, I think you're over thinking it
>> No. 28252 [Edit]
I do the same thing with a good chunk of my posts. In part because I find holes in my thoughts while I think about the best way to word them and thus they become totally worthless. Other times, yeah, I just think it's just obnoxious crying over nothing.
It's probably fine though. Isn't that what /so/ is for? Containing these posts? I think it's fine to make imperfect posts.
>> No. 28256 [Edit]
Same, i dislike whining in general be it from me or other individual so sometimes when im reading my post before posting im like "this is just me bitching isnt it?" and proceed to delete it, a lot of posts must meet this fate.
>> No. 28284 [Edit]

Still worth posting those, anon. I often feel the same way when I write a wall of text and don't post it, but when I do it's alright to get some interaction as long as it's pleasant.
>> No. 28620 [Edit]
i'm always really anxious posting to imagebaords. i always feel like i'm being obnoxious or not adding anything of value.
doesn't help that whenever i post to other imageboards, there's like a 50/50 chance of someone getting weirdly passive aggressive or angry for no particular reason.
it makes me feel a bit less ronery that other people in the thread have this same dilemma, though.
>> No. 28622 [Edit]
Every post you make has value, don't tell yourself otherwise.
>> No. 28623 [Edit]
If your post is longer than 8 words, it probably has sufficient value. Liberal use of sage can also help, if you want to reply on a post but don't feel like you have adding anything substantial enough.

(But I guess the implicit flipside of this is that a 4 word response and an unrelated image probably doesn't contribute much, so might be worth thinking twice before posting (unless the thread is explicitly an image-dump thread). Doub;y so if you're also bumping a years-old post.)
>> No. 28640 [Edit]
Chances are that on faster imageboards, your post will mostly be lost in the crowd, and chances are that on slower ones, your post will be appreciated, because it's something new to read.

Consider that before you think twice about not posting.
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