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File 152833792687.png - (1.37MB , 1280x720 , 7855507906_1910815f3f_o.png )
23617 No. 23617 [Edit]
Do you think drinking helps with anxiety and depression, or does it make it worse?

I think it serves a few useful purposes for when you have to interact with people.

Firstly, it calms your nerves. This makes it easier to talk and not be self-conscious.

Secondly, if you say or do something awkward/embarrassing, you can just blame it on the alcohol instead of admitting that you made a mistake.

Lastly, it's useful even if you're the only one drinking, rather than drinking with other people socially. Go to the restroom to open up your hidden flask if you're feeling too nervous.
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>> No. 23618 [Edit]
File 152836086643.jpg - (0.99MB , 1099x1466 , absinthe 08.jpg )
I currently only endorse (true) absinthe drinking. Taken with moderation, t's a great tonic that relaxes you without rendering you an idiot. It enhances concentration, stimulates imagination and has great oniric qualities.

I do not endorse social drinking at any rate, though. It's a lonesome enterprise, to at once be more at ease with yourself and endure the self-criticism that philosophy demands.

Taken in excess can very easily damage your body for the short and long term, as it has an extremely high alcohol percentage (68-72 for the verts ones I take. I've also tried Eichelberg 78, but that's way too much; vodka is usually at ~45, for reference).

You can buy true absinthe at

Post edited on 7th Jun 2018, 1:48am
>> No. 23619 [Edit]
Do they paid you with absinthes bottles?
>> No. 23621 [Edit]
Drinking doesn't do anything for me, alcohol would only be a waste of money and time. If you drink enough to get drunk, that's just wasting a day that could be used for other things, in my eyes. The ability to think logically and calmly is more important to me, as well. Being around people does not give me anxiety, although it does bother me. The only real solution for that is to simply spend more time alone.
>> No. 23622 [Edit]
I disagree. I think the issue of being around people gets worse if you self-isolate. Socialization (or at least being able to tolerate people, even at places like a grocery store) is like a muscle. If you exercise it a lot, you get better at it. If you neglect it for a while, it atrophies.

During my bouts of extreme isolation, I had really bad anxiety. But now that I'm out and about more, even just running errands rather than being social, it makes it easier. But alcohol can still help make it easier.

And yeah, getting drunk can be a problem. But you don't always have to get drunk. Sometimes 1-2 drinks can help.

Hell, drinking too much can be bad in the sense that you'll care less about what you're saying, and you might accidentally reveal your power level. But a little bit of alcohol is good.
>> No. 23623 [Edit]
No. An absinthe sponsor would be great, since free shipping minimum purchase is USD 250.
>> No. 23624 [Edit]
File 152858870926.jpg - (190.16KB , 953x718 , 1.jpg )
I recently went to the biggest brewery in America -- the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in St. Louis. The tour was free and they even give you free beer.
>> No. 23625 [Edit]
File 152858877744.jpg - (77.66KB , 949x687 , 2.jpg )
Big tanks of beer being made. Something about wood and fermentation. It was chilly and smelled like beer.
>> No. 23626 [Edit]
File 152858904952.jpg - (197.80KB , 964x722 , 3.jpg )
This area was extremely hot, but the tour moved to a cooler area afterwards.

There were also other things, like horses and a stable, but I didn't take photos of everything.

Sure, people dis Budweiser and think of it as a bad/cheap national brand. But to me, it's a local beer.

It was weird seeing all of the cars in the parking lot with license plates from different states. People really came here as a tourist destination.

Some people think beer is lame, or some activity for "normal" people, but it can really help if you have psychological issues. It's essentially a form of self-medication for many people. It might not be a permanent solution, but it at least helps people cope in the short term.
>> No. 23627 [Edit]
>Some people think beer is lame, or some activity for "normal" people, but it can really help if you have psychological issues
I think there's a lot of depth to alcohol, in terms of production, taste and variety. It's something I've been interested in learning more about from that perspective, although I completely understand why it has that image as well.
>> No. 23628 [Edit]
I can understand other types of alcohol sure, but beer just tastes like ass, what part of it do people like?
>> No. 23629 [Edit]
Tastes good to me. I didn't like it when I was younger, but I guess my taste buds have changed over time.
>> No. 26820 [Edit]
Some people like the fact that it tastes bitter. I don't know why, but I had a phase of loving bitter beer.

I usually avoid drinking nowadays, but a sour ale can be really nice once in awhile.
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