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File 157706280538.jpg - (736.32KB , 1280x2000 , 2a169229ea39d9e3abd9502b528dc424b0512186.jpg )
25035 No. 25035 [Edit]
I fucking hate christmas. I always did and unless some kind of stupid miracle happens I always will. I always got forced to celebrate it when I just wanted to sleep and wait for it to be over. I always had to hang out with my family when I was a kid and they would be loud as fuck and probably drunk acting like life isn't shit. It's all smiles for everyone everywhere but me. Every year I would just want to be fucking dead and it never happened, just waking up to another morning. We don't even get snow here, just ice. It's cold and fucking lonely for me while normies everywhere else get to have the time of their lives just because they do. They get everything they want, every minute of every day or every year. Not me, never me. I'm fucking stuck and I hate it. I just want to go to sleep and not wake up, that's my holly jolly christmas wish. I don't even want to be happy, I just want to quit. But christmas is like some kind of specially tailored reminder of how fucking miserable I am. I hate this holiday and new years is stupid.
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>> No. 25036 [Edit]
File 157706397952.jpg - (404.95KB , 850x1202 , Touhou ZJ 2.jpg )
I used to like it but as I have been growing distant from my family I have started hating it more and more, I would prefer not to have to go through it now.

>They get everything they want, every minute of every day or every year.

That's a fairly common sentiment, people think that everybody else lives like that yet most people are actually thinking the same thing and are also miserable.
>> No. 25039 [Edit]
>It's cold and fucking lonely for me while normies everywhere else get to have the time of their lives just because they do.
You sound like a failed normalfag.
>> No. 25040 [Edit]
File 15770718655.jpg - (92.17KB , 1024x768 , 9744ebe0c33e78c1acb82072b99d7b470f06fca2.jpg )

Stop bitching op. Normalfags do not have it good. Anybody who wants to be a normalfag is a normalfag. I don't really like these holidays either, but your attitude is also annoying. Get a fucking hobby and enjoy it.
>> No. 25046 [Edit]
I think most people hate it, adults just learn to hide their contempt and put on a show for the children.
I swear everyone I've talked to about it online and off has told me how much they hate it.
>> No. 25051 [Edit]
I understand, OP. And fuck these dipshits above who don't.
>> No. 25064 [Edit]
Most likely it comes down to whether somebody's life is already good. If they are already enjoying their circumstances, then Christmas is a boom.

No, I understand; I just disagree and think OP shouldn't compare himself to "normies," because that comes off as an obsession.
>> No. 25069 [Edit]
I always hated Christmas and New Years for similar reasons, everyone just went out getting very nice gifts with their family or spending grand vacations while I would have none of that, it made me a bit bitter.

I just felt like I HAD to do something special and grand when it was just an ordinary day for me. I've moved on from that phase though, I hope, I'll see in a bit.
>> No. 25072 [Edit]
Sounds about right.
>> No. 25077 [Edit]
Who doesn't except literal children? It's yet another reminder of what you have lost and each year it gets more and more painful.
>> No. 25090 [Edit]
no family lives in my state. it was just another normal day for me. i just played video games all day like i always do, and Steam had a nice big sale.

i can understand why you'd hate it if family comes and bothers you though. you should try to find a way to alienate yourself.
>> No. 25091 [Edit]
I agree that it isn't too bad if you are all alone. It is the worst when you are surrounded by sinfully cheerful people that remind you of what you don't have (or when they go out of their way to pester you about it).
>> No. 25092 [Edit]
>when they go out of their way to pester you about it
I'd like to think they have good intentions.
>> No. 25094 [Edit]
Talking about New Years, everyday year it's a fucking surprise. I live very near a city beach, so when it's New Year's there come a lot of people here. So far we had a neighbor trying to set fireworks from his apartment and fucking the whole process, dropping them directly under, on the building garage, and attempting again, this time hitting a unused lot nearby, that had a lot of grass and weed. A fire began and the firemen had to be called to put it out. This was 2 years ago, I still have the pics of this event. Last year my mother decided we should not watch it inside home, so we began to walk outside. Just on the first or second intersection a car comes breaking at high speed with a fucking person lying down on the front, outside, punching the front panel glass window, with the sound of glass breaking and some slurs. Then some time later, a completely drunk individual gets hit by a moving car rearview mirror.
I don't know what to expect this year.
>> No. 25167 [Edit]
I hate new years more. I keep being asked who I'm spending it with and I have to dance around the issue.
>> No. 25170 [Edit]
Just lie and say it was with family. You ate dinner at home or a restaurant, it's a tradition. No one will question it.
>> No. 25172 [Edit]
Or tell the truth. Nobody would (should) care.
>> No. 25199 [Edit]
Has anyone tried deliberately lying, just for the fun of making up crazy storylines? Not in New Year's but in those kinds of situations.
I always tell the truth but then these people keep asking me for reasons and reasons and pissing me off, I am seriously considering making up a pretend 3DPD just for kicks.
>> No. 25200 [Edit]
I'm bad enough at keeping normal conversation, so trying to construct a coherent lie on the fly would end in spectacular failure. And then I'd be in a worse situation.
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