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File 16208784098.jpg - (33.68KB , 385x385 , 1617126508528.jpg )
26553 No. 26553 [Edit]
I really like this board. In fact this may be the best board out of all the imageboards I've seen. You guys are alright. Why does it seem nowhere is as honest as here?
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>> No. 26554 [Edit]
It's the site administration.
>> No. 26555 [Edit]
Nah, it's definitely the users.
>> No. 26556 [Edit]
File 162087873690.png - (890.81KB , 1888x4050 , 158578325382.png )
Most site admins and mods are like the pic or totally negligent. Tohno-chan is a rare exception where mods/admins aren't insane power trippers, incompetent and apathetic, or shameless normalfags. That's reflected in the user base.

Post edited on 12th May 2021, 9:12pm
>> No. 26557 [Edit]
Is that an official Aya Brea illustration? Why is she wearing such a weird expression and article of clothing?
>> No. 26558 [Edit]
I think it's actually the kid from the sequel.
>> No. 26559 [Edit]
Oh okay, I never completed the sequel. Didn't know there was such a character.
>> No. 26560 [Edit]
Because this is the only board whose users are actually little girls. After all, there's no cuter place to post or lurk!
>> No. 26566 [Edit]
If you look at other imageboards, it seems they usually suffer from two (not necessarily orthogonal issues): loose moderation that lets low-quality discussion fester, and a userbase that cares more about being part of some "in-group" than discussing things.

TC's rules are not only conducive to discussion in general, but also have a slant towards ensuring that the site remains somewhat focused on otaku and tangential interests. when paired with moderators who competently enforce them, these rules help maintain the integrity of the existing userbase. And the userbase is of course probably the most crucial element, since what used to be decent places have been ruined by people treating it as a "dumping ground" – where they care more about the validation from posting some image-macro or inane phrase rather than continuing the discussion. Reddit is the prototypical example of this, and the prevalence of platforms like discord further exacerbates this since it fundamentally changes the nature of discussions, favoring short remarks over well thought out posts.
>> No. 26598 [Edit]
Most people got here from tohno linking it on the /a/ or /jp/ over a decade ago, or from word of mouth, so everyone here is a probably a hardcore nerd otaku loser.
>> No. 26619 [Edit]
Kinda unrelated but I got here from googling doft ponk and found a thread on /fig/.
Still, compared to the rest of the internet this place feels like a haven for people like us
>> No. 26638 [Edit]
I pretty much agree, being an old and slowish imageboard means that Tohno-chan attracts only a certain kind of people.

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