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File 163883720065.png - (1.15MB , 1920x1080 , hatautism.png )
26953 No. 26953 [Edit]
I turn 26 today, just a few small steps until I hit the fabled 30.

Can I get some birthday wishes and anime pics in this hiz house?
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>> No. 26954 [Edit]
File 163883940053.jpg - (82.82KB , 480x1000 , ce1e47257e86dab3a67a9013939a1caae99a01b0.jpg )
>> No. 26955 [Edit]
File 163884309769.jpg - (170.93KB , 800x970 , 29f1990db2c0eae6f5b717217857bd13.jpg )
Happy birthday
>> No. 26956 [Edit]
I missed it, but happy birthday.
>> No. 26957 [Edit]
tanjōbi omedetō
>> No. 26958 [Edit]
File 16389873593.png - (104.10KB , 1480x2320 , The Celebration Of Anons Birthday 2021 Colorized.png )
Happy Birthday anon, you will be a wizard soon.
8000000 hours on MSPaint.
>> No. 26959 [Edit]
File 163898751625.png - (168.16KB , 1480x2320 , The Celebration of Anons Birthday 2021 and Coloriz.png )
my image ended up being without colours for some bizarre reason.
>> No. 26960 [Edit]
Why is Tohno dressed like a slut?
>> No. 26961 [Edit]
It was a warm day.
>> No. 26965 [Edit]
File 163908009737.jpg - (34.26KB , 550x309 , sabar.jpg )
>>26954 >>26955 >>26956 >>26957 >>26958 >>26959 >>26960

thank you all and amazing picture i finished cooking with emiya on my big day and ate carrot cake
>> No. 26975 [Edit]
File 164055659076.jpg - (256.24KB , 837x1200 , 2f8b0c3b1dedd36a2cdbf196155deaca.jpg )
I also turned 26 this year, although a few months older than you. Happy Birthday
>> No. 28085 [Edit]
Now I'm 27, anyone else in the 27 club?
>> No. 28086 [Edit]
I was in that club seven years ago
>> No. 28087 [Edit]
File 167945460836.gif - (1.98MB , 675x473 , 3f9.gif )
is a 29 year welcome in the cool kids club ?
>> No. 28088 [Edit]
File 167951398550.png - (97.98KB , 800x600 , anons 27 colour final.png )
Happy birthday, anon!!
>> No. 28089 [Edit]
Happy birthday. I'm the same age as well.
>> No. 28097 [Edit]
is that tohno on the left, whos the others
>> No. 28099 [Edit]
Tohno, birthday anon and their friends.
>> No. 28195 [Edit]
File 16836180807.jpg - (75.33KB , 300x297 , 00bbbcd9e1ca3b9d45ad96877125b6b6.jpg )
Thought I'd take the day off work to do this and that, try and force myself to have some fun. Originally planned on visiting an aquarium in Seattle, but aside from the high price, it seemed parking was a nightmare. Thought maybe I'd check out this kinokuniya near it, but got to thinking what do I need more hard copies of manga for I'm likely never gonna read, when I got too much junk in my tiny room as is?
Also thought I'd try taking advantage of promos that give you free stuff on your Bday. There's a dennys near the aquarium I mentioned but since I passed on that it didn't make much sense to go when their stuff isn't great anyway. Instead went to an ihop, where I paid full price because the bday offer thing wasn't working. It was pretty meh anyway. Did some fairly basic grocery shopping to kill time before seeing the Super Mario movie. I was alone in the theater aside from someone took their kid with downs who kept yelling at the movie. The movie was pretty meh, but could have been worse.
Went to RR for a free burger after that, it was pretty meh and the whole time I kept thinking "what am I even doing here".
Kinda felt like just going home, but I was near an arcade I used to go to(which was the plan) and pretty much had to talk and drag myself into going to it. I did terribly at some bowling, then played a few games while unsuccessfully trying to force myself to enjoy myself. Grabbed a small cake on the way home, had a slice while watching idolmaster. I'd rate the day a meh/10.
>> No. 28196 [Edit]
We have the same birthday, weird but cool
What games did you play at the arcade at least?
>> No. 28198 [Edit]
Happy birthday anon!

For the arcade, Sometimes I just roam around and try anything that catches my eye. I would mainly go to Round1 because of all those Japanese games they have, would say I probably suck at most of them (I'm especially terrible at djmax). I think something I do find myself leaning towards the most when there is the Wang gang midnight cabinets they have.
>> No. 28199 [Edit]
File 168371293277.gif - (964.98KB , 498x273 , HB.gif )
Happy birthday Tohno !
Even though it is not my birthday, i really want to buy a HB cake and have it all for my pleasure alone.
>> No. 28285 [Edit]
File 168781451322.jpg - (331.62KB , 800x900 , 1515793507398.jpg )
Happy belated birthday to everyone who had one.
>> No. 28286 [Edit]
File 168783206147.jpg - (112.35KB , 1200x675 , 1569884186990.jpg )
It's nice that you mention, it happens to be my birthday!
Happy birthday to everyone else as well!
>> No. 28287 [Edit]
congrats anon! I hope you're not yet at the point where you've started to hate them.
>> No. 28457 [Edit]
I'm the original OP and I remember crying on my 18th Birthday, probably a few others too. I hated the idea of getting older since at least the time I went to high school (age 11 for me).

I kinda don't feel too much now about them, I finished the Aladdin series (MAGI) on my birthday and was in a foreign country. At 25 it felt kinda like my youth was really really over especially as later that year I noticed a few grey hairs and hair loss (like 2-3, haven't seen a grey hair in a year oddly).
>> No. 28501 [Edit]
File 169776514210.jpg - (5.67KB , 252x221 , 1262026548647s.jpg )
>> No. 28634 [Edit]
File 17041201499.jpg - (173.36KB , 1280x716 , day.jpg )
28 now, I want off this wild ride. Hair loss has crushed my self worth and constant rejections after college moreso, figured this would happen but the hair loss was unexpected and makes me truly feel like a boomer.
>> No. 28638 [Edit]
If your head doesn't look like an egg and you can grow ANY form of facial hair, just shave it off. You get used to it, and more importantly it's your choice at that point.
>> No. 28642 [Edit]
Not a handsome person in the first place, but probably impacts me more as I'm a huge manchild and upset that other people get to live without so many issues (although I am aware of plenty fully bald people younger). My hair isn't actually at the point where it's obviously lost, only in light and I really wish I acted sooner to save it.
>> No. 28645 [Edit]
almost 30 is better than almost 20 like me. personally i just shave it off now once i saw how bad the balding was. early balding sucks but it's something i'm forced to live with. i refuse to waste money on treatments.
>> No. 28646 [Edit]
Yeah, I think if I didn't live a life as a manchild I'd have dealt with it better. I have a lot of self-esteem issues and frustrations over disabilities so it tips me over a bit.
>> No. 28650 [Edit]
File 170427379416.gif - (507.86KB , 1092x1917 , 112767442_p0.gif )
I have no use for looking better and I knew I was genetically predisposed to it but balding still fucks me up to this day. It doesn't help I used to have my hair very very long, people confused me with a girl when I was younger, it somehow made me feel less disgusting, and also covered my ugly face. For some reason, in my dreams I still have my long hair. But I'm a bald piece of shit since 7 years ago and nothing can be done about it. Just know you're not alone, balding man.
>> No. 28654 [Edit]
Balding really is a nightmare. Are you aware of the normalfag term of "twinkdeath"? It is happening to me.
Similarly to you I was mistaken as a girl very often in my youth. Even now in my late 20s I have long goth/metalhead hair (depending on how I style it) but I've been balding consistently for about 4 years now. I used to have an extremely thick head of hair, but it's very thin now. I'd estimate that I'll have to shave my head bald in 3 years or so.
>> No. 28655 [Edit]
Fuko is so cute. I'm also in my 20s and slowly balding, the most significant change from it has been my self-image. I started thinking of myself as an 'ojisan' or something similar in my head, looking old messes with the way I perceive myself. I was never particularly good looking and now I'm not able to say to myself I look young.
>> No. 28731 [Edit]
You balding anons haven't tried taking medications like finasteride, dutasteride, or minoxidil? It helps and it's not expensive. Might be worth it if you don't get side effects.
>> No. 28732 [Edit]
>Might be worth it if you don't get side effects.
They all have side-effects. By definition they're a pharma product, and preventing hair loss wasn't even their primary goal, it's a side effect. Why would anyone take one of those?
>> No. 28733 [Edit]
File 170789952098.png - (443.82KB , 650x850 , donutdreams.png )
>For some reason, in my dreams I still have my long hair.
That's interesting. I notice I'm usually around five years younger in my dreams. Which is, looking back, how I've alaways felt my maturity age has felt, I'm neurodivergent.

I also recently noticed I do not have my moderate chronic tinnitus in my dreams. Hopefully, that susan shore tinnitus device ends up a success and prevents the inevitable shotgun mouthwash when it gets too loud to bear at some point.
>> No. 28739 [Edit]
File 170802032435.png - (670.44KB , 690x1294 , 109892209_p1.png )
It feels like a cruelty from our minds... like you are still young and less fucked up in your dreams so you wake up and experience the loss again and again.
>> No. 28744 [Edit]
Said that and last night I dreamed I was in the 90's, very clearly. I can't remember if I had long hair but I was definitely younger. For some reason it felt very comfy.
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