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File 165003524887.png - (104.81KB , 624x528 , sad cirno.png )
27284 No. 27284 [Edit]
Does anybody else gets sad when playing competitive games? Not necessarily modern video-games but things like go and mahjong as well. I get. I usually start very happy but then I realize how far I am from becoming one of the best in the game, how other players defeat me easily, how even though I make great choices I lose, or how I fail to defend myself from an attack, and it's all sadness after this. Feeling despondent and with no hope of ever making it in the game. This applies to many things as well. Even when playing against people near my rank I lose. It's disappointing.
>> No. 27286 [Edit]
I don't play competitive games because I don't like to lose. And I have a natural tendency towards losing. I always had this experience of putting many hours in a game, learning all I could, then some newbie who started yesterday would destroy me immediately, then again and again. If I introduced someone into something I was really into it, they were gonna beat me in a few days even if they didn't have half of the interest and experience I had, or even had a casual attitude, while I was the "hardcore" type, and "hardcore" loser too. It happened with Magic the Gathering, or RTS games.
I somehow related that to my life and was quite bad for my mood, so I just stoped playing anything competitive in my mid 20's.
Only games I always remained untouched were, for some reason, Tekken games. I didn't have a tournament level but at some point I was skilled enough to become invincible for any player I could find around. It was nice because it wasn't a matter of luck, I always won if I wanted to, I had total control. I remember beating some guy like 40 times in a row who bragged about great skill with a particular character.
But after some time no one wanted to play with me. Makes sense.
>> No. 27287 [Edit]

Post edited on 15th Apr 2022, 10:50am
>> No. 27288 [Edit]
I just don't play any competitive or non-competitive games online, it's not much fun to me. Whether I'm good or bad doesn't matter. I used to be fairly good at UT 2004 and any other fps I layed my hands on, but eventually the novelty of playing with strangers online wore off.
I used to play Tekken and other ps1/ps2 games as well as chess and card games against friends and my brothers when I was a kid, but it's been a long time since I've had any friends at all, and I broke off contact to my brothers ten years ago.

I do play single player games sometimes, mostly puzzle (e.g. Portal) and strategy games (e.g. Blades of the Shogun). I also have other solitary hobbies like juggling.

I've never been in a clan or guild or TRPG group or anything like that because I don't like socializing with other people.
>> No. 27293 [Edit]
Frustrated maybe but not sad, but I don't really play any serious multiplayer games, I play Warthunder sometimes and that is about it.
>> No. 27294 [Edit]
Not sad but incredibly nervous. It's like public speaking but for gaming, and you feel like any little mistake you make is going to be scrutinized to hell and back.
I don't bother with them anymore, and if I do, then I don't take them seriously at all and fuck up on purpose since it's easier to be a clown than to have my skills and thus me as a whole judged.
>> No. 27295 [Edit]
No, I don’t get sad, but my heart rate does noticeably increase and I worry I will disappoint people on my team. I find it stressful.
>> No. 28117 [Edit]
Kind of, I have no friends to play anything with.
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