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File 159824997631.jpg - (124.48KB , 850x708 , sample_d118a7b568b74503aa511a5bf21e2477.jpg )
25835 No. 25835 [Edit]
I've been thinking about what separates serial killers, like Jeffrey Dahmer in particular, from neets, otaku, waifuists and other such people. Those who don't know anything about Dahmer's personality assume he had aspd(psycopath), but there's more to suggest he had some cluster a disorder. From what I gathered, he didn't commit violence for its own sake, but as a means to use people for sexual gratification and company. He desperately wanted permanent company and a dead body could not abandon him, he killed people when they wanted to leave. What he really wanted though was a mindless slave to be his companion.

On a surface level, some qualities seem shared like a fixation on certain topics, loneliness, inability and or lack of desire to form normal relationships, poor impulse control, living in an internal world and perhaps less than average emotional empathy. Multiple people on tonho-chan have also wrote that they either suspect they are a schizoid or have been diagnosed as one. So if anything, what's that key difference? Is it just better impulse control? Different sexual tastes? More empathy? Different circumstances? Could it be that being more misanthropic decreases the chances a person will kill others for some gratification? Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I'd like to cut through the moralizing and get to some kind of answer.

Post edited on 23rd Aug 2020, 11:23pm
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>> No. 25836 [Edit]
I think there's probably different types of serial killers each with their own class of motivations. But focusing on your particular example, for instance, I've often dreamed of having a maid/pseudo-slave as a companion but these are confined to 2D fantasy illusions rather than something with the will to be reified.

Part of the difference might be the aversion to 3D people (and associated misanthropy as you mentioned) which would make real-world killings moot. A second aspect might be inhibitions: a serial killer must be able to lower his inhibitions and be willing to confront people in order to carry out his actions. While you could argue that neets et al. have no issues breaking societal rules in the context of online interactions, I'm not sure that directly translates to real-world interactions. (much in the same way that Japanese people supposedly have a codified distinction between honne/tatemae).

Finally in terms of objectives, I think drawing attention to oneself is exactly the opposite of what most neets want (since after all we flock to anonymous boards).

Post edited on 23rd Aug 2020, 11:53pm
>> No. 25837 [Edit]
Look up the list of famous schizoid people on Wikipedia and you'll see that most of them are murderers, the most common theme being political assassinations:

Lone-wolf political assassins usually think that they are changing the world for the better by killing an evil person. However, when you're so disinterested in 3D world affairs or dislike people so much that you don't care what happens to them, there is no impetus for you to do such a thing.

Post edited on 27th Aug 2020, 12:29pm
>> No. 25838 [Edit]
File 159825595493.jpg - (97.53KB , 360x898 , EgFVHMrUMAA00H6.jpg )
>> No. 25839 [Edit]
File 159827503579.jpg - (1.13MB , 937x1300 , 81471533_p0 joshikousei .jpg )
Your link is off. eople_with_schizoid_personality_disorder
>> No. 25840 [Edit]
Nevermind, it seems to fuck itself up somehow.
>> No. 25841 [Edit]

Post edited on 24th Aug 2020, 7:24am
>> No. 25842 [Edit]
For what I read Dahmer was schyzotypal, not schizoid, that's a completely different kind of fucked up.
I'm really into serial killers but I don't see any particular relation with our kind. First, I suspect there's different kinds of serial killers, Albert Fish, Ted Bundy, Ed Gein or Edmund Kemper seem too different to me. Some are true evil and like to exercise power, others are just sick, really damaged persons, or suffer uncontrollable impulses. But a serial killer can be a chad with a succesful social life too.
I think the act of killing can't be easy, and to do it individually and without a context that will aprove your acts (like a war) isn't something everyone can do, but a minority.
You need to be able to exercise violence, to not experience remorse at an incapacitating degree, to be motivated, to not be afraid of the consequences. Personally I fail in all of those. Curiously I had dreams about me being a serial killer, some of them I still remember today because other reasons, but I relate those to other aspects and not violent impulses latent inside me.

I think schizoids tend to have ideas not shared by a majority, particularly in the political spectrum, so that goes well with that. I don't think a political assassination has anything to do with a serial killer murder. I also think I remember reading schizoids can often have a general distaste for violence.
>> No. 25843 [Edit]
File 15982886538.jpg - (79.51KB , 850x835 , ACC5DA75-79CF-4C00-A2E3-E93813688CD3-6048-000005E2.jpg )
>true evil
I don't believe in such a thing. I think a certain combination of desires, lack of inhibition, lack of certain cognitive abilities and life circumstances are all it takes to make a person who would kill others for gratification. Calling someone evil insinuates that regardless of their circumstances their crimes were inevitable. To me that's presumptuous and a cop out for people who want a metaphysical barrier between them and killers.
>> No. 25844 [Edit]
I don't believe in moral relativism and I think that metaphysical barrier exists.
And I think there's true evil. There's disturbed damaged invididuals, victims themselves, like Ed Gein, there's the pathetic, petty evil, like Chikatilo. And there's the pure evil, the ones that do their atrocities for the sake of evil. And they are smart about it, and they know how to fake or even make the ones that surround them evil too. Like the real life of Jimmy Savile.
>> No. 25845 [Edit]
>schyzotypal, not schizoid, that's a completely different kind of fucked up.
Why do you say that?
Overall I agree with you. Serial Killers and murderers in general I see in two kinds. The graphic killer, and the spiritual killer.
Graphic killers are the ones whose fascination have to do with blood, graphic violence and the physical act of killing. Spiritual killers or murderers do it for more metaphysical reasons, even if they are not entirely aware of them, they reasoning is more structured and generally includes stereotypes and a quasi-mythical perception of the world.
>> No. 25846 [Edit]
File 159829252851.jpg - (188.11KB , 463x800 , 98D02A0F-83ED-4FC4-95B1-C9D08A1BB8D1-6048-000005E1.jpg )
If humans can be evil, animals can be evil since humans are only highly intelligent animals, relative to others. I doubt most people think an animal could be evil though.

Post edited on 24th Aug 2020, 11:11am
>> No. 25847 [Edit]
Because they are different things, even if they are contained in the same cluster, also I suspect schizotypal is associated with an higher degree of dysfunctionality.
I like your distinction, I think it works in most cases and in a simple way explains much.

If you think humans are only that, sure, but I disagree. High intelligence means a series of emergent properties that are far away from what any animal can do, I don't think intelligence works the same way than having more or less size or strength, it means a lot more and it's one thing that changes the category of any entity.
>> No. 25848 [Edit]
Dolphins are
>> No. 25849 [Edit]
Despite our high intelligence, the actions of humans are largely caused by impulses, impulses humans have in common with other animals. That heightened motivation caused by something being novel followed by gradual disinterest. That drive to socialize and form relationships and compete with others. People do what they feel motivated to do. The more apathetic a person, the less able they are to act, even if they could give a list of rational reasons to do something. Specific impulses could be missing or too strong because of some abnormality.

There's a common misconception that people think a thought like "I'll mow the lawn" and because they had that verbal thought, they mowed the lawn. In reality, the action and verbal thought are only correlated, an underlying impulse is what causes a person to act. People are compelled towards what's novel, sexually gratifying and empowering among other things. I don't see anything about the behavior of any person, killer or not, that cannot be explained like this.

Post edited on 24th Aug 2020, 12:41pm
>> No. 25850 [Edit]
In my opinion that's a reductionism that can't explain the diversity of behaviour between humans. It makes me remember of a conversation I had long time ago, my interlocutor thought that all humans based their actions in egoism and the search of pleasure. So the only difference between a saint and a serial killer was that they got pleasure from different things. I can't accept to reduce human complexity to that.
>> No. 25851 [Edit]
>that's a reductionism that can't explain the diversity of behaviour between humans
It's better than good vs evil magic moral dualism.
>> No. 25852 [Edit]
Sorry, it's one of the word filters in place here to try and cut down on people making stupid text faces.
>> No. 25853 [Edit]
Oh, I see. I suspected it might be filter, but couldn't think of a precise word that would fit.
>> No. 25854 [Edit]
But there's all kinds of good, evil and in between. Believing there's an extreme like pure evil doesn't mean you believe there's only good vs evil. Actually, I think such extreme is mostly rare, but still, it exists.
>> No. 25855 [Edit]
Dunno, but it's a bit of an offensive premise, no? Being schizoid or a psychopath doesn't mean someone has any serious tendency to being a murderous bastard.
>> No. 25856 [Edit]
That's what most people think about schizophrenics (not too related to schizoids or schizotypals besides some genetic origin) while they are more inoffensive than the average guy. There's this idea that the outcast is a more dangerous person, even in the sexual aspect, than the social, "normal" person.
>> No. 25857 [Edit]
File 159844021590.jpg - (139.66KB , 850x773 , sample_16afdc12949a977e0d869710092ae837.jpg )
Most mentally abnormal people wont kill others, but many people who do kill others for enjoyment or for some personal reason despite not knowing the people they kill well are mentally abnormal. There's nothing "offensive" about the premise. >>25836 >>25837 are the only ones who seems to get it.

Post edited on 26th Aug 2020, 4:14am
>> No. 25858 [Edit]
It's been removed now.
>> No. 26280 [Edit]
Most killers are dumb normalfag niggers fighting over the dumbest arguments. That includes murderers with plans and intent.
>> No. 26281 [Edit]
They're dumb until they trick and or kill you.
>> No. 26284 [Edit]
I'm talking about gangbangers and families with anger issues getting in arguments that escalate to one of them shooting up the other. If schizophrenics are more deceptive and cruel killers, then they only have more self control than the "normal" supposedly nonviolent people. I watched my cousins almost kill each other many times.
>> No. 26288 [Edit]
Schizoids are different from schizophrenics, but I get what you're saying. Your cousins know each other though.
>> No. 26291 [Edit]
Most people who kill each other usually do. I wonder if the only "weird" thing about serial killers is that they kill strangers? Is it considered more socially acceptable to kill someone that you personally disliked?
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