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File 152316363783.png - (634.83KB , 1280x720 , kyon screencap2014-09-25-23h58m19s201.png )
23447 No. 23447 [Edit]
if sleeping is the only thing you enjoy in life, would you be just as happy dead?
>> No. 23448 [Edit]
I don't think you dream while dead.
>> No. 23451 [Edit]
It's the thing I enjoy the most in life, but not the only thing. Even if it were though, >>23448
would be right.
>> No. 23469 [Edit]
You were dead for billions of years before you were born. It didn't both you a bit.

I don't think death is bad. But dying scares me. Pain, losing your senses, being scared and feeling helpless, your brain shutting down gradually... that kind of stuff is not very nice. It would be short but intensely unpleasant. Besides, it's permanent. Depression comes and goes in waves. You can just try to sleep it off when you feel really bad.
>> No. 23473 [Edit]
If death is what gives life value, then being awake is what gives sleep it's value.
>> No. 23475 [Edit]
I'd rather just have a comfy room with a mat and some tea where I could sit and nap eternally and get up for some tea every so often
>> No. 23480 [Edit]
Dying in your sleep while in the middle of a dream doesn't sound so bad. Who knows? The dream could continue even after you're dead.
>> No. 23484 [Edit]
Aye, there's the rub.
>> No. 23488 [Edit]
Perhaps the secret to the afterlife is dying while dreaming.
>> No. 23489 [Edit]
Perhaps. Maybe that's what heaven truly is.
>> No. 23499 [Edit]
i'm afraid life doesn't end when you die. i just want to rest
>> No. 23503 [Edit]
>You were dead for billions of years before you were born
That's impossible. You can't be dead if you weren't alive.
That could be true if dreams weren't taken into account, but if they do, then it's a moot point.
>> No. 23505 [Edit]
How is not being alive any different from being dead?

The matter and energy that made up your body existed in the universe before you were born, but it wasn't in the arrangement it's in now. There are emergent effects of certain combinations which we refer to as life. It's not as if the particles that make you up now only started existing when you were born. If you define "you" as what makes you up, that was here before you were alive and will continue to be here after you die. It just won't be alive.
>> No. 23542 [Edit]
No, you can only experience enjoyment from sleeping while awake thus alive. Just as you can't experience happiness in death but in the anticipation of it.
Unless somehow you can be alive after death but then you wouldn't have died, more of a reincarnation?
>> No. 23544 [Edit]
There's this thing call dreaming. It's very popular in some circles.
>> No. 23551 [Edit]
Dreaming = living != dead.
>> No. 23555 [Edit]
> Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD):
> 1. Set an alarm for five hours after you go to bed.
> 2. When the alarm sounds, try to remember a dream from just before you woke up. If you can’t, just recall any dream you had recently.
> 3. Lie in a comfortable position with the lights off and repeat the phrase: ‘Next time I’m dreaming, I will remember I’m dreaming.’ Do this silently in your mind. You need to put real meaning into the words and focus on your intention to remember.
> 4. Every time you repeat the phrase at step 3, imagine yourself back in the dream you recalled at step 2, and visualise yourself remembering that you are dreaming.
> 5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you either fall asleep or are sure that your intention to remember is set. This should be the last thing in your mind before falling asleep. If you find yourself repeatedly coming back to your intention to remember that you’re dreaming, that’s a good sign it’s firm in your mind.

I've never got this to work but there are many forums with people who swear by it.
>> No. 23556 [Edit]
>you can only experience enjoyment from sleeping while awake
Sleeping is enjoyable while asleep as well. If you have a pleasurable or enjoyable dream, that pleasure and/or enjoyment is experienced while dreaming, not while awake. What you experience while awake is a memory.
It's all fun and games until you get stuck in a waking up loop. Unless you have already mastered resetting and controlling circadian rhythm and managing sleep cycles, I'd stay away from trying lucid dreaming.
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