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File 163650190722.png - (819.45KB , 750x1000 , ヤモリ.png )
26875 No. 26875 [Edit]
Do pets help you cope with loneliness?

I'm thinking of getting a gecko because I always thought they're super cute, and after watching a couple YouTube videos I got the impression that leopard geckos and crested geckos in particular will happily interact with humans.

But I'm a bit worried that I might neglect him and he'll end up dying or having a shitty quality of life, or that taking care of him will become such a drudgery that it'll end up being stressful for me.
They live up to 20 years, so this isn't a decision I'm making lightly.
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>> No. 26876 [Edit]
Well, I don't know about geckos, but since you said pets in general I'll say that the cat that suddenly arrived at my house years ago does give me a lot of heartwarming moments.
But yes, sometimes I miss not having to buy pet supplies and now I can't die comfortably before she does so that's annoying too.
>> No. 26877 [Edit]
I hate to be the downer here but I feel like it might help you in the long run.
I had a cat forced on me (parent got it. got tired of it) for 16 years and it's such a mixed bag experience for me. I'm glad I helped that cat have a decent life but I regret the attachment and all the shit I went through. The stress of taking care of an animal, the constant battle to keep the place clean, the money spent. Pets are a never ending source of problems, specially when they get old. If you truly care about them you'll suffer a lot, so don't get a pet. If you don't truly care about them, then don't get a pet.

The worst part of having a pet is that they are a life form. They require constant care and attention. They also get sick and die. I got lucky in that regard because my cat got sick just a couple of times in 16 years but those last two years when she had kidney problems costed me a small fortune. Then of course I had to pay for 16 years of cat litter, pet food and so forth so on. A gecko is not a cat but you'll be facing similar stuff.

Start out with a potted plant. Get a bonsai or two or something and take care of that for 2 or 3 years, see how it goes. Then if your plants are alive and well after that, keep taking care of them and don't get a pet. If they die or you get tired of it, then don't get a pet.

Now, this guy >>26876 is doing the right thing because he had a pet forced upon him, and handling that situation with compassion is the right thing to do. But that's not your case, OP, you want to purchase a bunch of problems. And I tell you what, >>26876 doesn't saw the whole thing through yet. He didn't mention medicine or vets so I'm assuming he didn't went to the worst part of having a pet yet. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Sure there are nice moments in there but when it's all said and done I advise against getting one.
>> No. 26878 [Edit]
I can barely handle taking care of myself, I don't think I could take care of a pet (take care as in develop the emotional bonds needed for things like dogs/etc.)
>> No. 26879 [Edit]
A cat is fine too I guess?
>> No. 26932 [Edit]
Apparently patients that got a pet while in hospital recovered faster so it might help with loneliness.

As other anons described be absolutely sure you can and will take care if you get an animal. Also look into adopting one from a shelter.
>> No. 26997 [Edit]
File 16411750657.jpg - (254.75KB , 1536x1935 , catimakura.jpg )
I love my dog but also my parents primarily look after it.
>> No. 26998 [Edit]
You have a weird looking dog.
>> No. 26999 [Edit]
My family has 4 cats and they are easy to look after, it depends on the cats though. These cats we have now are actually the hardest ever that we have had. Cats are basically wild animals that just take advantage of you, so long as you give them food water and kitty litter you don't need to do much else, usually. Ohh, but you should of course de-sex them. Generally we used to simply keep a bowl of cat food topped up and they ate when they felt like it, that worked well for all of our older cats but not for the ones we have now, we have two cats that are brothers and they are HUGE! We changed how we feed them but they are still fat, they are just very lazy so don't burn much energy, then my sister found a kitten by a creek and we took that in, it's mostly fine but sometimes urinates on things but then worst of all, my brother is an idiot so he did not desex his cats(both male and female) his female cat has had kittens and he has ditched the male one on us. We de-sexed him but he still has those hormones in him for now and so he is causing problems with the other cats and fighting them though I don't think it's serious so far they never seem to get cuts or bites, only one of the fat ones did and it developed into an abscess that we had to clean and monitor, I think it was from the other cat anyway it did not have any bite or claw marks just the abscess.

But anyway, that's the most problems we have ever had with cats, usually we just let them do their own thing and they are fine.
>> No. 27002 [Edit]
My parents have crested geckos. They are pretty cute and some do like being with people. They aren't too difficult to care for either, of course just make sure you have the time to care for them.

I have a red-eared slider turtle and 2 cats. Pets do kind of help you with loneliness. My shittiest years were made better because of my cats.
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