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24516 No. 24516 [Edit]
Tomorrow I will be going to a neurologist. I have been keeping up the masquerade and going through the motions for many years already, and I think that I can't fool anyone anymore.
People can tell that I'm not one of them, several incidents in the lasts days have ascertained me of that. My parents told me last night that the have already booked a appointment with a neurologist to whom they are acquainted with, and that is set for tomorrow.
I'm somewhat concerned with this, I'm afraid of what I would have to reveal, and the implications of such, but refusing to go doesn't seem like an option. Can someone who's been through this give some advice? Even if you have never been in a similar situation, I would appreciate your assessment.
>> No. 24517 [Edit]
Tell us about these incidents.
>> No. 24518 [Edit]
Do NOT let them give you antipsychotics.
>> No. 24520 [Edit]
Consultation's over. He said he thinks it is aspergers, and directed me to another psychologic clinic where supposedly they will perform lots of tests.
>> No. 24522 [Edit]
Shrinks horrify me. If I were you, I would do my best to justify not making an appointment with the psychologist. I am not sure what your situation is, but, above all, absolutely do not tell them anything that would give them reason to suspect you might hurt yourself or others. They may be obligated to throw you in a psychiatric ward. Otherwise, I would generally advise against taking most meds they prescribe if you care about the clarity of your mind. The best way to do this is to never stop foot in their office to begin with.
>> No. 24524 [Edit]
When my parents told me I would be going to a neurologist I immediately made it pretty clear that I am hard-set on no meds. By the looks of it there is little probability of such a thing happening, it seems that the farthest it will go is psychotherapy.
Refusing to go now would only worsen the situation. I it becomes more bothersome later on I will make my case about leaving the doctors.
Next appointment will be in a few weeks, so there's a lot of time until then.
>> No. 24525 [Edit]
I don't think you should discourage an anon like this right away.
Shrinks, there are good and bad ones out there, I think it's wise to at least test the waters yourself OP.
I've been to therapists and psychiatrists after my dad had enough of me wasting away my own life and I got diagnosed to be somewhere on the spectrum too.

I was extremely wary of those who were supposed to 'help' me but fortunately for me I got in contact with the right people and eventually ended up with a proper job despite having barely any education or experience and managed to build a life that doesn't entirely take place 40cm away from a computer screen. I still got on meds but I need that to stay focused at work.

So I think you should take this opportunity to change things around, maybe it won't go as expected, maybe it doesn't bring you anywhere at all. It'd be a real shame if you were to give up before trying.
Good luck and keep your eyes open.
>> No. 24526 [Edit]
Thanks. I just wanted this to move at a faster rate. It feels like an eternity since I made this thread, and there will be another until the next appointment, which will be those damn tests, that are so many one cannot take them all in one day, but has to distribute them throughout the week. I just want to see the shrink and see what he can do.
Currently my house is filled with normalfags/Ford Drivers(parents from afar) and is yet to be filled with even more. Only when these people take their planes and leave will I be able to return to my room and resume this whole thing.
>> No. 24527 [Edit]
A while ago I went to see a psychiatrist and a therapist. It did not help at all, it was like they didn't understand me at all, all the advice they gave and the things they said were not applicable to me at all. The Psychiatrist told me to read a book by Jordan Peterson and then send me on my way.
This disheartened me but I think they probably just offer the same advice and say the same kinds of things to everyone, because it probably does help 99% of people. So now I am going to see an autism specialist and see what they think, maybe they will have a better understanding of me.
>> No. 24530 [Edit]
I would be considered lucky to many on this imageboard. Although I had the material needs growing up, my case was mostly parental neglect and likely Aspergers (little interest in people, more interest in things and events) and social anxiety which has improved for at least superficial conversation. In addition to therapy at high school I had a friend to play a lot of games with and talk for a few years, although it's been over 4 years since that fell apart.

I've learned basic interaction skills to function in public and care less about boredom and sadness in life compared to the past, although have little real interactions nowadays. I suppose I live in a first-world country where employment is possible without being too tiring or dangerous as well.

As I grow older I realize that everyone has problems, some featuring worse stuff like drug addiction and broken homes are common nowadays and that "successful" people just tend to think less and let work grind down their souls and then try to pray it away if they believe in a sky daddy. So I don't care as much anymore even though I don't expect myself to become much more neurotypical.
>> No. 24534 [Edit]
But people are interesting, people are things and events!
>> No. 24539 [Edit]
Interestingly, neglect and ASD are often misdiagnosed as each-other.

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