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File 15167081449.jpg - (823.94KB , 850x1189 , sample_6e062b90d1320ca405748f352a4edf72d26fa430.jpg )
23278 No. 23278 [Edit]
Are you happy with your life?
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>> No. 23282 [Edit]
Well, it could be better, but I'm aware it could also be much, MUCH worse, so I'm content with what I have and am in the immediate present.
>> No. 23284 [Edit]
Can't complain. As the above anon said, things could be much worse. I'd rather not try and find things to complain about either way, it is what it is.
>> No. 23290 [Edit]
More like I don't feel anything much.
I'd always choose to live as is when compared to people in other countries such as Islam or Brazil.
>> No. 23292 [Edit]
I have nothing of value to add.
>> No. 23293 [Edit]
Not very
>> No. 23297 [Edit]
I lost the genetic lottery, I want a reroll.
>> No. 23298 [Edit]
You can still fuck up your life with perfect gens. It's all about how you play the cards your given.
>> No. 23301 [Edit]
Fuck no. I know that my situation isn't as bad as a lot of other people's, but I can't worry about them when they likely couldn't give a shit about my worthless existence. Anyway, this question is about my own happiness, and no, I am not.

I don't think that I could be happy in a world like this one, even with all the money in the world or with a normie life with all the 3D pig bitches that I could want. I'm delusional enough to believe and want a life that's like a stereotypical shounen manga.

Although, to be honest, I'm not sure if someone like me can be happy at all with the kind of person I am. The impossible life I want, everything else that I lack, and whatever it is that it takes to make me feel satisfied with it.
>> No. 23994 [Edit]
i ought to be, but happiness is not necessarily rooted in the rational
>> No. 23995 [Edit]
What things don't you like about the world, specifically? What kind of world would you want to live in?
We'll never live in a perfect world, but if you define your ideal, there's a goal to work towards.
>> No. 23996 [Edit]
Armchair poster here, but "Stereotypical shounen manga" kind of feels like he just wants a clear purpose and meaning to his life. Rewarding and easy to figure out, but not necessarily lazy.
>> No. 23997 [Edit]
I hate the way society and the world is right now, I live in my mum's garage and have no interest in leaving it because of how disgusting the outside world is and it only gets worse, I don't want to be a part of it. But having said that , I think I am actually happy. I am able to cut myself of from the world and I am able to spend my time doing what I want, sometimes there are downs but even then usually it is more boredom related than anything else and when I find something to do I am happy again. I don't have a purpose or a goal and that can bother me but I feel like my life is moving forward in tiny ways, I started drawing and while my drawings are not that good seeing myself improve makes me happy and I think I have finally realised how I need to improve and what path I have ahead of me, it will probably take all year just to get my artwork good enough to make a Pixiv account but still, it's progress and it makes me happy. .
>> No. 23998 [Edit]
>seeing myself improve makes me happy
I'm glad you found a sense of purpose, however small. It really helps.
>> No. 23999 [Edit]
Keep on drawing! Boredom and frustration can be a big part of it, and the more you go, it takes a longer time, but it really is a passion to bring your world and characters to life.
>> No. 24000 [Edit]
What things do you find disgusting about the outside world?
>> No. 24001 [Edit]
> but it really is a passion to bring your world and characters to life.

I haven't even got to that point yet, I am still working on the basics.

A lot. Drug use, tattoos, face piercings, modern architecture, immigrants, women with shaved hair or outrageously dyed hair and then the less visual things like the way the opinions people have been taught to have by the media. It only ever seems to get worse too.
>> No. 24002 [Edit]
If you look at it from a broad perspective - every generation complains about things and often the worst fears come not to pass. People used to be outraged about a lot of things as they came and estabilished themselves. "Being taught opinions" is also not a new thing - there are some interesting changes coming from how people are looking for a new moral arbiter in a post-religious era, but it's nothing new for people to just adopt the worldview they've learned. I really don't think any of the things you mentioned directly is getting worse - it's just that the best way to make profit is to outrage and cause controversy, so to keep people's attention with an increasingly faster-paced world they have to be more sensationalized as well.

By the way - good luck with your drawing!
>> No. 24003 [Edit]
I've been getting into Zen Buddhism lately and I can honestly say it has improved my life in many ways.
>> No. 24004 [Edit]
How so?
>> No. 24005 [Edit]
I'm learning to not hold into emotions and let them drag me around. I trying to let thoughts come and go without holding to them and build anxiety over them. That is, I'm embracing impermance. I just began this 3 weeks ago but it has done a lot for me. Currently I'm looking into becoming more serious about mediation, as most of what I've done so far is reading instead of practicing.
>> No. 24006 [Edit]
Could you share any advice from your experiences?
>> No. 24007 [Edit]
I'm pretty new at it myself, I can only tell you how I got into it. I saw this picture of a guy trying to tame an elephant, representing his mind and it made sense to me. I also feel my mind is as a reckless animal, causing me anxiety, won't let me sleep and stuff like that. Just constantly thinking about mistakes, obsessing over petty things and else. As you can see in that picture, the man slowly manages to control the elephant and eventually can actually ride it. Don't know why but the image really appealed to me. I pretty much began reading about Buddhism through Wikipedia articles after that. Problem is, many schools of Buddhism require chanting, ascetism and other very demanding religious activities, something I don't feel capable of doing it. Zen however, although you can do all those chantings and everything else, there is a more focused approach in seeing your mind for what it is and most importantly, to find the zen in everything you do. So you can medidate on emptiness while you're cooking for example. It's all about understand impermanence, not letting yourself be ridden with transitory emotions and finding (of rediscovering as I understand) the peaceful, empty nature of your mind. The thing with Zen is the bar for entrance is pretty low but you can continue on it to reach complete liberation "whatever that actually means". You don't even need to read all those Sutras, though you probably should at some point. The mediation part is simply focusing on your breath. Don't try to cause something, reach something, don't wait for something to happen, simply focus on your breath and if you mind begins to wonder, recognize it and bring it back to focusing on your breathing. That's about it.
If you think that might be helpful to you, go to libgen and download a copy of Teachings of Bodhidharma. Here;
It's short and you can read all of it in a short period of time. If you go through that and continue to find it might be a thing for you, then look into how to medidate and probably read some of the more important Sutras, that's what I'm intending to do now.
>> No. 24008 [Edit]
File 154716610385.jpg - (364.29KB , 975x1276 , elephant.jpg )
I forgot the picture, of course. Sorry about that.
>> No. 24009 [Edit]
Sorry to triple post here, I just love the part where you can see the guy don't even need to use a rope to keep his mind under control anymore. I wish to reach that stage so badly.
>> No. 24010 [Edit]
It's the slippery slope 'fallacy'. People have always complained but what they complain about only gets worse. Not long ago(comparatively) the idea of wearing a bikini was so revolting that the inventor actually had to hire prostitutes to test them, nobody bats an eyelid over them these days. The pierced, dyed hair and drug use is getting worse too, it's becoming far more common. Pretty much every young person I come across does drugs, it is said that 7 million of my countries population of 23 million does it now, considering that mainly young people do it it is not surprising why it seems everybody I talk to does it.
>> No. 24012 [Edit]
File 154716947136.jpg - (288.62KB , 1280x720 , Gate-of-Kanazawa-Station.jpg )
>drug use
agree that is a huge problem, but it's one caused by material factors that can actually be ameliorated, if not overcome.
>modern architecture
While I don't think all modern architecture is bad, I do agree that there is lots of shit being built nowadays. Again, this is a cultural current that stems from the developments in our society
>tatoos, hairstyles etc.
These are superficialities, but if you do not like them, you have to again recognize that they spring from contemporary cultural currents.

Overall, nothing you describe here is unchangeable. Some aspects (eg drug abuse) would need large scale economic and political change, but stuff like hairstyles are influenced by artists and designers through the culture they create upon the sociopolitical foundations.
If you want to see people adapt new culture, you need to inspire and convince them. You need to create things that are A) visionary in that they point towards a better future and B) recognizant of the cultural milieu they are to blossom in, so people will pick up on this new development.
>> No. 24013 [Edit]
This is something I find myself thinking about as well. For one I believe everyone has the right to their own freedom so far as their own actions, so long as it does not directly harm another person. On the other hand, I believe there are some absolute morals as well, which at the moment our current society does a poor job of teaching people. These morals of course would extend to the way we think, act, express ourselves and base our decisions off of, etc. I'd like to believe it's possible for such morals to be taught while allowing people these same freedoms and that they be treated with respect. Lord knows that isn't the case now...

Post edited on 10th Jan 2019, 10:22pm
>> No. 24017 [Edit]
It would require more power and influence than I will ever have, I would need to own a media conglomerate.

By Architecture I was referring to both display type and also the average house. Some of it is okay like in your image but most is just cheap. Suburban houses are all made on a template and as cheaply as possible and even the majority of display architecture is still cheap, they make heavy use of things such as sheet metal facades in weird shapes to make it appear more interesting but it looks garish and cheap. This is a symptom of a larger issue, society itself now is cheap.

Even though I hate such things I do still agree. It does not matter if I find something distasteful people should still have a right to do it(aside from things like drugs), but at the same time I should still have a right to voice my opinions about it even if it offends people, freedom of speech works both ways and it's not freedom of speech if it gets suppressed due to hurting somebodies feelings.
>> No. 24018 [Edit]
File 15472672065.jpg - (636.85KB , 900x612 , TOC-H3_2-street-elevation_CA.jpg )
>Suburban houses are all made on a template and as cheaply as possible and even the majority of display architecture is still cheap, they make heavy use of things such as sheet metal facades in weird shapes to make it appear more interesting but it looks garish and cheap. This is a symptom of a larger issue, society itself now is cheap.

I see where you come from here. When I imagine "modern" architecture in the way you describe it, I think of something like in the pic here. I agree things like this are ugly and uninspired, but I think you are wrong when you say it is "cheap". Yes, it might be cheaper on the contractor's end in the bill of materials, it is easier to build flat plain monotone walls and open concept floor plans than to spend money and time crafting things intricately or building walls. However, when you look at that picture I attached, you can tell the design is obviously completely impractical. This is where I disagree, "cheap" is not particularly bad, but impractical and stupid is. Grand architecture may be harder to come by with newly built structures and buildings, but I think that is less a problem with willing to spend money as it is lack of creativity with design (lack of effort, to create something better with the funds available). With cheapness, though, these days money has to be stretched by everybody. Things in general are only getting more expensive, especially necessities.

>freedom of speech works both ways and it's not freedom of speech if it gets suppressed due to hurting somebodies feelings.
Course, that should be a given. Never intended to mean otherwise.

Post edited on 11th Jan 2019, 8:31pm
>> No. 24019 [Edit]
>It would require more power and influence than I will ever have, I would need to own a media conglomerate.
Not really. You are lucky enough to live in an age where influence can be had over the Internet.
>(aside from things like drugs)
The problem with limitations is that once you place some reasonable limitations it's easy to add more and more. Keep that in mind.
>> No. 24021 [Edit]
I can't say I am, no. There's never really been anything to compensate for the overwhelming train of failure that my life is. To even call it failure is wrong, it implies I strove for goals others would consider fail-able. I couldn't complete many grades, I broke almost everything I touched, I failed highschool, fail most video games I try to play, and can't even finish a book anymore. In my life, a success would be only having things go halfway wrong and still be just barely serviceable.
>> No. 24085 [Edit]
>Not really. You are lucky enough to live in an age where influence can be had over the Internet.
Not him but media conglomerates are probably the heaviest influences on the internet, too.
>> No. 24104 [Edit]
They are. A single person's opinion matters less than it ever has. See all the scandals involving "consulting" and "analyst" firms specializing in manipulation of popular beliefs through media, especially on the internet. The outrage is also controlled so nothing will change. It's only going to get worse.
>> No. 24113 [Edit]
I think very few people can say they're happy with their life. Personally, I won't be happy until I can retreat fully from this world, and completely immerse myself in escapism. I doubt I'll ever be able to though, it's just a dream.
>> No. 24118 [Edit]
File 155012277747.jpg - (261.76KB , 2048x1152 , 1549496777080.jpg )
Sometimes I go months severely depressed, struggling to get out of bed, wanting to do nothing and wasting days doing nothing of any value just to pass the time until I go to sleep while hoping I dont have a nightmare or get a random panic attack, and then sometimes I go insane and spend up to week not eating or sleeping, just completely immersed in anime or a video game and totally ecstatic about it all. Never-ending movement from one extreme to another with no predictability or consistency, no balance. Add to that memory issues severe enough to make it seem as if I was born a month or two ago and before that didnt even exist, and in the end, I can't say whether I'm happy with my life and glad to be alive, or want to die as soon as possible and be free from this madness.
>> No. 24119 [Edit]
I feel like that but not to such a degree. If I start thinking about the future I start feeling miserable and don't feel like doing anything but if I am doing something in the first place then I won't need to think about the future so much.
>> No. 24120 [Edit]
You know, I'm not really sure. On one hand there's days like today where I'm loving life but for every day like today it feels like there's three others where I'm either moping around or in an outright downer mood. I'm certainly less prone to destructive thinking than I was in the past but now it's different. I used to think I could fix all these things about myself but I don't think that anymore. I feel sluggish and defeated. But even then there's a certain freedom afforded by realizing that certain things I've struggled so hard with just can't be fixed. I think I'm becoming okay with that. If they really can't be fixed then it's something I'll be able to forgive myself for. After all if it'd take me a lifetime of work to sort out wouldn't I be better off cultivating good in some other area?

I'm a mess. Thanks for reading my blog.
>> No. 24310 [Edit]
Not at the moment no. It's nothing wrong with me per say, it's just that I hate our current society. We have reached a point in our society where talking like an illiterate dumbass is cool, and where your social status/worth is judged by how much you buy and what kind of clothes you wear (so basically and endless high school *shivers*). The internet used to be my escape from having to think about this, but nowadays, almost every community I was a part of has been overtaken by normalfags that treat it like social media by posting selfies and speaking in bix nood; and if it's not that, it's ironic fascists whining about politics. Not only is this shit annoying, but it's a constant reminder that our civilization is falling and will probably be replaced by China. The only way I can truly be happy is if I move out in the country, buy a hunting rifle and live off the land. That way, if our civilization falls, I will have nothing to worry about.
>> No. 24317 [Edit]
Nope. It's impossible for me since I haven't even remotely achieved anything I want to. If people define their own happiness, then mine involves achieving things like the independence and job I want. I can't be happy in the moment, unless I know I have accomplished at least one of these important goals. Although I admit, I scrutinize myself like a perfectionist like that, so I probably still wouldn't be...But there's nothing for me to be happy about if I'm still stuck in this jobless, lonely, financially dependent, starting to take twice as long to graduate college than most people, kind of hell.
>> No. 24329 [Edit]
My viewpoint is that life is both meaningless and worthwhile, so yes.
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