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File 15167081449.jpg - (823.94KB , 850x1189 , sample_6e062b90d1320ca405748f352a4edf72d26fa430.jpg )
23278 No. 23278 [Edit]
Are you happy with your life?
>> No. 23282 [Edit]
Well, it could be better, but I'm aware it could also be much, MUCH worse, so I'm content with what I have and am in the immediate present.
>> No. 23284 [Edit]
Can't complain. As the above anon said, things could be much worse. I'd rather not try and find things to complain about either way, it is what it is.
>> No. 23290 [Edit]
More like I don't feel anything much.
I'd always choose to live as is when compared to people in other countries such as Islam or Brazil.
>> No. 23292 [Edit]
I have nothing of value to add.
>> No. 23293 [Edit]
Not very
>> No. 23297 [Edit]
I lost the genetic lottery, I want a reroll.
>> No. 23298 [Edit]
You can still fuck up your life with perfect gens. It's all about how you play the cards your given.
>> No. 23301 [Edit]
Fuck no. I know that my situation isn't as bad as a lot of other people's, but I can't worry about them when they likely couldn't give a shit about my worthless existence. Anyway, this question is about my own happiness, and no, I am not.

I don't think that I could be happy in a world like this one, even with all the money in the world or with a normie life with all the 3D pig bitches that I could want. I'm delusional enough to believe and want a life that's like a stereotypical shounen manga.

Although, to be honest, I'm not sure if someone like me can be happy at all with the kind of person I am. The impossible life I want, everything else that I lack, and whatever it is that it takes to make me feel satisfied with it.

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