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File 147271389516.png - (12.11KB , 600x500 , e86193b8-6b37-4a1f-9221-dc5124c05d27.png )
22088 No. 22088 [Edit]
What will you do with your computer and belongings when you decide to kill yourself?
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>> No. 22089 [Edit]
Hopefully, I'd be able to rot with them in my room, but realistically, they'd probably be given away or something. I would rather be buried with the things I loved during my shite time being alive, but nobody cares.
>> No. 22090 [Edit]
As for the computer, probably delete the contents before I decide to off myself, but then again when it gets to the point where I'm ready to let go of my life I might not even care anymore.

Every day is getting darker and darker. Just saw a dream of my parents and little sister coming to surprise visit me, no-one ever visits me, only to tell how awful mess my place is. You don't have to come to my dreams to tell me, I know this is dirty. I just can't get myself to do anything about it, maybe next month.

I want to die so much.
>> No. 22091 [Edit]
I don't care about it but vultures as they are I bet my family would sell everything or my piece of shit mother would keep my electronics and furniture. Son of a bitch, come to think of it I might put everything in the trash.
>> No. 22093 [Edit]
File 147276739734.png - (2.05KB , 147x186 , elsa.png )
There's not really much I'd be concerned over aside from my computer and a few mobile devices. Mostly because of the lewd anime media and maybe the maymays back when I spent an embarrassingly amount of time on chans. Recently, I've come to realize how little I actually own.
Hey, I feel ya. Here's a link an old e-friend passed around before he disappeared. Maybe you'll find it useful. skip to page 70
>> No. 22094 [Edit]
Nice hips OP.
>> No. 22095 [Edit]

Hey, I made that picture. Did you get it here? Why did you save it/use it?
>> No. 22098 [Edit]
what's it about? I'm too lazy to read anything
>> No. 22100 [Edit]
I think I got it here. Did you also make some old guy with a swastika torso? I kinda like her smug smile.
It's a partial upload of a book on suicide methods. Not encouraging it, just something some of us might find interesting.
>> No. 22102 [Edit]

Yeah, I did make that! That was actually a self-caricature of what I'd be in twenty years.

I actually posted the other pic on another site (not an imageboard) and no one liked it. But I'm glad that someone else does. I guess that I should make more of them; it has been a while.
>> No. 22349 [Edit]
I've already thrown out or sold most things I own. All I've got left of any value is my pc and old pokemon cards.
>> No. 22355 [Edit]
I will leave my best shows, movies, e-books, etc on an external drive. Things I'd share with my family or show my children if I had any. Things like Ghibli, Shinkai Makoto, GitS, Carl Sagan's Cosmos/books, beautiful photos and artwork. All my porn will be on an encrypted drive that I will bury somewhere. Why? I can't bring myself to delete it, I get this stupid sense of accomplishment from finding, sorting, and keeping a collection of good fap material.

My clothes will likely be donated to charity. My relatives are superstitious, they think clothes I've worn will bring bad luck. As for my other stuff, I hope they will benefit my sister or anyone. My sister gets the small amount of neet-bux money I've saved over the years. She is the only one to really bother with me, even though she has her own life.
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