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File 164780155770.jpg - (46.50KB , 655x360 , anime-money-1149275.jpg )
27207 No. 27207 [Edit]
how much money do you make

ive spent so many years in university failing courses and when i finally get out, i cant handle working for more than a few months without losing my mind. between inability to get any good jobs due to my work gaps, low income and intense stress im at the end of my rope and thinking of ending it.
>> No. 27208 [Edit]
I'm pretty much the same, similar thoughts. I make approximately 14000€~15500$ a year and even while I save most of it it will take ages to have enough to do something with it that let's me change this awful lifestyle. I also hate myself for not being able to live like this and feeling miserable all the time.
>> No. 27209 [Edit]
> even while I save most of it
With inflation if you are saving money then your buying power is gradually eroded over time. It's an insidious trap they've laid, forcing you to partake in their jewish schemes even if you just want to break even.
>> No. 27210 [Edit]
> inability to get any good jobs due to my work gaps
Just fucking change the god damn dates! I keep telling people this and they act like bending the truth is the worst thing in the world, like it's some criminal offence or something. If you're working low paying shit jobs and hate things so much it makes you want to die, just lie about the dates. Turn one month into two, five into seven. No one's going to give you a pat on the back for being absolutely honest. There's no merit badges or achievements for it. If you're honest, you'll get fucked. If you lie, you'll maybe get what you want maybe not. A 50% chance is better than 0%.

I'm a high school drop out, do you think I'd be retarded enough to put that on my resume? Hell no. Out of all the places I've interviewed at over the years, only one asked for diploma. I've also gone off and on as a NEET, sometimes going months or even years without working. Yet I've been hired half a dozen times while lying about this stuff. They're not as scrutinous as they'd like you to think they are. It's often a bluff, just boogieman scare tactics to weed people out.

Post edited on 20th Mar 2022, 8:52pm
>> No. 27211 [Edit]
I make $60,000 a year with no degree, just get a Comptia cert and lie a lil on your resume tbh. I used to work low income jobs like amazon delivery and dishwashing
>> No. 27212 [Edit]
Doesn't work if they verify employment. They probably won't do so for minimum wage jobs, but anything beyond that it gets a bit dicey.
>> No. 27213 [Edit]
yes i found that the crappy jobs wont check, but anything that i would actually want to do usually check the referees.

which comptia cert do i get
>> No. 27214 [Edit]
I get about $24,000 AUD(so about 16,000 Euro) from government welfare for Autism/OCD. But it's nowhere near enough to live comfortably so Just today I started day trading as well. I made $100 today but that is one day, maybe that won't last forever. We will see.
>> No. 27215 [Edit]
I only make about $25k. Maybe not even that. It's enough to survive in this little town, at least, but with the way things are going I know I'll have to leave this job or ask for a raise. Can't do option A since I bomb all my interviews. Companies see my resume and are impressed, but I guess because I'm awful at conversations they decide I'm not worth keeping. I even had one interview cut short because of this, the guy basically said "yeah I can tell you won't be a good fit for this company". They weren't even asking about my skills or anything, just some personality-test-type bullshit.

I would ask for a raise but we barely make enough as it is. That's not my boss lying to me either, we're a small enough company for me to have a rough idea on our finances. Not the exact numbers, but good enough to know we're struggling. If I knew how to help him then I would.

Are CompTIA certs worth getting if you already have decent experience? I've been at this MSP for about 6 years now. My main aversion is having to spend money and time renewing the things every few years.
>> No. 27216 [Edit]
I don't even have a bank account. I should probably make one someday. I make 0 dollars per month as of now.
>> No. 27217 [Edit]
I got just got the A+
With that many years of experience you should should move on from that job and onto something more senior. You also probably dont need the cert anymore
>> No. 27218 [Edit]
Thinking about money and jobs gives me a weird sort of nausea. I hate it.
>> No. 27219 [Edit]
>With that many years of experience you should should move on from that job and onto something more senior.
Yeah, I know. I just wish I knew how to make myself more appealing to interviewers. Honestly I think that despite working in IT for 6 years, I'm actually less experienced than it seems, since we only recently started messing with cloud services like Azure, and up until a couple years ago our clients all used Server 2008 R2 at the latest. At least the newer versions aren't too hard to grasp. Azure was kind of unintuitive at first compared to VMware, but I've gotten the hang of it.

Maybe I just need to get better at lying about my experience or something.
>> No. 27226 [Edit]
Making it seem like you have more experience then you really do is a good part of it. Like for example, you said your company is starting to mess with Azure. Say that you have implemented Azure into the company and made sure that everything performed to standard.
>> No. 27250 [Edit]
I never made a single cent in my entire life. Only money I ever had was birthday gifts from my teens. I can't even order anything without my relatives scrutinizing the entire thing and complaining to me and the whole ordeal is so unpleasant I never bough anything in years, I don't even plan to. I can't buy anything without they knowing, but if I start making money they will have access to information about me, I can't let this happen. My information has to be iron clad. I have to delete anything that can be traced back to me. Banks have employees and they are corruptible, no I can't talk to them. I don't trust any technocrap I did not built it myself. Cant trust anyone. The mailman is a fucker, he will be corruptible. I can't order anything nor can I work, but also cant really get to do the things that need to be done. Ideally I should learn forgery. Very great skill. But then I cant also learn forgery, i need an actual place to order things. The tax scum will scream my name, fuck them. They want my labour free. ALso monay is horrible. ONly criptocoins now. No tax. But htey are technocrap. I need minerals, ideally. bUT Tthis godforsaken land is shit crap. no minerals, paoverty no maoney. ifuck tecnolizards fuckf uck fuck my mobey is theis hands no nwo i hate this so much cna thave nomeybf fukck.
>> No. 27254 [Edit]
When you’ve worked for a while and make more than you started at, you’ll still feel like it’s not enough anyway.
>> No. 27864 [Edit]
I make very roughly $40k/yr as things are now. I'm thinking of going to school a bit on the side for a promotion that would have me starting at what I'd be making after 4 years of raises. 4 years after working that job would have me top out at about $92k/yr or so.
Now to answer the question: for what purpose?
>> No. 27865 [Edit]
I'd go with whatever option lets me save up enough for an apartment of my own to reduce my living costs and get a private space, and then reduce my hours or live off savings for a while before working again
>> No. 27866 [Edit]
>Now to answer the question: for what purpose?
That's what I've been wondering too. I'm making more now than I ever have before, which isn't a lot ($24 an hour). I'm saving $1000 a month on average, which I know these days isn't much, but considering how many people out there live pay check to paycheck it's not terrible, and they say 90% of people have less than $700 in their bank accounts.
I'm still entry level and can probably advance a fair bit if I try, but I find myself wondering what the point even is. I don't love the job, and I won't love any others I get in my current field. I was at my most content working a shitty dead end job that paid $16 an hour (sadly it doesn't exist anymore so it's not like I can go back).
As for the money itself, I don't see much point. Maybe someday I can buy that car I've always liked, or get a big empty house to keep my Museum worth of junk in, but then what?
I've been there and done that with buying junk I don't need. Granted that's been with cheaper smaller stuff, toys and anime merch, but I know someone who has done that with real cars and planes and houses, and it hasn't made him any happier (he lies to himself and others about it, but he's obviously miserable, and seems angry at life for not magically being better after buying his latest fararri or whatever). A lot of people treat money like the end all goal of life, the solver of all problems, all you need...
The stuff I really need and want in life can't be bought. I could have $1,000,000 in the bank or $1, it won't make a difference. I can't buy back my youth, I can't buy myself friends or love. So any money I make is just going to pile up in some bank account. I've got no one to share it with or pass it on to, so what good is it?
All that stupid fancy expensive shit you can buy with it is only good for one thing, bragging, I have nothing to prove to anyone. I don't need the envy of strangers who admire not me but what I have. I'm not one of those people who can drive around in a lambo and take joy in feeling superior to the random people I pass by, and the types of people who you attract with that stuff are not the types of people you want to get involved with.
>> No. 27867 [Edit]
>I've got no one to share it with or pass it on to, so what good is it?
You can donate money. Maybe to an anime studio.

Post edited on 30th Nov 2022, 4:55pm
>> No. 27868 [Edit]
Sure, but then why work your ass for it?
>> No. 27870 [Edit]
After some thought, I think I've found my answer. With such an income I might be able to live an isolated life where I can be left alone if I play my cards right.
>> No. 27882 [Edit]
i make 1500 dollars a month in neetbux. now take account rent and and food and i only have like 2-400 left. To me its gotten kind of annoying. AI fucks are taking over art so 3d modelling is out of the question. Programming seems to be the only oppurtunity. Or some risky gambling shit like daytrading.
>> No. 27905 [Edit]
I went for NEETbux once, but failed hard at getting it. Literally had to explain to a judge why I couldn't work, and was told to get a job as a late night janitor or something. Kinda glad I didn't get it in retrospect. I hear it can be a real trap, something that holds people back with just barely enough to live on but not enough to 'live', and certainly not enough to ever craw yourself out of that hole.I hear they really frown upon attempts at saving that money or using it to invest and make a 'real' living.
The only way I can see that being a decent income is if you're in a paid off house in an area with dirt cheap bills, but then I also hear they cut you off if you own too much.
>> No. 27906 [Edit]
>but then I also hear they cut you off if you own too much.
Trick is to buy it in a family member's name so they technically own it. Not that I would do that, but it's how I've seen other people commit welfare fraud.
>> No. 27907 [Edit]
There used to be a guy here who was really into that with plans of saving up to escape that life. He would buy precious metals and coins from what remember and keep them hidden, so he could sell them once he got cut off. Dunno if that worked out for him.
>> No. 27911 [Edit]
You can simultaneously be on social security and have money in investment accounts. Just as long as the money stays in those accounts to the point where it doesn't trip the max ammount you are allowed in regular savings/checking bank accounts. I met an elderly man who had 300k+ in investments (stocks I'm guessing). Don't take my word for it as I might have been fed some false info, but it would certainly be worth looking into.
>> No. 27917 [Edit]
1100 euro's in NEETbux, not living the rich life but I'm getting around
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