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File 170239101656.jpg - (54.19KB , 240x320 , a5f2e77e.jpg )
28572 No. 28572 [Edit]
the world passed by us heisei otaku and now we are left to rot and wither
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>> No. 28573 [Edit]
File 170239944619.jpg - (818.70KB , 1705x2048 , webpublic-7541b412-3136-41f2-b20c-2dbae69b17a9.jpg )
There isn't many places online besides here with otakus like us especially those who like series past or around the 2000s. I'm not counting the newer breed who just like it for aesthetics alone. I get you anon
>> No. 28575 [Edit]
>series past or around the 2000s
What do you mean by this, isn't around + past 2000s basically all "modern" anime?
>> No. 28577 [Edit]
heisei otaku seems like a strange term, since heisei is 1989 to 2019, yet the meaning I assume would be 1989 to 200X, which would only about a third or half of heisei.
Upon searching for "heisei otaku" there seems to be a new manga from this year which has that in it's title, but nothing much else besides that.
>> No. 28578 [Edit]
I think the term is probably being used in a looser way to mean "generation".
>> No. 28579 [Edit]
This really does seem to be the case doesn't it? I've tried really hard over the years to find similar types of Otaku, but they're rare. It's nothing but high-school kids in every community, every site, every platform. People like us are treated like creepy old weirdos that should just go die in a ditch or something...

Feels like I've missed out on a lot in life. A lot of what I've wanted or been interested in has become common place now in the Otaku scene, but it feels out of reach for someone of my age, inappropriate at best. Like it's not meant for us, not anymore. Being into this and that "before it was cool" means nothing.

It's hard enough to find anime centric community's where people speak proper English, and not an obnoxious missmash of acronyms and abbreviations.
Even some of the more older centric communities I've found tend to be full of normies. I want to chat about the latest games and anime, not about the member's children. It's hard to relate to these people. It's hard to relate to anyone anymore...
>> No. 28580 [Edit]
This is a strange gap where people into "retro" anime are only interested in stuff from the 80's or earlier, maybe something from the 90s if it is an OVA. Meanwhile you have plenty of places dedicated to modern anime or stuff that has aired recently or other ongoing series, assuming they are popular enough to garner a bit of discussion of course. There isn't much conversation to be had about the seasonals of the 90s or early 2000s that aren't wildly popular.
I think there is some good reason for this, as many of the shows are quite bland, and most shows aren't really compelling enough for there to be discussion about them outside of someone posting a review and a small conversation with someone else who may have seen it. I think that is true for many things these days though, you could say the same for seasonals which aren't popular. Much of the time they will have 1 or 2 people talk about the episode and their impression, and they will get a reply or two discussing it, but there is not much else conversation to be had.
>> No. 28581 [Edit]
>many of the shows are quite bland
The rocky transition from cell animation to digital didn't help matters.
>> No. 28583 [Edit]
I love that era of anime, though I've yet to coherently explain why.
>> No. 28585 [Edit]
I have the impression that those people have grown up on a diet of outdated posts and opinions and have yet to truly look at the bigger picture of where things are now. They say things that I remember being popular opinions and views around that time, and they're into the exact "retro" things that were big around that time and not anything deeper than that. I was talking to someone like this and they said "I hate new shows like Azumanga Daioh.

Post edited on 13th Dec 2023, 10:19am
>> No. 28586 [Edit]
File 170249155172.jpg - (22.22KB , 225x319 , 130259.jpg )
You missed one

I'm an oldfag who went back to school recently, and I actually managed to wrangle out a short conversation with someone in the anime club's discord about Shiki and Dai Mahou Touge funnily enough. But that was after throwing out about 10 recommendations over a few weeks in the #anime-recommendations channel. Unless that person I talked to also happened to be an oldfag, I guess that means interest does exist, but rarely.

I did end up leaving the server out of disgust because 90% of the conversations there revolved around normie games like League or Overwatch with anime getting set aside as a side topic, despite the club supposedly being dedicated to anime. The problem is that there's so much "other shit" in anime-centric communities (not even just esports-type games but I would also add Kpop/drama and gacha as common overlapping interests that conflict with the "otaku" vision) that I gave up relating to anyone my age group and under, at least outside of obscure imageboards and very small private Discords.

Though these days I find myself settling more and more in an "offline" world. By this I don't mean going outside and socializing, but just drifting about by myself with minimal interaction both on the internet and real life.
>> No. 28587 [Edit]
I tried to peek into a uni's anime club once, I thought they'd actually discuss anime (themes, production of it, etc.). Like a literature or film club or something except actually fun (after all, what else would an anime club do that's anime related). It was disappointing that the so-called "anime club" was actually just a place to chat and play board games while some seasonal of the month played in the background.

I've yet to find a place to actually _discuss_ anime in the sense one would discuss a novel. Sometimes there'll be some reddit threads with interesting thoughts but no one bothers continuing the discussion there, in favor of just replying to the "funny" low-effort posts. The best anime-related posts I've seen are on personal blogs (they sometimes end up being entire essays), but it's not really conducive to discussion. I guess it doesn't help that the kinds of anime I find really interesting (CGDCT/SoLs) are those that attract tend to attract the most retarded posters.
>> No. 28589 [Edit]
File 17025058806.jpg - (45.39KB , 625x460 , E3ry6rxUYAA-BqJ.jpg )
I think specifically our era is stuck between the gen x/boomer anime fans who while social outcasts still had to go outside to be fans (trade tapes, go to conventions to even access most stuff), and the current generation which is a terrible mix of both anime being mainstream and popular but also sincere enjoyment of anything being despised. Like, just look at modern "fans" of stuff from our generation like lucky star or haruhi and its all just joke fanart where they are smoking weed or other hard drugs and few of them even engage with the source material (don't even bother looking at places "discussing" tsukihime for instance).

Ours was really the generation of extreme outcasts who only had a few niche spaces to talk about stuff because we genuinely enjoyed it and were dedicated to it, but as many of us grew up and adapted to society the ones of us who were actually unable to integrate into society (average tohno-chan anon) we are now existing in a world where even the tiny space that used to exist where we could belong has been decimated.
>> No. 28590 [Edit]
After years of searching, the 'best' anime centric community I could find was full of a lot of legitimate Otaku, but also full of Filipinos who wouldn't stop reminding everyone they're Filipino and wouldn't shut up about their ugly sneakers and retarded car mods. In the end they didn't take kindly to me not being interested in that or their selfies or their favorite KFC clone. I reluctantly left when it became clear I was unwanted.
/tc/ will be my real home till the day I die.
>> No. 28591 [Edit]
A lot of the bad things of the current generation are cargo culting the worst tendencies of the older fans' lack of perspective. Like how people have this idea of "moelove" suddenly turning up coincidentally after American companies actually started licensing a large amount of TV shows. In general we have the worst of both worlds here.
>> No. 28592 [Edit]
File 170257555551.jpg - (138.47KB , 1397x993 , media_E_1ziiPVkA0sutZ_jpg?name=orig.jpg )
No I'm counting 2010-2020s it's own class, sorry for the confusion
Reminds me of the anime club in middle/high school being the gaming + Batman cartoon club instead. I thought the standards would be higher in uni but guess not
>> No. 28593 [Edit]
File 170257721943.png - (1.92MB , 1912x1204 , debb7134f26814311e48d6fa39f8b518.png )
>I thought the standards would be higher in uni but guess not
I think asocial people underestimate the time and energy it takes to maintain an active social life. Socialization itself is a constant struggle against the friction of time, because people are so quick to lose interest in each other.

Unlike sports or playing games, watching anime is an individualistic activity. You can watch it with others, but that actually detracts from your ability to absorb and process its content. Time and energy are a limited resource, so anybody motivated by socialization enough to start a club, probably wont be deeply interested in an individualistic activity.

As for book clubs, how common are those really? Reading is also well established as an intellectual activity, so people have the extra motivation of feeling intelligent for being part of them and talking about the subject matter.
>> No. 28594 [Edit]
It is impossible to transition to Reiwa from Heisei. The only thing we can manage is Heiwa.
>> No. 28595 [Edit]
File 170284161421.jpg - (193.10KB , 1115x1000 , lKPrvgv.jpg )
Reiwa started awful thanks to the pandemic. So many people turned to anime and they are beyond obnoxious. In the last few years of Heiwa there were so many new as well. They too have such a strong presence online, just awful.

2010 - 2019 has such huge differences in itself. An anime from early 2010s is so different to something from late 2010s.
>> No. 28596 [Edit]
funnily enough, the one good anime club i was a part of was my middle school club; the art teacher seemed like a really genuine anime fan. the anime club i was in during college was what you'd expect, though, made worse by the fact that nobody there seemed interested in talking to me at all...
>> No. 28607 [Edit]
Yeah and my thread gets deleted I've been longer than you dorks but anyways I truly do wish y'all happy winter. Winter is personally my fav time of the year.
testing if 'jak gets deleted even if it's a legitmate post
>> No. 28609 [Edit]
Whoa mod deleted xe/xers post I'm sorry.
Seems tohno-Lad is still keeping this board locked downed whih means no fun allowed
>> No. 28610 [Edit]
File 17033206218.png - (696.74KB , 700x988 , CuFyYeiUIAAld0O.png )
>no fun allowed
why are you replying to yourself?
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