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File 147781926739.jpg - (35.13KB , 472x472 , 1476774876337.jpg )
22296 No. 22296 [Edit]
Back in high-school I used to live off 4 to 6 hours sleep, felt like shit but I could do it (probably bad since I replayed a game I played as a teenager and forgot entire levels from it existed).
Nowadays I cannot physically get up unless it's 8 hours sleep, I just sleep through my alarm even after 6 hours sleep.

Is it just getting old? Even though I read the older you get the less sleep you need.
Any tricks?
How is you guys sleep?
>> No. 22297 [Edit]
I'm 28 and still do 6 hours regularly. I don't relay on my alarm exclusively, I also have a rather bright lamp plugged into a timer which is set to turn on around the same time. helps get me up in the morning(closer to afternoon).
>> No. 22298 [Edit]
As a teenager I slept way less than what I actually needed due to my internet addiction. Now I'm doing better and sleep what I actually need. It's OK for me. 8 hours of sleep and a productive day is better than 4 hours of sleep and being too tired to do anything that requires effort.
>> No. 22300 [Edit]
I sleep from 9 to 11h, that is if i don't get woke up by people passing by as i don't have my own room (sleep in main room where television is and where people eat)

Used to sleep 10h regularly while waking up 6 - 7 times every day, now i sleep 8h and wake up less.
>> No. 22301 [Edit]
Um, uh... Happy Halloween!
>> No. 22302 [Edit]
and a happy halloween to you too
>> No. 22303 [Edit]
8 hours of sleep is just fine. I believe 7 to 8 to be the normal for adults. You should allow yourself to rest that much.
>> No. 22304 [Edit]
My sleep is always fucked up. I can't ever function on 8 hours, I need to have some weird amount like 6 or 10.
>> No. 22311 [Edit]
I'm not even entirely sure how long I sleep for on average. I stay in bed for around 10 hours but at least 3 of those I spend on my laptop and I lay awake for what seems like hours.
Maybe I only sleep 3 hours or something ridiculous like that, it would explain why I feel so shitty.
>> No. 22326 [Edit]
I am this way too due to delayed sleep phase disorder. If I set several very loud alarms to go off at once I can wake up, but my body is freezing cold and I'll shake like mad, even throw up sometimes. Back in high school I could pull off 5 or 6 as well, it started around 18.
>> No. 22327 [Edit]
Sounds awfully similar to how I am.

When I said I sleep through alarms, it's a bit more complicated. I set multiple at different times; the first one often I hear, physically get up and turn it off then go straight back to bed; the second one I either sleep through without hearing, hear it and leave it ringing until it turns itself off or get up and turn it off and go back to bed, and the third is the same as the second.

I am also always cold when I wake up, even in warm Springs and hot Summers, and that being one of the reasons I don't want to get out of bed. Sometimes I do shake but I am kind of conscious of it, like, I do it to warm up my body.
Never vomited though.

It also started around 18 for me but this is when I became NEET so I've been assuming going to bed at 6a.m. and not being able to psychically wake up was because of the NEET lifestyle.
>> No. 22354 [Edit]
I get about 8-9 hours of sleep a day. Any less than that and I feel like shit.

Because my body won't let me sleep until I'm dead tired, my sleep schedule is all over the place and generally pretty fucked though.
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