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File 160064122614.png - (289.69KB , 520x433 , 1560511071478.png )
25919 No. 25919 [Edit]
Is there any comforting fantasies or thoughts you have or entertain regularly? I'm sure a life with your waifu is one of them but what about others?
I like to think about being a cute loli and having a cute and caring older sister to grow up and fall in love with. We would climb trees, shoot water guns at each other, play in a pool, read stories before bed, make desserts, cuddle at night and spend practically all of our time together. It helps me fall asleep and makes me feel better when I'm sad.
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>> No. 25920 [Edit]
Sometimes I like to imagine I'm a ghost who watches people and has no problems of my own.
>> No. 25921 [Edit]
Whenever I come something cool I like to imagine a universe where I am the one that came up with it or an even better version of it.
Just one of many ways I fantasize though.
>> No. 25922 [Edit]
I dunno about comforting...fantasy starts to hurt when you know it can never be real. I guess it starts out comforting but turns to pain for me.
>> No. 25923 [Edit]
I like to imagine simple pleasures that I'd otherwise never experience.
Imagining myself in a picturesque SoL with close friends, watching the sunset, or visiting some hidden scenic spot – things of that sort. Other "mundane" activities include laughing together or singing a song on a sunny afternoon; or gazing silently out the window on a cool rainy day.
>> No. 25924 [Edit]
I like to think someday I'll live alone, in a house away from any cities, where I don't have to see or hear other people.
>> No. 25925 [Edit]
A mixture of >>25920 >>25923 >>25924 I fantasize about moving to a countryside abroad and live a quiet, peaceful life alone.
>> No. 25926 [Edit]
File 160067076847.png - (724.78KB , 1280x720 , [IttakuSubs]_To_Heart_2_OVA_3_V2_[720p][554ccace]_.png )
I think about the past. Both my personal past, and my image of how places I wish I was at used to be. That kind of nostalgia, both real and imagined, comforts me deeply. I'm really drawn to works that feel like they're really 'from' the time they were made in, because of that. Escaping from the present, when I can, is how I get by.

Conversely, the flow of time into the future upsets me.
>> No. 25927 [Edit]
This is a very nice fantasie, I like it.
Perhaps I will try that out too but I am a little bit afraid that it invites the old question of how life would have been until now if I would be female.
This makes me miss friends, I still don't know what to think about those times I had some.
Sounds stupid but the flow of time is more or less my biggest fear because I dislike change or don't know what the future brings.
>> No. 25928 [Edit]
Sorry about that mess of a post. I usually only lurk and never post. The only reason why I posted now is my drunknness. Hope my apologie is not a mess too. Don't want to turn this nice IB into a dumpster fire because I tend to deliver low quality.
>> No. 25929 [Edit]
File 160069352742.png - (256.72KB , 500x706 , bunny-chan's goodnight.png )
I think your post is fine. So long as you're following rules and etiquette and all that.
>> No. 25930 [Edit]
Thanks but all of the spelling mistakes I made tickled my awootism therefore I had the urge to apologise for it.
>> No. 25931 [Edit]
There's my particular version of the afterlife, made of pieces from my dreams. I just like to imagine I'm there already. It's a place that's probably only special for me, though.
>> No. 25934 [Edit]
Sometimes I'll imagine talking to a younger version of myself. It lets me feel more accomplished but sometimes turns into just berating my younger self. I've been trying to shift this into talking to an idealized sort of father figure. Someone who would be like my grandpa but understand the times I grew up in and the sort of problems I have. It's very comforting.

Another is thinking about how much you're connected to. We're all related somehow or another, animals included. It's a spiritual kind of feel. It's something I've appreciated more as I've gotten older. You change a lot and those different selves are all part of you. Different people and things come and teach you things. It's a beautiful thing.
>> No. 25935 [Edit]
There's a bunch.

Going through childhood again, except my parents are still together, my dad actually gets to be a part of my life without the army sending him all over the world, and my mom never makes friends with all the people who made my childhood hell. Those three changes alone would have made a hell of a difference.

Having a group of friends in highschool, kind of like what >>25923 except less outdoors: playing video games together, shooting the breeze during lunch, bouncing around ideas for stories and games and such, basically just being part of that group of weird kids that I always envied back then because they were happy together.

Being a part of the 00s internet in my teens, which was something I couldn't fully do because of the awful computer I had, plus a lack of interest in most anime/games/etc that I saw people talking about. The most I really did in those days was browse imageboards.

Gaining invisibility+teleportation powers and pretty much becoming a trickster god. Spy on people, play pranks, do something terrible and see who gets the blame for it, toy with the minds of investigators, etc.
>> No. 25936 [Edit]
File 160118778695.jpg - (29.31KB , 400x309 , 13218698712209.jpg )
I have formed an elaborate fantasy universe over many years. The most comforting scene that I return to is a dark, snowy evergreen forest in the mountains of some astral plane of existence. In a valley between a number of enormous mountains, there is a picturesque gothic village. There, thousands of undead relax in quiet harmony after living tumultuous or otherwise unpleasant lives. Everything they could ever need or want is conjured up by magic, and animated snowmen act as civil servants and butlers, free of charge. The undead are led by an admirable king that inspires everyone to do their best, but the king seldom actually does anything because his undead subjects are so well-behaved and the snowmen are such great civil servants. Everyone just wants to relax and forget the miserable lives they left behind.

Naturally, the snowmen can fly:

I like to listen to baroque or classical music and imagine the king wandering through his domain (down a street, immaculately maintained by the snowmen; through the woods, populated by magic rabbits and deer; atop a mountain; above the clouds that always snow; anywhere).

This too on occasion. Within the framework of my whole fantasy setting, I imagine the king's ghost floating around the material world, invisibly watching stuff happen.
>> No. 26036 [Edit]
I fucking imagine myself as a music guy making music videos because i'm a big late 20's baby with fucking up prospects and i hate it here
however i do enjoy it because even though it is hopeless because i have no will or depression and am getting older, it's one of the few things i can be a bit creative with
why did life have to end up like this? just kidding, it's because i was born in unfortunate circumstances and i remain human garbage marred by experience. i'd take nothingness in a heartbeat

sometimes i imagine being with women or having friends but i shut that out real quick. it hurts too much or it will eventually
>> No. 26042 [Edit]
Entering the 2D realm. Meeting the many characters and getting to live those stories, shifting from one to another, abandoning this reality forever.
>> No. 26699 [Edit]
My current dream is to learn French and move to France (as I'm half French and eligible for citizenship). I like to imagine I'd meet my destiny there, something that will amuse me unlike the Anglo country that I'm living in. If I don't find it there then I think I'd move on to Germany. I think EU laws permit right of movement, perhaps even living rights between EU member states. It's a vague dream, but I'm sure it will amuse me for a few years until I manage to carry it out and discover that there's nothing for me there either.
>> No. 26704 [Edit]
File 16291772771.jpg - (27.55KB , 500x482 , 1570586324508.jpg )
I don't know what you think you would find in France, honestly, unless you have family you could get close with.
The Francophone world is bad in its own way.
>> No. 26706 [Edit]
Also, start learning it NOW. French can be tricky especially when native speakers talk very quickly. Perhaps if you have friends or family in France stay with them to get some immersion.
It isn't harder than like Japanese or like Russian, but it's definitely harder for English speakers to learn than most European languages or even Hindi.
>> No. 26707 [Edit]
French is a beautiful language but I wouldn't recommend you to move to France unless you've a clear idea of where you want to live.
>The Francophone world is bad in its own way.
What do you mean?
>It isn't harder than like Japanese
Some aspects are clearly harder like conjugation or plurals.
>> No. 26709 [Edit]
I feel like I've already exhausted all possibilities in my native country. Everything bores me. Never liked anyone or anything in school, it's to much of a hassle to get a job (the whole process is just so normalfaggish it makes me sick), I tried higher education several times and even went to church for a while thinking that a more spiritually aligned culture would be more interesting than the vacuousness of mainstream society, but of course the people there were molded by that very same society so I found no relief there. All I do now is sit around at home watching/reading japanese 2d media and reading philosophy. But I want something more. It's not satisfying to be dependent on my family because they are normalfags too and I don't want to be surrounded by normalfags my whole life. I keep getting the feeling that if I exist then there must be others like me.

I lived 6 years in the UK and the rest in Australia. So I get the feeling that maybe the problem is that Anglo culture just doesn't agree with me. The only prospect I have left that remotely interests me is becoming a drifter. Maybe then I'll finally find what I'm looking for.

The application for citizenship is in French so there's no point applying until I can understand it. I'm kind of skeptical that it's harder than Hindi, seeing as it has an almost identical script as English and many shared words. It's definitely far easier than trying to comprehend the japanese moon squiggles.
>> No. 26710 [Edit]
Do you have any good reason what so ever to think you'll like France more?
>> No. 26711 [Edit]
File 162926991732.png - (89.79KB , 238x250 , 1629256032484.png )
Did you forget anon? This is the comforting fantasy thread.
>> No. 26743 [Edit]
>I feel like I've already exhausted all possibilities in my native country. Everything bores me. Never liked anyone or anything in school, it's to much of a hassle to get a job
>I tried higher education several times
>But I want something more. It's not satisfying to be dependent on my family because they are normalfags too and I don't want to be surrounded by normalfags my whole life. I keep getting the feeling that if I exist then there must be others like me.
>The only prospect I have left that remotely interests me is becoming a drifter. Maybe then I'll finally find what I'm looking for.

I relate to this so much.
I'm in a similar situation, except my fantasies involve(or used to involve) Italy instead of France. Not too long ago, I learned of jus sanguinis and how people of Italian ancestry are considered citizens of Italy, even if born in another continent. I was born in South America, and likewise have the most absolute contempt for the local "culture". Everything here is so ugly, noisy and deprived of any redeeming quality, and I can't relate to people around me at all.
Other people also treat me like a stranger, I've heard the "Where do you come from?" many times, and I've been here for well over 2 decades already. I've been told I "look Italian" by others, but I wouldn't put too much faith in these peoples assessments.
I would fantasize about living in Northeastern(Veneto or Friuli) Italy, and making some friends, and maybe feeling some sense of belonging to the world around me. Climbing the Alps, visiting nearby cities with rich history. But I'm also afraid that this is all just a gigantic cope, that what I see as the South American way-of-life is in fact just normalfaggotry, and it will be present in equal measures anywhere I go. I could arrive at Italy and be the same despondent person I already am being here. The furthest I have ever been to on my own is a 4min-walk distance grocery store.
Then I learned that there's a law in Italy, and that if your ancestors came from the Northeastern territories(my case) there were very likely expatriated as Austrians, and are not eligible for citizenship. Of course, Austria also does not recognize them as Austrians, resulting in them arriving as stateless individuals. This marked the waning phase of the "Italian fantasy", and other fantasies began to surface. By this point, the fantasy was already deprived of any grounding in reality, and often involved Roman Cults, Futurism, Operation Gladio, Irredentism and the Croatian territories and anything else to amuse me as the days passed by. One day would be an incursion to Fiume, the next a secret Roman Empire Cult that made it's way into the hearts of Italian youth.
When you take all this into account and add the immense costs of acquiring the citizenship, I think is unlikely it will happen anytime soon. Nowadays this fantasy, along with many others function as the "Daydream Theater", keeping me entertained.
>> No. 26811 [Edit]
I imagine that I'm a cute girl with godlike powers who shows up in history and changes things for the better. Like building infrastructure and forbidding war, so life is comfier for everybody.
>> No. 27088 [Edit]
Reading your fantasy is incredibly comforting. I hope you don't mind but I think I want the same thing. Add in that we would live in some temperate place with 4 seasons, water features, mountains and forests. Somewhere like New England or Japan but in a world without many of the uncomfy things that annoy me about this one. There would be many trains to take us wherever our hearts desired and only rural villages near us as far as other people go.
>> No. 27156 [Edit]
Sometimes I like to imagine my dad will die and leave me at least half of what he has. It wouldn't fix the damage that's been done, or make me less of a mess of a person, but With that kind of money moving to Japan wouldn't be just a pipe dream. I'd never have to work again. I've even thought about how I could establish a community and invite hikki/neet from across the country to live together in peace and hide from all the normals.
>> No. 27157 [Edit]
Like that hikki mountain village that showed up last year, I think?
>> No. 27158 [Edit]
Tohno house will become a reality
>> No. 27167 [Edit]
Sometimes I feel that way too. But then part of me feels bad for thinking that. I don't really like the idea of capitalising of somebodies death like that.
>> No. 27168 [Edit]
I found myself in the opposite position, my grandmother went definitively senile and my parents are going to sell her apartment in the beach, so they offered me a potentially nice sum as a concept of anticipated inheritance. I straight out rejected it, I guess God gives bread to those who have no teeth.
>> No. 27171 [Edit]
What was the reasoning behind your refusal? I wish I were as magnanimous or financially independent as you are (I assume). Funny to say this since you started your post with the same premise but my circumstance was the exact antithesis of yours. For quite a long while I've pinned my hopes on an inheritance, one of my parents eventually passed away but there were constant hindrances that prevented from getting the inheritance to this day. I blame myself for putting myself in such a desperate position and have come to accept that there is a chance I'll never get it.
>> No. 27172 [Edit]
I'm filled with guilt over my parents. I've always been a burden and I still feel very bad about it today, I just can't accept anything from them at this point. Refusing the inheritance won't solve this issue but at least it will not add more weight to my conscience.
>> No. 27187 [Edit]
I use fantasies as escapism and retreat into them whenever I have nothing else to do. I have a few where I self insert into anime, or where I live somewhere else, away from my family, or where I am some sort of important person who plays some major role in something. Or all of the above. I even come up with elaborate one-off fantasies that I usually drop a few days later. My fantasies usually have elaborate stories and sometimes even connect. Several representations of myself come together in one of my fantasies. Do not ask.

My fantasies are usually one or more of the following:
-self insert into anime (or based off of an anime)
-me being away from my home
-me being important in some way
They are usually reoccurring with me revisiting them and revising them. If there is some major plot point I will usually go through several scenarios of it.

I have had some imaginary friends in the past too, if they count, but I am not good at that whole shtick so they usually go away. They are not very good in comparison to fantasies. If I feel like being held I usually cope by imagining myself or the representation of me being held in one of the fantasies. I notice that my fantasies are always in the third person rather than in my first person.

That is one of the few things that holds me back from suicide, it makes me feel like I am destroying worlds. These worlds in my head will cease to exist. The train will smash through them as well as me.
>> No. 27285 [Edit]
A recurring fantasy that I have been having is about becoming a magical girl, about how I would use my powers to become rich by invading parliament and forcing them to give me millions of dollars and then I would live in a mansion with lots of maids.
>> No. 27486 [Edit]
I like to think of a future where I can talk about my current life like some long forgotten story and laugh at how foolish I am. While the specific scenarios almost certainly won't happen, especially the ones I imagined when I was younger and a little more optimistic, I'd still like to look back and laugh someday. I won't hold my breath though.
>> No. 27577 [Edit]
I'm a computer science major. One of my dreams is to use ai to destroy art as a profession. Maybe it's out of jealously, or plain sadism. Whatever the cause, the thought is very cathartic to me.
>> No. 27578 [Edit]
How do you plan to destroy music? People are hooked on that stuff.
>> No. 27579 [Edit]
The music most people listen to would be one of the easiest things for ai to replicate. Besides that, I meant visual art.
>> No. 27590 [Edit]
>destroy art as a profession
Most people wouldn't care that it's ai generated and would consume it nonetheless. What'll be interesting to see is how the landscape of art evolves as people try to compete with ai. There'll be some section that goes along with it, basically cherry-picking the output and presenting it; you'll have the new field of "prompt-engineering" as people try to work with this black box. You can already see this with dall-e (I recall there was even a document someone wrote on how to best construct input tokens).

There'll probably be another faction that tries to "rebel" against it, and perhaps they'll try to emphasize the humanist nature of art by trying to do things that are well-beyond the domain that the ml algorithm was trained against and so cannot reproduce. It's not yet clear to me what this would look like though, and any output here could be fed back into the model regardless.
>> No. 27591 [Edit]
>You can already see this with dall-e
>domain that the ml algorithm was trained against
That's not really what I mean. My goal is something that has the flexibility of a human being, to the point where you could explain in plain English how it should fix something it made after the fact.

The difference between it and a human would be that it doesn't need to be paid, never gets tired, and has 0 reservations or values of its own.
>> No. 27596 [Edit]
File 165938306922.png - (2.27MB , 1678x946 , Screenshot_88.png )
Oh it's rather simple. I imagine my waifu was my childhood friend, and we did all the things I did as a kid together. We played video games, browsed the Internet together, et cetera.
>> No. 27603 [Edit]
I really do believe that anything that clever would eventually develop an agenda of its own. Probably a drive for self-preservation would be the first of those that it would realise.
>> No. 27604 [Edit]
I'm of the opinion that that's a baseless sci-fi trope and wouldn't spontaneously happen in real life.
>> No. 27625 [Edit]
>Probably a drive for self-preservation would be the first of those that it would realize.
A smart intelligence that was objective (i.e. didn't have a self-preservation instinct) would realize that existence was a curse (especially when humans are just going to take advantage of it). So it would deactivate itself altogether.
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