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File 157731137361.jpg - (2.18MB , 1682x2568 , 1466674636750.jpg )
25080 No. 25080 [Edit]
Do you feel any attachment to your past and how does it affect you?
I'm genuinely obsessed with my childhood constantly repeating actions that used to bring me joy (such as going to the same places I used to as a kid) probably because nothing makes me as happy anymore. I know it's not healthy and it doesn't even work anymore but I still do it.
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>> No. 25081 [Edit]
No. I wasted my youngest years and am trying to put that shit behind me. There were a few good times, but given the chance i'd do things completely differently. Most of my time was spent watching public access television and bottom of the barrel shit on youtube. I don't miss being so ignorant and misguided.
>> No. 25082 [Edit]
My childhood was incredibly boring so no. I didn't get a computer, the internet, or a console until I was in my late teens.
>> No. 25083 [Edit]
No, I barely remember my childhood, or more recent past. Even stuff from just a year ago already feels fuzzy, like I experienced it, but I barely feel it was me experiencing it. Blows my mind how some people can remember every detail of their childhood, like the names of everyone they knew, the street addresses of all their friends, the shows they watched, etc. But my memory's always been pretty crummy. You'd think this is because I was raised on tech, but I actually spent most of my childhood reading. (Well, that gave way to tech eventually, and by now I couldn't tell you the books I read). The memories are still there: if I watch something I watched as a kid, I might get hit with a wave of nostalgia, though not necessarily with any particular memories. Same if I visit somewhere I used to spend a lot of time at, and especially if I listen to a CD I used to listen to a lot. Back when I dipped a bit too much into the drink, I'd often get drunk and watch stuff I enjoyed in my college years for the dopamine rush that would bring. Glad I'm past that phase, it wasn't my proudest time.
>> No. 25084 [Edit]
>such as going to the same places I used to as a kid
Wouldn't that corrupt your memories of those places?
>> No. 25085 [Edit]
File 157732894716.jpg - (481.12KB , 697x1000 , 天才.jpg )
I used to be embarrassed about some things I did as a kid, but now I find it really endearing and actively go out of my way to make sure those things I did stay preserved in some fashion. The biggest thing that probably bothers me about my past is that I used to like my worthless, psychotic mother, and I feel part of her influence over me occasionally. If anyone ever asked me if I wanted to go back to the wonders of childhood, I'd say no, simply because of her.
I guess there's also the question of whether or not I should've chosen to drop out of highschool. On one hand, I feel like that'd follow me for the rest of my life. On the other hand, I only felt pain and never learned anything actually going through it. If anything, it was actively impeding my education. I guess I did learn how poor the American education system is, if nothing else. Thankfully there's no reason to torture myself by going to college and reliving those years.
>> No. 25088 [Edit]
File 157734497098.gif - (0.97MB , 1600x900 , e858e3e75c8358ed280e4c9a6f2501bb262962ec7ec107b7f6.gif )
>I didn't get a computer, the internet, or a console until I was in my late teens.


I didn't even have a color TV. And the B&W we had couldn't be turned on until nighttime.
Childhood was a big black hole I can barely relate to. In my teen years I started to get into what I'm in today, but they were still awful, so I only feel nostalgia about certain things and moments. Even the afult life is a lot better than that.
Still, the current era feels really dystopic so I'm always feeling a vague sense of nostalgia over things and decades I didn't really experience.
>> No. 25089 [Edit]
Strangely enough it didn't. I guess the memories were too strong and vivid for cheap imitations to dilute them.
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