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File 156381504864.jpg - (764.70KB , 1167x1800 , 790891E4-95F2-40C1-B6CF-35798D7E98C7.jpg )
24460 No. 24460 [Edit]
They say people find their niche...they say keep trying and eventually things will work out...

But I am convinced there is truly no place for someone like me. Anything I could offer, someone else could do better, and without being a morose, miserable, despondent person.

I am at odds with the world. The world is at odds with me. Square peg round hole.

A stupid person who is just smart enough to realize how dumb they are...there is no use for someone like that. I wish a freak accident would take my life and free me from this prison existence.

Up until recently, I still had a little hope. But lately, I don’t see a future where I want to live, no matter what happens. There’s nothing for me and the people around me don’t get it. I have been broken by a life of emotional neglect. I can’t put the pieces back together by myself.

I’m sorry if this thread is a waste of your time.
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>> No. 24464 [Edit]
Well gee. If you don't mind me asking, what happened in your life to make you feel this way? Is there anything I or anyone else on here can say or do to help? I just hate to see anyone suffer like this. Hell, I've already lost an online acquaintance to murder suicide after having the same mindset you do.
>> No. 24465 [Edit]
I feel you. I never had any dreams or ambitions in life. I'm just killing time with vain pursuits, waiting for some catastrophe to shake up my life, in the hope that it will give me a soul or fix my useless self in some way I could never do independently, or at least end me quickly.

Life isn't so painful that I want to die, but living doesn't feel like an option either. I'm just stuck here until I wind up dead.
>> No. 24466 [Edit]
What a waste of time indeed.
You come here, all upset about your situation and how hopeless it is,
But still, I think the situation isn't completely hopeless because you still went through the effort the tell us about it no matter what the reasoning behind that.

I think I can relate to how you feel, being brought into this world without purpose and completely dispensable as a human, no one really needs you or cares about you. Some sentimental people will tell you that "you do matter" without really offering anything.
Anon, I don't know you or your situation but I wish you would try again cause I think behind the post you wrote is a person who really wants things to change and I think that as long as you breathe there are things that can be done but it's not easy to change your life around.

Anon, are there still things you like to do? Interests or hobbies even?
>> No. 24467 [Edit]
Even if this person did have interests, they don't have the habits and willpower to actually do anything about it, at least not in the long term. Do you think this guy even gets enough sleep at night to function properly? People are the sum of their habits and temperament. Helping anybody with bad habits and poor temperament is a waste of time because if they're capable of really improving, they don't need help from strangers.
>> No. 24469 [Edit]
The thing is, why stop and give up when we have a place here to discuss possible ways out and share experiences.
I have a soft spot for people who despite all odds managed to turn their situation around and I don't see why OP here should give up at all, no matter how often he says that it's hopeless.

Of course, this isn't a place for self-help or counseling but sitting here and merely confirming that all is lost and all is hopeless just doesn't sit right with me and at the very least I'm still a bit curious OPs situation.
>> No. 24470 [Edit]
File 156389664873.jpg - (1.45MB , 1000x1450 , a5e5126c2fd6970ff027f82420743dec.jpg )
I'm not saying op should give up(he never started trying as far as we know) I'm saying we should give up trying to give advice to op and others like him. Giving people an outlet and an listening ear may even enable them. It makes it more bearable, lesesening the desire to get out, if it's even there. If a person is capable of changing, they will do it on their own. If they are not, they never will, regardless of e-sympathy.

Why should we bother? There's always going to be another guy saying the same thing and 99/100 times they never improve. When they do, it comes from their own consistent self-motivation and discipline, not others. If some guy says they got out, don't pat yourself on the back because it's very, very likely you had nothing to do with it.

Post edited on 23rd Jul 2019, 8:45am
>> No. 24471 [Edit]
I don't think it's useless. Personally, I don't come to these sorts of places for sympathy, but to get away from the gaslighting that takes place everywhere else. Why bother living if it feels like you're the last one left in a world gone mad? Denying human connection makes things worse, not better. Human connection is, if anything, the only way out. Discipline and self motivation are useless for people like OP. You need a certain level of self trust for those concepts to apply. People who are truly broken need to spend a long time doing psychological surgery on themselves to get that point. And psychology is fundamentally social.
>> No. 24472 [Edit]
Except many skilled and hard working people have terrible social lives or just zero interest in other people. If you're in love with programming or some other interest, the stupidity of other people doesn't matter to you. Strong people are self-sufficient. What do you mean by gaslighting? I have my doubts any imageboard can serve as a place for "psychological surgery" anyway. There's no evidence to show imageboards of any type have a positive influence on productivity or mental health in people who are lacking in those areas.

Post edited on 23rd Jul 2019, 11:11am
>> No. 24473 [Edit]
People also exist who are not skilled and hard working, and have no deep interest in anything. Telling them to be different will not make it so. They can cultivate those things, but different things work for different people.
>What do you mean by gaslighting?
Causing someone to doubt their own sanity through lies, dismissal, omittance, etc.
>> No. 24474 [Edit]
File 156391142247.jpg - (98.75KB , 749x605 , cf6d2c09b2252e702a87afde59bb96f5.jpg )
I personally feel those people are a waste of time and will never cultivate those things without extensive help from people in real life, and even that might not lead to any progress, let alone a self-sufficient individual. I think getting advice from anons will work for an infinitesimally small number of people compared to hpw many have the exact same problems as op. I'm not telling anybody to change. I'm completely at peace with the way they are. Trying to fix every anon like this is sisyphean.
>> No. 24475 [Edit]
Oh look, it's another worthless social darwinist asshole with no life experience or achievements whatsoever to even back up their selfish philosophy. I hope you're being fed your own medicine in heaps.
OP pay no attention to ford driving creatures like this one. They're the ones who have negative value as humans, being capable only of hurting others while bringing absolutely nothing to the table.
They're weak cowards who can only take and take and take, terrified by the prospect expending their meager resources on anything they don't see as an 'investment'. It's lowly greed and it's the cancer that's killing us all. That's how things are. As I've been surviving on a plethora of irregular odd jobs I've been around and I've seen some shit.
People like him have made me what I am today. Having full knowledge of what it's like to be dealing with their bullshit I have no right to become like them even if it puts me at a disadvantage. I've been trying to break the cycle by attempting to offer what little help a loser like me can provide, asking for little in return and never exploiting unfair opportunities.
Like you I've found no place for myself so far. I tried and it's been an arduous journey rewarded mostly with bad memories, scars and chronic pain- physical and emotional. I've lost almost all hope and forcing myself to do anything requires tremendous mental effort but spite towards assholes like the one you've seen above keeps me alive.
People deserve to be helped, regardless of their personal struggles and theoretical monetary value, out of kindness alone, for free.
So I keep trying. A selfless act or a stretch of hard committed labor will earn me someone's smile and an eager handshake but it's so hard to be really accepted anywhere with my personality being so different from that of a normal man.
Those who are personally likeable can often fit in regardless of how hard they work. Socially nimble people can succeed even if they're internally disgusting and evil.
I have met numerous shitheads who try to capitalize on any good will they perceive as easily exploitable but if I've helped even one of those 'hopeless' persons the shitheads despise so much that's enough, it's been worth it. If I've provoked some of these assholes to question their beliefs by helping them and demonstrating how it's possible to try doing something for someone even with no apparent gain for oneself in sight, that's good enough too.
It's hard to survive, I don't see a future for myself either and it's going to get harder considering where things are heading over here. Still, given my personality many of the available conventional ways of survival are impossible for me. Trying to get ahead by becoming niggard, adopting the way of life professed by the venomous douchebags is not an option either.
Don't let them get to you OP. I don't know how to solve our greatest problem but please don't let them tell you that you deserve to suffer and be alone. No one can put the pieces together entirely by themselves, not even the toughest strongman.
This world has reached a point where scarcity results from people's will, it's not a reflection of the physical state of nature anymore. With large parts of our economy becoming abstract or virtual, value itself has become much more arbitrary. Social worth is no longer a true reflection of one's objective power. To say today that some people should be left behind because it's not 'economical' or 'logical' to 'waste time' helping them is just needless, unjustified cruelty and it needs to change.
Technology has carried the society far beyond the mire where laws of nature decided all. Technology is never going to stop and the coming changes are going to upset the 'natural' even further. The laws of the jungle have a place back in the jungle. Perpetuation of a social and economical system derived from pleistocenian tribal cutthroat opportunism is an exercise in sadomasochism on a planetary scale.
If humanity is to move on from the past ages of suffering the paradigms are going to have to be shifted. True value in life is contained in the fleeting sphere of interpersonal support, warmth and compassion that can't be quantified and monetized. It can't be bought or earned, only given selflessly. Ironically extreme hardship tends to provoke extreme displays of kindness, even from people who were never unusually generous before. My last hope for the future is that with the constant drive to move away from the purely natural order the social spirit can also reform, with people willingly choosing to be good to each other, unprovoked by adversity in an age of relative comfort.
Hang in there, OP. The introspection and sensitivity you displayed in one short post is valuable in and of itself.
>> No. 24476 [Edit]
File 156399343875.jpg - (80.80KB , 850x779 , sample_5b65a38293083b4882665f81777ef751.jpg )
You're projecting both on me and op, you bitter little man. You know nothing about me, yet because of my views on energy investment, you fill in the blanks to make me the kind of person you hate. I don't hate op. I don't despise them. However, I do feel that trying to help them by giving them the same advice, and the same pitiful excuse for emotional support an anonymous image board can allow, and the same sophistry, and so on and so on as everybody like him has received before is a waste of his and my time. It doesn't work. You think I haven't tried?

Giving him your e-therapy or whatever, won't help him. There's no rational reason to think it will. It's not the informed, extensive, consistent, help they need. However, it will allow you to use op as a tool to feel better about yourself. To feel noble and better than those shitty normal. Like you're revolting against the universe. Even so called "good, selfless people" like yourself put others down, like me, to feel superior to others. Even if I really never accomplished anything like you assume about me, why do you use that as your insult, on this site? If I was a billionaire, would that make me a more worthwhile person in your eyes? Or would I have to start a charity? Why pull the "loser" card?

You're not op's mentor, who's going to teach him about evil "Ford drivers" like me, cunt. OP might have even dropped this thread and left. Or they're kicking themself for starting it and blaming themself for this argument. If you're listening op, do whatever the fuck you want. I don't care, and neither should anybody else. If they think they do now, they won't in one week. That advice is the only real help I can give you.
>> No. 24477 [Edit]
Well this thread sure got interesting.
OP pls respond!
>> No. 24509 [Edit]
File 156472802863.png - (16.70KB , 199x103 , tumblr_oh4p3eVxHN1v0ama5o1_250.png )
cute pic op
>> No. 24789 [Edit]
Hey, does anybody still care about this thread? Anyone still care about op? Anyone remember him? False compassion is crueler than genuine apathy because while one is fleeting, the other is consistent.
>> No. 24790 [Edit]
> False compassion is crueler than genuine apathy
It's for this reason that I'm viscerally disgusted by posters (not on this site, thankfully, but on other imageboards) who feel like they're being helpful by telling people to "reach out" to them and offering platitudes of advice.

Almost always it's some outsider just wanders by the forum and sees these people struggling with life. For some reason this triggers an almost instinctual reaction to be a "leader" and by typing out some message of concern (I'm not sure they even realize that any compassion on their end is superficial) they can go on thinking that all is right with the world and they feel good thinking they've helped out some poor soul. It's even worse with the ones who leave behind some sort of contact information, since that offers a false glimmer of hope yet in reality the poster has no incentive to care.
>> No. 24791 [Edit]
>I'm not sure they even realize that any compassion on their end is superficial
They don't. They're driven by feelings and instincts. Maybe it takes prolonged isolation and disappointment to realise that just like stangers don't care about you, you don't care about them. Without that you keep living in a delusion where of course somebody cares.

Pretending to be that person for a little bit maintains the illusion when something contradicts it. If they by some tiny chance remember the person they felt like "helping", they'll just assume somebody else picked up where they left off.
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