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File 146440703814.png - (610.22KB , 883x1395 , I want her to step on me.png )
21816 No. 21816 [Edit]
what would yall say are your biggest flaws, or things you're most ashamed of?

Post edited on 28th May 2016, 2:01am
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>> No. 21817 [Edit]
File 146440836346.jpg - (14.74KB , 360x270 , 146428466241.jpg )
Cowardice is the one thing that makes me truly hate myself, but I canĀ“t help it, I grew up being stepped on by physically bigger people and made fun of by witty and smart people, always outnumbered.
>> No. 21818 [Edit]
Being a stupid fatass ugly alcholic with identity issues on welfare and unwilling to change any of it

also my lack of interest in just about everything
>> No. 21819 [Edit]
Oh, you said "flaw" not "flaws". Probably laziness
>> No. 21821 [Edit]
Fixed it for yall.
>> No. 21822 [Edit]
High expectations, managed to limit them on emotions. I think I expect too much from emotions like happiness, love etc. and there's nothing I can do about it because if they are not as intense as I imagine them to be, they're not worth pursuing in my opinion. Could be that I have a lack of self-awareness regarding emotions. I haven't cried often in my adult life and when I did, I always wondered why and looked for some intense feeling I didn't have.

Not really ashamed of anything, wouldn't call my arrogance a flaw because it's that kind that doesn't require positive feedback and I still criticize myself very often so I don't think I'm perfect, just better than all the other people I know, I think that's healthy.
>> No. 21823 [Edit]
File 146447199723.png - (29.36KB , 640x480 , 1216416707993.png )
That I've never known love. There are others, too, but that is the only one that I really care about.
>> No. 21824 [Edit]
File 14644768569.jpg - (1.19MB , 840x850 , 1249805879068.jpg )
>> No. 21828 [Edit]
My biggest flaw is no doubt my complete, utter lack of ambition. I never had a dream or drive to do or become anything, even as a child. Absolutely nothing motivates me.

I'm also highly antisocial, have very little stress tolerance, etc... much of the usual hikikomori traits. But at the end of the day, none of it really matters when you don't have the motivation to act on anything.

I would consider that a good thing, not a flaw. Don't buy into that "tis better to have loved and lost" bullshit.
>> No. 21839 [Edit]
I have too many flaws to pick just a single one. The only thing that I could really say that would sum it all is that I exist. That would be the only thing that could capture all of my flaws into a single flaw.
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