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File 151453471229.png - (264.78KB , 700x394 , akunohana.png )
23218 No. 23218 [Edit]
Post and discuss medical issues here. It helps to talk about them.

My lower left lung has been hurting, it feels like it's been stabbed. And I just coughed and tasted blood. Didn't see any blood when I went to the mirror and made myself cough again, just tasted it.
I'm scared. I'm poor. The doctors are going to let me die if it's cancer, I can't afford it. I did used to smoke but it was only for a year or two... I've been having trouble breathing but it might just be allergies. I will try to be optimistic.

I also went two years without brushing my teeth and my gums are so full of bacteria it's actually making me sick now. I'm sick constantly because of my own mouth, swallowing bacteria is irritating my throat and giving me a fever, and will be till I pay up $7,000 to unfuck my mouth. No root canals yet, and only two teeth have to be pulled, so that's a positive I guess. I got good teeth genetics from my folks. The dentist said average people would have had lots of teeth fall out by now.

Best advice I can give anyone is take Vitamin D supplements if you aren't in the sunlight at least 30 minutes a day. It helped me a lot.
>> No. 23219 [Edit]
You just laid down some real bad sounding issues. Do you not have any way to get govt healthcare? If you're poor like you say I'd think there would be some program to help you out. Assuming you live in USA and not somewhere with universal healthcare or whatever. Coughing blood and lung pain sounds really bad though, and I'm no doctor so I won't say anything.
>> No. 23224 [Edit]
I don't brush either. I rinse my mouth with water before sleep. Been doing this for about 10 years. The exception is when I eat something so nasty I have to clean out my mouth. My teeth are fine. For those who don't want to waste time brushing, like me, just take 10 seconds and rinse out your mouth before sleeping. Don't let scrap food sit in your mouth and rot overnight.
>> No. 23227 [Edit]
I think most of my psychological and physical health issues are snowball effects from my sleep apnea. Sadly I didn't diagnose myself earlier.

I use an air pressure machine to manage my sleep apnea. I thought it would be the cure, but sadly the air goes down my esophagus too, which in itself causes interrupted sleep from the discomfort it causes.

Is good sleep impossible for me? Without the machine, I stop breathing. With the machine, I get air down my throat. I can't figure anything out and I want to cry.
>> No. 23228 [Edit]
>Is good sleep impossible for me?
Well, what did the doctor that diagnosed you say?
>> No. 23229 [Edit]
They do put flouride in the water for that reason.
>> No. 23230 [Edit]
I think it depends largly on the types of foods you eat. You can never brush or rinse and have perfect teeth if you never touch anything with sugar.
>> No. 23233 [Edit]
OP here. Turns out the blood taste and pain in the lungs is actually also a side effect of my dental issues.
>> No. 23234 [Edit]
I figured so, since you would inevitably be breathing in whatever is in your mouth.

Just rinse straight after eating sugar.
>> No. 23235 [Edit]
I have been feeling some discomfort in the left area of my chest for some time, could be a month or two.
I know the symptoms for heart attacks and I'm scared whenever I'm a little short of breath or weird on my left arm.

I've been sedentary for far too long and I'm overweight.
I've been getting more active and on one hand it will help me get in shape but on the other hand if I do have a heart disease of some sort I'm afraid the increased activity will have a negative effect by putting too much strain on my body.
>> No. 23244 [Edit]
Same here, I've also been sitting on my ass for too long and getting fat, I've had heart problems since I was a teen and my left arm and my chest hurt quite often these days.

I just decided to risk it and start jogging every evening. I'm very unfit so if I overdo it I get very nauseated and start vomiting, but holy shit does it feel good go out and get some exercise.

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