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File 145535801469.jpg - (256.84KB , 850x1112 , sample_ba77fe41401a1a683dd1138860957324.jpg )
21407 No. 21407 [Edit]
Dose anyone else ever feel like the universe wants them to be miserable?
The only reason I'm not an atheist is because I feel like there has to be someone up there who gets off on taking diarrhea shits all over my life every time anything slightly nice happens, or just for the hell of it even.

I'm at the point where I get scared if anything too good happens because I just know something bad is about to happen in turn. I've gotten pretty used to bad things happening for the most part but it almost seems like accepting it and not reacting just pisses off the cosmos and makes it go overdrive on fucking with me to push me over the edge. I feel like a lab rat constantly being poked for a reaction.

I've long since stopped looking forward to anything or allowing myself to be excited. Everything is a disappointment or doesn't work out. I don't even know if I'm even capable of feeling 'hope' anymore. I'm long past dead inside. With each passing day I sit here just waiting for what life is going to throw at me next.

Post edited on 14th Feb 2016, 6:49pm
>> No. 21410 [Edit]
Some find reasons to live,
Others finds means to die.
Still living on the same time.
While seeing everyone running and jumping.
Making it this far just by crawling,
Is an achievement in itself.
Dying with no regrets is my motto in life.
I don't want to return here again.
>> No. 21426 [Edit]
Well Anonymous, that's just the way of the universe. It's uncaring by default -- if God's real and has a nature, he must be evil, looking at all of the killing, torturing, rape... the illness and aging... and all the rest of the simply unpleasant changes in the world. The way of life, is that life goes on by killing and eating other life.

The first "noble truth" of Buddha:
>There is dukkha (stress, suffering,
>dissatisfaction). Birth, aging, and death are
>dukkha. Sorrow, lamentation, death, and
>despair are dukkha. Separation from what's
>beloved and association with what's unbeloved
>is dukkha. Not getting what one wants is

People can go from being madly in love to being complete strangers in just a day.

Life is unpleasant, but what's amazing is that people can still find limited happiness in this strange place. I try to live happily in part to rebel against the natural order of things, and because it just feels good to be happy...

Find meaning, create it, or purge your need for meaning. That's the only way to progress in life past all of the bewilderment and torment that comes when you start to see what's happening behind the curtain.
>> No. 21427 [Edit]
To quote Boethius -- the greatest pain is remembering what one has lost, and the greatest joy is self-possession. Does that reflect your thoughts at all?
>> No. 21428 [Edit]
I think about this a lot myself

Perhaps it's just foolishness, but I often wonder if I did something wrong to deserve how crappy my life can be at times. I often wonder if there really is a god and he has forsaken me for my Atheism, or if Karma is real and I'm doing something bad or evil without realizing it.
>> No. 21431 [Edit]
No, thats silly. The universe doesn't want to punish you. The universe is indifferent.
>> No. 21668 [Edit]
Not OP but thank you for posting
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