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File 153255165371.jpg - (1.55MB , 1324x1101 , gotes.jpg )
23678 No. 23678 [Edit]
which goat are you?
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>> No. 23680 [Edit]
I blame the world for my problems.
Fuck this planet.
>> No. 23681 [Edit]
That one staring at the cloud but the tag should read "thinking about nothing".
>> No. 23682 [Edit]
nice picture
>> No. 23683 [Edit]
File 153265074339.jpg - (44.08KB , 600x762 , me being capracious.jpg )
i'm a cute little anime goat
>> No. 23686 [Edit]
Neither of them.
>> No. 23688 [Edit]
there's no goat I can see for "realizes most problems *are* caused by the world but has also realized getting angry about it just makes you tired"
>> No. 23692 [Edit]
Realizes problems can't exist if the universe doesn't exist: is working towards that goal
>> No. 23699 [Edit]
So you are the "died happy" goat?

I am the can't admit responsibility goat. I really can't not even for myself, let alone for others. It is so exhausting and unrequited, just a growing weight one has to carry all life long.
>> No. 23705 [Edit]
Where is the goat that figured out that existence depends on problems?
>> No. 23716 [Edit]
Can I call this image bullshit because it is.

Some of the green things aren't bad but there is also bullshit.
It's one of those I tell you how you should behave things.

How is obsessed with facts a good thing?

Also blaming yourself for the world isn't healthy either.
>> No. 23719 [Edit]
It's a normaldric placements image. Quite a few of the goats are "You're living WRONG, adapt to our measuring or you're a failure".
>> No. 23720 [Edit]
Which ones are bullshit?
>> No. 23721 [Edit]
It's funny that one of the red goats "Focuses on differences" when that is exactly what the image is highlighting.
>> No. 23822 [Edit]
None of those seems to be labeled "hates everyone but his cat and doesn't know why everyone doesn't just blow their brains out."
>> No. 23876 [Edit]
the one who jumped off the cliff
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