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File 147038132344.jpg - (58.07KB , 592x589 , SKqGUDl.jpg )
21993 No. 21993 [Edit]
I sure as hell would.
>> No. 21994 [Edit]
If the shot means certain death and not becoming a cripple, it's possible I would.
>> No. 21995 [Edit]
Decrease the values by 10 times and I'd still do it. Hell, even with 20 or 30 I wouldn't hesitate I'm sure.
In a way getting shot wouldn't even be that but, and I would get the chance to get filthy rich too. It's win-win.
>> No. 21996 [Edit]
I wouldn't really know what to do with the money, but I guess I'd do it since there are no drawbacks.
>> No. 21997 [Edit]
I see no reason for not doing it.
>> No. 21998 [Edit]
I'm going to have to say "No", but mostly because I don't care about money at all.

I also don't want to die just yet. My life might be worth living for a while longer.
>> No. 22000 [Edit]
1 in 8 chance...

I want to thing that I'd definitely do it. But maybe if this was real and I was standing in front of that wheel... I'd probably change my mind.
>> No. 22001 [Edit]
i would, not like the government would stole all my money and put me in jail anyway...
>> No. 22033 [Edit]
You better believe it. I'm not fortunate enough to get NEETbux like some of the people here, so a 1/8 chance of death for a 7/8 chance of an easy way out of being a wagecuck is more than worth the risk to me. Even 500 grand would be enough to last the rest of my life on if planned frugally.
>> No. 22041 [Edit]
yeah I'd spin it really lightly counterclockwise so it lands on 50 or 100 m
>> No. 22060 [Edit]
What's the catch?
>> No. 22062 [Edit]
There isn't one.
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