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File 161574272993.jpg - (125.52KB , 926x813 , fc0719b92791a3c262e9cef69f72d022.jpg )
26400 No. 26400 [Edit]
Do you ever feel like hurting other people, physically or emotionally? Would that give you any sense of catharsis? I feel increasingly like I can't relate to or trust anybody. People constantly disappoint me in real life and online, but I can't stop myself from interacting with them because like an awful addiction, I can't live without it.

Hurting other people is a way of interacting with others that could make you feel good and protect you from disappoint and alienation. It doesn't matter what the other person thinks of you, because you can enjoy yourself regardless of their opinion if you're causing them pain.

I read an article once that sadistic people have a low baseline level of happiness, and that sadism is not only something they like, but something they require to uplift their mood.
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>> No. 26401 [Edit]
That's a kind of power I don't think I ever had.
To do evil you need to, at least, possess some strength. I don't have the wish to harm others but I wish I could do it.
>> No. 26402 [Edit]
No, physically hurting other people is just dumb. You will get locked up, alienated and beaten up yourself. Emotionally hurting people is manipulative, dirty and cowardly. And again there is not much point to it and you could end up getting other people to cause you pain as well(which is probably likely as usually people with stronger social skills and networks are better able to inflict emotional pain and that is not anybody here).

Plus I just don't feel the motivation to do any of this even if it were simple and easy, inflicting pain itself does not bring me happiness.
>> No. 26403 [Edit]
>You will get locked up, alienated and beaten up yourself.
Some people get away with it.
>> No. 26404 [Edit]
File 161577575871.png - (241.25KB , 600x599 , 32889844_p0.png )
>Hurting other people is a way of interacting with others that could make you feel good
It's an action of hatred done to someone I hate and it only makes me feel like shit.
>> No. 26405 [Edit]
Not really.
>> No. 26406 [Edit]
File 161578405237.png - (271.73KB , 555x555 , e2e6a04974ba4963c28e2d9b4e3df16c.png )
I'm not proud to say I do, quite often. While my opinions are vastly different my thought processes are sometimes similar to those of SJWs, which is to say, I can easily feel wronged and vengeful as a result. It's easy to keep it in check, especially since I have no real ability to do significant harm to others, but that desire is still something to be monitored. I have worried in the past that if I did have the ability to act on these urges and decided to ignore the consequences I would become addicted to the rush of it to the point of becoming a very different and, despite that I would likely be rather popular for it, much worse person overall.
Sometimes I have intrusive thoughts about harming others close to me, those scare me but I know how to deal with those particular thoughts, at least. Though I worry my newfound liking for guro and ryona might not be helping me very much with this.
>You will get locked up, alienated and beaten up yourself.
I thought normalfags liked destructive people. Did that change in recent years as well?

Post edited on 14th Mar 2021, 9:56pm
>> No. 26407 [Edit]
>I thought normalfags liked destructive people. Did that change in recent years as well?

Not sure, has assault been legalised because 'normalfags' watch comic book movies with violence in it? Do these people also like to be beaten up themselves or to have their friends beaten up as well now? Well I would assume not so I don't think anything has changed.
>> No. 26408 [Edit]
File 161578922164.jpg - (280.66KB , 850x478 , sample_597779b2f33da61055031f065460f6a0.jpg )
I don't know much about you anon, but in this moment I appreciate you for sharing this trait with me. Thank you.
>> No. 26409 [Edit]
You sound like a normalfag yourself. Leave.
>> No. 26410 [Edit]
Normal as in having my head somewhat fixed in reality?

Actually no that isn't the norm these days but then I guess that makes you the 'noarmalfag'.

Post edited on 15th Mar 2021, 12:59am
>> No. 26411 [Edit]
You sound like someone who's just trying to start an argument because suffering amuses you. This is, in fact, completely on-topic.
>> No. 26413 [Edit]
I don't like the idea of hurting people. It greatly bothers me to think I might hurt or even inconvenience anyone on any level. With that said I have often considered doing it to my father. He is the only person on this planet I might want to see suffer. I do not hate him as I have lost the ability to feel that way about anyone (along with other emotions), but I understand by all accounts I should still hate him. He is after all a monster to those who have the misfortune of knowing him. It would not be for me, it would be for the person I used to be. That person who still had hopes and dreams for the future. He was abused, taken advantage of, manipulated, and cast aside like garbage when no longer useful. It might not be an exaggeration to say this man ruined his life, or if nothing else kept him from being able to enjoy it while he was still able to. No one knows his suffering like I do, and no one noticed when he died, because no one else cares.
That said, revenge seems stupid to me. It changes nothing. More often than not it only makes maters worse. The person I used to be is dead now. nothing will change that, and he/I won't retroactively enjoy anything I do at this point in time. I said before I want to see my father suffer, but that does not seem right. It is more like a mission I'm supposed to carry out, with the orders coming from someone who would have no idea if I carried them out or not. With that in mind, why even bother?
>> No. 26421 [Edit]
I enjoy guro/ryona because it's a sharp contrast to the saccharine-tinted viewpoint towards life that everyone seems to have. People keep repeating the same platitudes that "life is a gift" without stopping to think if that's really the case. I strongly believe that life is neutral-expected value at best, negative EV at worst. And that's not limited to modern life, e.g as Kacyzinski stated; Kacyzinski diagnosed the symptoms but didn't go far enough in finding the root cause, which is the inevitable result of consciousness not necessarily technology. And so I use guro/ryona as that outlet for the side that not only hates life but hates that others' glorify it. The more pissed off I am, the more I take it out on the poor 2D girls (*) who were seemingly materialized onto the screen to satisfy my carnal, base desires.

(*) I would never think of ohysically hurting people in the "real-world" though (not that I know enough people in the first place
>> No. 26422 [Edit]
File 161588016210.png - (3.02MB , 1946x2480 , 4ea1dd4daed65855f0961f96fa8661e1.png )
I like it mainly because my hate for women has been bleeding into 2d as well, which scares me a little. Guro of the individuals of the opposite gender that still dress cutely is great too though uncommon. I suppose it's like a way of venting anger for me but I worry that it might be a slippery slope to something. Maybe it stemmed a little from my love and lust for yanderes, I like a girl whose blackpilled on women and acts on it.
>> No. 26423 [Edit]
Sounds like you've already been ridding down that slope for a while.
>> No. 26424 [Edit]
>I like it mainly because my hate for women has been bleeding into 2d as well, which scares me a little
You like it because of that? Maybe I'm misunderstanding but to me 2D is the last sanctuary I have – an unsullied edenic world – so the thought that I could ever viscerally come to hate it is quite worrying.
>> No. 26426 [Edit]
File 161595958211.jpg - (2.52MB , 2026x2865 , 06f8757753d7b9dec874a65caea3ad07.jpg )
>the thought that I could ever viscerally come to hate it is quite worrying.
It could happen quite easily too. I just hope that comfort it brings you won't ever be compromised. You probably know what to avoid anyway. But maybe I'm just cynical.
>> No. 26444 [Edit]
File 161642171172.gif - (830.08KB , 400x360 , sadrori.gif )
I don't necessarily want to physically or emotionally want to hurt somebody, but I wish I weren't such a punk when I was younger. I didn't stand up for myself, and I was very shy and timid. I wish I had more of a backbone, and I wish I would have defended myself more instead of crying and feeling powerless.
>> No. 26445 [Edit]
That sounds like something I could have written. Maybe I did. Fuck my brain.
>> No. 26453 [Edit]
I used to be more quiet but nowadays I feel like I want to break something or beat up someone. Everytime I cry or feel frustrated about anything I punch and kick anything in my sight. There are way too many people in this planet who should have never been born.
>> No. 26457 [Edit]
sounds like you weren't a punk but really want to be one now.
>> No. 26458 [Edit]
Sometimes I wish I was in the oppressor side, not because I find enjoyment in oppression, but because it's miles better than being among the oppressed, and I suspect there could be no room for anything else.
>> No. 26513 [Edit]
File 161909841176.gif - (245.93KB , 544x632 , 1619018136389.gif )
would the devil be homosexual? a homosexual spirit

to answer your q, no, but i used to, kind of. it won't do anything good for you
>> No. 26813 [Edit]
Yes, sometimes I do feel like hurting people. Usually in response to what I perceive as a hurt done to me. I can never justify it to myself, I know it's wrong, so I do it in some way that flies under my own radar.

There have been times I gradually put my feelings into my actions gradually, and the other person gets the message after the fact.

Or I may just conveniently forget that there will be certain consequences of my words or actions.

Or I'll get anxious that someone is or might be trying to hurt me / out to get me (which sometimes they have been) and try to provoke them into a direct confrontation.

When I took a self-defense class, I was occasionally a bully to the younger guys in small ways just on impulse / without thinking about it.

I don't like this part of myself. I'm a bully, just like the people I hated the most.

It does feel good sometimes. But it's not worth the guilt, shame, and fear of retaliation (or actual retaliation). I know it's wrong, but I guess I'm protecting myself from / responding to feelings of disappointment and alienation. And sometimes I just do it out of boredom, which is even worse.
>> No. 27396 [Edit]
Hurting people isn't something I particularly enjoy doing or something I feel like doing, but I find that I do and say hurtful things without really thinking about it. I've talked about it before on another imageboard. The people there say I'm fucked up and evil for it.
Whatever, I don't have anyone to hurt now.
>> No. 27398 [Edit]
If you were truly fucked up or evil for it, you'd enjoy it or at the least be indifferent to it. we all have slip ups and say bad things sometimes. Weather or not you regret your actions is what determines if you have a sense of morality or not.
>> No. 27399 [Edit]
I am pretty indifferent to it now. Of course, now I avoid interactions all together. I try harder to be kind or at least respectful of others.
I guess part of me feels looked down on, which justifies my own issues with others.
It just bothered me that someone said that. I realize I might be pretty clueless about the nature of social interactions, but I didn't think I was that horrible. It was just the only way I knew how to interact with others.
>> No. 27400 [Edit]
People say offensive hurtful things on the internet all the time, especially on (most)imageboards. If anyone's evil, it's these people who can't find joy in their lives without putting other people down. In my years on the net, I've been called every name in the book, stalked, threatened, harassed, trolled, scammed, doxed, you name it. At some point you just gotta get used to it and develop a thinker skin.
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