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File 143065868071.png - (552.32KB , 736x871 , you could die anyday.png )
20005 No. 20005 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
For the past few years I've realized that I haven't grown in any capacity that I'm proud of. As a result, I want to work on who I am to figure out where I want to go in life.

Where are you in your life and how does that relate to the past 3-5 years? Do you think you're accomplishing the things that you would like to? Do you wish you had been doing things differently?
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>> No. 20047 [Edit]
I've accomplished nothing, I've wasted the last few years... or decade rather. I'm pretty much where I was three years ago. I don't have much of a future and don't expect to live long due to shitty diet/lifestyle. I'd say I'm content as is all things considered. I don't have everything I want, far from it really, but I've got enough to keep me comfortable. Money's tight but I got a decent computer to pirate tons of games and movies on I couldn't otherwise afford. my mom doesn't give me 'too much' trouble about not working, about not having a 3dpd, or having a room filled with toys in spite of being 27 years old.
I'd say things are very much -okay-. I'd love to live alone, but this is a fair trade off.
>> No. 20048 [Edit]
I took my bachelor and that solved a lot of the issues I had. It didn't solve all of the problems, I still have panic attacks talking to people, for one.
>> No. 20058 [Edit]
File 143131023756.gif - (3.50MB , 500x300 , 43ig8h094hg.gif )
I'm pretty frustrated. I accomplished some things but failed miserably at others; pretty gross mistakes. Things are better right now than just 3 years ago, yes, but they're definitely worse than they could have been. I constantly wish I'd have done some things differently.
>> No. 20076 [Edit]
I'm good now. My regret is that I wasted the entire decade of my 20s, I should've got my shit together sooner.

File 143086108352.jpg - (155.17KB , 850x607 , sample-eaed77ed19b7586a08a0adb67df47d10.jpg )
20014 No. 20014 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Is there anything you do in particular to keep your mind off shitty feelings and thoughts?
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>> No. 20032 [Edit]
I heard from many people that Love2d is nice and personally knowing lua i can tell you its easy.
Go for it dude.
>> No. 20033 [Edit]
Have you finished making any games yet?
>> No. 20037 [Edit]

Yes. I made two games: Mutos and The Greater Schizotypal Co-Prosperity Sphere.
>> No. 20043 [Edit]
hot sauce. i like it on tortilla chips. if only temporary.

File 14310073388.gif - (37.10KB , 383x320 , welcome to the watering hole.gif )
20035 No. 20035 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
>have nothing at all going for me
>never was better at something than someone else
>no source for self-confidence
>with no goals and passion no motivation to do anything
>somehow this is all my fault and I get told by good looking, social, talented, people that I should "man teh fuk up".

You know life would be easier if being a loser was accepted as a disability. Having down syndrome sucks but no one will tell someone with down syndrome that he is useless and should try harder. If one still achievs something with a disability it's seen as an accomplishment. As a loser if you finally achieve something it's something that is expected of you and society only offers superficial support because it doesn't understand us. We can't even ask for it because people believe we are simply lazy and looking for excuses.
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>> No. 20040 [Edit]
Making up disabilities is nothing new. Just tell people you're depressed or something.
>> No. 20041 [Edit]
Tell them you have PTSD because someone said mean things to you on the internet, that's what seems to be popular these days
>> No. 20042 [Edit]
you could also get MtF trans surgery and join the SJWs but I'm sure a lot of us wouldn't even stoop that low...
>> No. 20046 [Edit]
That would require to have social skills.

File 143070190067.jpg - (316.60KB , 1920x1080 , 1211.jpg )
20007 No. 20007 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Everything takes such a long time to achieve that I've come to the conclusion that without passion one is fucked.

There are so many different things you could do and you have to start soon or else you'll have to compete with people who have more experience. There are so many different things that you don't have enough time to try them all out properly. Especially since one is rarely left alone and always has to dedicate half of his day to either school or work. So how does one decide what to do without passion? How does one find the confidence to invest all his efforts and time into it? It seems like there is no way to develop passion. It's something you have or don't.

With pretty much everything you need to invest a lot of time without any gratification before you see results. Without passion that makes the way enjoyable that's very hard to do.

So without passion you are destined to do a job you hate so you can spend money on entertainment.

This is the reason I drift through life without a direction. I have no natural passion for anything. A lot of things interest me but I can't focus on any of them and because I don't have confidence in wanting to do something forever I don't find the motivation to start. So I just aimlessly browse imageboards.
>> No. 20011 [Edit]
Its not even about passion, you can have all the passion in the world and you still dont get anywhere with just that.

You will still need knowledge and practice and experience to get anywhere.
Even then for many things you will need other people, speak contacts and social skill.

Last but not least alot of it comes down to luck really.
Even if you do everything right, sometimes it just wont work out.

There is nothing wrong with having no passion, passion is a rare thing actually and also quite a burden.
The fact that you "need" to work is quite another.

Post edited on 4th May 2015, 12:53pm

File 142250265188.jpg - (535.71KB , 1000x708 , 1422459047038.jpg )
19517 No. 19517 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Is the continuous use of the internet as a substitute for face to face social interaction a good or a bad thing for the person using the internet on the long run?
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>> No. 19836 [Edit]
It is a bad thing imo.
Online interactions are good enough to make most people forget about socializing,but never enough to satisfy their need to socialize. Also sooner or later,you,i and every body else will need to socialize(irl). i am not talking about 1-2 months or 3-5 years, i am talking about 15-20 years.
>> No. 19843 [Edit]
File 142656974186.jpg - (29.15KB , 444x249 , vlcsnap-2011-07-03-23h48m34s151.jpg )
I don't like going outside so it helps me keep in my little bubble....how meaningful something is depends on the person's interpretation anyway, just as sex can be meaningless to some people and meaningful to others so can on-line interaction.
>> No. 19893 [Edit]
Over the years I feel like I have substituted having 'real life' friends with 'online friends' and that it's had a huge negative impact on me. I no longer feel the need to make any kind of friendship with people that I've met when starting at school or a new job because I have the safety net of having a lot of people online already.
>> No. 20008 [Edit]
File 143070426583.gif - (626.73KB , 500x375 , tumblr_mstkfuisU91r8ymydo1_500.gif )
The internet saved me from loneliness back in the day. I didn't have internet until I was 16, but suddenly once I did, I wasn't (as) lonely. I found friends on the internet, friends that I was never able to make in real life. So, for me, it was absolutely a good thing.

File 142985572671.jpg - (32.93KB , 343x228 , 14110199776.jpg )
19962 No. 19962 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
If theres nothing wrong with me then why is life so hard?

I'm doing nothing and its the hardest thing I've done in my life.
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>> No. 19989 [Edit]
That's not true.
>> No. 19990 [Edit]
The purpose can be Being Nothing.
>> No. 19993 [Edit]
Thats unrelated I think, I see nothing wrong with being nothing if thats what we actually are. We could still enjoy our life and what it offers, more so if you were given good cards since born ie richfag. Though I see the need for purpose when you lead a hard life in general where waking up everyday is a monumental task.
>> No. 20002 [Edit]
Then you're already dead.
We all share the purpose of keeping ourselves alive but for our complex minds this isn't enough. To be content with oneself, one must find their own purpose of being. Without purpose you'll fall into depression and you'll lose the will to live. Being rich does not have make you content with your life, but it will make you more comfortable. You can lead a hard life and still be content with your life.

So seriously just find a purpose that makes it all worth it so you don't kill yourself brohnos.

File 142874560039.jpg - (26.81KB , 240x235 , 11231231.jpg )
19917 No. 19917 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Is anyone else a chronic masturbator?

I'm 26 and i've been jacking off since I was 12 or 13 at least once a week. My masturbations usually lasted for 2 minutes max, I thought the only pleasure in masturbation was from the release.
Earlier this year I discovered edging and within a few weeks of practice I turned busting a nut in 1-2 minutes to 30 minutes of enjoyable masturbation. Fast forward 3 months I can go for an hour easily and its becoming more and more pleasurable as I get better at controlling my arousal.

The problem is absolutely everything turns me on now. I can't even watch non-ecchi anime anymore.

Cute girl in the show? Instantly start imagining scenarios where she gets fucked.
Kneesocks? Boner.
Tiny bit of cleavage? Boner.
Panty shot? Boner.
Ponytail? Boner.

If I get bored for a second I start thinking about all the manga I have in my exhentai favorites I haven't fapped to yet and I become really hot and bothered. Its not rare for me to spend 4+ hours a day edging. if I don't do it its on my mind 100% of the time.
26 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 19991 [Edit]
im thinking of doing the same, just to see what it'd be like. i've never had one before, i started masturbating around 12 or maybe earlier.
>> No. 19992 [Edit]
I think it's different for everyone. I haven't had a lot of them, but they've always been nice. Very seldom did I actually cum, because you know how everything keeps interfering in semi-lucid dreams.
>> No. 19999 [Edit]
I've had quickfaps, I've had faps that lasted so long (hours) that my penis shut down and the orgasm actually become really mediocre.
I've fapped multiple times a day and even twice in a row.

And then rarely I have periods lasting from days to weeks where I don't fap at all, and there's not even a reason. It's for this reason that I don't believe I'm 'addicted' to fapping.

If there's any problem I have, I think it's that I can't fall asleep without a goddnight fap. Even when I'm not horny I still feel 'obligated' to fap just because otherwise I'll just end up thinking about ero shit and then kinda get hard anyway. It's been kind of a problem in the past when I was sharing the room with someone.
>> No. 20204 [Edit]
File 143368690354.png - (81.20KB , 443x381 , 1417555131829.png )

File 143012852979.jpg - (115.84KB , 820x512 , hefu-004.jpg )
19980 No. 19980 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Who here extremely submissive men,and kind of passive–aggressive?where do we belong?why are we like that?
>> No. 19981 [Edit]
File 143014498381.png - (141.10KB , 721x470 , Spoiler Picture.png )
I'm passive aggressive against guys but extremely submissive to (pretty) girls, does that count?
>> No. 19982 [Edit]
I guess so,yes
>> No. 19987 [Edit]
I'm extremely polite to people if I ever interact with them. I can never say no to people. The few interactions I have are mostly just nodding and apologizing.

File 142414501060.png - (552.33KB , 720x480 , dvd_snapshot_00_11_39_[2014_03_02_19_59_29].png )
19620 No. 19620 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Anyone ever been bullied by a teacher or some one like that, I know I have a couple of times, especially in Elementary school... especially in Kindergarten...

I know I've said a lot before about how my teachers constantly shat on me about my hand writing, but in Elementary school, I can remember that they pretty much outright shat on me for being different. None of the kids did that, but it seems like the teachers would. I would cause trouble and the teachers would basically tell everyone to stay away from me, but what really stuck with me was one assistant in my first year of kindergarten (yes, I repeated Kindergarten) would go all out and lock me in the server room if I dare misbehave. I'd just be pounding on the door to be let out, and I'd be in there for a long while. Even lunch was a hassle, since I had it in the class room with the assistant, her way of getting me to try new things if I recall was to pretty much put my lunch up high so I can't reach it, and say "You have to eat this now", and I still refused. It only contributed more to forming a phobia of schools that I had at the time. Also didn't help that I was pretty schizotypical at the time

I know it sounds stupid, but I've been having horrible flashbacks to these events lately. And the picture is sort of unrelated
17 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 19904 [Edit]
>Where theres smoke theres fire. People are disliking you for a reason find it out

Oh yes plenty of reasons, you're either too poor, too rich, too ugly, don't like gossip or backbiting, people will hate you no matter what unless you're the same kind of piece of shit as them.
>> No. 19906 [Edit]
Sometimes it's because of something I have no control over...
>> No. 19909 [Edit]
>Where theres smoke theres fire
What if the smoke is actually dry ice produced by someone wishing to foster the impression that there is indeed a fire? Idiotic, high school level social choice heuristics are hardly a compelling basis for forming one's identity. People hate for many reasons but the most common is to foster or reinforce some form of group identity. Being on the receiving end of this can be shitty, but important to realize just how arbitrary and transient these relations typically are.
>> No. 19910 [Edit]
File 142820603037.png - (357.11KB , 792x540 , 1409093132171.png )
if you're the same piece of shit as them then you'll become friends. People will dislike you if you act as though you've been enlightened by your internet knowledge and look down upon everyone else as inferior. Unless the only people you have ever dealt with were children and teens, they don't care that you have spent more time arguing about 2d waifus than with talking to people the last 7 years until you start being an asshole about it like it makes you special. Social interaction are not rocket science. Act nice get treated nice, act like an asshole get treated like one, act like the whole world is against you then it will be.

every person who I met thats used that line has some control of it. You're letting it have control, take it back.

that could be the case but we're talking about a guy who a browses a site that refers to itself as True Otaku Hikki Neet Organization. Not exactly a person who would gather a social circle's attention in the way your euphuistic description would imply. The only way a guy would garner the attention you so describe is if he was a completely retarded disfigured manchild that would purposely piss off everyone he came by during highschool. Not to mention we're talking about a real highschool with real people and all sorts of personalities, likes, dislikes etc.

File 142162910043.jpg - (30.77KB , 1024x300 , image.jpg )
19460 No. 19460 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What are some good things you can say about yourself?Anything you wanna change with yourself and how? I'll start

While it's not hard to piss me off. It's extremely hard for me to act it out, I've never raised my voice, interrupted people or even hit someone out of anger, I always try to remain calm and polite no matter what I'm feeling. This hasn't paid off so far but I hope it will in the future.

I don't give up when it comes to video games, no matter how hard it is I simply won't give up, I've beaten some of the hardest games in the world thanks to this ability. The game has to be good though, if I don't enjoy it I won't play it regardless.

And now for the one thing I wanna change: My boredom. While I would much rather live this NEET life than that of a Ford Driver, I am tired of it (hope that doesn't get me a ban). It's not fun anymore, I can't play any video game for more than 5 minutes without getting bored, I can watch few anime and read few manga and trying to program bores me to tears. I'm thinking of taking a drastic turn in this lifestyle by pursuing a career in policing.
I'm strongly considering working where it's most fulfilling such as Detriot or L.A . I'm preparing myself to be a better candidate everyday.

That's it for me, what about you guys?
21 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 19717 [Edit]
I can endure suffering
I can resist temptation
I have elaborate amazing ideas
I wish I could implement any of them

> This hasn't paid off so far but I hope it will in the future.

All my troubles in life step from this, you get told proper behavior, and then you do it, and it turns out its not realistic, because no one does it, especially not the people who tell you to. Every generation it gets more severe, parents did X, children of X aren't allowed to do it, the next generation gets told something else they aren't supposed to do. As it turns out if you do what you are told is right you miss all social milestones and become incompatible with everyone else who did "bad stuff." It makes me made that successful people tell others not to do X because it will ruin your future, when they did those same things and have a successful life. I view this as a tactic to sabotage other people so that they can't become competitors in the mating game.
>> No. 19729 [Edit]
I admit my faults and errors, no matter how painful or shameful it can be. I was not always like this though, I reached this state coming from 22 years of misery, and although I have yet to put in practice what ive learned im confident im in the right track.
>> No. 19789 [Edit]
I'm caring and empathetic despite being the textbook example of an outcast.
>> No. 19895 [Edit]
I try.

File 141833081784.jpg - (7.69KB , 320x180 , mqdefault.jpg )
19194 No. 19194 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I don't have a job and my family doesn't have decent health insurance.

lately I've had horrible stomach pain. The past couple weeks I haven't been able to hold my bowel movements for more than two minutes. The awful part is, sometimes I'll pass food that looks exactly the same coming out as it did going in (half chewed apples, whole mushrooms, lettuce, etc). It just has a mucus on it.

there is something wrong with me but how can I visit a doctor without spending $200 that my dad expects me to pay out of pocket?
7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 19302 [Edit]
Not OP, but I had a quick look out of curiosity. Turns out there's a lot of things that can affect the digestive system in such a way, and that there's several reasons why it can fail to process foods properly. There's a selection of typical ailments that you may attempt to single out based on personal observations. Either way, a trip to the doctor would be necessary.
>> No. 19807 [Edit]
My left nose profusely leaks yellowish brown liquid (I think) if I lay down and tilt my head at a specific angle, Don't think it has ever happened before, this happens right after a root canal I had the day before. Is this normal? Am I going to die? Reading about it on the internet about it isn't helping at all, everything seems to be horror stories. I'm not sure if I should complete the therapy or if I could ask for it to be extracted instead since I've paid an initial fee. I had to borrow the money from my parents for the treatment and don't have much left of my own..

Post edited on 11th Mar 2015, 12:01am
>> No. 19826 [Edit]
Sounds like sinusitis, possibly due to an infection from your root canal. Go get some antibiotics or it might get serious.
>> No. 19884 [Edit]
If OP isn't dead or someone else is suffering stomach problems then just eat more oatmeal and muesli. It's cheap as fuck, filling and gets your stomach working properly.

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