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File 144950374081.jpg - (183.48KB , 768x1024 , iffy_neptune_compa_by_xirisheartx-d7ym1ob.jpg )
21065 No. 21065 [Edit]
It's my birthday today and I don't have much to do.
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>> No. 21067 [Edit]
Happy Birthday.

I just spend that kind of day like a regular day and act like it's any other day. Partly because I hate myself. Either way, you're free to do as you please, or whatever it is that is within your limits.
>> No. 21068 [Edit]
I treat it like any other day
>> No. 21070 [Edit]
I know the feeling, thanks though. I wish on a lucky star things get better for us.
>> No. 21712 [Edit]
I can't believe it's been almost 5 months since I turned 20
>> No. 21718 [Edit]

I turn 21 in 2 and a half months.
>> No. 21719 [Edit]
File 146207930165.png - (18.30KB , 250x278 , image.png )
I turn 21 in 6 weeks
>> No. 21722 [Edit]
I turn 21 in a week and 3 days.

I think we found the median age of this board.
>> No. 21725 [Edit]
>> No. 21782 [Edit]
I am 8000 days old today!
>> No. 21789 [Edit]
I turned 21 one week ago.
>> No. 21790 [Edit]
28 in a few months

>> No. 21792 [Edit]
I nearly forgot about my last birthday.
>> No. 21794 [Edit]
8000 days sound like nothing, and yet we've lived 1/3 of our life already.

That's so scary, even more when you know there's absolutely nothing after this life.

Post edited on 19th May 2016, 2:50pm
>> No. 21812 [Edit]
when this life ends, I'm gonna meet my waifu and my children
>> No. 21864 [Edit]
File 146572055516.jpg - (84.60KB , 850x567 , OtCXV2q.jpg )
For any birthday girls/boys reading this or for your next birthday, OP, why not treat yourself to something nice? Something you like? How about a new kind of cake? How about you break tradition and have a pie instead? It might not feel like a happy day but you can do something fun that makes you feel happy. Please, anons, do something happy on this fine day known as your birthday.
>> No. 21867 [Edit]
I want to crash your head on a wall
>> No. 21890 [Edit]
I spend my birthdays like I spend any other day. Celebrating being born is kinda silly to me.
>> No. 21891 [Edit]
Ask my dad to buy me stupid manchild garbage.
>> No. 21934 [Edit]
Happy birtday anon.

I know that feel
3 months here
>> No. 22064 [Edit]
Turned 20 two days ago. Now I hate myself and my parents do as well. I'm supposed to get a job but no one will hire. I wish I was still a kid when I didn't have to worry about adult responsibilities and society.
>> No. 22065 [Edit]
>I wish I was still a kid when I didn't have to worry about adult responsibilities and society.
Don't we all, anon...
>> No. 22066 [Edit]
I don't. I despise my younger self.
>> No. 22069 [Edit]
I usually just buy myself a small gift.

but this year, my gf came here from Japan!

>> No. 26363 [Edit]
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