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File 168189874482.jpg - (941.82KB , 1460x2000 , __kochiya_sanae_touhou_drawn_by_min1223__f8585dd10.jpg )
28142 No. 28142 [Edit]
Is there anything in particular you have difficulty in life with?
These days, I find that I have no ability to get help. To put it simply, in most cases I'd rather die than admit failure.
I've never really had anyone to rely on or anyone to talk about my issues with, so it's a matter of forcing success or being fucked for me.
How do you deal with it? My natural instinct is to try and do things faster and harder, but it's starting to leave injuries I can't ignore.
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>> No. 28143 [Edit]
File 168194005249.png - (6.10MB , 2658x3800 , ce1e66c6e30fd144ff7bcff28c3d207a.png )
Physical injuries? Are you talking about exercise?

If it has anything to do with emotions, I can't help you. That would be the blind leading the blind. Here's a sexy picture of Sanae instead.
>> No. 28165 [Edit]
Human interaction. Every time I talk to someone I feel like I'm putting on a balancing act while walking a tight rope, struggling to entertain an audience of one. Every word is a step forward, and I feel like I could slip at any moment. Then I look at the person, see the way they're looking at me, and realize I've already fallen.
>> No. 28170 [Edit]
File 168237492125.jpg - (90.14KB , 566x800 , elaina.jpg )
Any form of motor skills and physical exertion beyond walking at a leisurely pace or picking up moderately heavy objects.
Often, I bite my tongue when eating. Slam against furniture (I fainted thrice because of it). Hit door handles instead of grabbing them. Trip over steps and rugs/carpets. Drop items. Unable to grab things properly like picking up a box or execute finer movements such as properly opening up a bottle, undo cardboard containers or rip open plastic containers. Thankfully my writing, albeit irregularly shaped and lacking harmony, is quite legible.

As for walking, although my gait is awkward, I don't have a problem with tripping over myself and can walk on dirt paths and such. I am aware of my limitations and do it at a speed that is comfortable for me. I do have a bit of anxiety when using escalators, stairways, or stepping in or out of trains, buses, and such. I feel like I don't have good control over my body movements and that I can fall at any time. Fortunately, my lack of coordination is due to clumsiness rather than generalized weakness, so I am still able to tightly grasp handrails and move my arms and legs freely to achieve the best body position I can manage.

As for physical exertion, I simply deal very poorly with heat. It makes me feel lightheaded, and consequently, lacking balance. It may even cause shortness of breath under certain circumstances. Usually, reducing my walking speed suffices and it doesn’t warrant the use of a walking cane. This also makes me agitated and unable to think calmly. During summertime I am confined to the indoors, and to entertain myself by reading books all day and doing the other otaku activities. Not that I dislike, but do not appreciate the lack of democracy. This heat intolerance rather lowers my physical exertions limits.

To be fair, because I've never been at all keen on sports and physical activities (as far as I can remember these have always evoked feelings of dreadfulness), and I have a history of general good health, this matter doesn't substantially lower my perceived quality of life. Put simply, I am clumsy at something I don't necessarily care about. However, the threat of bodily injury is quite real, and so these limitations are ever so present in my mind.

Post edited on 25th Apr 2023, 3:43am
>> No. 28181 [Edit]
Somehow I have had similar problems to both of you and still more or less have to deal with them, I struggled to talk with others the same way and I had trouble balancing myself, so much so that I regularly bumped into the person walking next to me, though your case seems worse than mine.

With talking I just think a bit beforehand about what the other just said, how I want to respond, whether it makes sense, should I, should it be better to say something else, etcetera. When I first started doing this it took a good moment, but after a little while I became able to do it rather quick.

With balancing myself I just pay attention to myself when walking and whatnot and try to keep balance. At first it was a more conscious process, but now I am able to maintain balance somewhat easily, rarely making a misstep.

The main reason for both of these problems was a general lack of mindfulness of myself. With talking it was caused by trauma of being bullied in childhood, with walking it was a minor case of knock knees but other walking unrelated things as well. Processes that helped me with both of these things and much more were self-realization and learning the basics of a martial art. Self-realization or individuation, whatever you want to call becoming more aware of your unconscious & integrating your shadow helped me become more conscious and mindful of myself, the martial art helped me become more mindful, aware of my surroundings, it also made me a lot more confident.

Post edited on 29th Apr 2023, 6:10am
>> No. 28255 [Edit]
I can't seem to stop these vices and get to work
>> No. 28257 [Edit]
I'm slowly losing the ability to filter my thoughts as they turn into words and leave my mouth. I'm in constant body pain from what most would call fairly easy labor.
I dont deal with either I am just slowly getting worse.
>> No. 28291 [Edit]
File 168809650884.png - (1.99MB , 840x1120 , ca776cebd718f53ad8d10814d76b5844723dd14a.png )
Focusing on reality in any way whatsoever.
I'm so disconnected from it. My life has gone to the shitter at the moment, I'm actually dying, and my brain still can't stop obsessing over meaningless internet stuff 24/7.
>> No. 28296 [Edit]
i have trouble talking to strangers on the phone, so i either don't pick up or when i have to make a call i ask a family member to do it for me.
>> No. 28297 [Edit]
I've been getting phone calls from a law firm from previous legal troubles. Haven't picked up because I'm scared. I don't mind paying more, but I don't want to get screamed at...
>> No. 28298 [Edit]
If a lawfirm is calling you on a phone to yell at you to get you to pay rather than sending you a letter, then it sounds like it might be a scam. I know nothing of your life or situation though, but I've never encountered such a thing before.
I can't imagine a case where they wouldn't send you a letter, leave a voicemaial, send a text or something similar rather than repeatedly call, especially if you don't pick up.
>> No. 28299 [Edit]
I think it's about expunging what may as well be a DUI. Of course I'm worried about them saying I'm most wanted in X county and that I had to pay a gorillion dollars because I didn't want to drive over 100 miles for something I payed to be dealt with. My understanding was I payed the court cost for them to handle it and I was done.
Either way, ain't like I'm getting pulled over for no reason or being denied a future because of it. I really don't care because I'm not a suicidal drunkard teenager like I was once upon a time. I'm just indifferent about dying these days.
>> No. 28300 [Edit]
In the US you either got a court date and ticket when you got pulled over/arrested or you only got a ticket. You would only have a warrant out for your arrest if you didn't show up to court after getting a court date from a cop, and that is only for something like a DUI or some other crime like being in a stolen car which is a misdemeanor/felony, and in that case you probably would've been arrested so you would have had to post bail. I'm not trying to interrogate, it just seems like they are trying to string you along for money.
I'm not a lawyer or involved with law at all but most traffic stuff if you only got a ticket and were trying to expunge it usually goes something like this, "go to DMV with ticket, ask to schedule a hearing, show up to hearing and then get your decision from the judge" and then there is a chance the judge will just throw it away which expunges it.
Another option is "go to DMV, pay ticket, take an online course and get points removed" then it's done, but in that case you still gotta pay the fine and the course. If you got a serious offence you would've probably been arrested or given a court date to show up to.
>> No. 28301 [Edit]
See, I went to court a couple times and got the actual charge settled afaik after I payed at the courthouse. I know full well it hasn't been expunged off my record nor do I care, as I was a dumb teenbro and feel confident in explaining that away in the future alongside taking any tests to back up my words.
As far as I know, it's still on my record, but I haven't had any issues with my ID in the past 2 years, so surely it's fine.
>> No. 28302 [Edit]
It seems they might just be trying to get more money out of you then, if you already paid them for going to court and you paid the fines and settled everything in court. I suppose many lawyers live up to their reputation.
>havent had is issues for 2 years
Yes if it has been that long I can't imagine you would have been able to walk around with warrants or something similar without encountering any form of trouble.
>> No. 28303 [Edit]
Way back when, they said it'd take $100 more to get this incident expunged, so my concern is that I payed for this to actually get settled and they left beforehand because I didn't show up despite them not saying I had to (I don't understand these things unless they're spelled out to me) or that they want me to pay that extra $100.
It's not like it's some small deal for me to show up either. Even then it was over a 1 hour drive.
>> No. 28321 [Edit]
File 16890617874.png - (5.27MB , 3000x4500 , 8ad75b21710a119fea1c29c5237a054f.png )
It's counterintuitive, but it actually makes sense if you *really* are dying, since your neurons would be misfiring all over the place. I struggle with that too, I think it's adhd. No idea how to fix it. It took me almost a year to book an appointment with a neurologist in between endless youtube and imageboard binges, because I've been having lots of weird symptoms.
>> No. 28359 [Edit]
File 169030297320.jpg - (437.98KB , 1500x500 , 68784414_p1.jpg )
>I think it's adhd
I also have it, so maybe.
>It took me almost a year to book an appointment with a neurologist
Good on you for that, hope it was actually useful. I've personally just accepted that I'll never seek any help, neither with physical nor mental issues.
>> No. 28360 [Edit]
Thanks for posting this image. I made it my new phone wallpaper.
>> No. 28364 [Edit]
File 169074421523.jpg - (4.71MB , 4093x2894 , __ichinose_kotomi_clannad_drawn_by_shuushuu__523d6.jpg )
Besides general social anxiety, I often have a difficult time trying to understand what people are trying to say or convey to me. I hate it when it is clear that I am the only one not picking up on what seems to be fairly obvious, or when people trying to explain the information to me get frustrated over my lack of understanding. It doesn't just make me feel stupid, but like a burden as well. I am autistic, so that is the likely culprit assuming I am not just an idiot, but it hurts my self esteem nonetheless.
>> No. 28365 [Edit]
There's probably other less obvious ways in which you're really smart and capable, as is often the case with autistics. Don't be so hard on yourself just for failing to conform to a mold made for very specific types of people.
>> No. 28368 [Edit]
File 169075238682.jpg - (238.72KB , 1280x720 , 1670114820559.jpg )
>There's probably other less obvious ways in which you're really smart and capable
I appreciate this. I think I understand that you are objectively correct, it just gets difficult to acknowledge that in the moment. Especially given the fact I already overthink just about every interaction that I have, both positive and negative.
>> No. 28382 [Edit]
Reading this reminded me of my problem. I'm not saying this might be your case, just that I can relate to your experience.
I have auditory processing disorder comorbid with some sensitivity to sound. In spite of my good hearing (ie.: listening to subtle noises when it's quiet, that other people don't pick up) I have trouble interpreting the information received. In addition, loud noises can cause pain and discomfort. My APD is enunciated in noisy environments, where I swear I can't understand a word of what people are saying unless they are right next to me and speaking very clearly. It also affects my academic and professional life, albeit subtly. Things make perfect sense to me and I'm able to quickly grasp new information when reading it. When listening however, it feels like I'm "slow".
A striking example is with math. I used to lose my self halfway when teachers talked through exercises without writing them down, but otherwise could figure out the processes and intuition at a normal pace when shown a written example or hint.
My sensitivity to loud noises isn't particularly impairing, but I do find my self complaining about noise when other people don't (ie.: waves at the beach/coast) and would explain my distaste for certain types of places and events. I guess this would subsequently explain why I've always been withdrawn and grew to enjoy solitude as an adult.
>> No. 28396 [Edit]
Avoidance. Whether it be interacting with others, or tackling a difficult problem, my natural instinct is to hide or make myself small because of an irrational and obsessive general fear. Worse yet, I have practiced this behavior for well over 20 years - since I was a little kid. This has led to a life of reclusion and isolation. I cannot help but run away.
>> No. 28399 [Edit]
Trusting people.
I want to believe in people, and to assume they mean well, and maybe they do to eachother but not to me. Maybe I'm seeing what I want to see, but it feels like people fuck me over and treat me like garbage all the time with little to no consideration for my thoughts and feelings. If and when I'm shown even the slightest amount of kindness, I assume there's hidden motive, like a used car salesmen buttering up an idiot.
Really it's probably a self fulfilling prophecy. I assume people will either hate me or make life hard for me, so I act in a way that repels them and makes me unapproachable, but that in itself could easily be the cause of why people treat me the way they do.
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