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No. 25111 [Edit]
Human beings are a disease, cancer of this planet.
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>> No. 25114 [Edit]
You're not wrong, but no 3DPD please.
>> No. 25115 [Edit]
We're just another animal on the Earth.
>> No. 25117 [Edit]
At first glance I thought the same thing, but OP's image was referencing massive garbage dumps, and they were probably referring to pollution and the damage to the eco system human's are causing when they made this thread. While we are just animals when you get down to it, I don't know of any other animals that have had such an impact on this planet or a destructive presence. There are times when invasive species have been known to cause havoc, but those are usually the fault of humans and are usually only an inconvenience to humans.
>> No. 25118 [Edit]
File 157817337947.jpg - (155.59KB , 850x614 , __original_drawn_by_kazutaka__sample-c34217b8e2d94.jpg )
The planet's just fine. Rock and dirt doesn't care about plastic and pollution. Don't conflate the ecosystem with the the planet. I don't really give a shit about animals and microbes either. They'll all definitely be gone in a few billion years anyway. If humanity makes it to space, I think we can leave the elephant shrew and koala behind. Ask yourself why you even care if you don't like humans so much.

Post edited on 4th Jan 2020, 1:34pm
>> No. 25119 [Edit]
Those are only a problem if they affect us, humans. The only reason why other animals, flora, or resources have any value is because their meaning is ascribed to us. Such are the consequences of intelligent life.
>> No. 25123 [Edit]
I feel that their life has meaning to themselves, and to say it has no meaning unless we as humans assign it to them is rather selfish and arrogant.
>> No. 25124 [Edit]
You're right it is a common mistake. We could vaporize all life on the planet but the planet itself would keep flying around the sun like nothing happened. Just as the planet didn't give a shit when all the dinosaurs went went away. I think it's safe to assume when people say we're destroying "the planet" they're referring to the eco system on it, not the rock in space itself.
>> No. 25127 [Edit]
I don't see them having that ability. It's neither selfish nor arrogant. It's the way of things.
>> No. 25128 [Edit]
File 15781872208.jpg - (89.17KB , 1280x720 , yorha.jpg )
Humans are worth way more than Earth.
This nature > humans mentality which seems to be insinuated is wrong and presumptuous.
Similar to the horseshoe theory in politics, the guy who proudly boasts about how he cares more about his dog than his neighbor is as much of a bellend as the one who says climate change isn't real.
If people really want to help out Earth, build nuclear power plants rather than destroying hectares of greenery and habitat for toxic solar panels which will be useless in 20 years.

The key lies in technology and stable progress. Creating a stable environment for prosperity and peaceful coexistence is a part of that. Given, I don't think shoving one's ideologies down others throats or insulting them for not realizing "the truth" will contribute to the cause.
>> No. 25129 [Edit]
The majority of both humans and dogs are meaningless only there is a higher chance that dogs didn't vote yes in the gay marriage referendum whereas the average person on the street has a 60% chance(in my country at least) of having voted for it so in this case I would prefer the dog to my neighbour. It's just personal preference really as is much of this topic in general, some people like humans and others don't, some see a meaning to them others don't.
>> No. 25130 [Edit]
Humans have used that same argument for justification in slavery and mass murder of other human races.
>> No. 25131 [Edit]
File 15781897929.jpg - (224.92KB , 700x776 , k.jpg )
Imagine caring about if fags can get married or not.
>> No. 25133 [Edit]
Being so simple minded as your post makes you out to be could almost be seen as a blessing, at least such things won't bother you.
>> No. 25134 [Edit]
Most humans are wastes of flesh. Only few are worth anything.
My dog is an extension of myself so of course I'm gonna care about it more than I care about people. My neighbors are nothing to me. I'd be actually glad if some of them died.
>> No. 25135 [Edit]
Indeed. Thankfully, I'm talking about entities that are neither human nor in possession of an intellect even near our level. Indeed, the mass deconstruction of a forest or incidental extinction of a species is incomparable to, say, the attempted genocides of the Jews and Armenians.
>> No. 25136 [Edit]
If being apathetic towards normalfag, conservatard, non-issues makes me simple-minded, sure. Next you'll tell me abortion is satanic and we need to put Christ back in Christmas.
Your dog only likes you because you feed it and they were bred by humans to act friendly. It doesn't know or care about anything that goes through your head. Pigs are smarter.
>> No. 25137 [Edit]
If 60% of people follow support something then they are the norm, but no, that isn't what makes you simple minded, being unable to comprehend that another person could have issues with something you don't is what makes you simple minded.

And no, I don't actually follow the views ascribed to me in your second sentence.
>> No. 25138 [Edit]
The entire issue is for normalfags. The common consensus doesn't even matter. 40% isn't that small either, but that's besides the point. I do understand there's normalfags out there who obsess over stupid, innane shit like this. They're the same people who want to ban loli. What i'm wondering is what one of them is doing on tohno-chan. 8chan is back online, so you can fuck off back there already.

You're op right? Anybody who's been using tohno-chan for a while would know better than to post that picture.

Post edited on 4th Jan 2020, 7:10pm
>> No. 25139 [Edit]
All issues are for 'normal fags' including Environmentalism even something so close to Otaku culture such as banning loli is ultimately an issue for 'normalfags'.

And no, I'm not OP nor do I come from 8chan, you could go back to 4chan if you would like though.
>> No. 25140 [Edit]
>even something so close to Otaku culture
If it effects you, that's a good reason to care about it, not moral outrage. Moral outrage is for normalfags. Tell me why you care about gay marriage.
>> No. 25141 [Edit]
How does it effect me? Even if it was illegal it would not effect me infact I think it is illegal here but I've never had that impact me nor do I ever think it will, it's not really high on the governments agenda to enforce. But anyway, something doesn't have to physically effect me for me to feel outrage for it, only the simple-minded think that way most thinks that happen in the world won't ever physically effect me in any way.
>> No. 25142 [Edit]
That's just it though, in human history people would justify their actions by claiming they were superior to those other races, assuming they're little more than mindless animals or savages. From killing jews, committing genocide on natives, treating blacks or women like slaves because these people used mental gymnastics to convince themselves they were the superior race or gender. They didn't stop to think about the feelings of the people in villages they rape and pillage, to them they might only see people who spoke gibberish and weren't as nearly technologically advanced so fuck em.
It's not 'that' far from saying the same for wild life simply because they can't communicate with us or act the way we do. They may not be as intelligent as us, but animals of all sorts still feel pain, sadness, joy and even compassion. I don't think it's so much to ask for to take these things into consideration before condemning them all.
>> No. 25143 [Edit]
Butterfly effect.
Even if something doesn't effect you directly, it can have a chain reaction that eventually leads to you.
>> No. 25144 [Edit]
That same argument could be used for homosexual marriage or a great myriad of topics, so you should be having opinions or feeling outrage over virtually everything.
>> No. 25145 [Edit]
What makes you think I care? It's mine therefore it has more value than anything else.
>> No. 25146 [Edit]
Women and niggers should be slaves though.
>> No. 25147 [Edit]
>I think it is illegal here but I've never had that impact me nor do I ever think it will
What the law is in your little shithole isn't that significant, but what happens throughout the EU, States, and Japan, does have an impact on Otaku culture. There's also the butterfly effect, as this anon pointed out. Precedents are made, ideology is enforced with a progressively tighter grip.
These aren't physcial effects, but they are personal. They have a significant impact on an important aspect of my life. If you don't care about any of that, I don't know what you're doing on tohno-chan. You still haven't told me why you care about gay-marriage.
>> No. 25148 [Edit]
Only Japan matters and they don't actually care about the west.
>> No. 25149 [Edit]
>These aren't physcial effects, but they are personal. They have a significant impact on an important aspect of my life. If you don't care about any of that, I don't know what you're doing on tohno-chan. You still haven't told me why you care about gay-marriage.
Responding to the wrong post maybe?
>> No. 25150 [Edit]
I never implied they should be condemned--at all. And, many would agree, needless murder of many kinds creatures is unconscionable because, as you said, they do think and feel on some level. But this is only the case because we, as the superior species, attribute some significance to their life.

Please consider posting something substantive next time.
>> No. 25151 [Edit]
Why do you believe that is?
>> No. 25152 [Edit]
They score lower on IQ tests therefore they're genuinely inferior. Niggers are also responsible for most of the violent crime so they should be gassed.
>> No. 25153 [Edit]
File 157822766349.jpg - (180.47KB , 850x1202 , __tsukino_mito_nijisanji_drawn_by_rushian__sample-.jpg )
>niggers should be slaves
>they should be gassed
You're not even consistent.

Can Tohno please gas this thread?
>> No. 25154 [Edit]
I don't think one bad apple should spoil the bunch.
>> No. 25725 [Edit]
While the OP probably meant this in an ecological sense, I've had occasional thoughts that perhaps the evolution(?) of consciousness was an aberration that in the long-run will lead to the decline of the species, especially as technology keeps advancing and we must take up surrogate activities (as Kaczynski mentioned) to fill the void.
>> No. 25726 [Edit]
An example of that would be Intelligence. IQ has been falling in developed countries for a while, since the 70s even according to some research.
>> No. 25727 [Edit]
A very large number of animal species are "conscious". What sets humans apart most is language and the intelligence to abstract things, not consciousness. Decline in the species is also arbitrary. Plus, humans have been around for such a short period, and our own perspective is so warped, that we don't see the big picture. Even if we were "declining", that may just be a short term trend followed by massive gains in whoever is left.

That can largely be attributed to demographic changes.

Post edited on 6th Jul 2020, 7:59pm
>> No. 25739 [Edit]
Working at a grocery store really opens your eyes to how retarded the general population is. They're like bugs, they have no self awareness and are absolutely ignorant.
>> No. 25808 [Edit]
I think any job that has you working around lots of people will do that. Just hanging out somewhere long enough will show you how bad people can be.
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