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File 158261586570.png - (191.13KB , 649x358 , yuno room.png )
25306 No. 25306 [Edit]
I hate having to go outside. I don't want to be around people and exposed to the elements. I hate it out there. I regret even thinking I wanted to go out somewhere.
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>> No. 25307 [Edit]
File 158261683493.jpg - (71.31KB , 580x935 , e1ac17fe4db5e89656e480d4001b468ddcd2cc3f.jpg )
Civilization is separated by miles of road and I'm terrified of driving.
I'm either going to have to learn to drive, move away to someplace where you can walk, or die here in the same position I've been for the past few months.

Outside sucks. Gnats are the worst thing to ever happen to this planet. I'm honestly baffled that people actually like summer, since that's when these stupid bugs tend to come out the most. One of the biggest reasons I'm a shut-in, aside from being terrified of driving, is probably because of those worthless pieces of shit.
>> No. 25309 [Edit]
I do not go outside except for groceries. I rotate which stores I visit and what gas stations I go to so the clerks dont get friendly with me.
>> No. 25311 [Edit]
File 158264566296.jpg - (1.76MB , 2762x1881 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
I don't mind being outside itself, but I fucking hate being around people and their garbage. I feel really ill every time I have to go out into the city to run an errand. The streets are covered in trash and accumulated filth and grime. The rickety old buildings are all in varying states of disrepair and a patchwork of random additions and subtractions. Human detritus lay on the grimy sidewalks, sleeping where others shit. Centers of human habitation are truly disgusting things. Unfortunately for me there's pretty much nothing but city where I live. What I'd give for a dirty creepy-crawly infested hovel in a forest somewhere...

I don't much like being cooped up in my room, but at least inside I can use the internet to escape, and I am mostly safe from people.
>> No. 25313 [Edit]
File 158265370121.png - (222.24KB , 556x664 , 1580645650791.png )
I don't dislike being outside that much, but I'm always afraid I will get an uncomfortable encounter with another human since for some reason that has been happening to me really often for years.
I wish I could live in one of those nordic countries or Japan were people just avoid each other or they act extremely politely if such encounter can't be avoided.
I just don't like people pushing me or screaming at me, something that's really common were I live, it leaves me feeling bad for hours.
>> No. 25314 [Edit]
I don't like going out, but it is tolerable for me. Other people, especially strangers, make me very nervous, as if I expect them to try to harm me. I also feel like people spy on me from small cracks, behind closed doors, through walls, etc., which is unpleasant. As such, I like to spend time alone at home and make my outings infrequent, purpose-driven, and short. I'd spend all day everyday at home if I could.
I hate how other people trash and wreck things as well. I don't mind things merely being old or deteriorated by time (e.g. old books, buildings that are otherwise well cared for), but litter, vandalism, and carelessness by people is disgusting to look at. Why is it so hard for normalfags to not make a mess?
>> No. 25321 [Edit]
I avoid the busy times like the plague even though I like being outside in itself whether I'm buying groceries or cashing in cans/bottles like usual. I've gotten some negative attention and shitty situations because you can't avoid people not noticing you doing the same thing every day but only once did someone try to do just that. They got away with it too because no one cares when it's me it happens to in broad daylight at that and I let it go. Ruined the whole night and had to throw away all the clothes I had after.
>> No. 25358 [Edit]
>I also feel like people spy on me from small cracks, behind closed doors, through walls, etc., which is unpleasant.
You might be developing schizophrenia
>> No. 25359 [Edit]
File 158350773026.jpg - (284.54KB , 1080x1348 , 0001.jpg )
Same, yet I love when a shaft of sunlight manages to get past my curtains and shines some forgotten object on my table or the tiny floating specks of dust and for a second there the entire apartment feels really quiet and beautiful. I also like very much when the evening comes and I can hear people and their vehicles at a distance, all rushing back home under that orange glow the sky gets sometimes. I like to look on a sunday morning through my window and there's absolutely no one on the streets. The outside looks really cool when you're on the inside, well, protected and cozy.
When I have to go outside though it kind of sucks, yeah. I get this feeling I'm prepping to go to a danger zone (which it is for all I know) and I have this mental checkup of all things I'll need to survive the 15 minutes I'll be out to do the groceries. The outside feels huge and clumsy. I can go from one end of my apartment to the other in about 16 steps or so. That's just enough to cross the first street on the outside.
The worst part however is also the most interesting. Inside my apartment I'm in a state of undiluted concentration and I only fully realize that when I'm back from the outside. For example, recently I was at this store and I saw some girl with a bunch of cut scars all across both her arms. I've seen that plenty in pictures online but never irl before. That bothered me for weeks for some reason. I don't like having too much real stuff inside my head, I think that's the source of my dislike for the outside. I like the outside like a painting in front of my window, I like there are people on the outside that makes this isolated life I lead possible but to be part of it is pretty rough and I don't like it.
I think this is a very old feeling, isn't this feeling basically why monks exist in all cultures? I don't know.
>> No. 26539 [Edit]
I like going outside for walks through the forest but I also do not like encountering people so I tend to only go when the weather is really bad, so it feels like I have most of the outside world to myself.
>> No. 26540 [Edit]
File 161999708714.jpg - (682.06KB , 800x533 , 20170910185907[1].jpg )
I don't hate the 'outside', I hate people. I'd go out more if I didn't live in a filthy, dense metropolis. Seems like that's the general consensus in this thread anyway. I wish I'd lived in a quiet countryside.
>> No. 26542 [Edit]
At least in a big city no one notices you. In the countryside every neighbour is going to know you and be inquisitively interested in you.
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