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File 168210361548.png - (133.18KB , 230x345 , b3941-wZfQC9er2LSd.png )
28145 No. 28145 [Edit]
I have this problem with imageboards, I always get banned because of misbehaviour that lead to it. I was permabanned from 4chan and now I'm banned 2 days on wizchan, I can't help my self but make blunders makes me sad. Once I got banned from the three imageboards ,4chan, wizchan and tohnochan. It made me really depressed like I was unwanted. I don't know what to do with image oards. I wish I could male one myself but I don't know how to code so all I do is shitpost without looking for the consequences and then...I get banned! sad
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>> No. 28146 [Edit]
If you're getting banned across 3 different imageboards, then you're almost surely breaking some rule. Just don't break that rule, and you won't be banned? And it's not particularly difficult (i.e. you don't need to be as picky as a hallway monitor), on TC just don't post 3D and make quality posts and you won't get banned (unless you trip the autoban with a bad keyword, but that's just bad software on TC side).
>> No. 28147 [Edit]
I can't help myself but break the rules, and I don't do it on purpose. I'm clumsy on the net
>> No. 28148 [Edit]
It's pretty easy to make an imageboard these days. There's plenty of software that is more or less ready to use.
>> No. 28149 [Edit]
How does that happen? do you forget about the rules? do you lose yourself in the moment?
>> No. 28152 [Edit]
File 168224049871.png - (924.32KB , 1147x840 , toss.png )
The only way you're going to get banned from wizchan, is if you post CP or you are a sexhaver.
Now, which one of these rules you have broken OP ?
>> No. 28154 [Edit]
I was banned on wizchan because I said some thibg that triggeres the mods, like critizing the way of life of wizards and. on wizchan you can't critize the way of life of wizzies

>>28149. I don't do it on purpose but I always break the rules I cannt follow rules properly I'm kind of dummy
Im clumsy in real life and on the net
>> No. 28155 [Edit]
File 168226761142.jpg - (1.02MB , 1000x1000 , 98267268fc7a1b9834510b0666cd0fd9.jpg )
>The only way you're going to get banned from wizchan, is if you post CP or you are a sexhaver.
I don't believe this for a second. They are some sensitive people. It's a circle jerk. You can't even say that you want to have sex, in spite of the entire thing revolving around a lack of it. You'd probably be banned for suggesting people look into prostitutes.
>> No. 28156 [Edit]
I'm constantly paranoid about being banned just about everywhere I go. Even if I have little reason to be, you just never know it seems like.
The bigger the site the more unreasonable they get and harder to get unbanned.
>> No. 28157 [Edit]
I was banned from wizchan and I did neither of those. Basically every topic was under suspicion. You liked anime? normalfag. Played videogames? normalfag. You couldn't talk about anything because everything had to end in a perpetual discussion of who was worthy of wearing the wizard badge of honor and who was a "normalfag in disguise". Basically all "stuff" was normalfag and the only non-normalfag thing to do in life was witch-hunting.
This was 6 years ago so maybe things have changed, I seriously hope so.
>> No. 28158 [Edit]
I just reading your posts guys in my awful work. Its someway interesting for me as loner and sometimes banned person. Its like deep corner of internet what nobody cares about.
>> No. 28159 [Edit]
File 168230364955.jpg - (28.40KB , 225x350 , 4369.jpg )
>You'd probably be banned for suggesting people look into prostitutes.
That suggestion being banned makes lots of sense.
>> No. 28160 [Edit]
A website where the main topic is being a male virgin(preferably over the age of 30), doesn't make a lot of sense.
>> No. 28161 [Edit]
The site topic making sense or not, my point still stands.
>> No. 28162 [Edit]
>You'd probably be banned for suggesting people look into prostitutes.
That would be a well-deserved ban tbh.
>> No. 28164 [Edit]
This. They know about prostitutes, everyone does. It's not some mind blowing revelation to point out their existence. Recommending them implies ignorance on anon's part, so it's a bit insulting on that level. You're also suggesting it's the only way they can get it, which adds another layer of insult. It also suggests a complete and total lack of understanding on your part.
The whole point isn't the act in and of itself. It's about never being loved or having acceptance, never having someone of the opposite gender openly embrace you of their own free will. Paying for it is essentially an act of admission that you're unable to get it any other way, which can make a person feel more pathetic than if they never did it at all.
That said, the bitterness and resentment people on wizchan seem to project is only going to keep this from ever happening. They seem like very hateful short tempered people who don't want to fix their situation let alone receive advice, helpful or not. They just want to take comfort in knowing they're not alone in their situation. You could say we here have that much in common at least.
>> No. 28166 [Edit]
File 168231663913.jpg - (4.32MB , 1950x1950 , 3b95231d6450bbf6ec9986e754b70b0b.jpg )
>It's about never being loved or having acceptance
Why are people who had sex with a prostitute not allowed then? Aren't they still in the same boat if that's the real problem? Rule #1 is "you must be a male virgin", not "you must not ever had sex for 'free'" or "you must not ever had sex with someone who loves and accepts you".
>of their own free will
Free will is an illusion.
>You could say we here have that much in common at least.
I don't like them, and I don't accept their world view.

Post edited on 23rd Apr 2023, 11:12pm
>> No. 28168 [Edit]

Post edited on 24th Apr 2023, 3:00pm
>> No. 28171 [Edit]
wizchan is for men who still hadn't sex at age 30 and more
>> No. 28172 [Edit]
I went there when I was 30 yo and I swear most of the time I felt I was the oldest user in the whole place. The average wizchan user is in his early 20's, if not younger.
>> No. 28174 [Edit]
That feels like the whole internet now.
>> No. 28175 [Edit]
what other good imageboard exist?
>> No. 28177 [Edit]
File 168254667976.png - (0.99MB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2022-09-12-08h10m43s440.png )
None, trust me.
>> No. 28178 [Edit]
I concur, there's none really. There's been other threads before that mention alternative imageboards, but they either have the issue of being /jp/ spinoffs as opposed to more serious discussion, threads mostly devolving to image dumps, or overall post quality just being terrible.
>> No. 28429 [Edit]
Wizchan is just cruel, people here mentioned why already, I've been accused of being a normie once and shit on by so many there because I mentioned that I had a friend without thinking, also got called female as an insult. You also see lots of kicking people that are already down there in general, so yeah I haven't visited the site and actually stopped posting anywhere since then, that's a hole I'm glad I stopped digging.
>> No. 28455 [Edit]
I'm in my late 20s and used the site in my late teens (yes its been 10 years ;_;). 5/6 out o the people i spoke to were my age or younger by 1-2 years. I wouldn't be surprised if the average age at the time was between 18-20.
>> No. 28456 [Edit]
To add though it's basically a safe space for people who don't want to talk about sex or trying to get laid. Break the rules and you deserve a ban, go use r9k if you want to cry about sex.
>> No. 28458 [Edit]
>for people who don't want to talk about
The irony though is despite seeming to be a site focused on wizards, most of the posts their (at least on /wiz/) end up focused on the same topics, just from the flip perspective.
>> No. 28459 [Edit]
This. I'm a virgin, but I'd never identify with that. People who do are obsessed with sex in a different way, but still obsessed.
>> No. 28461 [Edit]
I still remember a guy who posted a wizard chan video from his YouTube and forgot he also had uploaded class discussions and wanna be podcasts with his friends lol

Having a virgin filter is likely the best way to stop boards devolving into shitposting or being dominated by people with less serious issues.
>> No. 28462 [Edit]
>wanna be podcasts with his friends lol
An amusing April 1st joke would be the announcement of a tc podcast, but it's just an hour of static.
>> No. 28463 [Edit]
tohno needs to do another room tour tbh
>> No. 28465 [Edit]
There's not much to see with my current one, and my last one was a bit meh.
>> No. 28466 [Edit]
stop posting cp then
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