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File 156789639619.jpg - (44.39KB , 704x396 , onimageboard.jpg )
24601 No. 24601 [Edit]
What happened to all the people who used to inhabit imageboards ~10 years ago? Given how poor the quality of most are now, I find it hard to believe that they are still active in those same places. Did they simply accept the inevitability of change and abandon imageboards for good? (While I find it hard to believe that they'd switch to something like Facebook, it's not unprobable that many just joined discord groups, also simultaneously resulting in the gradual decline of irc). Are they still there in small numbers but just drowned out by the influx of newcomers and low-quality posts? Did they escape to some uber-secret sanctuary?

The recent 8ch exodus led me to browse some of their various spinoff boards; I thought that at least one might recapture the same spirit of old but unfortunately none really come close. Tohno-chan is still perhaps the only place I've found where where post quality remains relatively high and discussion is thoughtful.
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>> No. 24602 [Edit]
I've wondered that myself a lot and touched on it here.

I simply assume these people drop image boards and nerd/weeb culture as they move on to get families and focus on careers and such. For all the bs they spout about how they'll never change and damn the people that do, few seem to make it past 30. They do their 9-5, go home to their wife and kids, and don't have time to so much as touch a computer because they're tired and just want to nap or watch netflix. If and when they do have free time it gets sucked up by their family responsibilities.
>> No. 24603 [Edit]
Yes, they moved on. Like I moved on from forums into imageboards 15 years ago, many moved on from ibs to reddit/discord. Many, like mentioned by >>24602 don't have an online presence anymore. Check the thread the other anon mentioned, we talked about this extensively. I would say mobile phones have altered how a good amount of people use the internet. For example, and I mentioned this on the other thread, my brothers and their friends use nothing but whatsapp/telegram for interacting with other people and they do so in closed groups. I have checked many other social outlet websites out of curiosity and I would say Reddit/Instagram/whatsapp and other apps for chatting/discord/twitter is what most people use nowadays. I've tried using Reddit myself but I just can't for some reason. There's something about imageboards I really like.
>> No. 24604 [Edit]
Probably a number of factors, some get jobs and lives, some probably kill themselves, some adapt and become bad posters, some might learn Japanese and only use Japanese sites and some would have just given up and left imageboards. On top of all of this, because of how image boards are now even the ones that stay the same and remain would be drowned out by others and would be hard to notice.
>> No. 24605 [Edit]
I'm one of them.
I got the fuck out of all the big boards because they changed too much. Once normalfags and their bullshit constituted more than 50% of content I didn't feel at home anymore.
It's been a LONG time since I exiled myself. I should have left even earlier. I can't even imagine how bad things must be over there today.
I never found another populated place to browse. They don't exist and can't ever exist again due to the composition of contemporary internet population.

Never even visited 8shit because fuck cripplekike the traitor.

People like me don't get lives or families. For our kind it's not even possible to move on.
The few vocal normies that were always present to some degree, maybe. Not core anons though. They don't switch, they just leave without picking an alternative.
Because there is no alternative. All the facebooks, the leddits, the whatever flavor of the month social circlejerks, they're all antagonistic to the spirit of Anonymous imageboards.
I guess most old ones entered invisible mode, only using the internet to passively acquire information related to their personal interests without having to deal with anyone's shit anymore.

I don't think the oldfags would want to return.
Even if there was a place to successfully capture the old spirit (and I mean the true old spirit) it would last for a second before being taken over and ruined by outsiders.
It's inevitable the anons would end up being outnumbered 100 to 1 by the retards with lives and families again.
Who would ever want to watch their home get invaded and defiled one more time?
>> No. 24606 [Edit]
8/a/ and it’s bunker aren’t so bad! But the rest of 8chan is pretty bad but not for the reasons you think. No, the problem with 8chan is that it falls into the "popular unpopular opinion" trap.

If you visit that site and look around enough, you're going to see the same supposedly unpopular opinions stated the same way over and over and over again. Everyone there thinks the same, talks the same, ect. They even have very similar tastes in things like art and music. There's no room for individual opinion, and anyone who goes against the grain is marked as an outsider and is antagonized.

It doesn't matter if they're different from the rest of the web, internally everyone there is very fucking similar. And I get that communities are supposed to have a shared culture. But there's a point where it goes from being culture to dogma, and the likes of 8chan have the latter, not the former.

And said dogma isn't really a dogma of its own. It's been so long since the openminded individualistic version of the internet died that it's gotten to the point where people honest to god can't imagine how things were anymore. The closest thing we have to individuality nowadays is contrarianism, which is really just a dishonest form of conformity.
credit :
>> No. 24607 [Edit]
I did a bit of digging in a previous thread and found out that even the first english imageboard ever created was complete dog shit. Any "anon spirit" was manufactured in the west and means nothing. Prattiling on about "what it means to be an anon" is part of the problem.
>> No. 24608 [Edit]
>anyone who goes against the grain is marked as an outsider and is antagonized.
Gee where have I seen this before...

Post edited on 7th Sep 2019, 8:22pm
>> No. 24609 [Edit]
Tohno has one of the nicest userbases I’ve ever seen from an imageboard, the only time they’re mean is when people are breaking rules or normalfags are here.
>> No. 24610 [Edit]
Replace "outsider" with "normalfag" from the quoted line and it's the same thing.
>> No. 24611 [Edit]
Not really. There was a meta controversy a couple months ago about the bingo thread suggesting TC is full of normalfags and everyone including the admin told him to lighten up.
>> No. 24612 [Edit]
File 15679248711.jpg - (31.84KB , 854x480 , slowstart.jpg )
im 30+ and how beein posting on imageboards since 06
honestly op someone, like myself, who has spent a good part of their life f5ing these places - well, what would i even have to talk about
i have few interesting ideas or things I even wish to discuss, my life isnt important and overall remarkably dull

i mostly low effort post on spinoffs these days
>> No. 24613 [Edit]
Well, if nothing else you have a lot of redpill insights about life that most normalfags never will anon, so there's that.
>> No. 24614 [Edit]
Would you recommend spending a large amount of your life F5ing to younger anons? Do you regret it?
>> No. 24615 [Edit]
Not him but I'm also 30+ and have been on image boards pretty much daily since 2008. I wouldn't recommend it at all. I for one regret wasting a large chunk of my life like that while having nothing to show for it. I wish I used that time on something more productive, creating something, refining some skills, advancing a career, anything. Instead I stayed at home behind a computer day in day out for years, and as a NEET for much of it. Having seen a fuck ton of anime, played countless videogames and made countless posts doesn't mean shit in the real world. It doesn't even mean anything among other weebs/gamers when most of the people into that stuff today only know of the most recent popular stuff, and if you're not playing pugb then it doesn't mater if you've played 10,000 other videogames.
Sure living in the now, and just enjoying yourself while you can is nice, but that kind of thinking catches up to people real fast, and trust me, starting anything latter rather than sooner in life will be much harder.
>> No. 24616 [Edit]
They ruined every site they ever touched.
Sure, just don't think you could have been one of 'them'. Maybe you could land a slightly better job but socially? They'd never let you in. Fughettaboutit. At best you'd be treated as a disposable tool, tolerated only till your usefulness ran out.
That's a protip for you.
>> No. 24617 [Edit]
No. There's this dumb little idea that's popular right now that there's no such thing as objectivity. You can't measure normalfaggotry in numbers, but based on decades of observation, its characteristics and effects on the internet are pretty well-agreed upon. They're obsessed with politics, real life realtionships and superficial life style choices, they get enraged when others disagree with them and make assumptions about their character(like if I called you a nomalfag just because you have a different opinion) or social rank(kid, basement dweller, loser, etc) and they regurgitate slogans, phrases and "memes" constantly, they believe they are the moral authority and assume their standards are universal.

These are qualities which nearly everybody posesses to some degree, because it's part of human nature, but are shown most strongly and even celebrated by normalfags.
>> No. 24618 [Edit]
>dumb little idea that's popular right now that there's no such thing as objectivity
Isn't that essentially postmodernism? I often wonder if the rebranding as postmodernism was a tool (by both academia and normals as a whole) to allow for such ideas to fester and spread under a convenient disguise. It's also impossible to assail by its nature. At the very least the underlying ideas have perhaps in part contributed to the declining quality of current imageboards (why put in the effort of a substantive post when you can whip up a paint graphic, pair it with a buzzword, and claim post-ironic humor!)
>> No. 24619 [Edit]
I mean, the theory itself IS sound -by simple thought experiment it becomes self evident that objectivity cannot be proven by the scientific method- but relative patterns and truth still exist. Personally it seems that it's a very human-centric view of the universe that is required to dislike of the concept that objectivity may not exist. Regardless, the universe does not revolve around humans, and it doesn't factor in what humans believe about it when it does whatever it actually does. Actually humans probably haven't even been able to emit enough energy to cause changes in other star systems yet. To base ones beliefs off of the emotional instinct that oneself is important is pretty silly.
>> No. 24620 [Edit]
People should act in a human-centric way though, and beliefs affect how people act. If we don't consider our human perception valuable because it doesn't apply to the "big picture", we might as well just all kill ourselves right now. Being alive goes directly against the fundemental tendecy of things to break down and become simpler. If we choose to keep living though, we should fully embrace humanity and do everything in that spirit. Saying stupid shit all the time, creating ugly things and generally rejecting what we naturally perceive as good and beautiful because "it's all just in our heads" is a half-assed middle ground. Kill yourself, or pursue only what you genuinely feel is good.

Post edited on 8th Sep 2019, 6:50pm
>> No. 24621 [Edit]
Why would we kill ourselves simply because we realize we don't matter? Is it that important to matter that it would necessitate our death? For that matter, if you have no reason to live then you have no reason to die either. Human centric behavior is fine and all, but human centric beliefs on how the universe inherently functions... well, it's just stupid. Humans are human centric. If we want to understand humans in a human way, human centricism is fine of course. The universe is not human centric. If we want to understand the universe better, human-centric ideas are stupid when we already know better ways of thinking exist. Should people act human centric because they are human? Only if they intend to remain human forever. Like it or not, it's just the cold hard truth that humans are not the center of the universe, and human centricism is hardly the way to greater knowledge and understanding.

Also, it's bold of you to assume that the only option other than following human ideals is death. Reality is way, way more vast than that.

Post edited on 8th Sep 2019, 7:03pm
>> No. 24622 [Edit]
File 156799724923.jpg - (181.04KB , 1920x1080 , !.jpg )
Tama-chan is too cute (and genki) for this world.
>> No. 24624 [Edit]
File 15679979758.jpg - (252.43KB , 849x1189 , __sable_original_drawn_by_nardack__sample-211ed6a3.jpg )
>Why would we kill ourselves simply because we realize we don't matter?
You see, you're being human-centric right now without even realizing it. Valuing life is in itself human-centric(or at least it stems from evolution and we have in common with animals along with many other things). Every other thing in the universe is moving in the opposite direction of life. It moves towards a more stable state. Dying is nothing more than the components of your body returning to a lower energy state. Nothing else in the universe struggles against this process. Nothing else in the universe seeks to understand anything either. You think the way we do science isn't human-centric just because it doesn't involve emotions? Our language and the limitations of our brain dictate how we conduct science, not what's the most effecient way that could be done, whatever that may be.

Art, discussion, everything which does involve emotion, should be done with our natrual sense of beauty and quality in mind. Saying it's all fake bullshit and humans don't matter while continuing to draw breath is hypocritical. Humans matter because I choose to think they matter and I choose to stay alive. Those two decisions are interwined.
>> No. 24625 [Edit]
Why should I care about being human once i know there are things beyond it?
>> No. 24626 [Edit]
Like what? What is beyond human and why do you think you could relate to it? You are human so you are limited by what humans can do and all of your thoughts are a result of you being human. Even if you tried to put yourself in the shoes of something "beyond human" you would be doing so through a human lense and with human limitations.

Post edited on 8th Sep 2019, 8:52pm
>> No. 24630 [Edit]
Transhumanism, astral projection, genetic augmentation, invoking the powers of demonic entities. What, you thought I wouldn't be spiritual just because I don't believe in objectivity? For me, it just seems like the kind of thing you can't "unsee". Sure, you can hear people talk about relativity, how unimportant a human view is, and just go back to regular life. But if you've discovered on your own the logical proofs for why such objectivity is a myth, you can't really trick your brain into not knowing those proofs. Me, I'm probably just gonna contribute towards whatever super AI we create first, a reality that is mere months away with the current development of neural networks. It's probably gonna kill me, or destroy whatever human self I have, but if you really want to pursue life then you would pursue the ultimate immortality and not some abstract human concept like art which will lose merit within a measly one million years. Look, it's as simple as this, there are those who are gonna accept transhumanism, and those who will die. Nuclear weapons are a joke to what's coming and most people can't even fathom just how unhuman the universe is going to get. Being human was nice and all but it's no longer necessary.
>> No. 24631 [Edit]
File 156805994083.jpg - (163.15KB , 850x544 , __original_drawn_by_gbsartworks__sample-bafe5f9edc.jpg )
>Transhumanism, Genetic Augmentation
Not possible yet.
>astral projection, invoking demonic entities
>with the current development of neural networks
Which is currently in stagnation because of hardware limitations and inadequate, energy ineffecient techniques. General Ai will only progress when hardware modeled after the human brain is fully realized.

Transhumanism is great and i'm all for it, but all it'll do is make us even better at being human. There's no reason to give up art, music and other beautiful things. There's no merit what so ever to modern iconoclasm. Becoming smarter beyond our biological limits isn't the same as erasing your emotions and becoming a "one with the universe" sage-like monk with no desires.
>super AI
Which will be designed to be as human as possible, or be incapable of doing anything outside its given function.

When it comes to tricking, you have it the other way around; your survival instinct is making you find "rational" excuses for staying alive. Your brain is the one tricking you. The only way to completely escape "being human" is becoming a space alien and erasing your memories. Even then, if they're intelligent, they may have things in common with us.
>> No. 24632 [Edit]
>Not possible yet.
>>astral projection, invoking demonic entities
Well, the CIA begs to differ
>Which is currently in stagnation because of hardware limitations and inadequate, energy ineffecient techniques. General Ai will only progress when hardware modeled after the human brain is fully realized.
Absolutely incorrect, clearly you have no knowledge of recent neural network developments.
>Which will be designed to be as human as possible, or be incapable of doing anything outside its given function.
We don't even directly control the creation of AI at this point, it's self-programmed learning which we simply accept results from. You really need to learn about what people are doing with neural networks.
>The only way to completely escape "being human" is becoming a space alien and erasing your memories. Even then, if they're intelligent, they may have things in common with us.
Which I have considered
>> No. 24633 [Edit]
I'm quoting another anon , but if you have anything which contradicts this, please share.
>As far as I understand it, "neural networks" are only superficially similar to how our brain works. They were modeled/inspired by how neurons connect to each other in layers, but beyond that we don't really know if our human brain does anything similar to backprop. Moreover, the structure of the brain changes over time, whereas currently artifical neural networks maintain a fixed topology. I think we also don't really have much information on how exactly our own neurons connect to/influence each other - this is an area of research that's still ongoing (connectome).
>Even breakthroughs in recurrent learning such as AlphaZero ultimately come down to learning a way to efficiently do tree search to maximize a defined objective. The issue is that the techniques we have are only feasible when we can write down nice closed objectives to maximize or minimize. One aspect ascribed to "general AI" is the ability to dynamically reason, which will probably require some way for it to come up with/discover its own objectives. Given this, progress towards the sort of general AI that we see in movies and could feasibly mimic humans will probably first require some understanding of how our connectome works.

>This is also my own personal opinion but I think there also needs to be some fundamental shift in our architecture (both computer hardware as well as the way we currently build/train networks) to enable it. The fact that we're throwing kilowatts of power to train networks while the human brain can do it in just dozens of watts to me feels like we're trying to brute force our way there and there ought to be some other more elegant, simpler approach that will also simultaneously solve the power consumption issue.
>> No. 24634 [Edit]
Current neural networks use human "synapses" to get around the problems which are simultaneously being fixed by the core AI. If you've ever used any application which generates images based on a certain theme like anime girls, photo paintings, etc, you're using a neural network and training it. Neural Networks are VERY good right now and may be approaching human capacity. In some ways, they already surpassed it. As for the level of control, well "A neural network is a black box in the sense that while it can approximate any function, studying its structure won't give you any insights on the structure of the function being approximated.

As an example, one common use of neural networks on the banking business is to classify loaners on "good payers" and "bad payers". You have a matrix of input characteristics C
(sex, age, income, etc) and a vector of results R ("defaulted", "not defaulted", etc). When you model this using a neural network, you are supposing that there is a function f(C)=R

, in the proper sense of a mathematical function. This function f can be arbitrarily complex, and might change according to the evolution of the business, so you can't derive it by hand.

Then you use the Neural Network to build an approximation of f

that has a error rate that is acceptable to your application. This works, and the precision can be arbitrarily small - you can expand the network, fine tune its training parameters and get more data until the precision hits your goals.

The black box issue is: The approximation given by the neural network will not give you any insight on the form of f. There is no simple link between the weights and the function being approximated. Even the analysis of which input characteristic is irrelevant is a open problem (see this link).

Plus, from a traditional statistics viewpoint, a neural network is a non-identifiable model: Given a dataset and network topology, there can be two neural networks with different weights and same result. This makes the analysis very hard.

As an example of "non-black box models", or "interpretable models", you have regression equations and decision trees. The first one gives you a closed form approximation of f where the importance of each element is explicit, the second one is a graphical description of some relative risks\odds ratios."

A neural network will be less like a human we can control and more like a massive overmind beyond our comprehension.
>> No. 24635 [Edit]
>Neural Networks are VERY good right now
At what? Identifying images? Making certain kinds of predictions? Using human input to compensate for its shortcomings? That's not general ai. Getting even better at identifying images and making predictions isn't the same as moving towards what we do. Consciousness wont spontaneously emerge from the ability to predict things accuractely, do math and identify objects. There's also the energy problem. Yeah, what they're doing is impressive, but we're not months away from a "conscious" being.
>> No. 24636 [Edit]
Some people have touched on it already, but being in my 30s as well, I agree with the perspective that many of us just no longer have an online presence at all anymore.

Although I agree with the guy that said
>People like me don't get lives or families. For our kind it's not even possible to move on.

I also don't have a family or kids or anything. I simply blended into society by working and becoming busy with responsibilities. I waste my free time in various inane ways, like watching the same Norn Macdonald talk show appearances on youtube over and over again.

In some ways, life has gone full circle. I do random things by myself to waste my time, just waiting out my life, a lot like how it was before my internet addiction. In other ways it's different, because I'm able to become autistically addicted to adult things like work, instead of things like video games, anime, and imageboards.

I know there are probably many like me, who are in limbo, stuck somewhere between fitting in and being a total societal outcast. Maybe nothing will draw us together again, but at least we're all aware that we exist now. Before the imageboard culture happened, I would have never guessed there were so many other people like me all over the world.
>> No. 24637 [Edit]

I'm not even close to fitting in. I'm a square peg in a round hole. I do what I have to do to avoid dying hungry and homeless but I'll never pat myself on the back for doing it. 'Adult' this, 'responsibilities' that... no, fuck it.
It's all arbitrary bullshit. Propaganda with no real meaning. Every day at work I waste more electricity and materials than you'd ever be able to expend just sitting at home, shitposting all day.
And for what? It's not making any difference. Just spinning the wheels in the name of an economy that's based on upscaled gambling and glorified pyramid schemes anyway. I won't ever pretend like taking part in this dog and pony show makes me any better than those who don't.
Actually all this 'work' bullshit made me realize that in the end NEETs are pretty fucking energy efficient and environment friendly. The only thing that produces more waste than a human being is a human being with a job and a family.
We worker drones are the real parasites. It's like every day I'm doing my small part to make the world a worse place, one disposable plastic piece of garbage at a time... and I'm getting paid for it? Fucking ridiculous.
It all fills me with revulsion and despair so strong it can't be put into words.


>a reality that is mere months away
Suuuure. I'll be back in a couple of months to ask if we're dead yet. I'm willing to bet we'll be stuck in the same old pile of shit with none of that occult technobabble coming true.
>> No. 24638 [Edit]
>use human "synapses" to get around the problems
I'm not sure what you mean by uses human synapses considering we aren't even fully sure how our own synapses are interconnected beyond rough layers of specialization and spatial organization (see efforts to map the connectome. I think state of the art efforts have gotten to mapping the worm/fruit fly).

The structure of neural nets is well understood, and as was mentioned before doesn't have much to do with the brain's structure beyond the vague idea of having weights and edges (which presumably map to neurons and synapse strength). I think there is evidence that the brain has mechanisms for backpropagation following action potentials (and there's also the hebbian "neurons that fire together wire together") but its role is still not fully understood.

>If you've ever used any application which generates images ... you're using a neural network and training it
Just to clarify, I don't believe any training is happening at inference time (when you go to e.g. thiswaifudoesnotexist and it serves an image). The training was done beforehand, and at serving time you sample a random vector in the latent space and StyleGAN "decodes" that into an image.

>in the sense that while it can approximate any function
Yes this part I agree with, and also the fact that it is essentially a black box.

> one common use of neural networks on the banking business is to classify loaners
This is a bit unrelated but I'd actually be surprised if banks were using anything other than basic regression techniques (random forest/linreg/etc). Even among the elite hedge funds/prop shops the rumor is that the majority of it is feature engineering and data collection rather than fancy neural networks. But that's a bit off topic.

I agree with gist of what you're saying of neural nets being blackbox models. What I don't see how it immediately follows that a super AI is "mere months away" (assuming you were the anon in >>24630) or that it's a "massive overmind" that will somehow directly harm society.

I do agree that we need to exercise caution when interpreting the results of these blackbox models. But even if we do directly allow these blackbox models to execute decisions without human intervention (as many hedge funds probably are doing now), the failure mode is not "AI becomes sentient and conspires to wreck human society" but instead probably something like "All hedge funds blackbox model simultaneously decide to invest all money in shitty company because of some weak signal that has now been arbitraged out, ending up causing a bit of chaos and slight economic panic."
>> No. 24639 [Edit]
As for astral projection, I personally think that it is possible but the CIA is not the best source on this. The CIA was doing this kooky shit in the midst of the cold war, and they were probably willing to try everything under the sun (especially something as high reward/low risk as this). The fact that they attempted and subsequently (at least officially) abandoned it isn't a reliable indicator either way.

Better evidence of this is probably in ancient Chinese/Buddhist/sanskrit works where they talk about chi and that stuff. Even if you accept it, it is by no means an easy or entry-level thing which is why anyone claiming to have done it is likely bullshitting. The Wikipedia page on "Astral Projection" has a good overview but it basically requires several years of meditation to purify/still the mind as a prerequisite (probably much more, but if you also believe in reincarnation having meditated in past lives supposedly helps). That said given the supposed stillness and purity of mind required for such activities, I think that anyone at the CIA trying to voluntarily bring it about for the goal of defeating the commies or exploiting society would ironically lack the very purity that they need.
>> No. 24640 [Edit]
Astral projection and Tulpas are just self induced schizophrenia.
>> No. 24641 [Edit]
File 156809695236.png - (97.44KB , 742x419 , Screenshot_2019-09-10 ASTRAL PROJECTION CAPER - NS.png )
Also, as for the Cia and Astral Projection.
>> No. 24642 [Edit]
Project Stargate was a piece of shit. A much more extensive study that provided results and actually ended up producing valuable knowledge for the scientific community was the Electroreceptor studies in MKULTRA. Not only did they discover that vertebrates exist which possess powerful electromagnetic fields which are used for communication and object detection, some were even capable of using these fields several dozen meters away, possibly more. Communication at the least was possible over distances of hundreds of feet. Humans may or may not possess electroreceptors themselves, but a circuit for an artificial electroreceptor was indeed developed and possibly is in use by powerful agencies. That's not even getting into how the psychological/LSD studies tie into it all. Basically what I'm saying is, the United States Government without a doubt has access to at least some form of extrasensory perception, and the ability to decode peoples electromagnetic waves and the information they unknowingly emit. This is not the ramblings of a schizophrenic madman, it's all taken directly from the CIAs own studies which they published on their own website. MKULTRA continued for at least 20 years and provided a ton of useful knowledge. Project Stargate was just a kids game in comparison.

If you really want to know why I say this, you should go on the CIAs website and find the compilation files that contain all the de-classified studies from MKULTRA. Despite being long-winded scientific papers numbering in the thousands you will not be bored by them.
>> No. 24643 [Edit]
Are these guys serious? These government magic debacles were disclosed and they were all so utterly dumb they're still ridiculed for being possibly the stupidest waste of money and time in recorded history. Only conspiracy nut memers believe it's deeper than that.

Think about it for a second, genius. If CIA could spy with literal magic there would be no need for any other tools of intelligence gathering at all.
There would be no NRO. How do you explain the existence of NRO if all that information could be just scryed up by witches?

This is infowars level willful idiocy.
I thought people here were better than this.

I'm sorry about your thread OP. Fucking sage.
>> No. 24644 [Edit]
Conspiracy theories and paranoia are par-for the course on a hikki-related site though.
>> No. 24645 [Edit]
Looks like one crazy person. Wizchan deals with this all the time unfortunately
>> No. 24647 [Edit]
File 156815854090.jpg - (22.10KB , 240x240 , misato.jpg )
This expresses my opinions well. I'm 30, and have been posting on imageboards since 07. I've tried the alternatives, but I couldn't get into any of them (seeing as forums are dead - I posted on forums before imageboards). Reddit, and other social media is just too filled with shills for my taste. Tried discord for a while but it's just one giant shithole of power-tripping mods and users who feel like they need to be given special treatment.
>> No. 24648 [Edit]
File 156815893588.jpg - (450.33KB , 1195x3706 , 4chan.jpg )
>I can't even imagine how bad things must be over there today.
The common 4chan anon today is:

- extremely paranoid, believing that there's a tranny, chink, gook, autist or weeb hiding behind every post, yet unable to explain the nature and relevance of these bogeymen (redditors are no longer invoked much, probably because most anons ARE redditors)

- frequently making a very big deal about thinking they recognize someone from another thread, yet unable to explain why it matters so much

- easily swept up in inexplicable mass hysterias like obsessing over height beyond the point of any reason, agitating against asians without having any apparent motive for doing so, and spending a lot of time thinking deeply about hapas (what is it with 4chan and asians? I don't know and neither does anyone else)

- pants-shittingly enraged by anything anime-related, insistent that all of it is the dark work of "weebs" and must be "contained" on /a/ so normal people don't have to be exposed to its "degeneracy"

- completely ignorant of anime and only able to express something resembling an opinion of it by cycling through a few words and prases that he has zero understanding of

- deeply hostile to anything japanese in general, insistent that all of it is "weebshit"

- often pushing political agendas in the manner that a paid shill might (dumping the same images and repeating the same talking points over and over in one thread after another, impervious to any counter-arguments)

- absolutely dishonest with no principles or integrity of any description, only concerned with trying to score cheap victories for the moment

- apparently trying to bait, or something, by continuously reposting random threads

- very concerned about not giving (you)s to those who don't deserve them, almost as if they were treating them like upvotes or something (hmm)

- extremely narcissistic

- always looking to turn anything into an us vs. them state of war, even something as inane as americans with air conditioning vs. europeans without it

- of low intelligence, borderline illiterate, with little formal or informal education or knowledge of anything except the latest talking points and buzzwords

- unable to learn and retain new information of any value

- lacking any personality and any capacity to think original thoughts

- mentally ill (schizophrenia is common on 4chan)

Additionally, the staff are very hostile to the users, have a clear anti-anime bias (notable, given what 4chan is supposed to be), exhibit very erratic behavior, and only "communicate" via IRC where they'll ignore or kick anyone who talks to them. Recently they've started banning people for "replying to off-topic garbage," without telling them what post it was, and without having any discernible criteria for what they think constitutes an off-topic thread. (Talking about a TV show on /tv/? That's off-topic. Talking about kneesocks and traps on /g/? Enjoy your stay.) Hiroshimoot gives zero fucks about the site except for its ad revenue, and almost never makes his presence known.

tl;dr: everything is ok
>> No. 24649 [Edit]
31 here. less than ten minutes before you made this post I got into an argument with one of those power tripping mods you mentioned who seemed to find mass pings funny. They didn't understand or care about the concept of being considerate to others. I left the server when someone called me a faggot and told me to deal with it. Discord truly is a "giant shithole". I join one server after another in hopes of meeting half way decent people, only to be met with obnoxious morons each and every time.
>> No. 24650 [Edit]
I left discord (specifically a community I migrated to discord with ~3 years ago) because one of the mods sperged on me constantly calling me a contrarian, and telling me that there was nothing wrong with the Chinese government spying on Discord users. It all culminated when he said I had no balls and wouldn't delete my discord account because of my obsession with privacy. I haven't looked back since.
I just want some place to relax after I've been burned out of working for the day. Is that too much to ask?
>> No. 24651 [Edit]
File 156816052428.jpg - (265.34KB , 850x1200 , __original_drawn_by_karasu_raven__sample-da5d6905a.jpg )
I'll never understand why somebody using a site with chan, CHAN, in the name would hate "weebshit". The only time I use 4chan is when i'm looking at the monster girl games general. Because the barrier of entry is so high, it manages to be at least noticeably better than the rest of the site. Even the erogame general is unsalvageable. Also, why do you guys know so much about this shit? The bulk of your time doesn't need to be spent interacting with others.
>> No. 24652 [Edit]
One either hates it in an ironic fashion, or he hates it because he came to the website for completely unrelated reasons like memes, activism, porn, etc.
>> No. 24653 [Edit]
I remember many years ago that creating tulpas was a thing people were actively attempting to do. I'm wondering if anyone achieved it now that the dust has settled.
>> No. 24654 [Edit]
I know a guy who claims to have done it. For me, well, my tulpa had been by my side all along in the form of a dream-entity which had consistently accompanied me from the age of about 5. Usually, just as some girl that talks to me and watches me as I explore whatever fresh hellscape I dreamed up until I either die or wake up.
>> No. 24676 [Edit]
A more interesting question is why 4chan never took any action against the anti-anime invaders. They were simply allowed to slowly take over more and more of the site. Then again, it was 4chan that gave birth to the myth of the weeaboo that has since become an eternal bogeyman.

/a/ celebrated when Kyoani burned down, so that board is totally gone as well.
>> No. 24678 [Edit]
Because moot is a normalfag and a lot of the original board members were from the subpar anime section of somethingawful. Somethingawful was never a pro-otaku site in its whole, so the people who used the anime section couldn't have been much better. That's my guess.
>> No. 24679 [Edit]
Do you mean the individual board mods? I assume that the "old guard" probably left for the same reasons enumerated by others. For /a/ in particular it's likely the case that with the changing population and demographics the mods read the writing on the wall and ended up leaving realizing the pointlessness of trying to resist the inevitable. This of course allowed more tolerant mods to step-in and permit endless shounen generals, snowballing the demographic shift.

The alternative have been to bunker down harder, enforcing an even stricter moderation. But seeing as the mods do it "for free" and trying to fight against a userbase will only rally them harder, it's not really a given that enforcing stricter moderation would have really done anything.
>> No. 24680 [Edit]
I think the me from 10 years ago is similar to the me nowadays, it's just that culture has changed so how I acted back then is much more normal now. Alongside that, what was once my entire online presence is now just a piece of my experience as an adult.

Back in my teens I was using shoop da whoop, photoshopping King Leonidas' face onto photos, posting captioned memes, and otherwise participating in regular 4chan culture on multiple boards. Now in my late 20s I am still doing that stuff, just more modernized and restricted to appropriate places. That kind of thing is often looked down on by old guard who have grown up or moved on from that culture due to it becoming normalized. I haven't grown up, I've just kept accumulating new online experiences and locations to post at. Each one has an adaptive culture that changes with time, even if only slightly.

It might not be that everyone has left, but that they have adapted to the changing internet instead of stagnating. I post differently than I used to on 4chan, but here on Tohno I've not changed much in years. I just try to enjoy where I choose to be, and that may lead to changes in how I communicate in certain instances or locations.
Trying to be an oldfag on 4chan is pointless, you'll have more fun just fitting into the current culture, the way you used to when everyone had what is now an oldfag attitude. Posting memes and being dumb on Tohno? That's not going to happen. It's not why I come here. It services a different part of me that I can only explore while here.
>> No. 24682 [Edit]
File 156918672182.jpg - (233.08KB , 850x1189 , __flandre_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_tsukumizu_yuu__s.jpg )
I don't have different modes. Not that much. What I enjoy doesn't differ from one place to another. It's changed over the years, but it doesn't matter where I am. It's consistent. There's nothing enjoyable about shitposting to me, so I avoid places where that is the norm. There's less and less places not like that. It's a cancer.
>> No. 24683 [Edit]
I just want a site like 2008-2010 /jp/.
>> No. 24684 [Edit]
It's not about superficial style, it's about the people. I won't share a site with a community made up in >90% of those who treated me like a subhuman for being abnormal. Then they came rushing to the internet when it became cool and in. Now they act like what used to be my home belongs to them. We were the ones who built it all but my kind still gets ostracized and generally treated like trash because being a nerd loser is only cool when well adjusted successful people do it ironically.
>> No. 24685 [Edit]
>you'll have more fun just fitting into the current culture
i doubt it
>> No. 24687 [Edit]
> it's just that culture has changed
It really has. I can't really express how much so this has happened. If anything Tohno Chan is a lot like how the community was "back then". I took a long while away from this community (the anime community), roughly between 2011 to a few months ago and wow, so much has changed. I am not even sure why I stopped, but since I quit video games it has become my hobby. I find myself continuing on picking up where I was then, watching the rare movie, or old tv series. I'm not a religious seasonal anime nut, and I don't like a lot of the culture that comes with that.

> It might not be that everyone has left
I think that everyone's left, or is in hiding. It took me a while to find this board, and honestly if I knew about this board back then, I'm not sure if I had posted here either. In my observation, most people online these days (at least on image boards) really are just here because they think it's some kind of edgy politically incorrect community, and that really never was the case for me. IBs were a way to have a community when I was lonely.

Keep in mind there is a place for shitposting, there just isn't a place for shitposting (although I kinda like 4chan's /vp/ for that).
>> No. 24689 [Edit]
>really are just here because they think it's some kind of edgy politically incorrect community
I feel it's less the emphasis on the "political incorrectness" (since that's only really within /pol/) but rather the lack of any perceived moderation or etiquette (which isn't too far off given how poorly most boards are run) which is so appealing since it gives them free rein to regurgitate memes, spam buzzwords, and hijack threads. Or as you put it, it gives them a place to "shitpost" freely.

That's not to say that the perceived edgyness isn't part of the allure, but with 4chan in particular being well-enough known to the point where many buzzwords are immediately carried off and spouted in youtube comment sections and reddit (I wouldn't be surprised if they're more manufactured by some small coordinated group rather than organically developed), it feels more as though it's become a playground for bored teens rather than a place for discussion, politically incorrect or not.
>> No. 24699 [Edit]
File 15693843521.jpg - (121.27KB , 1280x720 , yatogame-chan.jpg )
4chan used to have lolicon and guro boards, so it wasn't exactly normalfag-friendly. But at the same time the weeaboo crisis started brewing almost as soon as the site was launched. Maybe 4chan has just always been at war with itself, until the anti-anime side eventually won. Other anime communities are very similar, for example r/anime has a lot of (upvoted) posts like "anime is problematic otaku-pandering trash, us Westerners must fix it with our superior values." It's only a tiny minority of people who are unapologetic, unpretentious fans of anime and don't watch it in a constant state of culture shock. People used to proudly call themselves otaku, and now it's like wearing a MAGA hat to an antifa rally.
>> No. 24701 [Edit]
>anime is problematic otaku-pandering trash, us Westerners must fix it with our superior values.
I’m no redditor, but those might have been brigaded/artificial posts. r/anime caused a stir because they defended lolicon and that site is known for internet morality warriors.
>> No. 24702 [Edit]
Wasn't that several years ago even before the whole internet justice crusade really took root? At this point r/anime has pretty much become equivalent to 4chan's /a/ board in terms of post variety (all mostly entry level battle shounens or isekai). And if there even exists any loli content it's almost sure to be accompanied by a chorus of "don't lewd the...", whether made in jest or not.
>> No. 24704 [Edit]
Not sure, but I just remember it being recent because it radiates to other sites because it was causing quite a split amongst them.
>> No. 24705 [Edit]
>4chan used to have lolicon and guro boards
Because futaba had them and Moot wanted to copy them. When his isp or host or whatever told him to remove it, he caved in because it wasn't important to him.
>the weeaboo crisis
I haven't heard of that before. I know in the early 2000s "weaboo" became a stigmatized thing, but I don't know the details
>> No. 24715 [Edit]
File 156961953145.jpg - (67.72KB , 299x299 , 1337379714075.jpg )
I've been looking for a place to stay, for years.
After 30 yo I went to wizardchan, the place was mostly awful. Then after I got banned I discovered a really little place called magicchan and it was pretty nice. But it died and we exiled to a board called /tower/ in 8chan. Then everyone knows what happened, and nothing replaced it.

I've been asking myself the same questions. I feel like there's no one from 10 years ago, because people get old and they turn normal. Only a 1% doesn't, so if at 25 we were not too many now our kind is just really rare and we have to mix with young people with awful results.
>> No. 24719 [Edit]
Check out /ma/.
>> No. 24721 [Edit]
i've spent 12 hours a day on imageboards for at least twelve years. I've had tons of interesting conversations. so many times i felt I had a "connection" with people. but they were all anonymous. once the thread expires they're gone. so much time wasted. and I have nothing to show for it.
>> No. 24722 [Edit]
I browsed magicchan for a long time and wizchan. I stopped using wizchan because it becoming a mess. So I browsed at magicchan till it died. I use the angry v website now. I think tohno does not like the word. Similar rules and restrictions but faster then magic. Still has hobby and anime threads and many neet users. I don’t know I if this will help you in your quest to find other places. Well good luck wizard.
>> No. 24723 [Edit]
>I use the angry v website now.
I'm not sure which site this is. If it doesn't break any rules, can you give it's name (perhaps rot13 spoiler-ing it if you're so inclined).
>> No. 24725 [Edit]
Well I guess this makes all three users of magicchan back together again? Lol. I never did find another website like it, tohno is home for now. As for wizchan it's a filthy shitheap of nu-net assholes.
>> No. 24726 [Edit]
You visited /tower/ too?
When 8chan died because some random guy decided to kill people I felt like there was a curse following us.
Some guy was supposedly working in a replacement but he just didn't answer any mails after some point, I guess he gave up.
>> No. 24727 [Edit]
Come on now, that wasn't why.
Jim made it clear in the interview post-HS hearing that they only cared about the ONE shooting nobody died in. They could not care less about the others.
>> No. 24728 [Edit]
I'm sorry, I don't know the details. Just know some day couldn't enter /tower/ and suddenly the newspapers were talking about 8chan, it felt unreal.
Also, isn't this place even slower than the old magicchan? Is it dying too? The curse again?
>> No. 24729 [Edit]
>Also, isn't this place even slower than the old magicchan? Is it dying too? The curse again?
No, TC has always been slow. Call it a curse if you like. People come, post a few times, get bored, and leave. People don't stick around long enough to make this place active and keep it active.
>> No. 24730 [Edit]
I try my best. I sometimes wonder if the post and leave nature is what contributes to the long post nature this and some other slower boards.
>> No. 24731 [Edit]
Isn't kinda depressing?
>> No. 24732 [Edit]
Yes, but what are you gonna do? If you just want to chitchat there’s always the IRC.
The signal to noise is good and that fades if you have too fast of a board.
>> No. 24734 [Edit]
Whenever I make a thread someone just bumps a bunch of old threads so mine is hidden from the first page. Other times my posts are just deleted, so mostly I just don't post. This has been going on for years. Could similar reasons why this place never gets faster. Then there's the faction that doesn't want the place to get faster.
>> No. 24735 [Edit]
It doesn't have to be like 4chan or anything like that, but more than five posts a day wouldn't do any harm.
It's amazing the place have survived with such low amount of posts though.
>> No. 24738 [Edit]
File 156976854790.jpg - (699.29KB , 1920x1080 , [Doki] Yuru Yuri - 09 (1920x1080 Hi10P BD FLAC) [8.jpg )
People don't even reply to my threads. Sad.
>> No. 24739 [Edit]
What threads have you made, lately?
>> No. 24741 [Edit]
Most threads on /an/ and /so/ have a decent number of replies. Which boards are you making threads on?
>> No. 24742 [Edit]
You’re not a bad poster, have you considered you may be getting slapped by the auto moderation?
>> No. 24743 [Edit]
Don't encourage tripfags.
>> No. 24744 [Edit]
>Other times my posts are just deleted
are you shit posting, or posting 3dpd?
>> No. 24746 [Edit]


>> No. 24747 [Edit]
There isn't a whole lot to reply to there. I thought you were making a joke when I saw those threads for the firs time...
>> No. 24748 [Edit]
To be frank those posts aren't really very substantive, and I think they would fit better in /lol/. There's not really much to reply with other than the equivalent of "sō desu yo ne"
>> No. 24749 [Edit]
File 156980808178.png - (230.76KB , 1000x1000 , Rumia 065.png )
So nanoka.
>> No. 24757 [Edit]
File 156989645538.png - (215.21KB , 304x623 , 1569866777902.png )
feeling nostalgic. I was thinking about 2013 earlier. Back then my routine consisted of getting drunk and listening to music. then posting on imageboards. I used to post here often. I remember posting here when pic related started getting popular. I got a job, saved money but messed up and ended up in the same spot. Except i'm older now and very tired. some people really aren't meant to progress in life I guess.
>> No. 24760 [Edit]
The only true progress in life is towards death. Everything else is just pure superficial fantasies that we've made up in our minds to cope with the fact that we are heading towards death, and cannot possibly understand it.
>> No. 24763 [Edit]
File 156994939941.jpg - (81.10KB , 1280x720 , 1513638578892.jpg )
I like that mindset. You can be a "winner" but you will die nonetheless. Not only you will die but you will be forgotten in a matter of two or three generations, even some people that did important stuff have been forgotten.
Only thing that matters is enjoying the meanwhile, and you can do that without any need of "success".
>> No. 24764 [Edit]
> to cope with the fact
It may not necessarily be "coping" so much as the fact that you're biding time until death. That is, I don't have any fear of death so the coping is more with the tedium of life.
>> No. 24767 [Edit]
I don't plan on dying
>> No. 24768 [Edit]
How do you plan to transcend it?
>> No. 24775 [Edit]
I'm 32 yo and I watched how the normalfags destroyed almost the entire internet, but there are few places like Tohno, places where normalfags can't destroy. All older posters like myself just committed suicide or gone through the process of leave the NEET life, study or find a work and then you tend to spent less time on the internet because you are too tired.
>> No. 24776 [Edit]
Trying my hand at those other places make me want to commit suicide. How the hell did the internet go from everyone pretending to be 18+ to everyone acting -14 ?
>> No. 24777 [Edit]
>gone through the process of leave the NEET life
I've read this many times, but I wonder when this occurs; what age people tend to decide to kill themselves, stop being NEET, or continue their lives as is.
>> No. 24778 [Edit]
The Russian incarnation of Wakachan/iichan died recently. It’s all dying.
>> No. 24779 [Edit]
Around 30 is when people start to move on from imageboards, I’ve noticed.
>> No. 24781 [Edit]
As someone who's 29, I hope that I'm next, and I hope it happens as a good thing and not a bad thing.
>> No. 24783 [Edit]
I'm 33 and I¡m spending more time in the internet because I'm too tired. To do anything else.
>> No. 24821 [Edit]
File 157279554351.jpg - (330.55KB , 1280x1280 , 1280x1280.jpg )
Oh shit, I was worried on what became of some of us! Glad to see some of us are still around. I used to always update that music thread that was popular there. I hope you liked some of the electronic stuff I posted! I'm really glad to hear from all of you, earnest.

OT: I just gave up honestly. It's always the same without exception. You find someplace that seems nice and it eventually reveals itself or becomes decimated. I mostly post on 4chan while on breaks on my shitty wageslave job or when I just can't get out of bed. I've long given up with niche Imageboards.
>> No. 24822 [Edit]
What about here?
>> No. 24823 [Edit]
People always want fast, but then they complain about bad quality. Pick one. Tohno-Chan is good enough for me.
>> No. 24825 [Edit]
One thing I miss from magicchan is how every thread and post always got read and answered.
Here is faster but having so many boards makes everything a little too disperse.
>> No. 24838 [Edit]
Where the fuck did everyone go anyway? At the risk of bringing up a sensitive subject, 8/a/ is dead, 7/a/ is slow, 4/a/ is *vomits*, and this site is really slow. Fufufu is super slow, so where did all the super active crowd from 4/a/ end up going? No fucking way they're still hanging out on that abomination. It doesnt make sense, something like 5000 people just disappeared from the internet within a span of 5 years. They didnt really all become normalfags/suicides, right?
>> No. 24839 [Edit]
No. They're probably all here, there or somewhere else on the internet that isn't polluted by parasites (normies). Some may have ended up committing suicide, some may have given up on anime, some may have started working on a job and become normal. But I'm thinking most have already found somewhere else to be on the internet.
>> No. 24841 [Edit]
I guess everyone is split up over a dozen sites now huh?
>> No. 24842 [Edit]
Yeah, seems like it.
>> No. 24843 [Edit]
There's (8chan /a/ "bunker") but I personally didn't take to the atmosphere there. For anime in particular I don't feel there's too much value in discussing individual shows themselves (outside the context of review threads, etc.) so most of the value of a board comes from meta-discussion along with tangential otaku related hobbies. It's very hard to develop that "board culture" though, and once boards grow beyond some critical size it seems to get ruined (what appeared to have happened to 4/a/).
>> No. 24850 [Edit]
Ah crap I meant to say "those kinds of DERIVATIVE shows" fuck me

Post edited on 7th Nov 2019, 11:51pm
>> No. 24851 [Edit]
Wow, I just nuked a long post out of tiredness. Im going to be.
>> No. 24854 [Edit]
Haven't you noticed how the "wizard" places don't have, ironically, people above their 30's?
Most of them die or turn into normals. For the vast majority I suspect all this was simply and at best, a "phase" of their early 20's. At worst, it was just a joke like the waifu thing. You could say normification is unstoppable and that's just how nature works.
>> No. 24855 [Edit]
If you have energy, could you retype an abridged version of that post? It seems like it was interesting.
>> No. 24857 [Edit]
I keep asking myself that and it's killing my sanity. It's getting to be fucking impossible to find (other) people over 30 on the internet. Everywhere I go lately is taken over by literal 13-16 year olds. Did everyone pull a Logan's Run and fucking renew or something?!
>> No. 24858 [Edit]
They are living the normalfag life, probably ashamed of their past, if they still remember.
>> No. 24859 [Edit]
Basically, what I was saying was that meta discussion of anime killed the fun in discussing particular shows, and that I didn't care much for the kinds of derivative stuff that falls within a meta. Also, that side characters and themes in otherwise derivative shows tend to be what makes anime worth while, despite the generally samey nature of anime.
>> No. 24860 [Edit]
I'll be 30 in a few months, still living the life. But of course I'm spread out on multiple imageboards these days and I've been trying out new places online from time to time but it just seems so hard to find anywhere to truly fit in as you've put it. Everywhere is already taken over by teens and young adults that I literally can't relate to one bit at all. But yeah, it seems like everyone in our age range has moved on to being "normalfags" and solely on social media. Even my family have all become braindead zombies addicted to mindlessly scrolling on their phones. My grandma is constantly telling me what everyone is doing even though I repeatedly have to tell her "I DONT USE FACEBOOK AND DONT TALK TO ANYONE AROUND HERE ANYMORE, I DONT HAVE FRIENDS!" as she's always bringing up people I went to school with or that I used to hang out with in a previous life.
>> No. 24861 [Edit]
File 157329935811.png - (344.83KB , 620x640 , 1482808330039.png )
>my family have all become braindead zombies addicted to mindlessly scrolling on their phones

I find this the most incredible thing. My parents were anti-videogames and not pro-technology at all, we never had a video or a color TV, of course nothing like a computer or a console was ever allowed until I was a teen.
My mother was anti-computers and literally never touched one in her entire life, my father used to lecture me about spending too much time in the internet, chats or forums (we are talking about late 90's/first 00's), he could get really mad when I eated fast so I could return to the PC. Now they live connected 100% of the time to their smartphones, even when they eat they keep sending messages. My father lectures me now about how I absolutely need to buy an smartphone. It's so damn ridiculous how things can change like that.
>> No. 24862 [Edit]
Do you ever point out how they changed to them?
>> No. 24863 [Edit]
You don't try to argue with your parents.
>> No. 24864 [Edit]
Parents don't always know best, but yes it's pointless to argue with them. They're most likely set in their ways and wont change.
>> No. 24865 [Edit]
I'm 32 yo and Tohno is the one of few websites I still post. For some reason Tohno keeps the quality and is safe for hikkis, NEETS and social outcast while the rest of the entire internet was desecreted by normalfags.
>> No. 24866 [Edit]
Maybe it's a generational thing, maybe our generation was more propense to that kind of lifestyle because who knows what reasons, I mean, we have gone from "3DPD" to "have sex". Something has changed in the last 10 years.
Maybe the early internet made turbo-nerds and the internet and technology of today make turbo-normals.
>> No. 24867 [Edit]
>Something has changed in the last 10 years. Maybe the early internet made turbo-nerds and the internet and technology of today make turbo-normals.
The increased commoditization of the internet, changing it from a place for organic discussion into merely another for companies and individuals to make profits via engagement. Compare early youtube to current youtube, where essentially every single video follows the same formula because that's what they have determined will lead to maximum revenue (until youtube changes the algorithm next time, of course). This was enabled in part by lowering the barriers to entry with mobile phones and apps in general, and what followed was a feedback loop where tech companies realized they had a new gullible userbase to monetize, and users unwittingly walked into their carefully constructed dopamine bubbles. And now even if some stray users wander away into an imageboard, they treat it as though it were just another means of quick entertainment.

Maybe all this was inevitable as Kaczynski said.

Post edited on 9th Nov 2019, 1:47pm
>> No. 24868 [Edit]
I think it's because of how easy it is to be normal and integrate into society now. Everybody lives on social media so even losers can interact with their peers and become part of the group, additionally many of the things that made someone a loser are now socially acceptable and normal. It's becoming increasingly rare to find people that stay out of all of this.
>> No. 24869 [Edit]
Thinking about what you say, maybe all the loosers that were such because circumstances aren't loosers anymore, so only the pure, unadulterated natural born loosers remain.
And I guess there's not too many of those because natural selection.
How all this goes along with that shitty incel subculture wave of the last years though?
>> No. 24870 [Edit]
In my honest opinion, the majority of self-proclaimed "incels" online are teenagers worrying about kiddy crushes. Then there are the older "incels" who, for the most part, are just losers who usurped the whole fedora/brony culture as the dominant thing to shit on. The people who actually posted on r/incels are, fuck, over-socialized? I really don't know. Somehow they don't really seem like they're the genuine shut in losers of old, yet I definitely wouldn't call them normalfags. Maybe they're just college aged kids who will grow out of it when they get older? I don't know.
>> No. 24873 [Edit]
I'd tend to agree. Anyone who's genuinely an asocial person who has given up hope wouldn't spend his time posting on forums centered around complaining about 3DPDs. Consequently those who post on "incel" forums and the likes of r9k are probably those who haven't truly given up hope yet and still long for 3DPD but for some reason are less "successful" than they'd like to be.
>> No. 24874 [Edit]
I think they call those "failed normal-fags".

And yeah, it's easy too have sex nowadays. Chris-chan had sex, and so do many cripples, they can do it too.

What they really want is companionship and love from 3dpd. What they don't realize is that love rarely exists in this world. Skyrocketing divorce-rate, alarming rates of multiple-sexual partners, millions of hook-ups. Everyone serves their own-self interests nowadays. There is no family, there is no love.
>> No. 24875 [Edit]
Even Chris-chan? Jesus.
>> No. 24880 [Edit]
I agree, but this drives me crazy. The word you want is "losers."
>> No. 24884 [Edit]
Sorry, I have brain problems.
>> No. 24890 [Edit]
What's sad is that I've seen supposedly intelligent people (e.g. engineers, scientists) making the same mistake (while also usually trying to make a point that implies their superiority).
>> No. 24892 [Edit]
I believe there are a still a lot of oldfags left on 4chan, for a various kind of reason. Nostalgia, hope, inertia, you name them. Anyway, in the current internet is impossible to recreate a community like it was before. You either adapt, move on, or retreat to a small place like tohno, with its pros and cons.
Everyone in this thread feels like something is missing, right? I don't even enjoy anime like I used anymore, and now I just limit myself to rewatching my favorites or the odd old anime still in my backlog. I don't know if it's just part of growing up, but damn I feel empty.
>> No. 24893 [Edit]
I know that feeling of emptiness but personally I still enjoy anime and videogames, and I think I will always do. Problem is work leaves you so tired that most times you can only do braindead stuff. You need to put some effort to keep the passion, if you just accept that growing up means to stop enjoying things you're fucked.
>> No. 24918 [Edit]
This is what I believe as well, they are just drowned out by the horde. New years r/a/dio always seems to bring them back, only true autists would stay at home on new years posting on a chan. It's my favorite time of the year for that reason.

The progression of the site and others is easy enough to see though. Homogenization through the mixing of cultures is inevitable in our timeline. Chan culture is that of the outsider, it holds contempt for anything normal. So when it's culture was shown off to the world and introduced to millions, its reaction was par for the course. It attempted suicide. Everything it held sacred would be mocked, real discussion would only allow others to enjoy the site so shitposting would become the normal fashion of interaction. More irony, more garbage posting, less OC, force in-joke memes that normals would not find funny, do anything possible to crash and burn.

Did it work? I have no idea, it feels like some strange zombie state where ironic statements are now spoken as truth and discussion only exists as "arguments". It's jokes and cultures are mainstream, the exact opposite of what it wanted. /pol/ was it's death-rattle I think, what would be the most offensive idea to the current normalfag? A nazi of course. 2016 elections was some of the funniest shit I've ever had the pleasure in taking part in, a solid 6 months of original content and every action taken was for laughs. Yet that last push basically killed the site, its just bots and real actual normalfags now who took jokes and irony to be truth. These people who came in during that time then went into nearly every other board, they say nothing of interest nor produce anything worth looking at. Even 8ch had them, just to a lesser degree.

So now all I have left is lainchan, here, and new years posting.
>> No. 24919 [Edit]
>2016 elections was some of the funniest shit I've ever had the pleasure in taking part in
that was the last i think i ever regularly posted on the site, i stopped summer 16 after the primaries were sputtering out and the board became unbrowsable due to spam. election night was still great though
>> No. 24921 [Edit]
>election night was still great though
If it had only been the young turks crying, that would have been enough for me. The fact that half of america broke out in autistic screeching forever solidified that day as legendary. Still you should come back for new years and Christmas, I usually end up in the IRC, a live posting chan like 2chen, and of course 4chan /a/ sticky. Depression block is best block.
>> No. 24922 [Edit]
Id like to think I’ve washed my hands of that place, moved on to greener pastures. I haven’t been to /pol/ in years and don’t intend to go back. I even went and deleted my folders and folders of election memes that nobody would understand anymore for a sense of finality. Besides, it’s just not the same anymore
>> No. 24923 [Edit]
Yea /pol/ is dead 100% along with the rest of 4chan, but come to new years r/a/dio next time. Its the ol chan from times long since past, with the speed of nu-4chan. Alternatively the IRC is great, had nice chats there every single year.

I actually kept all my election memes as well as just old memes in general. It's nice to revist them time to time.
>> No. 24924 [Edit]
I quit browsing 4/a/. I don't remember the last time I posted on it but I became a lurker because of uninteresting threads and meme spamming. I'm on 8/a/ now but I'll come back for the New Year's French thread.
>> No. 24925 [Edit]
It was funny at first but now I'm really sick of all the losing.
>> No. 24926 [Edit]
File 157474136642.jpg - (175.31KB , 668x668 , oh!.jpg )
>2016 election
I probably missed out on something great but at least I have the satisfaction of knowing it happened and knowing we don't have Shillary running the US into the ground.
>> No. 24932 [Edit]
Why don't you just celebrate with 8/a/? Everyone who is still on 4chan is not who you'd want to be around. /a/ on 4chan is just r/anime/
>> No. 24935 [Edit]
8chan is dead isn't it?

Tbh Trump is hardly much better than hillary, the only reason old /pol/ picked him was to cause bitter. He really hasn't done anything of use besides causing bitter, so at least /pol/ won in that regard.
>> No. 24937 [Edit]
>8chan is dead isn't it?
It's back.
>the only reason old /pol/ picked him was to cause bitter
You really don't get, huh? "Cause bitter" or get lulz has been a part of western image board culture for a long time. I think it's dumb, but a lot of people enjoyed seeing every swarmy talking head on tv and bleeding heart on the internet have a week long temper tantrum.
>> No. 24938 [Edit]
>You really don't get, huh?
No i do, which is why I mentioned it and brought it up in the first place. You said "we don't have Shillary running the US into the ground.", so I just replied that Trump also sucks, except he causes bitter.
>it's back
Oh shit where?
>> No. 24939 [Edit]
>You said
No I didn't.
You could have found it on the wikipedia page.
>> No. 24940 [Edit]
>Why don't you just celebrate with 8/a/?
I will. I just come back for 1 thread.
>/a/ on 4chan is just r/anime/
That's sadly true. I don't remember the last time I learnt something or have a meaningful discussion on 4/a/. That's why I browse a few anime boards. I don't care so much about the place: I just want to talk about my hobbies.
>> No. 24944 [Edit]
>No I didn't.
Im assuming this means you just jumped in mid conversation. Either way the reason for what I posted still stands, if your going to jump in mid way at least read the conversation properly.

Interesting, looks like almost no one transferred over though.
>> No. 24945 [Edit]
Read the rules newfags. 4shitters and 8shitters are not welcome here.
>> No. 24946 [Edit]
I'm few months away from reaching 30. I've become a bit of a hermit even on internet; I'm just quietly enjoying otaku media and learning moonrunes.
>> No. 24947 [Edit]
Just some months and you will be able to unleash your magic powers!
>> No. 24948 [Edit]
But then the Government will kidnap him, and we'll lose another poster. We have stop thinking that normalfaggotry and suicide are the major reasons behind our compatriots' disappearances, because that's exactly what those people want us to think. The reality is that elder virgins are sources of energy for magical-mechanical lolis, and thus we're hunted down and imprisoned. If we want our digital homes to stop bleeding users, we must collaborate and fight against the Government and their monstrous little pets.
Victoria aut Mors!
>> No. 24960 [Edit]
I remember wondering about this back in the day, when I noticed I didn't have as much fun on /jp/ anymore, and people were starting to talk about migrating somewhere else. Actually, wasn't there a forced meme along the lines of "we're all waiting for you over at tohno-chan"? Anyway, back then I figured that everyone who didn't become normies would eventually decide they've had enough and find some other place to migrate to. It's interesting to think back on that, because it's not what happened for me. I never specifically decided to stop going to 4chan, I just became less and less interested in it. I can still visit occasionally, and maybe even start typing a reply to some thread, only to stop halfway and delete my post and close the thread, because I don't want to deal with people potentially reading it and replying to it. I have no clue when, but at some point it must have stopped being exciting to see people respond to what I have to say, because now it just feels like a bother.

>I've become a bit of a hermit even on internet
Just a bit earlier today I was thinking about how weird it is that I used to isolate myself in real life in favor of having a social life on the internet, but now I isolate myself on the internet too. I really wonder how much of it is not having a place that feels like home anymore, and how much is genuine apathy towards other people. Obviously I care enough to write this, but recalling moments in the past when I've enjoyed interacting with people feels like remembering a video game I'm nostalgic about but wouldn't enjoy replaying.
>> No. 24961 [Edit]
Real life has taken all, now there's no safe places. The internet is real life too, so we can only be at home in our minds.
>> No. 24962 [Edit]
Just wait until brain chips and thought advertising becomes a thing.
>> No. 24963 [Edit]
Knowing people everyone would be lining up for brain chips if they make your life even slightly more convenient.
>> No. 24964 [Edit]
Or if it's an apple product. The problem is it's not visible enough, so it's hard to show off.
>> No. 24965 [Edit]
Obviously the brain chip will display what brain chip brands others are using. You'll see Apple logos floating above people's heads.
>> No. 24966 [Edit]
I've heard it said that 5G is going to be able to transfer so much information that technology like that that enables people to be connected to an online world all of the time would become feasible and even likely.
>> No. 24967 [Edit]
>I've heard it said that 5G is going to be able to transfer so much information
Most things you hear about 5G are just mostly marketing hype. You can have "5G" on any band, and if you look at the current bands or lower then 5G won't have much meaningful increase in throughput. If you go to higher frequency (the "millimeter" range that most of the worry is about) then yes you have more bandwidth but in return range is reduced. In the end I highly doubt consumers will see anything closed to the promised gigabit speeds, and at best you might get ~20Mbps improvement over existing LTE speeds. Most of the benefits will probably be more subtle, such as improved efficiency and capacity.
>> No. 24968 [Edit]
>yes you have more bandwidth but in return range is reduced
What if the space of a room is all you need? From yourself to a massive computer or something?
I don't know how any of this shit works
>> No. 24974 [Edit]
I feel part of the issue is that no one seems willing to genuinely *discuss* things anymore. Rather, forums/boards (likely following in the footsteps of social media) have become more akin to a "peanut gallery" where people instead react to others' posts. This might have started with Twitter, where the bite-size post length precludes any meaningful discussion in the first place, which is then compounded by the reply system, hijacking any discussion about ideas and turning into a spam of reactions and buzzwords. Everyone feels compelled to voice some opinion and engage at a superficial level, whether or not they have something substantive to say in the first place.
>> No. 24982 [Edit]
Maybe people doesn't discuss things because liking things isn't accepted anymore, you need to show deep layers of irony that make any genuine feel impossible.
Lately I've been feeling truly old, and by that I mean I don't understand the younger generations and everything they do seem horrendous to me. I guess it had to happen but it's too soon to feel like that.
>> No. 24983 [Edit]
File 157608540295.png - (35.12KB , 1296x876 , Social Acceptability of Interest N v_ GP.png )
>liking things isn't accepted anymore
Depends on what you like and how you like it. The more normal an interest is, the more genuinely passionate you can openly be about it generally. Here's a rough graph I pulled out of my ass.
>> No. 24984 [Edit]
I was talking about the supposed nerdiest part of society, normalfags have always been like that.
You know, the "ironic" fans and all that shit.
>> No. 24985 [Edit]
>the supposed nerdiest part of society
Doesn't exist. There's just people who are mostly normalfags are people who mostly aren't. There's only a tenuous correlation between what a person says their interests are, and how much of a normalfag they are. With stuff in the middle of the graph, there's little correlation. Stuff on the far ends are more reliable.
>> No. 24986 [Edit]
Though in the past, anime would be further left.
>> No. 24987 [Edit]
That is true. I knew a guy who was obsessed over association football. I guess you could describe him as a football otaku to give a better idea.

He is, legitimately retarded. His social interactions are downright stupid and senseless. He randomly screams his favorite team name out of his lungs. Often you ask him something simple and he either ignores (whilst looking at you) or takes 10 seconds to respond. Yet people think he's a very funny and good person, and often ask him about match results and bets.

Hell. I had people quit talking to me the moment I told them I don't like CS:GO much and prefer other types of vidya. Of course they've heard about Divinity or Cities: Skylines....

You are not allowed to stray away from what's popular in your social circles.
>> No. 24988 [Edit]
File 157609323823.png - (65.65KB , 716x975 , __original_drawn_by_onija_tarou__5033aed993b5e7f28.png )
Yeah, this is pretty much all true. People have to physically punish themself when "their team" loses for others to just suspect they're taking football too far. There's all kinds of rituals and superstitions. Even obsessing over digital, imaginary football isn't seen as weird either. It's that extremely normal and ingrained in popular culture.
>> No. 24992 [Edit]
File 157623703244.png - (117.59KB , 716x975 , 157609323823.png )
>> No. 25028 [Edit]
I'm tired of 4chan's endless buzzwords. It's like no one can come up with any original thoughts anymore so they rely on tired latest meme to express their opinions.
Calling out this behaviour is useless, it just amounts to being told to relax and stop "sperging out".
>> No. 25031 [Edit]
I think it's not only 4chan but a whole generation that's changing into that.
It's like they are mimicking AI, where's whole threads that could have been the work of an AI programmed to copy their behavior, you couldn't notice the difference. There's something really inhuman about it.
>> No. 25032 [Edit]
Maybe that's the result of the ubiquity of social media in allowing Ideas, slang, and trends to be disseminated almost instantly and uniformly. Creativity and uniqueness seems to require a small, slightly isolated pool in which culture can develop. If you breach that and make it a free-for-all, what you're left with is ideas that have no coherence among themselves, like too many cooks in a kitchen.
>> No. 25095 [Edit]
Funny enough just saw this thread after posting >>33818. I'm almost 30 but just decided to move back in with my parents, and work on getting a university degree. Started using chan sites around 05ish. Most people my age that I know have moved onto their careers.

As you get older, your perception of time begins to speed up. And you realize that you're running out of time as well. So you start to assign different priorities to what you spend your time doing.
>> No. 25160 [Edit]
I think they moved to social media with the rest of there cliques.
>> No. 25161 [Edit]
By social media do you mean facebook et al. or chat platforms like Discord?
>> No. 25162 [Edit]
File 157875543242.jpg - (18.19KB , 704x400 , 42831b3a7b864c22312b5ef8875b6f13468a55a93c73bd54d0.jpg )
Imageboards are dead OP everyone and their uncle and grandma knows what 4chan is now and even this website which advertises itself as a place for social outcast has hyper social normalfags on it who are married and go clubbing at rave parties and it is ran by a sensitive snowflake who can't take criticism so he deleted /fb/ like a pussy ass bitch. Most of the original people who posted on imageboards in the 2000s are either dead now or they got out of that state in their lives where they were losers and became normalfags themselves and fixed their lives and moved on.
>> No. 25163 [Edit]
File 157875801473.jpg - (157.33KB , 800x800 , 16633189_p0.jpg )
>became normalfags themselves and fixed their lives
No anon, you are the normalfags. You think they are winning because you still play their game, but the normals have lost themselves in their own competition and forgotten how to truly live.
>> No. 25164 [Edit]
Just ignore this retard. If he didn't just come back every few months to complain and watamote post, he would know /fb/ is open.

Post edited on 11th Jan 2020, 8:09am
>> No. 25165 [Edit]

I already knew that and besides that's not my point asshole and it doesn't take away from the fact that Tohno can't take criticism and that he did delete /fb/ and it was gone for awhile and despite how the site is advertised as a place for nerds and losers it is full of hyper social normalfags.
>> No. 25166 [Edit]

That literally makes no sense.
>> No. 25168 [Edit]
Not to derail the thread (although I think it's run it's course anyway), but do you have anything to back up the claim that
>it is full of hyper social normalfags
I've not once seen mention of clubbing or any other "hyper social" activities. At best (worst?) there are occasional mentions of having online friends.
>> No. 25169 [Edit]
File 157877619990.jpg - (348.60KB , 850x1133 , __moth_original_drawn_by_diddms1999__sample-9414f1.jpg )
Losers, huh? Last time I checked, the acrnoym is: True Otaku Hikikomori Neet Organization Channel
Hmmm, I don't see loser there. Your mindest is the core of the problem. You don't understand, and you can't understand. If you want a site for "losers", go to wizardchan.

Post edited on 11th Jan 2020, 12:58pm
>> No. 25171 [Edit]
I don't see any point in trying to reason with someone when they resort to name calling. Like the other anon said this person is best ignored.
>> No. 25173 [Edit]
File 157877837361.jpg - (18.12KB , 406x406 , 609fddd2115be9250bc6c6395c64222d49951cf3_hq.jpg )
>Do you have anything to back up the claim that

What claim specifically? that Tohno can't take criticism? anon it is all in his actions and how he responds to certain users basically calling anyone who criticize him and how he runs the site a backseat driver and deleting /fb/ because he wants to silence his critics. He also contrdicts himself a lot and also comes off as very narcissistic as well. A lot of the board rules on here are also very inconsistent contradict each other and are not even serious rules but instead sarcastic fake rules as well for example shitposting is against the rules but Tohno has an entire /b/ like board dedicated to it called /lol/ it is almost like this website is a joke.

>I've not once seen mention of clubbing or any other "hyper social" activities. At best (worst?) there are occasional mentions of having online friends.

Go on /ot/ and look at the normalfag bingo thread many anons admit to being married going to parties and being hyper social in that thread i already exposed this months ago and when i created a thread about it Tohno shut it down because he knows i'm right it is still in the catalog you can take a look for yourself these normalfags think being a normalfag is just a way of thinking (Mindset) and not a word that describes a specific type of person when in reality it is both a mindset and a word to describe a person. Being a social outcast doesn't mean you're a non-conformist who goes his/her own way no a social outcast is someone who is excluded from social life or society as a whole like the quiet weird kid in class who gets bullied and becomes a school shooter.
>> No. 25174 [Edit]

NEETs Hikikomori and real Otaku are losers you dumbfuck.
>> No. 25175 [Edit]
I may be wrong but I don't think I've ever used the term "backseat driver", and if I silenced people who criticize me why are your posts still up?
>> No. 25176 [Edit]
File 15787792125.png - (157.29KB , 1296x609 , Screenshot_1.png )

Okay i will give you that but didn't you lock the thread? also pic related to refresh your memory.
>> No. 25177 [Edit]
Fair enough.
>> No. 25178 [Edit]
No, we are biwinners!
>> No. 25179 [Edit]

Is that supposed to be some stupid Charlie Sheen reference or something? one of the most normalfag things ever.
>> No. 25180 [Edit]
Reminder that Satou had sex in the novel and Tomoko eventually gets friends in the manga.
>> No. 25181 [Edit]
>Satou had sex in the novel

Satou lost his virginity at 18 not while he was underage and i have said this before and i will say it again normalfags and failed normalfags are both different Satou is a failed normalfag also reminder in the original novel Satou was a pedophile who got into collecting 3D child porn because of Yamazaki novel Satou is way more realistic and relatable than the anime or manga version to be honest.

>Tomoko eventually gets friends in the manga.

To be fair there is nothing wrong with a person wanting to or trying to change their life and if they want to get out of that state of being an outcast and live a more normal life then that's great more power to them.
>> No. 25182 [Edit]
>Satou lost his virginity at 18 not while he was underage

So? Is that meant to prove he isn't that normal because it's normal to lose it younger than that? In the west maybe but in Japan the average age is mid 20's so it would actually run counter to your point.
>> No. 25184 [Edit]
> in Japan the average age is mid 20's so it would actually run counter to your point.

Not really the majority of the current generation of young people in Japan aren't even interested in having sex in the first place which has contributed to the country's population decline the herbivore men are literally just Japanese MGTOW and the himono onna or dried-fish women are just the female version of that.
>> No. 25185 [Edit]
No, they just don't have the western dating culture that we do, the age they lose their virginity most often coincides with the age they get married.
>> No. 25186 [Edit]
What the fuck does any of this have to do with the subject of the thread.
>> No. 25187 [Edit]
>No, they just don't have the western dating culture that we do, the age they lose their virginity most often coincides with the age they get married.

We are pretty much both right.
>> No. 25188 [Edit]
Wasn't that scene also in the anime? I think it was lightened up but I'm sure the core idea was there.
>> No. 25189 [Edit]

In the anime and manga they changed it from being actual CP to lolicon but it is still implied that it is pedo content.
>> No. 25190 [Edit]
Not really, I don't see where you get the idea for it considering the amount of smut that Japan still produces. The population decline thing isn't actually unique to Japan, the reason it's declining is because it's both first world and with a relatively small immigration rate. The Native populations of most western nations are also in decline and when it's not in decline it's because it's in a large nation that has room to expand into as with Australia and the US.
>> No. 25191 [Edit]
Another likely reason is that Japan has been going in and out of recession for most of the last 30 years. If you can only barely find a crap job that let's you afford a shitty 10 tatami apartment you'll have a hard time attracting a partner, let alone having kids. AFAIK the correlation of the economic situation and births is pretty robust. I think the western media promotes the "Japan is so weird XD" angle because they know that the west is due for a similar, or likely much worse, reckoning soon.
>> No. 25192 [Edit]
Yes, this is another reason, the economy hasn't grown since the 90s. There is also the crowded nature of Japan at 334.62 people per square kilometre and another factor could be the world wide trend of an increasingly professional female population. Regardless the common narrative has little to do with it and makes little sense to begin with, after all how much s*x people have doesn't actually correlate to the fertility rate, it's possible to do it a million times and have no children or 10 times and have 10 children, it's only a very superficial connection.
>> No. 25193 [Edit]

Of course population decline is not specifically unique to Japan i never said it was. That being said however Japan is nothing like America at all with only a few pocket similarities and in countries that have a declining population it effects each country differently and there are also things unique to that specific culture that play a part in the country's population decline things like karoshi are unique to Japan and don't happen anywhere else also don't pretend that herbivore men and himono onna or dried-fish women do not exist or simply don't make up a large amount of the young people in Japan because they actually do if you read news articles or read or listen to interviews by young Japanese people. Although not all a lot of them seem to have given up on the idea of relationships and sex plus Japan has a huge old population and when it comes to dating most Asian women go for white western men anyway instead of full blooded Japanese men if more and more foreigners keep going to Japan and destroying the country and Americanizing it in years time there will be an entire generation of hapas (Half white Half Asian people) in Japan instead of pure Japanese and they will become extinct Japan needs to stop kissing America's ass and kick all the weebs and niggers out of the country multiculturalism is only good in moderation only let people in who will respect your culture people like those cringey Youtubers need to be kicked out of the country.
>> No. 25194 [Edit]

Almost everyone fights for the top level office jobs there is a lot of competition for them. If you dropout of school in Japan or even become a NEET you're basically fucked. It is not like the west where you can just go back and get back into things the only jobs you could get if you can't get a office job are basically Freeter type jobs.
>> No. 25196 [Edit]
Getting that feeling again. I don't feel at home anywhere on the internet these days and it's so suffocating. There's places like these but they're all so slow that I post something, go away for months at a time and come back to the same threads. It's like physically mailing letters. There's nowhere left to go but ghost towns and hives of normalfags. Even if I found some like minded people to talk to on a private discord or something like that it wouldn't be the same. Posters being totally anon is such a liberating thing that even having a fake identity feels gay now. Everywhere else feels so ego driven and it makes me sick
>> No. 25197 [Edit]
I don't think you can have both quality and speed. The faster it gets in a place like this the less time people will spend on posts. I think you eventually get people developing a mindset of "why should I bother putting effort into my post if it's going to be gone in a few hours anyway?"
>> No. 25297 [Edit]
Please, for the love of God, say you're still here mages. I've wondered where we were scattered to and I'm glad to find so many of us here. A /tower/ replacement was created sometime last year on, but as luck would have it the site was taken down this week due to a spammer attacking the site. Luckily we had a bunker at the ready this time and we're currently located on Normally I wouldn't post a full link but I doubt that there's any risk of posting it here. I hope you make it there.
>> No. 25298 [Edit]
I was on the OG wiz from the beginning to the end. I never used any of the offshoots. I don't know what your community looks like now but I'm a permanently /so/ ronery feeler of that feel so I don't think I'm the kind of user you're looking for.
>> No. 25299 [Edit]
I'm still here.
I didn't know there was a replacement! The place seems kinda dead though.
>> No. 25301 [Edit]
Truth be told I think we're just trying to find our lost fellows, but if you're an OG wiz then I don't think you'd have much trouble fitting in.

Yeah 8chan went down so quickly we didn't have time to co-ordinate anything so we were scattered. As for it seeming dead, that's because it's the bunker board and we only started using this week. Our main board is back up now though.

>>still on a rickety multi board site instead of being on it's own domain
I waited a while before creating /tower/ because the original /tower/ BO said he had plans in the works for our own imageboard. He's disappeared since 8chan went down and nothing has surfaced. Creating an imageboard takes time and I've been looking into it but I'm a complete novice when it comes to it so it is taking a while.
>>talk in the meta thread about advertising on /r9k/
1 post suggested it, but the reply to the post is clearly against it and /tower/ was never advertised on /r9k/.
>there's no reviving that last vestige of comfy wiz culture. It's dead and gone as far as I'm concerned, sorry mate.
I beg to differ - we have all the same posters, so why won't it still have the same culture? Magicchan took a while to build up that culture, and we haven't been on /tower/ long.

I can't force you to go anon and I understand if you don't join the rest of us. Whatever you do, I wish you the best, from one mage to another.
>> No. 25303 [Edit]
I don't personally like being a board on a bigger site either but I'll go just because it's one more place in the tiny pool of places to refresh every day I have left, I sometimes think of leaving the internet altogether. But if I leave the internet altogether in theory where would I go? Nowhere, what's even left besides mindlessly wandering around outside or staring at a wall? I need a new planet.
>> No. 25308 [Edit]
I ditched 4chan when memes and 4chan stuff started becoming mainstream and exploding all over mainstream sites like reddit and stuff. 2010 or 2011 I think.

I remember being a shy, introverted, friendless loser nobody in middle/highschool. As the 2010s came into fruition I realized that I was foolish to build my identity around anime, video games, internet forums, as I saw all of these things beginning to get the Big Bang Theory treatment, as they have today.

I started browsing 4chan/ED etc in 2007, I was never an SA goon or a cool guy like a pirate/cracker/hacker but I hit the 10+ mark.

I even browsed PSL forums and have day 1 accounts the forums, I became disillusioned with that also.

All I can say is that I am just a ghost, a zombie of a man. True virgin, loner, creep, friendless, jobless, alcoholic, nobody. If Im some rare breed of internet veteran no-lifers, my suicide is overdue by a long shot.
>> No. 25322 [Edit]
Yeah I remember it was 2011 too when something about the internet altogether started shifting for the worst. 2012 was meh and then it all just tanked from there as the internet started catering less overall to desktop users and more to the internet of things smart zombies, now we're left with this dystopian shell of an internet with a lot more content but a lot less human.

Before that though I realize I didn't even have much of an identity. I had a nickname I went by for a longer time than I do now but I was always on the sidelines cause I didn't have much to draw from especially back then. I wish to do it again sometimes and this time though I was born to be a screw up anyways not be quite as much as one with a second chance. I'm going to wake up tomorrow, it'll be the first day of school again , all this was just some weird nightmare, and I'll have what I learned from it to try again with.
>> No. 25372 [Edit]
File 158391953222.jpg - (113.69KB , 992x1200 , flower.jpg )
>All I can say is that I am just a ghost, a zombie of a man. True virgin, loner, creep, friendless, jobless, alcoholic, nobody. If Im some rare breed of internet veteran no-lifers, my suicide is overdue by a long shot.
I honestly cant help but feel this is where I am to head no matter what I do. More so a life without any real drive, self-pride, or aspirations than one resentful of social alienation. If I do reach this point, I honestly cant really forsee a positive outcome. I would no longer be able to use forums, IBs, whatever to get rid of that essential social interaction itch, since I might as well be in another galaxy in terms of age and/or experiences with posters.

If whatever reason I finally decide to make full-fledged effort to make my life worthwhile, it would be very difficult to do so soo late, since thoughts of diminishing returns would dampen any progress I make if I dont manage to develop a paradigm shift I can believe in(and for WHAT at that point). It is an excruciating "future" to think about.
Took me a lot longer than it should have to think of a response for this but really, I am just not feeling it. I dont know.
I still think its funny how shitposts from raiders would be left for up to several days(weeks a few times) yet something like all 6 of us regulars would often collectively ignore them until modmin finally showed up or decided to delete them.

To be honest, there were times on magicchan I was paranoid whether modmin was really someone to trust. He would show up very rarely and usually when he was discussed or directly referred. I just wondered what the point in investing time & money hosting an imageboard was for a sole administrator who rarely posted anything not related to upkeep of the site. I am just glad I got to take part in that forum. Special thanks to the fellow stragglers, Favela-poster, and Master of Debate.
>> No. 25374 [Edit]
I'm still here and check on my old haunts sometimes. I often feel guilty about not posting but I don't have the time or energy a lot, that happens as you get older or you just lose interest.
>> No. 25918 [Edit]
>a reality that is mere months away
>Suuuure. I'll be back in a couple of months to ask if we're dead yet. I'm willing to bet we'll be stuck in the same old pile of shit with none of that occult technobabble coming true.
It's been more than a year now~
>> No. 26214 [Edit]
How active is usenet? Looking at rec.arts.anime in particular [1], it seems to at least have some long-form conversation, albeit mostly from the same two or three people. Given that usenet in general (outside of piracy) has been mostly forgotten about and the eternal september has probably long since passed, might good snr still be found there?

>> No. 26215 [Edit]
It's dead outside of binary groups (aka downloads), and even those are more dying flops than anything else.
There's a couple BBSs that have a bit of a userbase though, if you're willing to comb through them.
>> No. 26216 [Edit]
File 160803999241.png - (1.65MB , 1312x1500 , GFEQ5895.png )
The only alive ones are the tech-related ones, and even then it's textboard pace.
Talking through the spam is shitty.
>> No. 26350 [Edit]
I just started crying actual tears while listening to some stupid fucking song that used to play all the time on youtube 15 years ago. I can't believe I miss those days.
>> No. 26351 [Edit]
Was it Caramelldansen or Levan Polka?
>> No. 26352 [Edit]
I was doing the same thing last night, with various NND mixes.
>> No. 26379 [Edit]
File 16150116272.jpg - (68.26KB , 890x839 , why-cat-scream.jpg )
Mostly we've all moved on I imagine. Although some like me regularly get the nostalgia bug and come back to quickly scan what has become of our old hangouts. It certainly isn't pretty.

For the sake of fairness just wanted to say even those of us that seem to "blend" into the mainstream it may only be surface deep. As you get more school/work experience and generally wiser it happens even if you were dropping spaghetti from the start. I recall reading some articles about how your brain's executive is the last to fully form and only does so in the mid-late 20's.

At the risk of sounding really corny it does feel like a little piece of you was left back in those days and will always be there.

Bottoms up to the anons that have actually departed this crazy world for good. See you around another time another place lads.
>> No. 26459 [Edit]
>Ievan Polka
I get this song stuck in my head every six months or so despite not having listened to it in years.
>> No. 26494 [Edit]
The majority of them became normalfags. They grew up, lost interest in anime and stopped pretending to be losers. They got married, had kids etc. These days it's very common to see someone on 4chan refer to their kids or wife.

As for me, I assimilated. I don't have any interest in joining discord servers, I never used IRC, Reddit is cancer and so all I have left is 4chan and other imageboards. I act and post like kids half my age.
>> No. 26495 [Edit]
Why they were pretending to be losers in the first place though? I don't understand what kind of weird roleplaying shit most of them were doing for years, but makes me feel stupid to think I was the only one that was for real, like a joke I took seriously for more than a decade.

>These days it's very common to see someone on 4chan refer to their kids or wife.

This still freaks me out when I see it.
>> No. 26496 [Edit]
File 161885454377.jpg - (254.75KB , 1680x1180 , 393f3f21de2d602fa8353fede5cd3e10.jpg )
My guess is that it's the public school effect, where social stratification is more in your face and isn't based on money. They didn't feel "normal" or "popular" in that environment, when in actuality there was nothing wrong with them. They had friends and cared enough about their reputation to conform in many ways, but still felt alienated, and maybe took pride in that as compensation, and went out of their way to like "loser things". That says more about the place they were in than it does them.

After graduating, the illusion is broken, but some of them might still use the same online hangouts they did in school without realizing any of this and think they really belong there. If you call them out, they'll insist they really are one of you and have the oldfag status to prove it.

Post edited on 19th Apr 2021, 10:54am
>> No. 26497 [Edit]
Well, that's a really good explanation.
In the other hand when I was young I thought I couldn't be that much of a loser and it was the environment that made me one, but I turned out to be the real thing. There's some irony there, it's like everyone wants to be and pose as something different even if it's not necessarily a good thing.
>> No. 26500 [Edit]
It's like chuunibyou in a way.
>> No. 26501 [Edit]
That would explain their cluelessness when it comes to bullying. All the retarded self satisfied stories of fighting back. "I just punched the meanie one day and then it stopped and then I was friends with everyone and then the bully actually turned out to be a pretty cool guy."
Truth is they were never bullied. They were probably being lightly teased by 1 slightly mean person, not consistently stomped into the ground every day for years by a class of >30 people while the school staff liked the normies and couldn't give less of a shit about you.
The basic fact of bullying is, if you're allowed to fight back you're not being bullied.
>> No. 26530 [Edit]
File 161948171510.jpg - (45.72KB , 500x500 , abcdef.jpg )
I'm 25 and I'm not really sure if I'm too young to be in the examples, but I was neet for years then joined school. Hard to be motivated studying in COVID but all I want to do is try get a job outside where I don't have to interact with people too much.

I'm less depressed than the NEET days (I live like one as everything is closed) but a lot of that was due to physical chronic pain as much as mental (though I was a shutin throughout high school prior to my health declining at 16). I assume the effects of anxiety and avoiding everything in life is probably more severe than a multitude of physical problems though. A lot of my hobbies (piano mainly) were killed as university takes up a lot of time and mental energy because it never feels like I've 'finished' and I also drag my heels with motivation, which is significantly worse in COVID as it's literally how I lived as a NEET minus the job centre. I sorta still would rather dying though and my goals are to try study in Japan just to at leaast have tried a new environment. Websites like this I don't want to bloat if I'm not a NEET as it seems unfair to the proper users, but I still feel it's fine posting here occasionally as I spent 4 years full on NEET and my entire adolesence as a shut-in.

For school it sorta surprised me though, initially I was anxious about things but now I just don't give a hoot anymore, which sucks for my grades and removes any intensity or consequences to my actions almost so there's no genuine motivation. I think living a life of misoortune and then having chronic pain from 16 onwards while NEET and while completely socially retarded is a depth pretty difficult to return to unless I just let my self stagnate entirely (which will probably happen lol). I know a few people from websites like tohno and wizchan (not used wizchan in literal years though) who are in their late 20s or mid 30s and NEET. I hope I don't get banned for saying this either, but I did briefly join the Universities anime club too until I realised a lot of people would just bring up doujins and hentai unprompted and I'm not particularly interested in discussing things. I've learned to be social enough to work with people and communicate but I still don't really care for people strong enough to form real connections, which I wonder if its a consequence of being used to being alone.

But pretty much that's my reason I stopped posting on sites like these, though this isn't a toxic place so I still look here sometimes (unlike wizchan). I also have never used the mainstream chans like 4chan or 8chan so maybe I'm a bit different. I imagine overall people get jobs or school so can't relate as well, kill themselves or just drift away for some reason as they get older as the threads are pretty much the same year on year.

Post edited on 26th Apr 2021, 5:22pm
>> No. 26572 [Edit]
The internet is a burning earth. There's nowhere good to vent about depression and NEET stuff anymore, every place I tried to go I realized was full of women, normies, and teenagers. I've been away from this site for over 8 years at least and seeing it still around is like finding an oasis.
>> No. 26573 [Edit]
>What happened to all the people who used to inhabit imageboards ~10 years ago?
I'm still here. I even still like anime.
>> No. 26574 [Edit]

Me too, though I don't watch as much as I did. I still love collecting art and doujins I like, my external hard drives with 10+ years of stuff are probably my most prized possessions. If I was a more outgoing person with any sort of income I'd probably rent a bank deposit box just for safe keeping of copies.

Post edited on 25th May 2021, 5:14pm
>> No. 26651 [Edit]
I was active on mostly local boards ~10 years ago and stopped using them altogether for a few years, tried to "fit in" and use facebook reddit twitter and whatever, socialize more, because I realized how toxic most of those places became. It was not the right response though in hindsight, I find people in general obnoxious I think, and I just need my distance from being personal with them so I started visiting a few chans again.

Maintaining irl contact is too much work as well, even setting up profiles is too much work, no I don't want to advertise myself dear website thank you very much, just want to talk and chill.
>> No. 26652 [Edit]
File 162691659592.jpg - (382.79KB , 1100x1800 , 1f97f53c459653b6020f41f71e738b44.jpg )
Go back and stay there.
>> No. 26654 [Edit]
Well, that was a bit unexpected but okay I guess, I'll go away
>> No. 26655 [Edit]
Snarkily telling someone they dont belong is the greeting on TC, welcome.
>> No. 26658 [Edit]
File 162695513838.png - (23.67KB , 227x235 , 75fa42ed1b1cd9d69e71f73f75592372.png )
Some boards are still quite active. LolcowFarm is always bursting with people, Crystal Cafe not so much but it's still pretty cosy. I haven't been on 4chan in a while because it's mostly just porn and larpers at this point. Sushigirls is dead. The only real problem with LCF and CC is that the retards on /lgbt/ keep flooding the place with gore when they got their fee fees hurt entering spaces they knew they wouldn't like, *which really is the core of the problem*.

Old chan users moved on because the new people are zoomer idiots who spoil all the fun or they get offended and shit up the threads with their newegg tantrums
>> No. 26659 [Edit]
>newegg tantrums
>> No. 26660 [Edit]
File 162695897497.png - (64.57KB , 675x378 , konata06.png )
>/a/ celebrated when kyoani burned down
no it didn't, it made lots of fire puns, joked about it being revenge for endless eight, spammed DAIZ KISAMA, HE CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT, then angrily argued with itself about whether the people making jokes were edgy teens or the people telling the people making jokes to show some respect were dumb moralfags, then started feeling pretty horrified and a little guilty when casualties started mounting, just like 2009 /a/non would have done, except there were more SNK and DBS reaction images, the occasional frog, and they said based and cringe instead of epic win and epic fail.

I believe you when you say post quality has declined a lot and the sense of shared identity identity has weakened, but if you're saying the board is filled with nothing but strangers now you're majorly exaggerating, that goes for everyone itt.

please come back ;_;
>> No. 26661 [Edit]
I tried, I really tried but DiTF broke me once and for all.
>> No. 26662 [Edit]
File 162696095731.jpg - (955.04KB , 850x1624 , middle.jpg )
>The only real problem with LCF and CC is that
Both of those places are awful because they're mostly used by women or people pretending to be women. They were never good. Crystal Cafe actually has a rule against posting if you're a man, so you're not so subtlety revealing you fit into one of those two categories. So kindly fuck off.
>> No. 26663 [Edit]
*newfag, my autocorrect had a stroke there, my bad

LCF is fun, the only real problem with it is that one of the admin actively hates LCF and refuses to pull her weight like the rest of the farmhands running the place, so gore/porn raids don't get dealt with properly.

(And it wouldn't matter if I'm a woman or a troon. Accusing me of being either makes very little sense on an anon board considering everyone here is anonymous, likely troons or women among the posts anyway)
>> No. 26664 [Edit]
*newfag, my autocorrect had a stroke there, my bad

LCF is fun, the only real problem with it is that one of the admin actively hates LCF and refuses to pull her weight like the rest of the farmhands running the place, so gore/porn raids don't get dealt with properly.

(And it wouldn't matter if I'm a woman or a troon. Accusing me of being either makes very little sense on an anon board considering everyone here is anonymous, likely troons or women among the posts anyway)
>> No. 26665 [Edit]
The main point of Lowcow Farms is for snarky cunts to stroke their ego by making fun of people they think are more pathetic than themselves. The kind of people who would find that fun don't belong here. Looking at their rules, they also have one against male posters.
>on an anon board considering everyone here is anonymous
I'm not accusing you. I know because you revealed it yourself. If you have even of modicum of decency in your cunt head, you will extricate this place from yourself without further encouragement.

Post edited on 22nd Jul 2021, 7:44am
>> No. 26668 [Edit]
Darling in The Franxx?
>> No. 26669 [Edit]
I still lurk, but why post there if I can do it on TC and other small imageboards?
>> No. 26670 [Edit]

Just a friendly reminder there is no rule against women on TC.
>> No. 26671 [Edit]
There is rule against announcing/implying you are a woman. Saying you're a regularly user on websites where only women are allowed to post counts as that.
>> No. 26672 [Edit]
Pretty sure the point of the rule is just to discourage attention whoring, and I think that includes drawing attention to the gender issue itself. Which is what you two are doing right now. because no one wants to see this shit.
>> No. 26673 [Edit]
Because no women ever posted on TC and no men ever posted on CC.
>> No. 26674 [Edit]
Don't say you use either Crystal Cafe or Lowcow Farms here. It's that simple. In addition to explicitly being intended for women's use, they are repulsive, noxious hell pits. My reaction should have been expected. Don't talk about it. And don't pretend you don't know what a strong implication looks like.

Post edited on 22nd Jul 2021, 4:42pm
>> No. 26675 [Edit]
I've never been to either and I've only learned about the former from TC, so.
>> No. 26676 [Edit]
I'm saying this in general, not to any specific anon.
>> No. 26681 [Edit]
No one gave this post a reply, so I just wanted to say I feel exactly the same way. Nothing seems to capture that moment, that same atmosphere, but with the same level of activity.
>> No. 26682 [Edit]
but it was horrible
>> No. 26683 [Edit]
>I feel like there's no one from 10 years ago, because people get old and they turn normal.
That's what happened to my older brother and his friends.
>> No. 26684 [Edit]
File 162720945315.jpg - (33.49KB , 500x341 , 1435945716538.jpg )
I feel like I've been devoured by normalcy too.
Not in the way of becoming normal, but reading what I posted two years ago makes me think of a time when I could worry about things like imageboards while now my mind is 100% occupied with the disgusting miseries of real life. I guess that's what adulthood means, and it sucks.
>> No. 26690 [Edit]

I have been on the internet for all those years. I remember everything. Wizardchan, the solourful designs of the software, the hyp for some games. None of those things matter now, sadly.
>> No. 27779 [Edit]
They became transgender, commited suicide, became rich and fucked off, grew up had a family etc. or just died of health problems(they were not very healthy)
>> No. 27789 [Edit]
>They became transgender
The people on imageboards from 10 years ago did? I was under the impression that only really gained any prevalence amongst the last generation (maybe last two).
>> No. 27791 [Edit]
Yeah, I think the major contributor to that depopulation is normalfagification.
>> No. 27792 [Edit]
a good chunk of old trannies are from that og era, it trickled down and became popular later, but they we're the first generation, exposed early to internet porn and over stimulation, pair a bunch of ugly nerds that with that late 90s early 2000s industrial goth/bod mod scene and boom, they were literally the goth "gf" of their time, before that being transgender was relegated to prostitutes and prison.
>> No. 27794 [Edit]
you get that impression because imageboards are filled with culture war perverts sharing information downstream from the american media cycle, which has recently brought trans people as the next object of contention after gay people won some rights. being trans as a phenomenon in the modern "west" started in the early xx century, and various cultures around the world had their own equivalent. (it's worth noting that it wasn't exactly the same, because the conception of gender and medical knowledge were different)
this is just my personal theory, but the reason why you see a lot of transgender people coming from imageboards is because they're places where a lot of social rejects tend to congregate, and due to the prevalence of escapist media on imageboards, which i probably don't need to explain why it appeals to trans people
>> No. 27795 [Edit]
While true that to some degree it does date back to the early 20th century(the Kaiser's Germany recognised it as a mental illness and allowed people to be transgender) it was not common or widely accepted. Other cultures variants are often not variants at all, people have political agendas to try and push the idea that it's a universal and timeless phenomena and they take great leaps to try to claim that, one that I hear is that since a prehistoric man is not buried in the manner of a man or a woman that makes him a third gender when really that just means he had a separate role in society like priests and monks do now, that doesn't make priests and monks trans.

I agree that it's something that social rejects are likely to pursue but many normal and even successful people have become trans lately as well which is something that would be unheard of even 10 years ago.
For example there are senior officers in the US army that are trans.
These are older people as well so I don't think generation has anything to do with it, in fact I think generational differences are overplayed by people in general.
Society is malleable, people are malleable and they remain that way even as they age. People simply follow what is allowable right now and avoid what is frowned upon, being trans was frowned upon before but now it's not so even older people are going that way now when 10 years ago social stigma would have stopped them.
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