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File 146354892545.jpg - (229.91KB , 600x752 , bf6c106b79556d7ee67a958804b54eaa.jpg )
21785 No. 21785 [Edit]
love yourself

experience is transient

please love yourself no matter what

praise your lifestyle no matter what. praise what made your lifestyle possible.

life is a long prophecy of everything.

that makes it right by definition.

do not fear your choices or your mind. everything is all right, the experience and judgement of others that you feel intense anxiety because of is transient.

all is illusion.

loneliness is an illusion.

love your fictional girls that exist in your own head. definition is subjective, who are others do determine the validity of your love? definition is subjective, who are others to determine the validity of your lifestyle?

only establish your action, your thought. love life itself and you will be happy.

Post edited on 17th May 2016, 10:23pm
>> No. 21788 [Edit]
I agree. The only constant in your life, is you. And even you will change, in time.
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