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File 153482198683.gif - (2.14MB , 498x268 , tenor (1).gif )
23756 No. 23756 [Edit]
The people there are so mean, but I just can't get over the habit. It feels like the user base here is a lot nicer and I relate more. But sometimes I think I like being depressed, maybe just subconsciously or something.. or maybe I like being treated like crap? Damn, i'm just so sad, I can't control my life anymore or anything I do. It's like I dissociate or something.
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>> No. 23758 [Edit]
That's a bit surprising to hear. I usually see people complain that we're dicks or too depressing.
>> No. 23759 [Edit]
Isn't the 8ch crowd more or less the same as 4chan's? I stopped browsing those sites because everybody seemed to be on pissed off mode 24/7.
>> No. 23760 [Edit]
Similar but worse with more cancer I'd say.
>> No. 23761 [Edit]
no need for nuance, they're both garbage. the mutual-amusement-society aspect of the imageboard world is long gone for the most part and its a shame.
>> No. 23764 [Edit]
I think 8ch gets more hate than it deserves. There are plenty of amusing boards there. /robowaifu/, /prog/, /hover/, /miku/, /desu/, /namibia/. The 4chan clone boards like /k/ seem to be slower but higher quality versions of their originals.
>> No. 23765 [Edit]
I'm mostly talking about /b/, I like some of the boards like /2hu/ and /mai/ But a lot of the site is just straight up hate and bigotry
>> No. 23767 [Edit]
>just straight up hate and bigotry
Epic le trolll my dude!! go to reddit if you don't like "hatespeech". IBs are not something for you if you're so sensitive.
>> No. 23769 [Edit]
Why would a /b/ board on any site be worth anything at all? It's going to be shit regardless of the url attached. Also, the users of 8chan's /mai/ are crap. Those folks ban you from their irc channel if you don't introduce yourself to the mods.
>> No. 24152 [Edit]
/kind/'s the best board 8ch has to offer. I can't relate to the userbase here, but I only drop in every once in a while. 8ch is pretty much /pol/ the imageboard, and people love to brown-nose the mods there. If 4chan is now Reddit, 8chan is Redditchan the imageboard.
>> No. 24153 [Edit]
"Hate speech" is something shared between mainstream imageboards, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and other websites alike. Don't fool yourself. There's a certain culture of conversation and debate which has been lost in the sea of clickbait, one-upping, shouting to get your point across and general vileness.
>> No. 24155 [Edit]
It's not like that ever was a thing on the internet, usenet was the closest you'd get to that but even then it had its own problems that also resulted in a very high signal to noise ratio especially after the infamous eternal September.
Even before all of that became very common, people were basically shouting over each-other with the well-known flame wars of years past, it's just that the tone went from on fire anger to passive aggressive smugness. The more net culture changed the more it stayed the same, in my opinion although this attitude certainly did become a bit more common when internet use became widespread.
>> No. 24171 [Edit]
My reasoning for hating 8chan is different than yours. When I first browsed the website, I actually enjoyed the shit flinging and the hostile nature of it all. It was like walking into a battlefield but the war was fought with words and image macros. It was great. Nowadays however, 8chan has devolved into reddit tier shitposting with trendy teenagers repeating the same unfunny joke over and over again and jerking themselves off for doing so. Then you have the clique bullshit where everyone wants to be part of some bullshit group to make themselves feel special.
And >>24152, is right on the money. I can't go anywhere on 8chan without seeing some /pol/fag talking about his outdated political ideology. And then on top of that, if you try to make some joke that isn't a /pol/ meme, /pol/fags will come at you with "this is a serious discussion" or "your just a fuckin' nihilist bro".
The chaotic nature of 8chan, and most imageboards in general is dead. And I find it funny that it died sometime after the 2016 election.
>> No. 24175 [Edit]
Imageboard culture might be dead on the surface, but if you dig deeper there are so many obscure imageboards that still have a decent number of users, and some of them kind of recapture the old spirit. I have a file with links to like 57. In a sense it is a good thing that you don't here much about these because if you did the normalfags would probably come to ruin it as well.
>> No. 24177 [Edit]
File 155295226529.jpg - (113.13KB , 600x627 , __alice_margatroid_and_shanghai_doll_touhou_drawn_.jpg )
The thing that sucks the most about imageboards and really the internet in general is that people seem to love bringing up or otherwise shoehorning some sort of politics into it. Whether it's general global politics otherwise, it is tiring and often irritating to see as someone who really couldn't care less. One of many reasons I personally like TC is it has much less influence here. It would be nice if more people learned to simply enjoy things, rather than get worked up over the adrenaline rush of politics to keep their lives interesting 24/7. I hope others can agree with me on that.
>> No. 24179 [Edit]
There is nothing to match the old spirit in size and OC, honestly. I’ve looked.
>> No. 24180 [Edit]
I used to post in a video game community with a bunch of people who all got increasingly intense about internet leftist politics and by the end of it I couldn't even talk about playing games without being accused of not having every single one of my thoughts preoccupied with cop murder and how to overthrow the current order
>> No. 24181 [Edit]
The impermanence of internet communities is something that used to vex and frustrate me until I got used to it, which why I wanted to point out to >>24177 that this site maintains it's focus on it's topic because the end users have done their part in berating the moderators and administration when they get out of line and try to bring neurotypical garbage into TC. That and the low profile have kept this site around in a relatively undisturbed state for an anomalously long period of time.
>> No. 24244 [Edit]
To be fair a lot of people feel like they're forced to take up the political battle because it's became such an all-pervading aspect of our lives. It used to be you could watch a movie, play a game and not be making some sort of political statement out of it. It's just not the case anymore, hell, you can't even go out to eat without a large chunk of these businesses shoving some sort or message down your throat.

A lot of people, myself included see all this and just find it fun to turn into keyboard warriors because it gets people riled up, it's fun, and gives us something to do even if in the grand scheme of things we're just looking for a way to pass the time. It's kind of like the part in No Longer Human where the main character goes off and joins the communist party. He isn't even that dedicated to the cause but it's some fun mischief to get up to and at least lets him feel like he's doing something other than wasting away so he goes along with it even though his more rational mind realizes it's rather fruitless. Really quite sad when you think about it that way.

We'd be better off without this sort of behavior but even the most rational man occasionally rears his true form as a hairless ape from time to time.
>> No. 24245 [Edit]
>cop murder and how to overthrow the current order
Sounds like a fun friday night.
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