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File 153482198683.gif - (2.14MB , 498x268 , tenor (1).gif )
23756 No. 23756 [Edit]
The people there are so mean, but I just can't get over the habit. It feels like the user base here is a lot nicer and I relate more. But sometimes I think I like being depressed, maybe just subconsciously or something.. or maybe I like being treated like crap? Damn, i'm just so sad, I can't control my life anymore or anything I do. It's like I dissociate or something.
>> No. 23758 [Edit]
That's a bit surprising to hear. I usually see people complain that we're dicks or too depressing.
>> No. 23759 [Edit]
Isn't the 8ch crowd more or less the same as 4chan's? I stopped browsing those sites because everybody seemed to be on pissed off mode 24/7.
>> No. 23760 [Edit]
Similar but worse with more cancer I'd say.
>> No. 23761 [Edit]
no need for nuance, they're both garbage. the mutual-amusement-society aspect of the imageboard world is long gone for the most part and its a shame.
>> No. 23764 [Edit]
I think 8ch gets more hate than it deserves. There are plenty of amusing boards there. /robowaifu/, /prog/, /hover/, /miku/, /desu/, /namibia/. The 4chan clone boards like /k/ seem to be slower but higher quality versions of their originals.
>> No. 23765 [Edit]
I'm mostly talking about /b/, I like some of the boards like /2hu/ and /mai/ But a lot of the site is just straight up hate and bigotry
>> No. 23767 [Edit]
>just straight up hate and bigotry
Epic le trolll my dude!! go to reddit if you don't like "hatespeech". IBs are not something for you if you're so sensitive.
>> No. 23769 [Edit]
Why would a /b/ board on any site be worth anything at all? It's going to be shit regardless of the url attached. Also, the users of 8chan's /mai/ are crap. Those folks ban you from their irc channel if you don't introduce yourself to the mods.

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