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File 169738628521.jpg - (485.99KB , 1304x1669 , b9f.jpg )
28470 No. 28470 [Edit]
How have you changed since then? Did your future align with what you expected?

I have visited this board every now and then since 2011. Back then, I was 15 years old. Not much has changed since then, meaning everything I was worried about came true. Still live with my parents, never got a 3DPD, never made friends after high school. One thing that did change which I did not expect was that I stopped watching anime (by about 2019). I became primarily interested in different things as far back as 2014. Everything I became interested in was still normie repellant, though.

In my opinion, the only thing better about the internet and life in general compared to back then is the existence of decent AI. Oh, the "Vtuber" phenomenon was kind of nice for a while, too.
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>> No. 28498 [Edit]
not a lot has changed. I'm 27 now.was forced to get a job and people say it's good to work but i don't find working fulfilling or worthwhile in anyway. I want to save enough to be NEET again. still doing what I do best, hiding in my room avoiding other people. im stuck in an edgy teen phase where everything sucks and life is miserable but now I'm too old to be moping around anymore but it's all I know. I don't see the value in much. this existence will all be over eventually......
>> No. 28544 [Edit]
File 170114377351.jpg - (452.14KB , 2634x1892 , 1614740686676.jpg )
I was ~16 years old when I first visited. A lot has changed, but much also stays the same. My personality has solidified a lot relative to when I was a teenager. Much of the (merited) hate and disgust I had for others when I was younger has morphed into a something a bit more compassionate; the way I view things now, many of the people who have caused me to suffer over my life are the product of bigger or more fundamental problems, so I worry about the acts of individual people less frequently now. In a similar vein, I had a lot of utopian dreams about how to fix the world as a teenager, but I don't have any interest in such things any more since making anything but the smallest changes is intractably difficult for an individual person. Dismissing any problem much bigger than tidying up my desk as practically impossible has also decreased the number of things I routinely worry about, however unfortunate it may be that countless forms of badness will continue to engulf the world. Other than these changes in perspective, I have many of the same hobbies as back then, but I also came to like math and computer stuff a lot more, which my teenage-self would not have expected. As a result, I have been fortunate to find (parts of) what I now do for work interesting and rewarding, but work ultimately just feels like a distraction from the things I really find valuable. No 3DPD; I am still with mai waifu. Still spending time on imageboards and anime, though I don't vent my woes online as much as I did when I was younger (don't get anything out of it). Still plagued by regret, intrusive thoughts, various flavors of despair, and wishes I would die, but I have exchanged a big chunk of depression for a comparable magnitude of schizophrenia, which is good. Still trying to focus my attention away from hell world and towards the abstract and beautiful.

It is a rough time to be an internet dweller. AI has been amusing, but it's no replacement for the "soul" which seems to have been scrubbed away by FAGMAN and the soaring number of normalfags and their ipad children.
>> No. 28546 [Edit]
Can't remember exactly when I started popping in here, probably around ~2010. For the most part I became less emotional, more detached. Part of that's probably just an age thing but I do miss the younger version of me. I was way more into games and anime in a way where I actually had passion for them, now it feels like I just kind of pick up games as a way to pass the time and it usually becomes something I can dump thousands of hours into for little cost like runescape or minecraft.

I miss the old internet. Everything's super corporate and normie infested now. Endless hours of youtube documentaries are nice though.

More than anything I wish I could go back and inhabit the mind I had. Little me had it rough but he was a lot more hopeful, less jaded and legitimately excited for whatever escapism he was partaking in.
>> No. 28555 [Edit]
was browsing around the same time and feel very similarly. the anhedonia is unbearable.

im also very tired of despite being bigger than ever, the internet now feels like its so small. subcultures are dead, everything is mainstream, everything is commodified, all the edges have been shaved off and made easily digestible.
>> No. 28612 [Edit]
I think it's been close enough to 10 years. Or maybe it's past 10 years and I just forgot. So much has changed I couldn't possibly cover it all, yet somehow my life is still basically the same.
I work now. I do less of all my hobbies. I developed a personality disorder that has it's advantages and disadvantages. I have the same token friends and go to the same token nights out 2-3 times a year. That's becoming harder to keep up though. I used to very easily keep up my appearances as needed but once I turned 30 it changed. I spend more time in fantasy than ever before. Every year the past becomes more distant and more desirable. My memory has become a problem. It used to be good for everything, but now if I don't care things will leave as fast as they entered. It's selfish I guess, and I've certainly become more selfish. I've grown up a lot. It's an entire post of it's own to describe what growing up has felt like and what changed along the way.
>> No. 28632 [Edit]
It's probably been about 10 years for me. Severe pain from eyesight issues at 16 annihilated any future I could've dreamed of (as if I wasn't a shut-in between 11-16) and after being in severe pain I made a crazy attempt at fitness, only to get a cartilage injury by the time I was 21. Still went to the gym often and thought I'd have recovered to the point I could start martial arts, but it never came and I'm 28 now. Also got a degree in that time and diagnosed with ADD, moved abroad to avoid having to return to my parents but failure to be accepted for grad programmes or jobs have forced my return. Since the age of 11 I've been unable to share things with my family really.

At this point I just wish to die pretty much every day, even though ironically I can get more enjoyment out of things than when I was 17-20 (severe pain led to anhedonia). Can't relate to normal people, can't improve physically due to bad luck, can't find something to focus on (science) as it relies on the whims of someone accepting me... really I'm tired and wish I just died when I was 16 to stop seeing my mind become so corrupted by pain.
>> No. 28682 [Edit]
File 170525096663.jpg - (100.15KB , 614x560 , 1503770345209.jpg )
I wanna say 12 years since I first visited here when I was 19. Back then I was far more idealistic about the future, who I'd be, and what I'd be doing. I can safely say I've done like one or two things my past self would be proud of, but not much else outside that. I have no real ambition for the future beyond finishing everything I want to do, and have no ambition outside of that so bad that I'm afraid if I ever finish my life will be truly empty so I just give myself more and more goals to fill the void.

I've dreaded the real world more and more as time goes on, and went from having a social life while in the education system to never making friends at work and just being alone at home with Mom all the time. I want the world to leave me alone but I know that even when it does the only one tormenting me is me. I pray for it all to stop and for me to become more satisfied with the life I have, or simply for something to cause all life to end in an instant.
>> No. 28705 [Edit]
When I first came here I was about 18-19, sometime in 2010-2011. I'm a few days from 32 now.

Relatively speaking, those were good times. Life still sucked, but at least being an adult meant my family started treating me like a human being instead of a dog, and I'd recently upgraded from a 1998 toaster to a half-decent 2010 laptop. That allowed me to catch up on some of the games I missed out on in the 00s, plus finally get into anime now that I had something resembling HDD space. Being out of high school meant I no longer had to deal with the dregs either. My only responsibilities were coursework (all at home, thanks to online classes) and a comfy job at my college's library, where the people weren't unpleasant like in high school. Outside of that I'd spend my time watching anime, programming, trying to gamedev, and playing a ton of video games. Especially Minecraft. I still miss that old beta server we had here.

Nowadays I've grown in some ways and regressed in others. On one hand, I have a degree, a full time job, and an apartment where I can be left alone. But on the other, I've found myself hating people again the way I did back in my mid-teens, likely because I'm dealing with the dregs again at my current job. Hell, they're everywhere now, it feels like the only place I didn't encounter them IRL was during college. It feels like anyone worth talking to leaves this dump of a town once they get their degree, if not before. So all that's left are the ones who never matured past high school.

And like others have said, the internet's gotten worse. One thing I've found myself missing lately is when it used to be a lot more "segregated" for lack of a better word, like the normalfags and ideologues all kept to their containment zones, so you could hang with people online who not only shared common ground with you, but also weren't indoctrinated by one flavor of bullshit or another.
>> No. 28877 [Edit]
File 171183742651.jpg - (264.52KB , 600x600 , 1694435280944.jpg )
I first visited here when I was 17, of course, I'm 27 now. I was kicked out of my childhood home at 23 (or 24? I'm not sure) and now live with roommates, but it hasn't changed much. I've been told I'm the ideal roommate since I basically never leave my room, don't really ever cook anything and don't make any noise. The roommates are people I knew from online and I was honestly surprised at how normal they are compared to me - hardcore otaku freaks, no doubt, but they regularly have people stay over and go out to parties and stuff. I drink a lot more than I used to, and I've also started smoking weed.

Still love anime and manga - I'm one of those silent majority weirdos driving the Isekai Boom, I can't get enough of that slop. Maybe it's just because I've been a big MMO player most of my life so it innately appeals to my sensibilities, who knows. But there's no shortage of animanga with which to distract myself. I go outside more now, I guess because I have to go get my food and drinks, so I'm not truhikki or whatever any more.

I still check in here because, well, to be honest, I'm amazed this place still exists. It's nostalgic, bittersweet. I have basically no social presence these days, unless you count the MMO I play, but even then, interaction is minimal. It's nice to go back to the days of shitposting with like-minded people, without having to suffer the horrendous shitpool of half-baked political "discource" that you find in something like Twitter or Reddit. I wish there were more imageboards like this one and less webcore aesthetic tryhard shit, but I've accepted it - it's like that classic Simpsons quote: "I used to be with it, but then they changed what *it* was. Now what I'm with isn't *it*, and what's *it* seems weird and scary to me. It'll happen to you." I can't deal with those sites so I just lurk around the net these days without really posting, though I find myself rarely even opening my browser anymore. I just play my game, drink beers and try not to think about what life could have been.

Sorry if my post is a bit rambling/aimless. I've never been very good at getting all my thoughts out
>> No. 28878 [Edit]
File 171187553426.jpg - (1.42MB , 1556x1101 , 17940494_p0.jpg )
People who try to meetup offline often fall in the same category as social congoers who like to act weird around others. They are more outgoing than the average person using the internet for hobbies and leisure. I've seen anons say that they only post anonymously out of an avoidance habit. I'm not trying to mock them or you, but I thought it was interesting that you were blindsided by that.
>I go outside more now, I guess because I have to go get my food and drinks, so I'm not truhikki or whatever any more.
I consider visiting the konbini for supplies part of the neet experience.
>Sorry if my post is a bit rambling/aimless. I've never been very good at getting all my thoughts out
I enjoyed reading it. The last paragraph is relatable.
>> No. 28881 [Edit]
File 17119092135.gif - (1.85MB , 500x375 , pah.gif )
That Sakura is me on every convention I have ever been to
>> No. 28928 [Edit]
File 171271316542.gif - (2.48MB , 540x459 , tumblr_pjfpuu4fgv1v1hotuo1_540.gif )
I was 18 or 19 when I started coming here. I think I saw someone advertising it on /a/ but I don't really remember. This was back when the IRC was #waifu on Rizon.

I'm in my 30s now and a completely different person, which should be the case given I was a literal teenager. In the decade between now and then there's been so much that's happened both in my own life and in the world generally that's it's a lot to go into. But in a somewhat funny turn of events I'm in a somewhat similar situation now as I was then and back living with my parents.

The internet is much worse now than it was then, and the culture that used to exist on imageboards has completely changed. It's still a familiar enough medium to lurk on, but it does feel like imageboards are dying. They're still preferable to social media for my current needs anyways. It's naive to expect any culture online or not to stay the same forever, but I hope imageboards can at least continue to exist as an alternative for non-normalfag users and as different from social media.
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