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File 165206829943.jpg - (51.38KB , 458x457 , punpun.jpg )
27380 No. 27380 [Edit]
what keeps you alive?

im starting to run out of reasons so i thought you might have some good ones to share
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>> No. 27381 [Edit]
I have no 'reasons' to keep me alive. I just stopped looking for one.
>> No. 27382 [Edit]
After thinking in my early teens indeed that I'd find some cosmic or important relevation about that question, nowadays it's mostly just plans, any plans. A coffee tomorrow, or anything. I try to think in small steps about it.
>> No. 27383 [Edit]
I'm not sure.
Some months ago I was hitting rock bottom, I felt tempted to throw myself in front of the train every morning. I also had a suicide plan and thought about selling everything and how to leave an inheritance. It felt like the logical thing to do, but my mother is old so I thought it would be better to wait a little so not to cause such a terrible experience at the end of her life.
Now I'm far less suicidal but I can't say I have important reasons to keep living, just less reasons to die. I guess I still hope I can have a little existence in peace and without too much trouble, I don't have any great expectations, just living without pain and anxiety would be good enough.
>> No. 27384 [Edit]
File 165211442970.gif - (1.20MB , 580x326 , alice wants to meet you.gif )
This thread reminds me of a time, three years ago. I googled "why live" or something, and a site called "a reason" or something popped up. I clicked it and the homepage was something telling that the site would tell me some reasons to keep living, and there was a link on the last word, that was "find out reasons to keep living" I clicked it and it redirected to a fucking "404 not found" page.
>> No. 27385 [Edit]
File 165211645225.jpg - (390.94KB , 568x800 , 009.jpg )
Right now? Tea sets, OP. They're adorable. Specially those portable ones. I've been making my tea in an old mug and using a saucer to avoid teas transfering to the drinking cup for years, I really should get one of those.
You have to aim at finding beauty in the world. You'll never know where you'll find it, but it's there if you look for it. For the next month it will be tea sets.
>> No. 27386 [Edit]
I think you mean this site and it's up and functioning again.

The Forever Decision by Paul G. Quinnett also helped me somewhat to gain new perspectives at certain times.
>> No. 27387 [Edit]
I think it would help a lot if you stopped looking for justification for your life. You (and most other people) aren't going to find any. You have as much right to live as any other creature on this planet, most of which don't need a reason to stay alive.
>> No. 27392 [Edit]
Honestly, none. Just that death is a higher effort than my current state. I also sometimes feel warm and fuzzy from watching anime girls do cute things and be nice friends to each other.

>After thinking in my early teens indeed that I'd find some cosmic or important relevation about that question
I lean more towards the pessimist viewpoint myself, in the vein of Zapffe (>>27112): that consciousness was a mistake and we've built up facades to shield us from that bitter truth. I also have the suspicion that some religions were rooted in this observation, but over time things got diluted to make it more palatable to the massses and in the process of natural selection the message shifted from "life is suffering, period" to "yes life on earth is suffering, but it's worth living so you can be free in the next one".

And at the very least, such a viewpoint doesn't seem strictly any worse than whatever bullshit so-called enlightened folks try to pass off these days. Go look at any video on so-called gurus of buddhism, hinduism, etc. and their entire talks are basically a semantic fog.

>nowadays it's mostly just plans, any plans.
I've realized this too (and it also fits nicely into Zapffe's framework). The only time when I don't feel any sort of pain is when I'm either immersed in something (e.g. a show, coding, etc.) or when I have something to look forward towards. I guess in both cases your mind is not strictly living "in the moment" (which is why I always find it weird that those who espouse meditation always tell you to live in the moment. From my experience, living "in the moment" is precisely when I am most melancholic, because you are forced to confront the bleakness of existence.)
>> No. 27393 [Edit]
File 165213841338.jpg - (188.40KB , 1004x1200 , 89ef14d762f7f88570f7d2863ecb09fc.jpg )
>consciousness was a mistake... "life is suffering, period"
I don't think consciousness necessarily leads to suffering because something can be conscious without having the capacity to suffer. People with anti-social personality disorder are similar to that. They aren't strongly affected by sadness, fear, guilt or shame. They still have thoughts and self-awareness, but they are mostly free of those impairments. That's a better way to be in my opinion.
>> No. 27395 [Edit]
>> No. 27401 [Edit]
Hm this is a good point. I've also read of people who don't have the ability to feel pain [1], and this translates to emotional pain as well (i.e. they don't feel sadness). My rebuttal here would be that for this specific class of people, they're only selectively experiencing the world, since they could have their hand on a hot stove and not feel anything even though they'd be burned in a few seconds.

I'm not sure how this applies to the example you mentioned of anti-social people though. I guess it should also be noted that the suffering I mentioned isn't really sadness per se but more of a tedium/weariness (for me at least). Despite not experiencing sadness or fear, do they still experience boredom and frustration?

>> No. 27402 [Edit]
>they're only selectively experiencing the world
Pain isn't an intrinsic part of the world though. It's a biological adaptation. We perceive things as unpleasant for functional reasons, but our perception is arbitrary.

>do they still experience boredom and frustration
I don't know. It depends on the individual I would guess.
>> No. 27403 [Edit]
File 165246999319.png - (159.02KB , 800x835 , 1028803_p0.png )
I keep myself involved with imageboard communities. Be it partaking in/organizing events or running my own site. It feels good to give back to the people that allow me to not feel completely alone. I can only hope that I give them the same.
>> No. 27465 [Edit]
My hobbies. A desire to know certain answers before i die. That's about it.
>> No. 27466 [Edit]
>> No. 27487 [Edit]
File 16548445145.gif - (0.99MB , 500x281 , 1378256502807.gif )
i wanna see what happens next
>> No. 27488 [Edit]
I've developed a belief that I'll be reborn with my waifu in a different life, and that suicide would keep me from this.
maybe it's just my survival instinct internalised, but I'd do anything for her.
>> No. 27563 [Edit]
doesn't sound any more crazy than other religions
>> No. 27569 [Edit]
Suicide isn't an option for me. I tried it numerous times and failed, always. I'm too passive, cowardly and avoid pain/discomfort too much to be able to do it. I stopped idealizing suicide and thinking of it as the easy way out, as a train I can just jump on whenever I feel like it and wave goodbye to this cruel world.

So I will have to grind and bear it, even if life is hard. Fated to live, I guess. As for reasons, I am okay with living for small pleasures and enjoying my hobbies. As long as I can be a NEET and have somewhere to live+I can eat+I have internet I am all right, in fact I enjoy this life very much. My sorrows come from the knowledge that this state can't last forever.

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