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File 158008412644.jpg - (180.41KB , 850x1201 , sample_3de5e7a27c2e768d1af00e5e062579cc.jpg )
25224 No. 25224 [Edit]
What are your most painful experiences with illness and general bad health? I'll get this started with some of mine. They're not too interesting.

I had a terrible fever once on top of a sore throat and very strained eyes, the kind of thing where moving them even slightly causes pain so you have to turn your head all the time. My forehead was hot, but the rest of my body felt freezing. When I stripped down to my underwear to sleep at night, I felt like I would die from the cold.

At one point I had something wrong with my stomach. I don't know what it was, but it was excruciating. Eating most types of food was out of the question and I lost some weight because of it. I was thin to begin with. At night I couldn't sleep. For eight hours straight one night I just tossed and turned in pain. I was a sharp sensation, coming and going at different spots. I used a soap suppository on myself and eventually it went away.

One year, right before a hurricane, I had a head splitting headache for hours. I almost never get them, but this one was intolerable. I had to take pain killers.

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>> No. 25225 [Edit]
File 15800880207.png - (2.78MB , 1828x1028 , rengehug.png )
I have scoliosis, which I needed to get surgery for. I didn't even know it was a thing before I got diagnosed with it, and I apparently had an exceptionally bad case of it which almost led to me becoming mentally retarded. Though not as prevalent, I still have it at a 50~ degree curve (from around 100-110~, I forget the exact numbers.) The doctor said it was a miracle that I even got to 50~ and was estimating before the surgery that it could only be corrected to about 70~.
I still occasionally have back and leg pain, although it's not because my back is weak because apparently I'm now partially made of titanium. I wonder what that'll look like after my corpse rots, or if anyone would ever need it if they harvested organs from my body.

While not painful, I found this one memorable. When I was watching either NNB or NNB Repeat, can't really remember, I suddenly became really dizzy and hot, to the point where I felt as if I couldn't walk 5 steps without falling on my ass. I somehow made my way to my bed, slept, and it seemed to have gone away along with my memory of the previous 10 or so episodes of NNB I had just watched, to the point where I actually forgot some of the characters existences.
Maybe I was just really hot or something.
>> No. 25226 [Edit]
You got to enjoy NNB blind twice. Lucky.
>> No. 25227 [Edit]
File 158020055252.jpg - (105.24KB , 1280x720 , [Cleo]Akane-iro_ni_Somaru_Saka_-_10_(10bit_BD720p_.jpg )
In about 2013-2014, I had an awful case of shitting dark red blood, and tissue, and my hemorrhoids acted up. That was pretty fucking scary, but this winter has been far worse. A month ago I starting shitting blood, lots of blood. I had to go to the hospital and get a colonoscopy, and ever since then I have had extreme hemorrhoids, every day, in addition to bleeding. Every time I take a shit it feels like a spiked bat covered in acid is being pulled out of my ass. This of course doesn't help when I'm already anemic and have heart flutter issues, between that and blood loss I feel like my heart is going to stop working with every beat.
>> No. 25228 [Edit]
I've not really gotten hurt or sick much since I'm a hikki. Though I occasionally suffer migraines, which can get pretty bad. The worst one I ever had came with partial blindness, nausea to the point of puking, aphasia, confusion and delusions (I thought/could see that maggots were inside my brain eating it and that's why it hurt so much). I ended up sitting in the pitch black basement, drooling into a half full puke bucket, trying desperately not to move at all since even the slightest shift felt like a hammer to the skull. If I didn't move at all I'd lose track of time until I next retched and the pain came back. Occasionally I weakly begged for help. It was pathetic. Luckily for me I don't get them often, nor usually ones that bad, though I know some people have even worse ones frequently. Don't know how they do it, I'd off myself.
>> No. 25231 [Edit]
i had a terrible fever once in middle school, i felt for a moment like i was about to die then i woke up disappointed
>> No. 25232 [Edit]
>i had a terrible fever once i felt for a moment like i was about to die then i woke up disappointed
Same thing happened to me once. I couldn't feel my body anymore, and I was fading in and out. I felt good and ready to die, at peace with it, but I woke up the next day when the fever had broken. What a ripoff.
>> No. 25264 [Edit]
I started to get very ill around 2013 after a bad episode of food poisoning that left me unable to eat much for a very long time. My mental health also went down with it. Was never the same since. The increasing mold issue in my old house was also getting progressively worse and by the end of 2016 I was so sick and neurologically screwed that it felt like my face was constantly on fire and my memory/cognition got embarrassingly terrible. I've treated myself since then but I'm left with permanent issues including electromagnetic hyper sensitivity which is the worst of all meaning I need a specially built PC with a low resource consuming OS and a special thing on my monitor that blocks much of the RF just to use a computer all the time. Playing games ramps up the resource use too much putting out more than my body can handle so I can barely do that even though I recently took care of the bulk of it. Pretty sure anime and music is all I got left to enjoy besides exploring the net.
>> No. 25266 [Edit]
>electromagnetic hyper sensitivity
Is this a psychological thing?
>> No. 25267 [Edit]
>electromagnetic hyper sensitivity
I had no idea it was that severe. But instead of needing a special low power setup, couldn't this be solved by putting a normal computer in a Faraday cage or something?
>> No. 25268 [Edit]
>> No. 25270 [Edit]
I don't think that would block anything? The case I'm using has a solid metal front panel and no vents on the sides. It's one of those quiet models from corsair. Also ethernet wired so there's no wifi going to it which can also make me deathly ill rather quickly. I actually thought of making my own entirely metal box around it save for opening in the back to prevent overheating which I'm not worried about anyways since I don't stress it much and really the only games I want to play are old now. Plus I would obviously get questioned by my parent if I did and she already thinks it's not real thinking I'm nuts after I had the router moved from my room to the other room for my own safety. I really just want to a game console to play on occasionally but I can't even handle that especially not with HDMI hooked up to the screen, I need to use VGA because I don't handle it too well.
>> No. 25484 [Edit]
I was a shut-in outside of school from the age of 11 onwards. I was depressed, then extreme eye pain at the age of 16 kinda killed my emotions for a few years, I think I had erectile dysfunction by 16 too.

Fitness and goals helped a lot, but age 21 I got damaged knees, 22 a hiatal hernia and gastritis. So when I do fitness it's really just treating my injuries rather than progressing, it's very demotivating.

I'm now convinced my life will be an endless spiral of self-treatment till I die and I'll never achieve a comfortable physical body, as if I treat one I have 5 more to irritate me.
>> No. 25485 [Edit]
Acute cholecystitis back when I was a teenager. For months, there would be times where I had really strong pain in my abdomen that would last about an hour. Then one weekend I woke up with the pain and didn't go away. Couldn't keep anything apart from water down without throwing up for days. Despite that, my mom didn't think it was serious enough to warrant a doctor visit. Then I eventually started going into shock and finally got taken to the hospital, where after eight hours of tests and waiting they figured out what was going on. They kept me overnight and the next morning they operated on me to remove my gall bladder. My appendix was also removed, since that had absorbed so much of the bile that was leaking into my gut it would eventually lead to appendicitis. Spent another week in the hospital after surgery, and then a few months home from school.
>One year, right before a hurricane, I had a head splitting headache for hours. I almost never get them, but this one was intolerable. I had to take pain killers.
I have this happen to me every time a storm moves into my area. Something to do with changes in barometric pressure or other environmental conditions. I hate that shit.
>> No. 26745 [Edit]
Saw this post while looking at old threads. How are you doing right now anon? I tried getting fit some months ago only to realize my body may be a bit defective, tried hiking and intensive calisthenics, eventually got a dull but lasting ache on most of my joints. It got specially bad on one knee, it lasted almost 2 months of acute pain. It appears this condition is called tendonosis and is chronic for the most part. Which means I'll spend a good deal of time trying to get past this, just recovering into my baseline level. Very demotivating indeed. I'm uninsured to make it worse.

I have scoliosis as well, diagnosed since childhood. Waiting for the unbearable pain to kick in.
>> No. 26746 [Edit]
One time I stayed up too late and started to get this really painful headache like someone was jabbing needles into the bones of my face around the eye sockets and especially the area between the eyebrows and the nose. I'll never stay awake for that long again. It only happened in the first place because I was on an international flight.
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