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File 140825193049.jpg - (255.15KB , 1097x960 , 1408246326267.jpg )
18464 No. 18464 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Why the fuck did god make me 3D? This is not right. This digusting life and horrid lumpy man body is hell. I was supposed to be a 2D girl, fuck you god
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>> No. 19376 [Edit]
File 142055273583.jpg - (87.21KB , 640x896 , 1404322900627.jpg )
>> No. 19900 [Edit]
I dunno, I disagree. I can see where he is coming from, and I frequently try to do much of the same. The problem with me is I tend to overworry, so it's hard to "retreat" into my mind, so to speak. This is likely one reason why I'm so close to my waifu, is because my mind is the "reality," and that's where my love for her is strongest, or something.

I'm not exactly sold on the whole Matrix analogy, but it makes sense to me.
>> No. 20612 [Edit]
Exactly bro. If you really think about "Reality", we are composed of cells made of molecules, everything is just atoms flying around, even the way we experience time was invented by humans, no cell in your body is older than 10 years etc. Everything else is an abstraction we created. Once I realised this I was able to stop giving a fuck.
>> No. 20613 [Edit]
Uh, no, pretty sure most of your neurons are about as old as you are at any given time. As are your egg cells, if you're, you know...

File 144148496535.jpg - (55.85KB , 1280x720 , An Haruhi.jpg )
20538 No. 20538 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Anyone else her crafting a suicide note
Errmm just for creative outlet?

"All these tragedies and failures paint me, define me. I have crafted my own ruin."
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>> No. 20603 [Edit]
10/10 would applaud at your grave
>> No. 20605 [Edit]
Time to leave it all behinddd

Nothing ventured nothing gained

I'm my own master now.
>> No. 20610 [Edit]
>> No. 20687 [Edit]
I've been at the end game for a while now. I'm tired of the optional content. It's time to see the ending.

Alternatively, "no thank you" to the imposition of working life.

File 143486734948.jpg - (45.30KB , 848x480 , 1335326783842.jpg )
20239 No. 20239 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Whats your mental problem(s)? What do you think is the solution to it? What have you done or not done to fix it?
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>> No. 20557 [Edit]
>Whats your mental problem(s)?
Severe social anxiety and depression. I'm also painfully socially inept, but that doesn't count.
>What do you think is the solution to it?
At this point I guess I'm just going to have to jump in the shark tank and hope I don't sink or get eaten.
Suicide is also always there thankfully, but I'd really would prefer not dying worse off than a dog at the moment.
>What have you done to fix it?
I've ditched video games, anime, and what little of the internet I can tolerate. All were pretty easy since I've stopped having any underlying sense of passion for any of them years ago. This of course has given me a lot of time on my hands, which I sometimes waste being indecisive on "where to even begin". On the topic of what I've done the past few months, I finally got around to learning how to drive and I've been taking frequent lengthy jogs/walks around the local park; making sure I greet most passerbys while taking note of my delivery. Brushing up on my academics hasn't hurt either, albeit doing it half-heartedly. As for my anxiety I've recently decided to undertake a popular audio based CBT resource. While I'll doubt it'll be the cure all some rave reviews suggest it can be, I hope I'll be able to take something anything out of it.

I'm not too sure on what ill do next but I'd like to enroll in a gym very close to where I live, unfortunately just the serious thought had me nauseous from the anxiety.
My only real incentive for doing all this is pretty much my fear of becoming some bum people will feel welcomed to torture without worry of lawful punishment.
>> No. 20572 [Edit]
i didn't make that post, but thats me.
i think i could accurately tell you why i'm like you and maybe thats similar to what it is that makes you that way as well. a lot of time people who are similar got there via different paths though so i'm not sure you're like i am for the same reasons i'm this way. the thing about it is i'm not sure what the value of knowing why is.
i've realized some of the probale origins of my behavioral patterns, but i don't know how that helps me.

i'll tell you what i think if you want me to
>> No. 20574 [Edit]

I'm the same, I started with my issues when I was 11 and now at 26 it's just gone downhill. My andohenia started around 16 or 17.
>> No. 20611 [Edit]
I don't really know if I have any mental problems, but i'm clearly a fucking idiot.

No. 20562 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Loners are not lonely people
Lonely people are not loners
>> No. 20571 [Edit]
yup, pretty much.

File 143639354596.jpg - (136.16KB , 860x1214 , 1436382165662.jpg )
20320 No. 20320 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
/so/, what things have you already started and tried to become good at but ended up giving up on? I'm guessing all of our rooms are, or have at some point already been, littered with useless things that we bought for hobbies and that we end up keeping, although having already given up on that, so I was curious what you guys already tried so far life but stopped doing.

For me, I already tried learning how to draw, to get into philosophy (especially medieval and semiotics), learning japanese and latin (although I plan on resuming my studies in these), I already tried to learn how to play an instrument (trumpet), tried karate when I was a child and swimming when I was a teenager, and I already tried to get good into sculpting. I guess my biggest waste hole amongst my hobbies has been in attempting art, especially because I have no intention whatsoever in returning to drawing or studying art.

So what about you guys? What have you guys already tried and given up on?
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>> No. 20532 [Edit]
I don't know, maybe I'm am being too hard on myself, I'll see how I feel a few days later, thanks for the support guys.
>> No. 20533 [Edit]
That's the spirit. It's like that in a lot of fields. From playing the guitar I know that stretching exercises and practicing theory is the toughest part. When you punch through that, you get to the creative stage, that's when your work pays off and you can design that RPG with characters and a storyline you want it to have. Take your time with those first steps, they're the tall ones, for sure!
>> No. 20535 [Edit]
Thank you, you know I had the same thoughts as well.
I was always thinking that I could do what I want once I learned these things, be it a language, art or this time, RPG maker. I'll keep trying, god bless you and everybody else on this site.
>> No. 20537 [Edit]
I gave up on learning japanese and following the open courseware for computer science. I will try again with Japanese the next week.

File 143215020328.jpg - (78.48KB , 700x994 , 06.jpg )
20132 No. 20132 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Anyone else here in constant regret because of how they wasted the earliest part of their life? I spent my school days doing absolutely nothing. I just went there to class, maybe listened to the lesson, came back home and did nothing for the rest of the day. Repeat for a few years. Didn't have friends or even any conversations. Now how the fuck do I do those things? Guess back then I didn't care much because I was still surrounded by people even though I didn't have many interactions with them, but now it's real bad. And all this anime, manga and the like I consume is making it worse, even the not so happy stuff like pic I posted. Guess I just want to go back to those years and do differently.
Of course this media is usually made to be better than real life. schools are full of dumbshits etc, but I'd say it's also stupid to think you can't make meaningful and fun friendships. I don't know if there is much I can do now though.
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>> No. 20494 [Edit]
I wish I could get an amphetamine prescription. I can't stand the brainfog, lethargy and apathy any longer. What are the chances of that though? Doctors will think I'm a drug abuser because I sure look like one, when really I just want some energy so I can attempt to improve my life. I can't buy speed off the street either because that would require some semblance of bravery and social skills. I really need to top myself ASAP.
>> No. 20496 [Edit]
ikr. If only I could get my hands on amphetamines then I'd go full Erdős and own combinatorics and travel around the world doing crazy math stuff and eat Bourbaki on the breakfast and be happy probably not.
>> No. 20497 [Edit]
Just talk to a doctor and tell him that you have trouble with your attention-span or paying attention in class. He will probably give you something like adderall no probs.
>> No. 20506 [Edit]
idk; plenty of people have advice on getting prescriptions for adderall. google is your friend

File 140478674065.jpg - (580.59KB , 2584x1468 , 1393914026738.jpg )
17890 No. 17890 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Where do you score on the Briggs-Meyers test? I scored INTP around 18 months ago (worksheet in high school) and now and I don't think it'll change that much after now, I scored INFP when I was 13 though (thingy in middle school). I guess you can use this thread for other tests since I didn't see one in the catalog.

Most of us would probably be Introverted but the three others may vary.

Here's a picture, I know LoGH isn't a psychological anime and it's kind of elitist and hipster, but for the most part this chart and character alignment is right. Speaking of LoGH my ideals in characters would be Yang for his genius and easygoing personality and Reuenthal for his pride and manly death as he passes through existential problems.
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>> No. 20418 [Edit]
Apparently it's ISTP now. Used to be INTP.
>> No. 20420 [Edit]

Rare I guess.
>> No. 20423 [Edit]
I'm one too.
>> No. 20427 [Edit]
I just took the first "official" one I've ever taken and got INFP

I'm not really sure what to make of this, if anything.

File 142083576390.jpg - (152.49KB , 320x480 , 4a142894824efa94e4c12c0db3351678.jpg )
19395 No. 19395 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
This thread is about despairing over painfully bad reading skills.

If only I could open a book with peace, read it page by page, and not get stuck on the same sentence, become sleepy, and itch and scratch on my head.
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>> No. 19887 [Edit]
Whenever I try to read something, especially if I get really into it, I stop every couple lines because I start fantasizing about something related and usually this occurs for about half an hour until I realize I haven't progressed at all in reading. I honestly try and stop it but I can't.
>> No. 19888 [Edit]
I do this too. Mainly with reading but also with writing or other activities that takes effort. It can take me a day to do things other people finish in a couple of hours.
>> No. 20386 [Edit]
File 14380934375.png - (136.75KB , 608x434 , Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 10_10_26 AM.png )
I found another tool to help me read faster, called BeeLine reader, which I have as a bowser plug-in and it makes websites start showing text in color gradients. It doesn't work on imageboard sites though. I'm not sure if it actually helps and sometimes it's inconvenient and sometimes it's more daunting to see walls of text when they're colorful, but I'd figure I'd share.
>> No. 20387 [Edit]
It looks quite straining on the eyes, but it might really help with skipping/rereading lines.

File 143575053485.jpg - (1.53MB , 2747x3485 , Komeiji_Koishi_full_1078647.jpg )
20292 No. 20292 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you ever feel like a prosocial normalcool after a long day of posting? I typically only ever lurk, so on the rare occasions that I find myself making a couple of posts here and there--maybe even a thread or two--I feel completely drained afterwards. I always come away from it feeling like some kind of neurotypical. It's no wonder those forums dedicated to people with social anxiety and those imageboards for shut-ins are destined to fail (then there's the fact that I'm not even a true 'hikikomori' so I'm just the tip of the iceberg). And, holy shit, we take anonymity for granted sometimes. Imagine if we didn't have all of these outlets that aren't tied to our identity. Imagine that I had instead made this post with a facebook account as my status update. At the end of the day, as social creatures, Facebook and tohno really do serve the same purpose, which is pretty nuts to think about.
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 20308 [Edit]
File 143587035665.jpg - (31.09KB , 225x350 , prosocial_normalcool.jpg )
I can wait years until I summon the courage to post on an imageboard. Each post feels like a small achievement.
>> No. 20311 [Edit]
Congratulations, brohno.
>> No. 20313 [Edit]
i often feel anxious when posting things im not sure of cause what if i'm wrong and people laugh or yell at me? what if im just making a fool of myself? especially things like forums or even reddit where i have a username and a page, because people could remember this and bring it back up. in that way i think you're right in underappreciating anonymity.
>> No. 20385 [Edit]
It's hard for me to post, that's why I do it in small doses, and most of the time, I don't revisit the thread, until some time passes. If I post too much in the same thread, I get anxious looking at replies, it's like an inebriation sort of state. It can be a high, or a painful hangover.

I guess that for someone who has a life, whatever happens here is small potatoes, but as a depressed reclusive type, this is my only social interaction, and thus I feel like I need to create a mental barrier , so as to not let someone's else remark affect me.

File 143639583266.jpg - (165.42KB , 503x781 , 1435560873314.jpg )
20321 No. 20321 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How do you utilize the internet to fulfill your social needs?

I'd gotten into the habit of browsing a certain imageboard, and while its denizens would describe its fatal flaw as an overabundance of Ford Drivers, I found that its problems were two-fold. Not only had a kind of gravity well of negativity and bitterness developed that sucked you down into it the longer you remained, but the speed and style of posting had become such that trivial, thoughtless posts and interactions were the norm. Browsing the board became rather like eating potato chips for dinner: it was easier and more immediately-rewarding than cooking, but ultimately dissatisfying and a bad habit to have established.

Now I feel like I hardly know how to have more meaningful, personal interactions with others. I've gotten so used to not just anonymity, which can in fact facilitate such interactions, but to a sort of uninvested, careless slinging of comments. Worst of all is the lingering doubt that perhaps this is just me and that blaming the imageboard is only an excuse for retreating from social interaction. That thought has lurked in the back of my mind for some time now, and yet I've done nothing about it because I've always felt that there simply wasn't the right venue, or the right crowd of people therein, to make that change.

Apologies if this post is a bit bloggy; I hope it's at least relatable.
9 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 20353 [Edit]
I make very stupid mistakes. At rare occasions, I connect and get along with a person over a period of time and when we have a chance to move our conversations to the next level I cut contact with them entirely and never attempt to reconnect. This is how I find myself perpetually alone. When I am forced to remember, there is bitter pain of regret as I imagine what could have been and how I hurt the person's feelings by my actions.

I've done this a lot and it has left me emotionally drained. I don't ever want to go through that again.
>> No. 20354 [Edit]
>How do you utilize the internet to fulfill your social needs?
I don't, I wouldn't even know how. Image-boards don't count since I only barely use tohnochan.
>> No. 20372 [Edit]
That doesn't sound like a mistake at all, that sounds like deliberate self-sabotage born of a fear of intimacy. I hope some day you're able to overcome it.
>> No. 20381 [Edit]
I have a twitter where I interact with people on a mostly superficial level. I am quite social on the site though. I'm your typical introvert, but online it's like I'm around friends so I feel free to talk about things and give my opinion even if I don't know the person very well.
I also have a small group of friends I play games with. Been together for near 10 years now. We sit on a teamspeak server to chat and play games.

Those 2 things + imageboard make me feel accepted enough to fulfill any social wants or needs. I used to think I didn't need any socialization but I've come to realize I'm still as addicted as anyone else.

File 142078797417.png - (460.49KB , 706x600 , 1417571241166.png )
19386 No. 19386 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What do you believe caused you to live a solitary lifestyle? Do you believe you turned out this way because of the environment you grew up in? Shitty parents? Difficulty with fitting in with other kids in school and never getting the chance to be social? People in general being shit?

Or do you believe you live like this because you chose to and that's the way you are?
35 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 20241 [Edit]
File 14348748996.jpg - (92.76KB , 600x845 , 1433650027996.jpg )
I have pretty severe OCD and anxiety. It persisted through school, and it was absolute hell on earth. I finally dropped out and became a shut-in. Pretty self explanatory I guess. I didn't really have many options, I was losing my fucking mind. Now the time's just passing me by. I get major panic attacks going anywhere public at this point. I'm pretty much a basket case.
>> No. 20254 [Edit]
The world is a shitty place filled with shitty people. I hate interacting with others (in person) . I don't even much like mutiplayer games and chatting with people online can be really annoying more often than not.
I view the outside world as a wasteland filled with parasites. Every time I step outside I feel like I'm at rest of getting mugged, arrested, assaulted, harassed, raped, or who knows what.
I'm a very cynical person and believe that every single person walking the streets out there is just waiting for their chance to fuck you over.

yeah I picked this way of life and I can't imagine living any other way.
>> No. 20275 [Edit]
File 143528683238.png - (80.59KB , 156x311 , 941f3d3f5db444e24d98232e14a3a116.png )
I had a good child hood, but when I entered middle school I had trouble making friends. The only 2 people who liked me was this Ukrainian who barely spoke english and this girl who was really into hentai and 4chan(we were like 13 at the time). She left half way through the year and the Ukrainian kid got on my nerves a lot. It got so bad I asked to leave and go to public school because I thought it would be more laid back, but I only lasted a day. It was hell. Then I got put through home schooling at my grand parents house because my mom and dad were fighting all the time and eventually split. The homeschool program wasn't monitored, so I completed the first year and gave up. I was in the 9th grade until I officially dropped out at 18. I still had one friend at the time, but he only came over to play Elder Scrolls and ignore me. Then like 3 people in my family died and I had to move. I was already a hikki at this point, but I lost the one guy who came over to game with me. I've been alone ever since, and I don't feel like I'm ever going to recover. I really don't care anymore, I just want to take it easy on my own.

I'm not hikki anymore though. I used to be terrified to go outside for reasons others have stated, but my family bought me a car out of desperation that I would get a job, and driving around helping get over my fear of being in public. Living in a city actuality helps some. I feel like I'm just one in a crowd of many, which makes it feel like nobody is leering at me or anything.

So I guess all in all I'm alone by chance, but my mom wants to take me to a doctor because she thinks I have asperger's.
>> No. 20332 [Edit]
I have a really hard time with boundary stuff. I keep most people at a big distance because I am too mutable emotionally. That and I can stand when a friendship or whatever is entirely charity. I've never met someone that's even a fraction of the conversationalist an imageboard is. It doesn't feel like pissing down a storm drain to be an internet recluse whilst having to manually unplug every single person in your life from the culture botnet just for them to be able to hold the drool in is so daunting I'd rather eschew it entirely.

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